Geno Smith: QBeast?

A hot topic around these here parts is whether or not the Chiefs should take West Virginia QB Geno Smith with the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft. To answer that question there’s another question that needs to be answered first: is Geno Smith a beast of a QB or not?

One long month ago I went on record as saying that the Chiefs would be best served by selecting ILB Manti’ Te’o from Notre Dame number one overall. Since then the Chiefs have hired QB Merlin Andy Reid and… the college national championship game has played out and… I can now see I was wrong. If I was a politician… you wouldn’t want to vote for me.

On Monday when Andy Reid addressed the Kansas City media he made it clear, as clear as any coach is going to get 3 ½ months before the draft, that he’s interested in taking the best player available in the draft. So, it’s up to Geno Smith to show in his off season work that he’s not only a beast but, the best.

Or maybe we should just change our perspective.

A change in perspective can also come through comparing college prospects. Considering the elevated play of the three QBeasts from last year’s draft, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and RGIII, maybe we don’t have the most accurate perspective… yet.

Many have forgotten that in Peyton Manning’s last game, the 1997 Orange Bowl he threw for a measly 131 yards and lead his team to a loss to eventual National Champion Nebraska, 42-17. Also, Nebraska led 28-3 in the fourth quarter so most all of the points for Tennessee came in trash time.

Why bring that up? Because we sometimes get a game or two or three out of perspective with what a player’s actual and natural potential is. In Geno Smith’s case, he had an average (for him) last game of his college career: the Pinstripe Bowl. The Pinstripe Bowl was played in New York on a 20 degree day with snow gusting. Although that didn’t bother Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib and the Orangemen’s methodical  game plan, it was murder for West Virginia’s speedy skill positions players who were obviously minimized by those conditions.

Russell Wilson lost both of his last two bowl games, the Rose bowl, averaging 227 passing yards per game including an interception. Nothing to write home about or make scouts stand up and take notice.

Andrew Luck lost his last college game to the Oklahoma State Cowboys even though Stanford won the time of possession 41+ to 19+. Luck also threw an interception in that one.

In Robert Griffin III’s last season his team, the Baylor Bears, finished 6-3 in conference play. At least his team won their bowl game… over the “highly touted” 7-6 Washington Huskies. 6-3 in conference play wasn’t the best stat on his resume.

Trying to determine whether or not a QB will be a beast in the NFL is not always going to work based upon the last few games they played or the record of the team they played for.

Also, if you’re going to hold a high winning standard up for QBs then you should also do that for other position players like Manti’ Te’o. We’ll have to see if his less than stellar performance in the national championship game against Alabama is going to drop his draft status. In that game, he looked like a boy playing a man’s game.

Since the Chiefs snatched up Andy Reid to be the skipper of their clipper, another question arises: does the performance of an NFL QB depend more upon the stud QB coming out of college or the coach who’s coaching the stud QB? Was Joe Montana the Joe Montana that we know now more because of his skill level or was it Bill Walsh and the system he had in place?

Savvy coaching makes as much a difference as the player does in determining the success of a quarterback. It’s a bit of both but, in many cases, it can be as much as 65% coach (and his system) and 35% QB and his capabilities. Then again, with a player like Aaron Rodgers, it has a lot more to do with “the player.”

In 2012, and in recent years, quarterbacks are coming into the NFL with more “game readiness” than ever before. Look at the trends in quarterbacks coming into the league in the past five seasons:

Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Brandon Weeden, Colin Kaepernick, Nick Foles, Kirk Cousins, Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco, Josh Freeman, Matt Ryan, and now RGIII, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson have all come in and either started their first or second season or have made a positive contribution. Mark Sanchez and Blaine Gabbert were left off this list for poor progress.

Fifteen quarterbacks, and that’s nearly half the starters in the NFL.

Clearly, the process of gradually developing a rookie QB from two to four years before starting is an old-school notion and it’s an outdated concept that’s not in operation in this pass-first-and-ask-questions-later NFL.

Can Geno Smith be as successful as Russell Wilson, RGIII or Andrew Luck in his first season? When the Chiefs new coach starts talking about whether or not he would take Geno Smith first in the draft — if you can “Reid” the between the lines — the answer is the same to both questions.

