2013 NFL Mock Draft Has Chiefs Going Tackle

The latest FanSided mock draft is up over at FanSided.com and for the first time in a few weeks, the Kansas City Chiefs are not drafting QB Geno Smith.

Here is the pick:

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT/Texas A&M
The Chiefs need a signal caller, but they can easily get on later in the draft. With Andy Reid in town, the Chiefs will be going in an entirely new direction (well actually it’ll just be nice for them to be going in a direction), plus both Reid and new GM John Dorsey have said the Chiefs will draft the best player available with the first pick, and that’s Joeckel. Reid lost his job because his offensive line in Philly couldn’t block and now that he’s in Kansas City, it has got to be in the forefront of his mind. If the Chiefs go with Joeckel here, expect Landry Jones or Matt Barkley to come off the board at the start of the second day.

This fits in nicely with a very popular post we had over the weekend from AA staffer Nathan Bramwell. Nathan, though he is on the QB bandwagon, made a case for this pick. The post is well over 150 comments so jump in and join the discussion.

You can check out the entire FanSided mock draft at FanSided.com.

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  • ArrowFan

    I call BS on statements like “The Chiefs need a signal caller, but they can easily get on later in the draft.”

    • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

      Yeah, why take the best QB in the draft, when you can settle for the 4th or 5th best, while MAYBE upgrading SLIGHTLY at LT?

      It’s supposed to be a strong tackle class and a weak QB class. So what do
      the “experts” have us doing? Taking a tackle first, and waiting on the
      QB. Makes absolutely no sense. Apparently you can get a QB in a weak
      class later, but you can’t get a tackle in a strong class later.

      • Danny W

        Best player available at your biggest need. Quarterback is obviously it, nice post Tark

  • [email protected]

    let other teams take the top qb’s on the board, we can trade for matt flynn and then draft the 5th best qb in what many are calling a “weak” class based off two experts, oneof which mocked manti teo to KC

    take the freaking qb, or someone wil ltake tyler wilson, among others, and win big games with them, while we sit there with our “BPA” left tackle who will for sure allow more than the 1 sack albert allowed
    its hilarious. so there isnt a top qb worth taking, but kc can find their guy by doing what they always do, trading for someone else’s trash, and taking some mediore mid round qb.

    • Jim Harper

      You might take note that we have a new regime in KC this year with a long history of success. Be willing to allow them to do what they do before you condemn them to failure. By the way Matt Flynn could not even beat out a rookie for the starting QB spot when it was his to lose.

  • Jim Harper

    Sadly, I think that is exactly how it is going to play out, and in the long run it will probably work out for the best. I just hope Wilson is there in the 2nd round. If not then Glennon would be my 2nd choice, but never Landry Jones. Barkley would not be a bad choice either. He is a four year starter in a pro type offense. Not a great arm, but in the West Coast that is not required. I don’t put any stock in the idea that all SC quarterbacks are bad.

  • Danny W


  • Elisha (E-LIE-SHA)

    They would have great depth along the line if they were about resign Albert as a guard and draft Joeckel. They’d still have Stephenson who could play either tackle and Albert could slide back over to left tackle if Joeckel went down, while Allen who would back up the guards would plug in for Albert. Startes from left to right: Joeckel, Albert, Hudson, Asamoah, Winston; With Stephenson, Allen and another center as backups. Sounds pretty good to me. THEN FIND A QB

    • Brody Hall

      who? Alex Smith?? Product of a good team and is being waaaaaay over rated!

  • Brody Hall

    Look for Albert to be resigned in the next week or two… then this retarded thought of taking this LT will be over! Not to mention you could get better tackles in FA than the draft… however the best QB you could get comes in the form of Geno… Nobody is mind blowing in this draft so take the freaking QB because its your biggest need and Geno is a stud.

    • http://twitter.com/biglump007 Leon Ritz

      Geno may be the best QB in this draft but a stud he is not. If he was a stud then he would easily be the given #1 pick which he isn’t

      • John

        Considering we have so much time until the draft, Geno could easily jump up the draft boards after the combine and other offseason events. The mock drafts at this point are basically worthless in determining who will really be valued as the #1 overall prospect come draft day.

        • Patriot42

          The QB’s have no pressure on them in the combine so I would expect them to shine.