Jan 14, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey (left), chairman Clark Hunt (middle) and coach Andy Reid pose for photos during the press conference at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hurtling Towards the Draft, Chiefs-Style

We have 14 weeks until we pick the first college player chosen in this year’s NFL Draft. If you’re John Dorsey, our new GM, you’ve got a heck of a lot to research and consider until then. Let’s help him out by looking at our free agent priorities for 2013. Following is a list of all our current free agents, divided into three handy categories:

Top Priority: Re-Sign Now!

  • Dwayne Bowe, WR: Any NFL offense worth its salt needs two high performing receivers. RIght now, we only have one and I’m just not confident that Jon Baldwin is going to flip the switch. There’s just no justification in letting Bowe go. SIgn the man.
  • Dustin Colquitt, P: I wouldn’t have any other punter in the league. Sign him.
  • Brandon Albert, LT: This one might be controversial, especially with Luke Joechel from Texas A&M available in the draft. But Albert has become one of the best left tackles in the game, and is a veteran on a pretty young line, especially with Lilja retiring. I think we keep Brandon.
  • Edgar Jones, LB: Jones was a stud on kick coverage.

Cheap Dates: Re-Sign at your Leisure!

  • Ropati Pitoitua, DE: Pitoitua played great as a backup. I’d keep him.
  • Abram Elam, S: After Berry, we have serious gaps in safety, and we always need depth at safety. Elam is fine as a backup, just not as a starter.
  • Thomas Gafford, C: Gafford rarely screws up the long snap. He’s a keeper.
  • Russ Hochstein, G: Hochstein filled in admirably and is a smart veteran who can play multiple positions. Dude has three Super Bowl rings!
  • Brandon Siler, LB: Siler played well as a starter in the last game.
  • Shaun Smith, DT: Just for humor alone, let’s keep Dirty Man Smith.

It’s Time To Go: Release Them Now!

  • Glenn Dorsey, DE: I think for the size of the contract, we let Dorsey go. He has been decent, but not what we hoped when we drafted him with the fifth overall pick in the 2008 draft. Plus, with the hiring of John Dorsey, we can’t have two Dorseys on the team. Thanks for the memories, Glenn and we wish you well.
  • Peyton Hillis, RB: Wow, what a disappointment. See ya.
  • Travis Daniels, S: I dare anyone to argue that we should keep Daniels.
  • Steve Manieri, TE: What? He’s still on the team?
  • Bryan Mattison, C: There are always a few players, each year, whom I read about, and say to myself, you know, I follow this team so religiously, so how come I’ve never heard of this guy?
  • Kyle McCarthy, CB: See Mattison, Bryan.
  • Jake O’Connell, TE: It’s like Tony Gonzalez cursed our tight end position when he left.
  • Brady Quinn, QB: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • Martin Rucker, TE: See O’Connell, Jake.
  • Leon WIlliams, LB: See McCarthy, Kyle.

We all know that QB is our number one gap. Based on our free agency situation alone however, we have at least two other major gaps to be put on on GM Dorsey’s pate. At defensive end, with Glenn Dorsey potentially gone and the enigmatic and inconsistent Tyson Jackson, we need a new anchor on the D-line. At safety. Kendrick Lewis just isn’t physical enough and is prone to injury, and Elam is no better than a backup.

John Dorsey has his work cut out for him. Free agency movement may cause big holes at defensive end and safety for us, and we have existing gaps at the QB, wide receiver, guard and cornerback position. Dorsey is known as a scout’s scout. I’m looking forward to how he handles these gaps through the draft and free agency.

Addicts, what do you think are our free agent priorities?!!

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  • calciomoti

    I am curious as to why Matt Cassel is not on this list…especially the “need to go now” list! And I have a question, is Glenn Dorsey expecting that he should get a huge contract? If so…what the hell is the reasoning behind it? He deserves to get paid like a quality back-up to a low-level starter, so at that pay why not keep him?

    • Miles Yi

      Believe me, Joshua, Cassel would be first on my list but unfortunately, he’s not a free agent. He’s on contract through the end of the 2014 season so we’d have to just release him, unless we can convince another team to trade for Cassel. As for Dorsey, I think he will demand a salary that exceeds what we’d pay for a backup.

      • mattU

        I can’t imagine how Cassel stays. The Chiefs can cut him and have a cap hit of $5.7 million or so, or keep him and get dinged with $9.8 million cap hit…Gotta think that extra $4 million could get a comparable talent in the draft or free agency, as well as clear his larger cap hit that would occur in 2014.