The performances of these three  QBs from last years draft may have skewed our thinking about how well a QB “has to” perform in their rookie season and you may be more comfortable comparing Geno Smith to the top three QBs in the previous draft, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick. If there was a re-draft all three would likely go in the top ten or even the top five. Each fits the description of franchise QB and I believe Geno Smith can perform at their level.

If the Chiefs draft Geno Smith in April, then there is no reason to not expect that the Chiefs will be in the playoffs next January.

Lofty expectations? I don’t think so. Look at what Geno Smith’s upside is, which is very high. Does he also have some bust potential? Yes but, with the supporting cast of players that Reid should be able to put in place this off season, it would lead you to believe that Geno Smith’s “bust-ability”… if he’s wearing a Reid-red uniform… goes way, way down.

Consider all of the Pro Bowl players, and PB level players, Smith will have surrounding him (btw… Justin Houston deserved to be in the Pro Bowl more than Tamba Hali and Brandon Flowers should start getting some PB consideration while Bowe has been there before and will — should he resign — be Smith’s  main hammer).

Evaluations of Geno Smith vary with the weather. Using a scouting priority checklist which includes: Arm Strength, Football IQ, Accuracy, Mobility, Leadership, Toughness, Resume, Maturity, Pedigree, and Hand Size, let’s do some comparisons.

Before getting into that, Alen Dumonjic of The Bleacher Report rated the 32 Strongest Arms in the league last summer and Matt Cassel ranked number 32. So, almost any QB the Chiefs draft is going to be an upgrade in the “most important” category when evaluating a QB.

Arm Strength
If Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler and Joe Flacco (he’s rated number one by Ron Jaworski) are the standard in today’s NFL then Geno Smith will soon rank right up there perhaps just behind the best. Smith can get the ball down the field to the speediest of receivers and has lots of zip on his passes as well as a phenomenal touch. His deep ball reminds me of Matthew Stafford’s.

Football IQ
No one is like Peyton Manning. Or Tom Brady. They hold their own Mensa meetings for QBs every Sunday but, Geno Smith is intuitive, reads defenses very well and makes good decisions in and out of the pocket. He reminds me of RGIII in college and makes decisions quickly like Griffin as well.

Although accuracy is not rated as the most important category in this system, it is to me and Geno Smith is very accurate. He even has excellent touch on his long balls and Jon Baldwin should be salivating like a salamander to work with him. That’s because Smith will likely make Baldwin’s career. If Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are 10 out of 10 then Smith should come in at least with a solid 8. I’ve seen him hit his receivers right in stride so many times, I found myself wishing the Chiefs QBs could learn that from him: no more “Death-to-Dexter” passes. All  the Chiefs inside receivers should flourish with Gsmith’s throwing to them. His deep ball accuracy is worth mentioning… again.

I saw Smith fall down in the end zone on a play in the Pinstripe Bowl and I thought he looked like a completely different QB than earlier in the season. Although he’s not the athlete and runner that RGIII is, he’ll be one of the more mobile QB’s in the league. If RGIII is a 10 then Geno gets a 7.5. Side Note: I don’t believe it’s that good an idea to be rated a “10” in this category anymore. QBs like Vick and RGIII find themselves hurt and on the sidelines too too much because they “think” they can do it all with their legs if they want too. Aaron Rodgers is an 8 in this category and that is probably the perfect score to have. To be escapable without being egotistical.

Matt Cassel may show up for summer workouts and gets everyone else to show up too, but, he obviously couldn’t perform otherwise. Geno Smith can be fiery on the sidelines. I saw that fire during his Pinstripe Bowl loss. Some have criticized his outburst but, it seemed totally appropriate to me. I have also seen him interviewed and his personality and approach to communicating is infectious and he’s a personable guy, smart and creative, who will be great to work with. The penultimate leader in today’s NFL is Tom Brady. If Tom Brady is a “10” then Smith comes in at an “8”… with upside. Of course, nothing makes a player look more like a leader than winning.

Ben Roethlisberger is one of the toughest rascals around today. It’s also part of the Steeler persona. At 6-3 and 220 Geno Smith is not a fragile toothpick. While I don’t think anyone takes a licking and keeps on ticking like Big Ben, his challenge is a bit like QBs who are mobile: they think they can take on all comers and try to do that too much… then they end up hurt and warming the bench. Geno Smith is big and durable and has some ability to move in the pocket so if Ben is a 10 then Geno is a 7.5 with upside.

