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Ryan Nassib: Worth The #1 Pick?

While most Kansas City Chiefs fans seem to have made up their mind that Geno Smith is the best QB in the 2013 NFL Draft, the folks over at the National Football Post would disagree.

Yesterday, NFP draft expert Russ Lande published an article about eight players he thinks we should keep an eye on during this weekend’s Senior Bowl college all-start game. Lande dropped a bit of a shocker when he stated that he though Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib was not only the #1 player to watch in the Senior Bowl, but that Nassib was the #1 player, period, in the entire draft.

From NFP:

1. Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse (6020, 228 and 5.05): Already rising up draft boards, NFL personnel are excited to see Nassib matched up with the best senior talent in the country. Quick and athletic to avoid pressure, re-set and make accurate throws, Nassib has NFL teams intrigued. After charting out Nassib in five games we consider him to be the best quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft and worth drafting with the first overall pick, so we are excited to see how he does in Mobile. Blessed with a strong arm, the ball bursts out of his hand and he can make 15+ yard throws with zip even when a defender is about to hit him and he cannot stride into his throw. Having played in the Big East where the defenses are not the same caliber as the SEC and some of the other conferences, NFL teams are interested to see how he does against top defenders. The big thing that Nassib must work on is his deep passing as he tends to put too much air under his throws which forces his receivers to slow up and wait for the ball. This allows the defensive back to close and make a play on the ball. He could be the story of Mobile if he has a strong week and begins climbing up into the high first round.

Wow. Worth taking with the first pick? That is a serious statement.

NFL Draft Scout currently projects Nassib as a second round pick and they have him as the #5 QB on their board.

Here is some tape on Nassib:

It will be interesting to see what happens. This time last year, not very many people were talking about Russel Wilson. I think the success of some of the later round QBs recently may have NFL personnel people paying closer attention to signal callers coming from smaller programs or with less hype.

Interestingly enough, it was Nassib’s Syracuse Orange that beat Geno Smith and West Virginia in the Pinstripe Bowl. Neither QB was particularly effective thanks to cold, snowy conditions. Smith finished the game 19 of 28 for 201 yards and two TDs with no INTs. Nassib was 11 of 23 for 130 yards, two TDs and one INT. The difference in the game was that the Orange were able to rush for 369 yards as a team.

What do you guys think of Nassib?

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  • steve james

    Strong arm but how is his decision making? Geno seems to make good choices consistently.

  • chiefridgy

    not all that impressive to me. looked a lot like cassel….bad throws poor decision making

  • ladner morse

    Looks like a 3rd round pick at best.

    • Patrick Allen

      Agreed. Just from this one video I wasn’t overly impressed with him.

      • toperspective

        yes, can I have my 9 minutes back? You can’t make a judgement based on one game but that was very unimpressive.

      • mattU

        Yeah…Looks like the second coming of Brady Quinn: Strong arm, poor decision making, and no reliable accuracy on anything farther than 10 yards. Not sure how anyone could argue this guy is better prospect than Geno if comparing this tape to most of Geno’s games.

      • jimmy

        Agreed,he looks like a 2-3 year project but could be good after
        that,just no way a #1 pick. Interestingly,Nassib played against Geno in
        the pinstripe bowl and people think he played better than geno,but
        Nassib was 12/24 ,2 td,a pick and 138 yards. Geno was 19/28 2td,0 pick
        and 201 yards.How is he better than geno? Also,Syracuse won because it
        was in a climate they are used to and their running game was
        unstoppable(370 yards)not because Nassib outplayed Geno,cuz he DIDNT!
        Look at every players best game and their worst game,i bet geno wins!

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    weak draft class at qb, so stop overlapping the only good qb in geno smith

  • Lyle Graversen

    Bottom line, I’ll trust Reid on what QB he likes best. If that’s Nassib, I’ll get on board. That having been said, I still don’t understand what people have against Geno. Plays in a spread offense and OCCASIONALLY locked onto his first read too long are the only things I ever hear and those are fixable. His upside just seems worth it to me. I don’t get it.

    • ladner morse

      What you just said!

    • Jonathon Thomson

      You hit the nail on that one! Just remember that Russell Wilson was drafted in the early-mid 3rd round (right after Stephenson) and played terribly at first. But I guess Pete Carroll saw that this guy had all of the tools and continued to go with him, and its safe to say that it worked out for him. If Andy Reid thinks Geno or Nassib, or ANY QB can have the same success, then this Canadian Chiefs fan is all for it!

  • ArrowFan

    Good project guy to draft latter on. But hey I think we currently have one of those, Tanney.

  • Jim Harper

    I am with Lyle in that I trust that he will make the right decision, but I seriously doubt that it is Nassib. Depending on what they do with the first pick. If they go QB then it has to be Geno. If not then probably Wilson or Glennon in the 2nd round. But truthfully it is way too early to make a correct choice. Lots will happen between now and April 25th.

  • Danny W

    I think Nassib would be an awesome Nick Foles, or Kirk Cousins, back up to Geno Smith in the third round.

  • big chief

    Never heard of him so he’s probably awesome. Maybe the next Flacco. I had heard about him until draft time either.

  • Curt

    I’m far from an expert but I saw a quick release with Quinn-like accuracy. Yeah, Brady…

  • jimmy

    The answer: NO

  • Elisha (E-LIE-SHA)

    Honestly I was kinda impressed with him. Good footwork, quick decisions, goes through his reads, under pressure a lot, needs coaching and work on accuracy. Better than what I saw from our QB’ s this year. I’d be happy to take him in the 3rd round IF for some crazy reason Chiefs hadn’t drafted a QB by then.

  • Shawn Patterson

    Where those supposed to be highlights for Nassib? Looked more like Matt Cassel and I’m not looking for that again…but I’ll still trust Reid if he takes him.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    No way Nassib’s worth the #1 pick. I’m not even sure he’s worth the Chiefs’ top pick in the 2nd Round.

  • Steve Schmid

    As someone that has watched Nassib for the last 4 years I think he is absolutely the top QB available in that draft. The consistent improvement he has made over the last 2 seasons really ramped up in the last 5-6 games and he really proved to me that he’s a 1st round guy. 1st overall is a bit lofty but if they’re slotting the Chiefs as having a huge need at QB and bound and determined to get the best QB in the draft this is probably a good move for them. I think at this point no one in this draft class is close to the big 3 from last year, but I feel like he’s a little better than Tannehill and most people are still OK with his selection at #8.

    Nassib definitely needs some work but he is a guy who can make rapid improvements and has a hugely underrated toughness to him. I’ve seen this guy take hits that would knock most NFL QBs out of the game and he gets back up and doesn’t miss a play. The one thing you can’t teach is the amount of touch he has on his mid-deep passes. He tends to float some all out deep bombs but on the 15-20 yard throws he has some serious zip to go along with a great touch to be able to shape some balls into impossible spots.

    I really think he has a good bit of potential and should have all the tools he needs to reach it. I still think he goes #8 to the Bills but we shall see come April.