        • Michael Shaw

          I like your way of thinking!!! Of course, knowing our luck they will decide to keep Matt as a backup………………………..yuck I think I just threw up in my mouth!!!

      • http://twitter.com/Chr1sG3 chris grier

        Is it possible for Cassel’s contract to be restructed? Under the new regime, he could be a viable backup. Assuming that Andy is still able to get the most out QB’s. With his work ethic he would be a great role model for a rookie QB. And if we could restructure for $5.7million or less than we dont really lose. Regardless of how he has played most recently, when he had coaches who had a clue on how to run an offense he was more than servicable. I am not a Cassel apologist but u cant question his drive.

    • ArrowFan

      What about Tanney? If he is still under contract, how long?

      • http://twitter.com/Chr1sG3 chris grier

        Thats what i want to know…can Tanney play? I hope so, I would love to watch him succeed

  • Michael Shaw

    Joshua already hit the head of the nail I was going to swing at first. I think Glenn, while not a superstar, should be retained. Combined with Tyson Jackson, they have become one of the best run stopping tandems in the NFL as the authors on this site quoted many times this year. Personally I am done with the “Bowe” show. Let him try the free agency market to get Vincent Jackson money, which he does NOT deserve. Sure the guy makes some GREAT catches, but I would wager he drops more of the easier passes than he catches of the hard passes and that to me does not warrant Vincent Jackson, Anquan Boldin, Megatron, Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson type money which is what the kid thinks he deserves.

    • ArrowFan

      I like the idea of a tag and trade. That way we don’t pay him anything more yet we get something out of him.

      • Michael Shaw

        I like this idea too provided you can get his ass to sign the tender early so you can use him as trade bait!!!

      • Justin R Groth

        Why trade him. He is an asset. One that has put up great numbers despite inadequate Qb play since he was drafted. We can’t complain about not having talent if we allow talent to walk out tue door. He makes up of half our consistent options on offense. The other half being Charles. Instead of trying to be rid of our talent why don’t we keep it and add to it. I have seen everything from tag and trade with Bowe to trade Charles for a 5th rnd to the lions. Seriously get bowe some one who can throw a ball accurately beyond 8 yards and let’s see what happens. He is just as good as a marshel or Jackson. Pay the man.

    • JLKC355

      Just food for thought 2012:

      L.Fitzgerald 16 games 71 catches 156 targets 798 yds, 4 TDs 11.2 per catch, 44 1st downs

      D. Bowe 13 games 59 catches 114 targets 801 yds, 3TDs 13.6 per catch, 43 1st downs

      Bad QB play can ruin any WRs numbers Bowe has given good numbers with horrible QB play his whole career please find me another reasonably reliable WR that has had this problem every year of their career?

      • Michael Shaw

        Ok stat master. How about we expound on this. What were Bowe’s stats compared to Larry’s the year we won the division, 2010?

        • Justin R Groth

          Bowe: 2010 KC rec: 72 yards: 1,162 avg per game: 72.6 rd:15
          Larry: 2010 ARI rec: 90 yards:1,137 apg 71.1 td: 6

          Not sure why you wanted this but from NFL.com

          • JLKC355

            This basically proves the point everyone complains Bowe wants too much money but he’s given the Chiefs their only receiving threat every year but his first they had TG. Bowe is not the best but is very good and worth VJ, Desean, or Anquan money good receivers cost money pay this man and find a good complimentary receiver to pair with him.

          • Justin R Groth

            Glad to help.

          • Michael Shaw

            Figured you were bored. LOL. Actually wanted to see a comparison when Cassel was considered a “good” QB by many and Fitz still couldn’t get a good QB in AZ. Thanks!!

          • Justin R Groth

            Not really bored just curious on your point shaw. These numbers show bowe to be compatible to Larry in multiple years. The only thing these stats would do is give bowe a bargaining chip.

    • Daniel Mayfield

      If KC let’s Bowe go, they would be missing a BIG gap in their passing offense. If they get a better, more accurate QB, you’re gonna see a lot of short passes to short WRs. Unless Baldwin wakes up.

    • Chief Hokie

      “Combined with Tyson Jackson, they have become one of the best run stopping tandems in the NFL as the authors on this site quoted many times this year”

      We were ranked 27th in run D this year. Last year? 26th. I don’t know where this rumor started that we have one of the best run stopping duos (PFF maybe?) but it has GOT to stop.