There are actually not many QBs in the league who came out of college with the pedigree and experience that Geno Smith has had.
Player’s name / Cmp / Att / Cmp% / Yrds / TDs / INTs / Rating
Geno  SMITH / 985 / 1,461 / 67.4% / 11,658 / 98 / 21 / 153.7.

Geno Smith is no John Kennedy but then again, who is?  Smith’s mother said Geno was in a gifted and talented program in school growing up. He’s always been older than his years. Here’s a video of Smith talking about learning and focus.

Good family. Good school. Good conference. Solid-solid-solid, but nobody’s perfect.

Hand Size
Smith holds the ball just fine. Drew Brees is said to have a small hand size but, he does fine holding onto the ball to. Smith had no fumbles until the Pinstripe Bowl.

To see 8 good video-shorts of his play making ability try “The Case For Geno Smith.” If you haven’t had time to watch Smith play at all this season, this article provide a wonderful series of 5 second mini-flicks highlighting Smith’s finer skills. So, this might be a good place to start.

Is there any one specific statistic that would be the “best” determiner of whether or not a QB is a beast? Passer rating? TDs to Ints? “Wins” belong to the team and coaches, the whole organization. It’s not just championships because Dan Marino was a beast even though he never won the big one. Passing percentage stands out to me. Call it the QBeast Quotient.

Look at it from the opposite point of view. If a QB has a low passing percentage rate, isn’t that the death knell for a QB? Isn’t that what we really pay our QB to do? Of course we also hope some of those end up in the end zone. Of course.

Coaches can often be heard comparing prospects to players who already have a history in the NFL, or other prospects. Alex Brown of wrote a piece called, “Comparing Geno Smith and Robert Griffin III and says,

In differentiating these two prospects, it’s clear that Geno Smith is following Robert Griffin III’s footsteps in becoming the next hot prospect and potential top 5 overall draft choice. Their production, physical build, arm talent, accuracy, and explosive supporting casts are remarkably similar, but the intriguing aspect of this comparison, is how much further developed Geno Smith appears to be.
With Baylor’s offense, the inverted-veer and zone read game set up a much more potent deep passing game, as they averaged 241 yards rushing through the first 3 games of the 2011 season –that stands in direct contrast to West Virginia’s inconsistent rushing attack that produced 331 yards in week 1 versus Marshall and a meager 25 yards in week 3 versus Maryland.

So why do I throw those numbers at you? Well, to tell the true story behind Robert Griffin III’s 12-yards per pass attempt average and Geno Smith’s 9 yards per pass attempt average. While West Virginia has an explosive offense, it must be noted how special Baylor’s offense was in 2011. In terms of production through the first 3 games of the year, Robert Griffin III wins with his extraordinarily efficient and explosive early season performance. In sum, Smith is deadly in the short-to-intermediate passing game, while Robert Griffin III torched secondaries in 2011 with deep, down the field throws.”

Arrowhead Addict follower Scott Cochran posted the following comparisons after my blog “Clark Hunt Firing On All Cylinders” and wrote:

Geno Smith vs peers, last year’s rookies and HOF college QB career stats that matter

Player’s name / Cmp / Att / Cmp% / Yrds / TDs / INTs / Rating
Geno  SMITH – 985 / 1461 / 67.4% / 11,658 / 98 / 21 / 153.7.
Mi GLENNON – 611 / 1016 / 60.1% / 7,028 / 62 / 28 / 132.9.
Ma BARKLEY – 1001 / 1562 / 64.1% / 12,327 /116 / 48 / 148.7.
Ro GRIFFIN III – 800 / 1192 / 67.1% / 10,366 / 78 / 17 / 158.9.
Andrew LUCK – 713 / 1064 / 67.0% / 9,430 / 82 / 22 / 162.8.
Rus. WILSON – 907 / 1489 / 60.9% / 11,720 /109 / 30 / 147.2.
Tyler WILSON – 593 / 948 / 62.6 % / 7,765 / 52 / 26 / 144.0.

