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Since coach Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide has won 3 out of the past 4 BCS Championships, perhaps the Kansas City Chiefs could draft a few more of their, gifted and talented, student athletes. The Chiefs already have Javier Arenas and DeQuan Menzie on the roster so they might as well fill their reservoir full of the rolling tide’s best. Then, our favorite football team may became known as the Kansas City Rolling Chiefs.

In the past few years there have been a goodly number of Tidey boys taken high in the NFL draft and when they arrive at the big boy’s barbeque, they usually bring their own fireworks.

After Alabama’s BSC win over the University of Texas following the 2009 football season, LB Rolando McClain was selected 8th overall by the Oakland Raiders. However, things really didn’t begin to heat up for Saban’s slew of slayers, who would be selected in early draft rounds, until the following year.

That next BCS championship was won by, Cam Newton led, Auburn. Following the conclusion of the 2010 season DT Marcell Dareus (#3), WR Julio Jones (#6), OT James Carpenter (#25) and Mark Ingram (#28) were all taken in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft.

Last year, the men in crimson whipped LSU, 21 to nada for the BCS title, and so, in the 2012 NFL draft, there was a rising tide of their players taken early in the draft. RB Trent Richardson was taken 3rd by the Cleveland Browns. Safety Mark Barron was taken 7th by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. DB Dre Kirkpatrick was taken 17th by the Cincinnati Bengals and Dont’a Hightower was nabbed by the Patriots at #25.

Also, LB Courtney Upshaw was taken with the 3rd pick in the second round by the Baltimore Ravens giving Alabama 5 players in the top 35 of last years draft. One Bama boy every seven choices. It’s the  Rule of Seven. How many times does an Alabama graduate have to be drafted in the first rounds before you buy into the realization that you should be drafting one too?

Alabama coach Nick Saban must be doing something right down there.


If you had a chance to watch even 5 minutes of the BCS Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame on January 7th, you would have immediately noticed how much bigger, faster, stronger, quicker and smarter the Tide appeared than their Irish counterparts. And that’s a bit understated. Commentators kept mentioning how many tackles the Irish were missing but, it looked like they actually weren’t capable of making those tackles and were obviously physically outmanned. The final score was 42-14 but… the game wasn’t really that close.

So, if the Chiefs were to consider drafting a bunch of Bama beasts, who might those beasts be?

Alabama doesn’t have (not this year) a first round QB available to take at number one, besides, many Chiefs fans are hoping beyond all hope that they take West Virginia QB, and pigskin magician, Geno Smith first in the draft (from this point forward let the idea of the Chiefs taking Geno Smith first in the draft be known as: hitting the G-spot!).

So, let’s move on to round two.

OT D.J. Fluker (#76, pictured left), who goes 6’6” and 335 lbs, was a 2nd team  AP All-American wooly mammoth who started 36 games and who fits the typical Andy Reid mold of big and brutal linemen. It’s been suggested that he has issues with speed rushers so, if the Chiefs were to take him, he’d perhaps be moved inside to OG to help against some of the larger DTs coming into the league now. Fluker was 6-3 and 400 lbs in 8th grade so he’s now been the biggest loser and the biggest winner. Maybe just the biggest.


Of course if the Chiefs were going to seriously consider focusing on fixing the inside of their OL, they could take an actual 1st team All-American in OG Chance Warmack (#65, pictured right). He stands 6-2 and goes 322. He’s one studly buck who won’t be budged from his spot. He’s rated by many publications as a top 5 prospect even though he’s an offensive “guard.” Go figure. However, Chance Warmack is thought to be the best offensive interior linemen prospect since they made offensive interior linemen. He might be great but, I’d have a conniption if the Chiefs choose a guard over a QB… like Geno Smith … in the top five. BTW, it’s one of my personal goals, to mention Geno Smith, in every post from here until draft day.


