2013 NFL Mock Draft Has Chiefs Selecting QB Geno Smith

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The Kansas City Chiefs need a QB like an Arrowhead Addict needs his football but recent expert mock drafts seem to indicate that the Chief will forego selecting a signal caller to instead take a defensive tackle that they don’t need or a left tackle that they don’t need.

But not this one.

Walter, over at Walter Football, thinks Andy Reid will go with West Virginia QB Geno Smith.

Reid eschewed all the top free-agent quarterbacks when he took over as the Eagles’ head coach, taking a mobile, Big East product with a good deep ball and upside instead. Well, Smith is a mobile, (former) Big East product with a good deep ball and upside. He fits perfectly into Reid’s offense.

ESPN and other outlets will tell you that Smith nor any other signal-caller is worth taking No. 1 overall, but that could easily change. Remember two years ago when ESPN was mocking Da’Quan Bowers and Nick Fairley to the Panthers? Well, Cam Newton ballooned to the top, as will some other quarterback this year. It could be Smith, Tyler Wilson, Matt Barkley or Glennon. We’ll see. Four months is a long time. If this doesn’t happen, the Chiefs could always trade down.

I agree with Walt here. The draft is very far away. Heck, the 2012 season isn’t even over yet. There is still plenty of time for Smith or one of the other QB’s to rise to the top.

And draft history tells us that one of them almost certainly will.

Check out Walter’s full mock.

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  • Ron White

    BPA is a smoke screen…..

    Last 15 years ……A QB was taken #1 overall 12 times…..(2 DE’s and 1 OT by Cleveland, Houston, and St L). Some were busts of course but it does not change the fact that the Value of a QB trumps talent at all other positions by a wide margin when you hit the jackpot. So relax Geno fans….it is going to happen……BTW one of the defensive players was a huge bust and one was a little above average at best so only one out of three was a sure thing. Only 3 of the QB’s would be considered pure busts. 9 of the QB’s have been to the playoffs and 2 have won 3 SuperBowls. Of the teams that selected Defense only one team has been to the playoffs and the player isn’t even on the team now. So the odds are in favor of success with the QB’s vs. the Defensive players by a wide margin. These stats tell me all I need to know and don’t kid yourself into thinking that John Dorsey is oblivious to this info…. is why Geno will be the pick….

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      I want someone to ask the GM if he weights “best player available” by the value of the position. For instance, what if you had a kicker with the leg and accuracy of Sebastian Janikowski. Do you take him #1 overall?

      • ArrowFan

        No never

      • Edward Pendleton

        Exactly. That’s what I’ve never understood about the “best player available” argument. Would the Patriots take a QB with their 1st round pick if the best player left on their board (while having needs, especially on defense) was a QB? At some extent, you would have to address team needs, and I’m not sure strictly devoting free agency to that method is such a wise move.

        • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

          Taking best player at a need position can be bad too. Taking an average qb at number one because you need a qb is equally unwise. That’s how guys like Tim Couch get drafted number one. Being the best qb in a weak draft isn’t any better than being the thinnest girl at a Jenny Craig meeting.

          • Justin R Groth

            But buddy I get your nervous of his leadership skill but would you really rather NOT get smith? If that is what you would do who then would you get to qb this team. If Geno is mediocre (which I don’t think he is) how can you be ok with letting a qb who isn’t even as good as him taking the reigns. Every time I picture the chiefs trying to wait for the second round for a qb i cringe because i see Croyle 2.0 taking the field and braking his ankle during the coin toss.

          • Edward Pendleton

            That’s something I’m trying to wrap my brain around too. If this truly is such a weak QB class, what justification is there in taking the 3rd or 4th best in a weak QB class? Last year’s was the rare exception where that works out. Usually the 3rd or 4th best is a journeyman at best, career backup at worst. The 4th best QB in this class is probably the 6th, 7th or maybe even 8th last year.

          • Edward Pendleton

            That is true. I don’t believe in going to either extreme, but I think you put at least a little stock into “position of need”. And these teams claim to “stick to their big board”, and I think when they make that “big board” they naturally take that into account.

            Just throwing a hypothetical out there (I still haven’t decided who I personally think the Chiefs should take), if the talent gap between…say…Jarvis Jones and Luke Joeckel (the two guys who seem to have the largest draft stock right now) on draft day gives only a slight advantage to Jones, would that be enough to take him even though the O-line is a bigger need (especially if Albert is a goner) and the linebacker core is a position of strength on this team already? Cause that’s what you’re saying you’d do if you draft solely on “best player available”. And yeah, he can always be a trade chip or it might turn someone we have into a trade chip for an upgrade, but wouldn’t it be better on all terms to just get YOUR guy for that position now, presumably turning a position of need into a strength? Now if the gap is large and Jones is projected “Top 3″ and Joeckel is “mid-to-late 1st”, that’s a different story.