Some HOF QBs and some headed to the HOF
Player’s name / Cmp / Att / Cmp% / Yrds / TDs / INTs / Rating
Pe MANNING – 863 / 1381 / 62.5% / 11,201 / 89 / 33 / 147.1.
TOM BRADY – 443 / 711 / 62.3% / 5,351 / 35 / 19 / 136.4.
Aa RODGER – 424 / 665 / 63.8% / 5,469 / 43 / 13 / 150.3.
Steve YOUNG – 592 / 908 / 65.2% / 7,633 / 56 / 33 / 148.9.
John / ELWAY – 774 / 1246 / 62.1% / 9,344 / 77 / 39 / 139.3.
Philip RIVERS- 1087 /1711 / 63.5% / 13,484 / 95 / 34 / 144.1.

Cochran goes on to say that many are blind to the fact that Geno Smith’s completion percentage is higher than anyone’s on either list. The top three are highlighted.

A more important comparison, which Chiefs fans should be interested in, is the one between Donovan McNabb and Geno Smith. It’s hard to imagine Andy Reid not seeing some Donovan McNabb in Geno Smith. Two mobile QBs with strong, accurate arms.

Player’s name / Cmp / Att / Cmp% / Yrds / TDs / INTs / Rating
Geno  SMITH – 985 / 1,461 / 67.4% / 11,658 / 98 / 21 / 153.7.
Dono McNabb – 562 // 968 // 58.1 // 8,581 // 78 // 27 // 153.

If Andy Reid would draft Donovan McNabb second overall, I see no reason why he wouldn’t draft Geno Smith first. I remember the day Donovan McNabb was drafted and a group of Philly fans booed the choice. However, things worked out alright for McNabb and the Eagles for the next ten years. When this April 25th rolls around, if Geno Smith is the pick, I think most Chiefs fans will be cheering loudly, and I’ll be among them.

After taking a longer look, a comparative look, at Geno Smith, I believe he is a QBeast and just as good a QB prospect as any who have come out in the past few years. And… he’s also the best player available.

So, what say you? Is Geno Smith a QBeast or not? I say he is.

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  • Patrick Allen

    Terrific article, Ladner. Glad to see you coming along on my boy Geno. What I am really excited about is the impact a guy like Reid will likely have on Geno’s career. I think in Andy’s system, he will be able to get off to a much faster start.

  • Matt Finucane

    Needs more intangibles

    • Justin R Groth

      Please elaborate.

    • Chief Hokie

      Mike vrabel for qb coach?

    • Patrick Allen

      What if we hire Vrabel as his QB coach?

      • ladner morse

        No, no… not Vrabel… Cassel!

        That should give Geno all he “intangibles” he needs next year.

  • Sean

    What do you get when you hit a 1st round home run with a position player?
    Pro Bowls

    What do you get when you hit a 1st round home run with a QB?
    Super Bowl MVPs

    His abilities are on film and reports say that Geno is a film study nerd. I say draft the guy and let’s go win some games!!

    • ladner morse

      . . . i n a c h i e f s u n i f o r m !

  • Shannon Thompson

    I will admit, I am not much into NCAA, however I do want to see my Chiefs try their luck at the best QB available. I am sick of hearing the story about how they haven’t developed their own QB in 20+ years, and I don’t want to hear about how they took a later round QB that didn’t pan out when they could’ve taken a better prospect. I hate referencing the Raiders, but look at them, they look determined to get a good QB, they drafted one in Russel, Horrible by the way, but they tried, then had Campbel, took Pryor with supplimental and then traided for Palmer. While they clearly went waay extreme on their search, it would be nice to see the Chiefs be dedicated to greatness with the most important position on the team! I would like to see them take Geno then bring in a veteran for support and backup and continue developing Stanzi.

    • ladner morse

      I believe the Chiefs WILL do this and Reid is the man to make Geno Smith happen!

      • Derek

        Do you STILL think this, Mr Morse? lol

    • Derek

      cut stanzi loose and worry about developing trick shot tanney and geno smith while alex wins 8-10 games this season

  • Chief Hokie

    Geno had 4 more interceptions than rg3, but 20 more touchdowns. Taking Geno #1 is a no brainer. Although I wish he’d play in the senior bowl just to prove himself to all the skeptics.