However, if the Chiefs don’t take one of them they could also go whamma-slamma-thank-you Bama by taking CB Dee Milliner (#28, pictured left) who is rated by many as a top ten prospect. And yes, he’s that good. He stands 6-1 and weighs 198. Milliner is excellent and would give the Chiefs a dynamite pair of corners along with Brandon Flowers. Recently, Milliner was talking about covering Megatron (WR Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions) in the future and said,

Like I said, anytime you play this position, you’ve got to have confidence that you can stop anybody you line up against…. Hopefully you can control him (Calvin Johnson).

Pretty ballsy stuff. Of course, left out, was the part where he says Johnson is “pretty much unstoppable” but, his comment is still rife with the confidence of a proven winner. That’s a bit of the point with regards to Alabama players: their winning tradition has taken hold for so long now that all of their players “expect” to win and have the engrained schemata to help make that happen.


Alabama also has an Australian born DT named Jesse Williams (#54, pictured right) who goes 6-3 and 320. He has a Mohawk and the mojo to match. Williams would be, by far, the most colorful player the Chiefs have had since Jared Allen. He typically lines up over the Center and you’ll find his mojo rising vs Tennessee in 2012 right here. You’ll enjoy the third play of this vid when Williams fights off a double-team then goes and makes the stop on the RB just behind the original line of scrimmage. He looks like the love-child of Kelly Gregg and Brian Bosworth (an obscure 80s reference, meaning, you’d probably have to be from the 80s to fully appreciate the comment’s ability to induce a gag-reflex). Don’t worry, he plays more like a young Kelly Gregg than the overrated Boz. Here’s a great little report from an Australia news service about the former rugby player’s contribution to the BCS championship game.


If you don’t care to take a Bama grad in the first round, how about the ever versatile Barrett Jones (#75, pictured left) in the second round. Barrett Jones played Guard in his freshman/sophomore years, switched to Tackle as a Junior and then played Center as a senior. Jones is also one smart cookie graduating with a degree in accounting, summa cum laude, with a 4.0 grade point average. The same way a great catcher can improve a pitcher’s performance in baseball, the Center can help the QB in football, even if it’s to a lesser degree. I don’t know where 6-2, 299, Rodney Hudson is at in his rehabilitation process but, Jones stands 6-4 and weighs 305 and is largely considered to be the best Center prospect in this draft. Since we now know a Center can get injured during the season (all homage to Casey Wiegmann) it would not be a bad idea to have depth at that position.



ILB Nico Johnson (#35, pictured right) is a not-ready-for-prime-time-player in the NFL but, would make a terrific understudy there and if he’s available in the 4th or 5th round then the Chiefs should bag that Bama brute. Johnson goes 6-1, 245 and for some reason keeps his pads too upright and allows blockers to get their pads lower than his, into his chest and chop block his legs any time they choose. He’s not much of a “bender.” However, Andy Reid is a good teacher and Nico Johnson has all the physical tools so, in the meantime, he’d make a great special teams player.



Jan 7, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide running back Eddie Lacy (42) runs with the ball against Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te

There’s also second round prospect RB Eddie Lacy (#42, pictured left) who was the most beastly beast of all in the BCS Championship which resulted in his being named MVP in college football’s biggest game of all. I doubt the Chiefs will re-sign Peyton Hillis so, if they drafted Lacy and paired him with Jamaal Charles the Chiefs would be set at RB for many years. Most fan were supportive of Charles receiving all the carries he could take but I, was not. The platoon system the Chiefs used in the first half of 2010 with JC and Thomas Jones, when Jones was still effective, was the ideal. It would preserve both Charles and Lacy’s careers at RB and ultimately wear down defenses more easily. It would also give the new OC, Doug Pederson, more flexibility if he wanted to use JC exclusively or balance it more between the two backs, based on which kind of defense they were facing that week.


You see, there are many ways for the Chiefs to wax Bama-licious in this year’s draft. If it’s possible, I’d like to see it happen. Bring some of that championship magic… and attitude… here to K.C.. Please.

Roll Chiefs Roll!