            I think you gotta find your balance and walk it, not cater to one extreme or the other.

      • gochiefs

        well, or just left tackle every year. teams like the dolphins and browns would have about 5-6 left tackles right now

      • Ron White

        I think they have to….That is why you never see a guard, safety, ILB, etc. at #1. Even if they are graded high…as in Decastro, they fall well down the list when the lights go on….

      • Danny W

        Should be the best player available at the biggest need. We draft a Left tackle number one overall or a DT and I’m going to stroke out because my blood pressure will be too high.

      • http://www.facebook.com/genemyuk Gene Yuknis

        i would assume “bfa” would mean for our team and needs, correct?

      • Daniel Mayfield

        I wish I can talk to Reid and Dorsey. I’d like to give them a few words, nothing bad cause I think they are great. But oh well. I don’t remember the last time they drafted a 1st rd QB.

        • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

          It was Todd Blackledge. Unfortunately I do remember. They passed over John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino for him. Wtf?

    • Doc

      Chicken or the egg syndrome. With no o-line to protect G-Spot and no receivers that can stretch the field (let alone catch the ball) – what good is it to pick G-Spot #1 overall? Looking at the history Dorsey studied under, the best player available is a sound methodology. IF Dorsey deems that G-Spot is #1, he will take him. If not, he will take what he thinks is best for the team. We are rebuilding and one QB may or may not be over saving grace with so many other problem areas. The o-line is down to Asomoa and Winston. Hudson has to prove he can come back after a year off. Albert is a FA and is coming off a back injury (usually a career ending injury with o-linemen). Allen and bailey played fair but were injured as well. We saw there was no depth on the o-line when players went down. This means that we would have to keep Charles in a lot more to help with blocking schemes (or a larger back – which means Charles is on the sideline).So with no protection and no quality receivers, G-Spot is runnnig for his life like QBs before him. Charles is the now the sole focus of defenses because lie rpevious years there is no passing game. So we waste pick on a QB why? Does not make sense to me. I am ok with it if Dorsey does select him, and I am ok with it if he doesn’t.

      • Danny W

        The drop off statistically in the second round is pretty significant with quarterbacks. We can get some O linemen in free agency if we want to spend the money. They quarterbacks out there are just barely better than Matt Cassel, we’re talking Matt Moore, David Garrard here. Joe Flaccoe will get a deal I promise you that. O line is a bad choice number one over all in the draft. Joe Thomas and Jake Long, don’t win you playoff games.

        • Calchiefsfan

          I like Barrett Jones in the second if he’s still there. It was our interior that kept getting pummeled by the bigger d lines. Jones would bring depth to guard and center. If not then Smith in the 1st, top available CB, Rhodes or Emmerson, in the 2nd and Larry Wolford maybe in the 3rd.

      • Justin R Groth

        Good point, however Winston and Asamoah are solid on right side I would bring in a vet C to back up Hudson just in case resign Albert (because he deserves it and also isn’t a good showing to just let people walk when they do good at their jobs) Get a vet back up/ competition for Allen. Then our line is solid. Not so easy with.the QB spot A. Smith is our best option in FA and I dont think he is all that good(cassel
        1.5). Please do not mention Flynn if you must look back at A. Smith. Geno could EASILY walk into arrowhead and be the most competent QB we have had in since that Green guy had a priest behind him.

      • Ron White

        1st I don’t agree we don’t have a line. But you indicate that we have too many holes to pick a QB….So what is a good line useful for if we don’t have a QB. I good QB can make a line look a lot better in a WC offense. Ours is just fine when we get the right guy leading it. Any line will look bad when your QB does not know or does not have the skill to read and throw on time. Ours didn’t but the next one may…

    • Danny W

      I hope against hope your right.

    • KCMikeG

      Maybe they are playing off wanting Smith to keep their trade down/out options? Why is Geno not worthy? What about his continued improvement over all four years, a huge TD to Int difference and being a football nerd precludes him from being our 1st pick when it is our most important position and most desperate need?