    • Steve Blank

      I dont want him to play again until he is in a Chiefs uniform. If he gets hurt we are really really screwed at the first overall pick.

    • ladner morse

      Yea… I’d like to see him too but, with so much on the line personally I don’t think his management group will allow that to happen.

    • Jim Harper

      Better to not risk injury

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      ya he can still prove himself at the combine and pro days and all that

      • Derek

        see that’s funny though because he did prove himself on both those days and yet his stock didnt’ improve…he’s still not first-round talent according to the experts but will go in the top-10 regardless based on need….sad sad world….

    • Derek

      honestly I think if he had played a good senior bowl game all this rubbish about him wouldn’t have happend and KC would’ve drafted him overall and not worried about tackles….disgusting what the media has done to this kid and what Reid and Dorsey have done with this “QB away team” granted do I believe we were just a QB away not entirely….but a QB away from getting a play-off berth…that said need some help to still win a play-off game but the team we have now is no superbowl contender as-is anyway

  • Rick Garcia

    I was really happy to read this analysis by Mr Morse. It confirms a lot of what I have believed about the Chiefs for a long time.

    1. QB is THE most important position on the field. A good QB can even make your defense look better.

    2. except for the rare exception (Tom Brady), superbowls are won by QB’s
    drafted in the 1st round, they are not traded for or picked up as a free agent.
    check out this link

    “…………….In the Super Bowl’s 45-year
    history, 29 quarterbacks have won the big game……..The draft history of Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks reveals an extremely top-heavy distribution curve. You’d probably expect that many or most of these quarterbacks were first-round picks, but it might surprise you to learn that eight of the 29 Super Bowl winners were the first overall pick in their respective drafts, and those eight QBs have combined to win 15 Super Bowls, or 33 percent of all Lombardi Trophies”
    (that was in 2011 before Eli won last years to make it 16)

    i guess i am too interested in winning and not so
    interested in just “fun to watch” or “competitive”.
    Vermeil’s teams were competitive and fun to watch….but also incredibaly
    frustrating that they never won the big games.

    a “serviceable” QB will do more long term damage to a team then a
    totally incompetent QB. a serviceable QB will keep a team from the high draft
    picks that really bad teams get but will never win major playoff games. in
    contrast incompetent QB’s lead to really bad records which lead to high draft
    picks and eventually a GREAT QB who could be the foundation of 10 yrs or more
    of good sound football.

    No one knows the the future of this years crop of college
    QB’s…not many would have PREDICTED that Russel Wilson and Andy Dalton would be good QB’s and that Mark Sanchez and Jamarcus Russel would be failures? And I would not presume to know if any of this years QB’s in the draft are bound for the SuperBowl, but i will say this a team with no more than a
    “serviceable” QB will never be more than “competitive” and
    should be choosing QB’s high in the draft until it finds a top 5 QB.

    • ladner morse

      Good points. Nice post.

  • Scott Mahurin

    +12 Great read.

  • Steve Blank

    I would like to see Vick come too….we need to have a GOOD veteran as well as draft a QB…or maybe even draft 2. Vick has stated he would play for Reid for nearly nothing…he justs wants a chance to compete for a starting job. If we can get him for the same money we would have payed Cassell then why not do it?

    • ladner morse

      I’d be surprised if Reid doesn’t sign a vet like Vick or Alex Smith. If he doesn’t then it will be telling about who he’ll pick in April.

    • toperspective

      I think that would be a big mistake. Vick would only come if he is the expected starter. I think we need to develop the future quarterback with the goal of a SB, not just try to wins some games. Vick can’t read defenses, is a turnover machine and can’t stay on the field.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Great article Ladner. I liked your discussion about the coaches impact on the QB. We need to look no further than the Chiefs and Matt Cassel for a great example. The one year that Charlie Weiss was the OC Cassell went to the Pro Bowl. Weiss got the most out of what he had to work with.
    This is probably the one area of Reid’s resume that I’m most optimistic about. He gets the most out of his quarterbacks. Couple that with Geno Smith having the reputation of being smart and having a good work ethic and I could get on board with the pick. I don’t think Smith will be the next Vince Young or Jamarcus Russell because he has that strong work ethic. Much better character than Young or Russell.