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  • Jim Harper

    Laddie, my sides hurt from so much laughter. I can’t remember a post on AA that I enjoyed more. The G-spot reference is priceless and if you don’t mind I will do the same in all of mine until Geno’s name is called first on April 25th. Aside from your first class humor I found your post to be right on. The first time I paid serious attention to Bama was in the championship game, and after watching Lacy run through the Irish defense in their first possession I immediately thought he would be the perfect compliment to Jamaal. I could not agree more that there is not a bust anywhere in the names you mentioned as long as we can pick them anywhere from the 2nd round on. The first round belongs to Geno! I also love the idea of getting Jones @ center. Center has truly become a thinking man’s position. Milliner would be great to have but he won’t be there in the 2nd round. Anyway, it was a great post and we will both continue hitting the G spot going forward. At my age (64) this is the only way I can come close to hitting it.

    • Michael Shaw

      I think CALCHIEFSFAN might be right. If Dorsey stays true to his drafting philosophy, you can kiss Geno goodbye because he won’t be picked #1 by us. He may go to some team that trades with us, but he is definitely not the best player in this draft class. There are DL’s, an OT and an ILB that would be better picks for us at #1, if you stay true to the idea of the BPA!!

      • ladner morse

        Maybe CalChiefsFan is right but, I don’t see how Dorsey would neglect the QB position at number one when he came from an organization that has had one of the best QBs ever running the show. He can see that… if you don’t have the best possible QB steering your Multi-Million dollar Formula One Car you are stuck on the back roads of Missouri going nowhere.

        • ArrowFan

          Unless Tanney is the man? Even if so I still want my G spot hitt.

          • KCMikeG


      • superman_25_58

        DL, OT, and ILB doesn’t put the points on the board in order to score and ultimately succeed.

      • KCMikeG

        Who is the BPA at DL, OT and ILB and why. Te’o just went wacko, his draft rank will fall like lance Armstrong’s popularity and isn’t the thumper we need at ILB.

  • chiefin’ainteasy

    Chiefs havent even won a playoff game since ’94 and now….Roll Chiefs

    • ladner morse

      C’mon man… I said… they MAY became known as the Kansas City Rolling Chiefs. My closing signature, “Roll Chiefs Roll” is a simple wish… not a Super Bowl prediction. :)

      • chiefin’ainteasy

        Haha I was just mocking the roll tide commercial ;)

        • ladner morse

          Yea… I’m actually not a fan of Alabama crazies… but, their football program has not wild… so I’m hoping we can pick up a couple of those astute dudes… and not because of any lingering like for Brody Croyle… although his wife is like wow… just don’t call me Brent Musburger for saying that.

          How bad can a guy with BURGER in his name… be?

  • Calchiefsfan

    Nice article Ladner. Can’t argue the success of the Tide players in the NFL. I like the idea of Barrett Jones in the second, if he’s still available. Some mocks have him going in the first. He would be a definite upgrade over Lilja. In Jones, as you stated, we would have depth at center and a quality guard. Not to mention a backup at tackle in a pinch.
    Milliner would be a great option if we are lucky enough to trade down. I’m hoping someone like Arizona or Buffalo wants Smith badly enough to trade up with us for the first pick.

    As far as Geno Smith goes, I think Chiefs fans better get used to the idea that we probably won’t draft him with the first pick. From the sounds of Dorsey his philosophy is best player available and stay totally disciplined to it. That means no Smith at #1.

    • Jim Harper

      I am just curious as to who you think the best player in the draft is. The only way I would be okay with trading down is if we get a solid veteran in trade or free agency, and the only one I like is Alex Smith. But rest assurred that the only acceptable thing Reid can do is address the QB situation. The fans will not tolerate fixing Cassel, and Flynn could not beat out Wilson when he was the odds on favorite. I am not saying you are right or wrong, but to me there are only two options out there, and they are both named Smith.

      • ladner morse

        Jim, when you think about the difference between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick — what comes to mind? Now, think of the difference between Alex Smith and Geno Smith. Does it feel similar? I know it’s not exactly the same… but, this comparison is the reason I’m not in favor of going the FA vet routes because if Alex Smith is the best choice from the FA pool.. .then this pushes Geno Smith up the ladder even higher for me. And.. the great thing about this is… Geno Smith is ripe for the picking.

