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Chiefs To Hire Doug Pederson As Offensive Coordinator, According To Report

A couple of reports are emerging that the Kansas City Chiefs and new head coach Andy Reid have decided on former NFL QB and Eagles QB coach, Doug Pederson, as their new offensive coordinator.

The first report came last night:

Then this morning we got this:

We first told you that Pederson was a candidate back on Monday. Check out that piece for a bit about Pederson’s backgound.

It seems like this is going to be a done deal so I will hope for the best. I am not sure how I feel about the Chiefs bringing on a first time offensive coordinator. I don’t want to count Pederson out before he’s begun but there is bound to be a learning curve and I think I’d rather just have an experience play-caller taking care of what has been a pitiful Chiefs offense.

What I like about Pederson is that he is a former QB so he will be able to relate to whoever is throwing the rock for the Chiefs next season.

We are still waiting on official word of the hires from the Chiefs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team is waiting to make a mass announcement of the new staff.

What do you think, Addicts? Are you happy with Reid’s (potential) choice of Doug Pederson?

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  • Lyle Graversen

    Couple things to keep in mind,

    First, doesn’t Reid call his own plays anyway, or am I wrong about that?

    Second, don’t get too hung up on titles. The way the NFL works is that teams will generally let coaches that are under contract leave without any fight if it is a promotion. Pederson was under contract as philly’s QB coach so OC is a promotion. Brad Childress is under contract as clv OC and reports are that he may be hired as assistant head coach (a promotion). My guess is that these titles are more about contracts than what they will actually be doing during practices.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Similar to how convenient it is that they announced that the GM would have final roster control (when everyone thought Reid had it) and it just so happens that Dorsey would need roster control in order for it to be a promotion leaving GB and get out of his contract there.

      • Doc

        Well, it is interesting how congress calls the fiscal different things and claims to have a solution when all they did was kick the can down the road for another 60 days. By giving these pseudo promotion titles helps get the people in here to help us out. Breaking those NFL contracts can be an ugly thing for us right now. I think Reid will call the plays and Pederson will get the credit/heat until he learns from Reid where he is confident he can call the plays on his own. Part of me likes this but another part says I have seen this before (with disastrous results) when Haley and RAC tried it but had another person in the OC role. I’ll remain optimistic for now.

      • sidibeke

        Good points.

    • Tarkus

      Mornhinweg has been calling the plays since 2006 for Reid, but still, Reid is the perfect coach to bring along a first-time OC like that, especially if Chilly is also on the staff.

      Also, Pederson has a pretty good rep, with some saying he could be a HC in another three years or so. I like the hire. I want more experience on the defensive side, but like a young guy on offense, with Reid (and maybe Chilly) to lean on.

  • jatreat13

    qb specialist as an oc will work with reid to get game plans and management ironed out. the fact that he was a qb is also assuring. that being said who the fuck knows.

    • Michael Shaw

      I TOTALLY agree with your last four words in this post!!!!!

      • Patrick Allen


  • Michael Shaw

    I would think childress is coming as the AHC, but will actually be calling the offense during the game, if he is hired that is. If not then I would say that Pederson will be schooled on what to call during games by Andy. I am personally more worried about the DC position. Monte Kiffen is said to be interviewing with Dallas. Any word on whom Andy has talked to??????

    • Patrick Allen

      Not as much info out there on the DC front, unfortunately.

      • Justin R Groth

        Maybe… Maybe he will keep Gary gibbs. Be nice huh

    • sidibeke

      I had also read Kiffen was a done deal in Dal.

  • bah

    he has 1 thing working for him
    last 2 years the team barely hit 200 points
    it wont be hard to improve on that. bringing in a trash vet qb like smith or vick would improve it sadly.

  • sidibeke

    I’m better with Pederson than I was Muir. I’ll feel even better about it if they bring Childress on staff, too.

  • jatreat13

    i know everyone thinks vick is washed up but consider picking up luke joeckel in the first round and run a pistol offense like washington with vick, jamaal, and hillis. meh idk what do you think. sounds interesting to me..