    • ladner morse

      Agreed. Geno Smith’s mother is going to disown him if he messes up. :)

    • toperspective

      Plus Geno can throw an accurate pass. Russel couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

      • Calchiefsfan

        And yet he still had everyone fooled. So much for expert analysis.

        • toperspective

          True. Desire and work ethic are more important that raw talent.

        • Jim Harper

          Not sure he had everyone fooled. But it is easy to fool Al Davis!

          • Calchiefsfan

            True. I remember listening to Steve Young and I think Ron Jaworski. Both did not have a very high opinion of Russell.

    • Chief Hokie

      Yep my mind went right to Weiss and Cassel when he talked about systems making QB’s look good. I think you could say the same thing about Tom Brady and the hoodie, except to a lesser degree because obviously Brady is better than Cassel.

      • Calchiefsfan

        I can’t remember but wasn’t Weiss there when Brady was drafted and then groomed him to start? Anyway, Ladner is right, the value of good coaching and the right system has a huge impact on the quarterback.

        • ladner morse

          I just think it would be a marriage made in heaven. Plus… how many times do you see a new coach who has the opportunity to draft a first round QB… do it! It’s his (the coaches) chance to start afresh. I’ve got a feeling ….

          • Calchiefsfan

            I just have to think the Chiefs deserve a break at some point. Aaron Rogers went 24th in the draft and had a lot of skeptics and question marks and look how that turned out. I like Smith as a person, a high character, mature young man. With the right coaching he just might end up being something special.

          • Danny W

            I hope your feeling is a premonition Sir. We need a franchise quarterback in the absolute worst way.

          • ladner morse

            … the BEST way. :)

  • Norman Gunn

    Can you imagine Geno under Crennel compared to Ried. God bless Clark Hunt……

  • toperspective

    If I keep reading these articles I’m going to be on board with the Geno at 1 pick. My thought has been since there are no stud qb’s that the Chiefs would be better off trading lower into the first round and grab a QB there and picking up an add’l 2nd round pick to fill roster holes. The problem is that there aren’t any qb’s besides Geno that I think are worth a damn so it would be a risk. Barkley will be a bust as all USC qb’s are.

    • ladner morse

      I’ve been following the draft for several decades now and looking back over the past several years had made me realize just how out of focus I can get about who these so-called experts SAY is the best pick or picks. Later on of course we find out a prospect was a complete failure. The point is… it seems silly to me that some football outlets have ranked 6-12 different guys ahead of Geno Smith in light of the fact that all these other positions are not the QB position… which increases the chance that the Chiefs end up with another bust at another position when they didn’t need that position covered as much as they do need the QB position covered… and HAVE needed it covered for eons of time.

      In that case… I don’t see how the Chiefs can take anyone except Geno Smith. It’s now… totally a no brainer to me.

      • toperspective

        Good article, btw. There are some very good OL that I don’t think would be a bust such as Joeckel but you are right QB is the key. If Geno does well at the combines and other beauty pageants then I agree he should be 1. What happens if the Chiefs come out of the combine unconvinced that he has the potential to be a franchise QB?

      • Jim Harper

        Wouldn’t it be nice if the same people who paid for the fly over and the t-shirts to oust Pioli conducted a similar campaign to make sure Reid knows how much the fans want him. I know he won’t make a decision based on that, but it might sway him if he is on the fence.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I’ve told fans to look at the numbers, Genos numbers, not the games. They had some horrible games but their defense is ranked VERY low. They couldn’t keep the other offense off the field. In their last game, the fast guys had trouble running. Also, the 1st year in the BIG 12 was hard on every player, even the OL.

    Geno is accurate on deep passes, I’ve seen it too. Good on the high corner passes in the end zone for the tall WRs, TEs to go up for. Good for protecting the ball while he runs or when he’s sacked. Doesn’t stare at the guy he’s planning on throwing to or hold it forever while standing in 1 spot, like Cassel or Quinn.

    Just read the article, look at the numbers. Some of the ESPN talkers need to read them too. Geno is right up there in the numbers. Doesn’t have the speed like RGIII or Newton but he’s still a QBeast. Believe it or not, he’s worth a #1 pick!

    • Jim Harper

      We should be thankful that Geno does not possess RG3′s speed or running ability. Look what that got him. Keep him out of harms way and he will be throwing the ball for years to come.