        • ArrowFan

          Hitt the G spot

      • Calchiefsfan

        I’m not sure who the best player is. We’ll certainly learn a lot about the new regime come draft weekend. I agree with you about Flynn. He could be the second coming of Cassel, though Dorsey did draft Flynn. Either Smith would be a huge upgrade over what we’ve had to put up with.
        Dorsey has stated with no uncertainty that he drafts the best player available. That being said I haven’t seen any draft board that has Geno Smith as the best player in the draft. Let’s hope this regime is a lot more competent then the last.

        • superman_25_58

          Let’s be real they prolly will draft BPA….. 1st round though as important as this position is to the chiefs and watching the big steaming pile of crap behind the center every game and taking so much crap from fans about the situation. They will draft the #1 QB with the first pick of the draft and it will be Geno unless a diff Qb impresses more, in which, I just can’t see happening. If they do not get Geno and trade down and get a QB in the 3-7th best QB range and they fail they will continue to be POOED on and BOOed on. I just see our record being 6-10, 7-9, with any Qb that doesn’t go in the first round which means we won’t get another shot in god knows how long to get the top ranked QB unless we trade the FARM for one and I would just rather sign the top QB in Geno and see if it will work if not trade the farm for one of the freshman QB’s this year in Texas A&M and Oregon both great Qb’s will be the next RG3 and LUCK draft comparison in hype. We can start building for the future the next draft in a #1 corner or BPA and that will give Geno like 2-3 years to see if he is the man with the plan and he is just the type of Qb that Reid loves working with…. Just sayin

          • Calchiefsfan

            I hope you’re right, if they think Geno is the best QB in this draft then take him. I just don’t think all is lost if we don’t get Geno. If you look at the 4 remaining playoff teams, only one has a QB that was taken in the 1st round, Flacco.

          • superman_25_58

            this is true, but isn’t thier alot more failures out there than ones that suceed after the first round? I’m just saying it’s alot less likely to succeed with the less qualified Qb, IMHO.

          • Calchiefsfan

            Can’t argue that. I like what both Seattle and Washington did last year. Both hedged their bet by doubling down. Seattle got a hot free agent and drafted what turned out to be a stud QB. Washington drafted RG3 of course and then drafted Cousins who played pretty well when RG3 was injured. Could we go Smith and Smith and give Geno a couple of years to develop a la Aaron Rodgers? Just a thought.

          • ladner morse

            I’ve been saying this…. Smith and Smith… yes!

          • Calchiefsfan

            And just like that we no longer have a quarterback problem. That wasn’t so hard.

          • KCMikeG

            We have to address not just our starter but also our depth at the most important position on the team. Many ridiculed the Skins last year and were confused at Seattle taking Wilson when they had just signed Flynn but those decisions got them to the playoffs.

          • Chief Hokie

            I don’t think Alex Smith is going to want to come here if we draft Geno #1 overall. You think he wants to go through what he did with Kapernick all over again? I have a feeling Alex Smith wants to go somewhere he can be a longterm starter.

          • KCMikeG

            This is true. Unless he would think he has a better shot beating Geno over Kap in SF. I don’t think he is any better than Cassel though.

          • KCMikeG

            See I told you I follow your posts and agree frequently too. Do you think A. Smith has upside still? I can’t see sitting G. Smith if we take him with our #1.

          • Calchiefsfan

            A. Smith had a 100+ QB rating when Harbaugh benched him. Everything I’ve read about G. Smith says that he has all the tools plus brains and a good work ethic but he goes through his progressions too slowly. The NFL plays a lot faster than college. It might be good to bring him along more slowly. One thing I can say is I like the coaching staff we have now in regards to the quarterback. I have confidence in them to get the most out of any quarterback they bring in.

          • superman_25_58


    • ladner morse

      I think many fans, like yourself, will be surprised when the Chiefs stay at #1 and then take Geno Smith. He’s really a great QB. Take a look at Lyle Gravesen’s post called, “Video: Geno Smith is worthy of the #1Pick”

      • Calchiefsfan

        I’m not saying I’m against the Geno pick, just that I don’t believe Dorsey will go that route based upon what he is saying his draft philosophy is. If Smith can play even at 80% of what Kaepernick is doing it’s a home run in my book.

