Arrowhead Addict Community Leader Board

One of the reasons I love Arrowhead Addict so much is because of the awesome community we have been building over the years. Speaking as someone who thinks and writes about the Chiefs 24/7, I appreciate the need to debate and talk football with other KC fans.

Speaking as the editor of this site, without the readers, Arrowhead Addict wouldn’t be possible. But without the commenters, Arrowhead Addict would be boring.

I’ve been editor of this site for three years now and I’ve seen it grow by leaps and bounds. I’ve gotten to know many of our commenters and I’ve even spoken to some of you live on AA Radio. It is a pleasure to provide content to you guys on a daily basis.

Every once in a while, we like to recognize our community leaders. The new commenting system we use, Disqus, allows us a way to track our site’s most prolific community members.

As far as I am concerned, this site belongs to you guys.

Here is your current community leader board!

A big thanks to you all and I am eager to see some new names climbing the charts as we head into draft season.

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  • Shannon

    I demand a recount!

    • Patrick Allen


  • Jason Ray Brawn

    Lol ive tried to comment some and then couldnt find them when i come back lol

    • Patrick Allen

      I think you can subscribe to comments via Disqus. You get an email when someone responds to you.

  • chiefridgy

    I didn’t think I’d be in the top ten!

  • steve james

    I don’t see any?

    • chiefridgy

      Click on the picture at the top of the page

  • ArrowFan

    Been on here a little over a year now. I just don’t know what I would do without it. Other than get more work done and hear less from my wife that I spend way to much time on this stuff.

    • Patrick Allen

      Part of the reason this site got updated so much over the last three years was because I was working a job that I really didn’t want. ;) We’re all about helping you get through your day.

  • Gene Yuknis

    thanks for a great site patrick, even though i live in pa, right in the middle of eagles, giants and jet fans, it’s always a pleasure to talk to a bunch of well informed chief fans from all over. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!! thanks

    • Patrick Allen

      I feel you! I live in Brooklyn, NY. Talk about being surrounded by Giants fans.

  • Nemoi

    AA is my favorite site and I always read it first. Patrick, you do a
    great job and Lyle, your optimistic attitude, as hard as it has been to
    maintain these last few years, helps me keep the faith. Keep the Kool-aide flowing! Now if we could just get rid of the pop-ups…

    • Patrick Allen

      Thanks Nemoi!

  • Joe Myers

    raiders suck so bad . Go chiefs love this site

    • Patrick Allen

      Now that is a solid comment!

  • Danny W

    I am on here waaaaayyyyy, too F**king much.

    • Danny W

      Hey anyone going to the draft? I’m thinking about flying out, it’s not every year we pick number one.

      • Patrick Allen

        I will (probably) be there as media covering it.

    • ArrowFan

      I not on here enough I’m gunning for you:)

  • Leon Ritz

    I’ve been reading the site for about a year or so but only started commenting in the last few months. Nice to have you guys around, this place is a daily read for me.

    • Patrick Allen

      Thanks Leon. It is great to have more people getting involved in the community. When we sold AA shirts a year ago, I was shocked at how many people were interested. That was when I realized how many readers we had that don’t comment.

  • ArrowFan

    I’m going to modify my new years resolutions. Was to stop eating Twinkies and to pay less taxes. Now it is to stop eating Twinkies pay less taxes, and squeeze out another couple hundred comments on AA.

  • Chief Hokie

    I’ve been reading this site the past few years and I love it. The news, the opinion pieces, the breakdowns – its great stuff. Thank you guys for all your hard work and for making AA possible.