      • Danny W

        He’s got Russell Wilson type escapablitiy though which will only serve him even better.

  • superman_25_58

    Let’s take a chance on him is all I’m saying espeacially since the new CBA helps teams do that and not lose thier butts if he does “bust ” but for the RECORD ( I REALLY BELIEVE THIS IS THE GUY THAT CAN GET IT DONE AND PUT US ON THE MAP AND IN THE PLAYOFFS FOR MANY YEARS TO COME). 20 mil guarunteed for what 4-5 yrs ITS WELL WORTH THE SMALL RISK WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO GET A HUGE REWARD!!!!!!

    • ladner morse

      Hey Scott… I hope you did’t mind being quoted in my piece. Sooo… thanks.
      Also, I agree completely.

      • superman_25_58

        Nope I didn’t mind and was pleasantly surprised to get on early in morning and seeing one of my comments in your post lol

    • Danny W

      Agreed it’s a no brainer.

      • superman_25_58

        You are CORRECT sir, it is a NO BRAINER AND HOPEFULLY (I’M SURE) ANDY REID sees this as well which I think he will. Geno Smith is just like Mcnaab but a lil better and Reid best years came with Mcnaab. Just saying lol

  • nathan82

    Here is my question to those who know these things: What is the drop off from someone like Geno to one of the qbs that might be available in Rd 2 or to trade back in for? I want the pick to be Geno, but for those who think we should pass, explain the upside of the qb you want instead. And if you don’t think the chiefs should draft a qb in rd 1 or 2 and just pick up Alex Smith, I am sorry, but where have you been the last thirty years?

    • ladner morse

      Comparing the difference between Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson and Matt Barkley would be an excellent post. I’m sure that’ll be in the making.

      • Danny W

        You should make it happen captain.

  • Michael Shaw

    Nice read as usual Laddy! However, I am still not convinced. I would have liked to see him play in the Senior Bowl! Has anyone considered that Reid might come in and take a longer look at Ricky Stanzi? I know his preseason last year looked bad, but we also know that he had no shot to beat out Cassel because he was Pioli’s guy or Brady Quinn, because he was RAC’s guy from Cleveland. Is it inconceivable that Ricky might be able to play better with a great QB friendly coach? I mean the kid looked great the year before in preseason when Haley was basically forced to use Cassel. What do you think my fellow addicts?

    • ladner morse

      If Reid goes Ricky on us… and he succeeds… no problem. If he goes with Ricky and he doesn’t succeed he has a bigger problem than he has right now. One year from now he’ll be back a square one and needing to draft a QB and whoever that might be… there’s a really good chance they won’t have the resume or skills of a Geno Smith.

      The other problem with waiting to get your first round QB is that for Reid… he’s only got so many chances to make this work and he’ll be one year in the hole if Stanzi bombs and likely won’t end up with the first pick in next years draft, meaning he’ll have a lot less leverage to get his man.

      • Michael Shaw

        I like next year’s QB class better than this year’s. I think from what I have seen from Ricky, Andy could easily make him the next Donovan. He has an arm, is mobile and with the exception of this past preseason, doesn’t make that many bad decisions. At least he didn’t in College.

        Ladner, Do you think RAC could or would be wanted to come back as the DC? I mean it would be the perfect fit and he knows the scheme and players really well.

        • ladner morse

          I don’t see RAC back here as DC. It would be too hard for RAC and too hard for Reid. The coaches who will be staying will need to be clear about who they are loyal to. I don’t think it’s a good idea.
          A clean start is needed for all involved.

          • Michael Shaw

            Do you think Andy could bring in Rob Ryan since he is a 3-4 guy as well?

        • Terence Farley

          Hey remember last year when everyone was saying that this is THE QB year (Barkley, Landry Jones)? Didn’t turn out that way did it. I was kinda hoping we’d take Aaron Murray in the 2nd round this year, before he decided to go back to school. Guess what, he is now the TOP rated QB in next years draft. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth..

      • Jim Harper

        If Stanzi had ANY potential at all he could have had an opportunity. Romeo was looking for anything that might give him a win. Secondly if he did and Stanzi failed he would dragged over the coals for going with a Pioli draft choice. His QB has to have his signature on it, just like McNabb. The iron is hot now and we need to strike now before we lose some of our key players.