        I saw Lyle’s video when he first posted it, (being the Arrowhead Addict that I am). Let’s face it, anything is an upgrade to what we’ve had. I also believe that Reid has put together a coaching staff that will bring the best out of a young quarterback. That’s what really makes me hopeful for next year. Good coaching and a quarterback is all that this team needs to be playoff contenders, imho.

        • ladner morse

          I’m not sure at all that Dorsey will go away from Geno. He’s smart enough to look back at the 2005 draft and realize that if it was re-drafted then Aaron Rodgers would go #1.

          Someone THAT smart… is not likely to make that mistake this year.

          • Calchiefsfan

            You might be right. It just sounds like he will not deviate one iota from his best player available strategy. Who knows, maybe by draft that will be Geno. He believes in that formula and let’s face it, it has worked well for the Packers.
            I believe that the Chiefs can’t help but field a much improved team in 2013. I mean c’mon, any 22 guys off the street could win 2 games :)

          • ladner morse

            Yes… I agree completely that the Chiefs will field an improved team… we’ll have to see how much improved that will be.

      • KCMikeG

        The more I look at the other options not one of them has the potential to impact our greatest need nor do I see any validity to Geno not being the BPA. If we aren’t going to take him I believe we have to trade down or out of #1. Nice reference to Lyle’s hard work!

  • Michael Shaw

    Laddy, Laddy, Laddy! First of all, very nice post. However, I am Notre Dame fan and I hate the freaking Crimson Douchebags and Nick Saban. Having said that, a couple of these players do intrigue me. Lacy would be a beast for us. However, i would rather if our beloved Chiefs picked either Barrett Jones or Dee Milliner for our round 2 #33 pick. I like the thought of a solid, young back up for Hudson. I also like the idea of Milliner coming in and shutting down the opposite side of the field from Brandon Flowers. The draft should be interesting. Except of course I think our #2 will be a QB because our #1 will hopefully be one of the top defensive guys in this draft.

    • ladner morse

      I was pulling for Notre Dame too… but, I can see the superiority of a Roman Empire when I see it… and that’s Alabama right now.

      I can’t support taking a QB in round two …at all.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict


      Jones could be there for us in round two. He is a late first, early second round prospect. Milliner is a top ten prospect and will be long gone.If you want him, you have to take him #1

  • Cha-iefs

    i’d take Warmack.
    [ I don't mean as 1st overall.]

    • ladner morse

      I like him too… no change that… I love Warmack and would definitely want him on the Chiefs… but how do you suggest that this could happen? He’s rated too high for the Chiefs and will likely go in the early teens.if not before ten.

  • Jason Ray Brawn

    Ok so heres my wish for this off season Resign Albert, franchise Bowe, resign colquitt trade Bowe with Jacksonville for thier second round pick this year then on draft day trade with buffalo for thier first and second this year and thier first and third next year. Grab Milner with our first and Lacy, Jones, and Glennon in the second oh and try to get Alex Smith in FA along with Wallace, and Long. I think its a good plan what do you guys think????

  • josh

    two words- Brodie Croyle

  • KCMikeG

    Great post! The G-Spot is fantastic! if that doesn’t happen (please, please please let it happen!) then trading down for Milliner would be my preference. I would suggest Andrew Jackson ILB WKY in the 4th round as he is a huge, fast, thumper and an on the field vocal leader which we lack. Lacy would be a great addition too.

    • ladner morse

      Michael, thanks for bringing Andrew Jackson back to my attention. He could be a great addition to the Chiefs LB corp.

  • big chief

    The one I would like to see most is Eddie Lacy.

    • ladner morse

      Yes, yes, yes… if we could get him in the second… it would be deluxe.

  • disqus_F2hD0nDYOX

    Better get used to big boys in the first round as Geno Smith won’t get the #1 pick…

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