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he judges determined that the custody dispute would be handled in Missouri’s Jackson County, where the baby was living at the time of her parents’ deaths and where her paternal grandmother filed a custody petition, Franks said.

Zoey was orphaned on Dec. 1 when her father killed her mother, Kasandra Perkins, at the couple’s home in suburban Kansas City. He then drove to the Chiefs’ stadium and committed suicide in front of coaches and the team’s general manager at the time.

Jovan Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, of West Babylon, N.Y., had been living with the couple for about two weeks and was in the home when her son killed Perkins. She filed petitions seeking custody of the baby and to be named executor of her son’s estate.

“Yeah, really this week, I just got in here at the beginning of the week, really Tuesday, so I’ve been sitting here the last couple days trying to go through the players and of course you know Gary Gibbs and Emmitt Thomas have been here so we kind of worked our way through the DBs and linebackers a little bit – haven’t gotten through them all by any stretch – but just kind of becoming familiar with them. I think we’ve got some pieces in place and really, honestly no different than any of the other 31 teams, we probably have some areas that we probably have to try to improve on. But I think first, trying to learn our guys and then you sit down with the coaches and kind of go through the system we want to put together I think we’ll have a better understanding of our talent. And also, I think maybe one of the most important things in coaching is to figure out, really know who you are and not who you want to be. And there’s a difference there. We’ve got to take advantage of the talent in place and try to use that as really the starting point of this whole thing. I think any system, you don’t have to jump a system, but you have to slant it or tilt it or move it in the direction of your strengths. So that’s what we’re doing right now. I don’t know if I can give you a definitive answer on all the players, but obviously we have some very good football players over on the defensive side of the ball. I’m excited about that from a starting point and I just really have to learn them more and talk with the coaches and try to figure out how we can best use these players and their talents.”

While teams drafting after those first eight picks, and I do believe we very well could go through those first eight without a QB coming off the board, may not have a need they’re not going to let the top rated guy at the position slip into the second round. Someone, especially as it gets later in the first round will spend their pick to get Geno Smith or Mike Glennon or whoever they think is the top guy based on their rankings. Need be damned, you can never have too many good QBs on your roster. Even if you don’t have any intention of that player replacing your starter, QBs have value on a different level than any other position on the field.

“I couldn’t put a first-round quarterback in, because I don’t think one is going to go in the first seven or eight (picks) and after that, nobody is looking for a quarterback,” Kiper said. “There’s no team after seven or eight looking for a quarterback. Now the teams that are: Kansas City, obviously. You think about other teams like Arizona and Buffalo. But they’re second-round possibilities.

“Will that change after the Senior Bowl and combine? We’ll have to see how those venues end up.”

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