    • Ron White

      Can’t understand all the Ricki fans….He has shown nothing the whole time he has been here. He was’t that good in College…..slightly above average….slightly. Surely if he had any talent at all he would have been on the field….Tyler Palko beat him out for Pete’s sake. How bad do you have to be? Move on…he won’t be on the roster would be my guess….Three new QB’s coming to town.

  • kidkongs

    This is the best argument I’ve read for selecting Geno #1. The side by side stats with current QB’s and HOF bound QB’s makes an enormous statement. I’m excited for the Combine…hopefully it will put all the doubters to bed.

    • ladner morse

      Hey kidkongs… the side by side stats were offered by AA blogger Scott Cochran. However… that’s also what got me wanting to write this piece.. .so thanks.

  • ladner morse

    I know there were a number of Manti’ Te’o supporters a month ago. What do you all think now?

    • Danny W

      I support picking him up in the second round. Oh sure he won’t make it that far but I bet he drops clear to the bottom of the first.

      • ladner morse

        Danny, now I’m thinking that after the Chiefs draft Geno… every single other player we take should be from Alabama U.

        They were THAT dominant against Notre Dame. And it really didn’t look at all like ND could play on the same field with them… even if they played another nine times. I’m sure the Tide would win them all. So, I say draft heavy from Phi Slama Bama.

  • Jim Harper

    Laddie, I have to tell you that I have been a Geno fan since early on, but thought Reid might pass him by to address another player he valued more. However after reading your post and all the attached video I am 100% convinced that he is the best player in this draft for the Chiefs. The comparisons you put up really got my attention, and I think he is an absolute perfect fit. I think he could start right away and learn on the job. I also think Bowe might be more inclined to stick around if he knew he would be receiving from Geno. I will be horribly disappointed if he is not wearing Chiefs red next year.

    • ladner morse

      Hey Jim… thanks. I don’t think it would be a bad idea to go ahead at some point and tie Geno Smith up long before the draft to send a message to guys like Bowe that the Chiefs are going for a “QBeast.” QBs like GSmith come along only every so often and others (FAs) will sign on once they realize what direction your headed.

  • Danny W

    Do you watch dual survivor? To me I imagine you much like the hippy survivalist out of Arizona, only addicted to Chiefs football. I don’t know why? I didn’t know you were on board with Te’o for a while I must have missed that article because I though we were hitting the G spot with Geno? Any way beautiful read Sir. I’m hoping against hope we get G Smith.

  • big chief


    • ladner morse

      No thanks. Prefer Dr. Pepper.

  • jimfromkcj

    Lad, Reid would not be my pick for HC, but it is what it is and we are stuck with him. My opinion is that Clark looked around at the landscape that Pioli had left him and decided that he had to make a big splash with an established coach who looked like a cross between a walrus and a teddy bear to quell the restless fans. What has me a little upset is that Clark is a year or two late in pulling the string and the mischief is already done and it has set us back 2 to 5 years. I have been preaching that the window of opportunity was slipping away for quite awhile. If you play what if and we pick Geno or one of the other QB’s in this draft and they turn out to be only average, are we going to go after a QB who does look like he might be a franchise QB, or are we going to go the Cassel route and keep giving him one more year till he stinks up the place and the fans go on the warpath again. And by then we might have missed a couple of real good QB’s. The windows of opportunity close pretty quickly in the NFL and that is the reason why it is so hard for a Super bowl winner to repeat. …less
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  • Ron White


  • Derek

    looking back at this almost exactly 3 months later it’s fun to see who is still a Geno-phile. I definitely am, however does Geno still make the most sense after all the FA moves? We created a need for a tackle and we don’t have a secon round pick which would be useful to address pass-rusher, SILB, or safety. So I kinda have to lean towards Jordan or Lotulelei making the most sense at this point but I’m still holding hope that eugene smith is the QBeast in the NFL that I want him to be and more so that he’s a starter at KC preseason game against the packers…..woul be nice if my “black-version of aaron rodgers” took on the reining champ. I’ll let alex have the 49ers but if we lose by 14 or more poitns I’m going to be furious with Reid and Dorsey for not taking Geno number1 overall