      • Michael Shaw

        One or two of the great authors on this site kept coming up with numbers on their individual performance against the run and they were ranked in the top 5 or 10. One of those metrics I have never understood, but when you read the article it explains it better than I can. Not sure if it was Patrick or Ladner or one of the other boys. Just because the TEAM didn’t do so well against the run, doesn’t necessarily mean that these two didn’t do their best to put the rest of the D in a position to make tackles to stop the run.

  • disqus_vC2y9l2NUX

    If they let Bowe walk though thte could go after Mike Wallace.

    • Justin R Groth

      We have cash and could get both if really wanted to. Especially witj dorseys contract expiring

    • Michael Shaw

      Are we really sure we want Wallace?

      • http://www.facebook.com/erika.motley.3 Erika Groth

        That’s a good question and Idk. I know we want bowe Albert and colquit all have proved themselves worth thief grain of salt pay them and be happy that we can add more talent to what we have instead of replacing what we had.

  • ArrowFan

    By my count you outlined 5 (or 6 including TE) position groups as a need. So how many players will be draft? Mix that with at the least a couple of FA and then for fun through in a couple of UDFA. We can’t afford to bust on allot of guys but I don’t see any reason why all our holes cannot be filled this very off season. Ultimately the biggest question is QB.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Give RB Peyton 1 more season and give him the ball a few more times. I’m sure he’ll have a better season with a better chance.

    • Michael Shaw

      Maybe, but that only works if we have a QB that teams have to worry about. Otherwise they will stack the line like they did this year and then the only one that gets outta that is Jamaal because of his moves and ton of speed that Hillis lacks!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I agree with Mattison. Why didn’t he play when Hudsen was out? Just shows he’s no good or that Crennel is pretty dumb with the OL

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Gotta keep at least 1 of those TEs. Either Rucker or Manieri. O’Connell has been on the team for a long time but he’s hardly ever on the field.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Albert is good, just not for a HIGH price.

    • Michael Shaw

      He has become one of the best LT’s in the game, so yeah I think he deserves to get paid like one!

      • http://twitter.com/Chr1sG3 chris grier

        here or somewhere else…he is going to get paid. might as well b here

    • Justin R Groth

      Quick question did you wanna keep Carr?

  • http://twitter.com/OneMoreAnomaly Brandon Grier

    I don’t think Wr is a big need if we keep bowe because I think Andy will actually utilize Breaston, Wylie and McCluster properly. I like Allen at left guard to replace lilja so I think we can look to build depth on the o line in the mid rounds of the draft along with our secondary. But honestly I think we just need a QB, maybe some d linemen depending on what happens with dorsey and solid depth and we are back to being in the playoffs conversation

  • tm1946

    If he will restructure his contract, Cassel stays. Not a lot of QBs out there, team needs 3. Also, OConnell, that bad penny cannot seem to get cut. Lastly, if he gives a friendly discount, there is a place for Dorsey on the DL.

    Great article but if the price is right, many can find a spot on the roster. The issue of Bowe and QB will need handling, lesser players can find one more year…..follow the dollars, this year.

    PS, If Bowe moves on, we will be stuck with Baldwin as #1, that is one ugly picture and the guys ran out last year were never open, no speed, and average hands.

  • Calchiefsfan

    There were 2 bright spots in our offense over the last couple of years, Charles and Bowe. With the situation the Chiefs are in I don’t think they can afford to let any quality player go. So I have to agree with Miles, Albert and Bowe need to get resigned. We have a lot of money so if Reid wants a speedy WR we can go after Wallace in FA in addition to Bowe.

    Colquitt, no brainer. Gafford a must, good long snappers are hard to come by and a bad one is disastrous!
    Manieri I happen to like a lot, has good hands and speed for his size and blocks like an OL. The only problem with him is he was too far down on the progressions to ever get seen by our quarterback!

    Draft a quality safety for depth. They are always getting injured. We need 3 good safeties to cover ourselves.

  • Doc

    Bowe – no, let him go. With no quality QB, he is a non-factor. may aws well get a draft pick with Geno (if he is taken #1) so they can develop chemistry togther.
    Albert – let him go. With his back injury, might be safer to pick up Joechel. back injuries for lineman are problematic.
    Siler – let him go. He was too slow and his achiles heel may him done for.
    Maneri – keep for one year to back up Boss. Not sure if Moekai is back metally from ACL injury. he apepared tenative at times.
    Hochstein – who? let him walk.
    Dorsey – keep if can get at a bargin for a eyar or two. No big money here to spend.
    Colquit – a definite must have sign.
    Everybody else on the list I am good with your placement.