      • Justin R Groth

        (IN FAKE DOCTOR KNOW IT ALL VOICE) Well sir you see the reason Mr. Smith is less than worthy is because he lacks…well he doesn’t make good… Is arm strength isn’t…. um well let me see here oh yea he has a horrible W/L record…Oh wait RG3 had a worst record…Well he did bad in his bowl…So did Luck you say? Well the answer is obvious because the draft experts said so and they are never wrong….(SARCASTICALLY) RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

        • KCMikeG

          Amen to that ! Too funny! “Horrible” bowl game with over 200 yards and 2 TD’s/NO Int’s in bad weather. Was he at his best no but horrible hardly. Still waiting all you naysayers.

          • Justin R Groth

            I agree but its one of those things people attack him for so i had to put it in… thought about putting in somthing about yac and screens but it was getting too long.

    • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

      I don’t know where you got your stats but they’re wrong. You say Houston, Cleveland and St. Louis took 2 de’s and an ot first overall. What about Jake Long 1st in 2008 to Miami? I didn’t bother to look farther than that but that one just jumps out off tge top of my head.

      • Ron White

        St L s/b Miami…My bad.

        • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

          I was just about to comment on that. I figured you must have just mixed up Miami and St. Louis. Although the Rams did take Jason Smith but I think he was number 2 or 3.

      • shayaan

        the dolphins taking jake long #1 when they could’ve taken matt ryan is a perfect example of what we should not do. joeckel could be an immediate all-pro and it still wouldn’t affect our win total or playoff aspirations nearly as much as even a decent QB could.

  • ArrowFan

    Finally a little sanity in this crazy world or sports writing and mock drafts. I mock that somewhere right now someone else if not yourself is taking a crap as you read this.

  • gochiefs

    a great combine, with a great interview, leads to serious buzz.
    Geno is NOT a running qb, but if he goes in there and puts up a 4.5, they will still talk about it, and up the boards he goes in the mocks. same with interview, same with wonderlic.
    then its just up to the chiefs to take him. at least it gives us a few months of hope instead of every tv show or paper saying without even hesitating “LT at 1″

  • chiefridgy

    Too early to know what’s going to happen in the draft…..

  • Arrowhead Greg

    Geno! Geno! Geno!

    • Justin R Groth

      My ex coworker Geno says he is glad for your enthusiasm for him but at the age for 41 and less than in shape he doesn’t think he has it in him, also if he were to try he would pick the vikings…. i know weird huh.

  • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

    The Chiefs could offer EVERYTHING and not be able to trade this pick.

  • Justin R Groth

    Daniel Muir what’s the news on that guy.

  • Ehud

    I would be okay with Smith. However, I’m a bigger fan of Zac Dysert for us.

  • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

    Just for the record, I’ve been against taking Geno Smith first because stats aren’t everything. He’s pretty goo with all the coachables. He’s weak in leadership and on field demeanor. That being said I really can’t think of anybody better in this horribly weak draft. For pure throwing ability Landry Jones would be better but he’s not real mobile. He moves about as well as Peyton Mannung. in a good draft Smith might not even be a first rounder much less a first pick but in this case what do we have to lose.

    • Justin R Groth

      there you go…. way to almost come the the G. Smith band wagon.

      • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

        Not on the Genomobile but who else is there? This draft really doesn’t offer much.

        • Justin R Groth

          LOL Thats why I said ALMOST

  • Justin R Groth

    Paddy its long but what do you think? Resign Dwayne bowe who is the sixth ranked free agent (should be noted that they have flacco as 3rd and I’m pretty sure he will be resigned especially if they beat the pats.)and second ranked wr free agent behind Jennings (who is injury proned) and just in front of the ageing Wes Welker. Resign Albert who is overal ranked 16th and the 4th ranked OT, behind Denver’s Ryan Clady (#1 overal) Andre Smith Cin (whose stock is dropping) and and Sebastian Vollmer NE. All three tackles above Albert are ranked in the top ten overall. Draft Geno because out of the 50 top free agents the only Qb is Flacco the next highest is Matt Moore rated at 58. Matt Moore is a lateral move from Matt Cassel at best after him is Campbell at 77 (maybe a vet back up?). There are two guards in the top 50,Andy Levitre from buff at 11 and Louis Vasquez from SD at 48. My offseason wish list is; Draft RD1 Geno Smith RD2 BEST CB RD3 ILB BEST AVAILABLE! pick up depth at TE, DE, OLB, maybe a CB also, vet QB for back up and either replace or depth for Guard. I think Allen can be good but i just don’t know.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.rasmussen.585 Ryan Rasmussen

    No Geno, Leon Sandcastle will be our guy…..

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