2013 NFL Mock Draft: The Kansas City Chiefs Select…

The Kansas City Chiefs now have their head coach in Andy Reid. Reid is still putting together a staff but the more pieces of the puzzle that are put together, the better idea we’ll be able to get about what the Chiefs might do with the first pick in the NFL Draft.

The last few picks have been QB’s but this time around, the guys over at FanSided.com have the Chiefs going in a different direction in their latest mock.

With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel, OT/Texas A&M

I had this pick in my mock a few weeks ago, and it’s starting to go mainstream with some draft experts. With Andy Reid in town, the Chiefs will be going in an entirely new direction (well actually it’ll just be nice for them to be going in a direction), and Reid himself hinted that the Chiefs could opt to go with a quarterback later in the draft. If that’s the case, the only player they can take is A&M’s Luke Joeckel, who is arguably the best tackle in the country — including NFL guys. Reid lost his job because his offensive line in Philly couldn’t block and now that he’s in Kansas City, it has got to be in the forefront of his mind. If the Chiefs go with Joeckel here, expect Landry Jones or Matt Barkley to come off the board at the start of the second day.

Reid knows the importance of having a solid offensive line but I just don’t think I see this pick happening. I think once Reid really digs in and looks at the tape, he’ll realize that he’d be better off re-signing Branden Albert. Albert is a very good LT and he does a nice job in pass protection. Since Reid likes to throw the ball, I think he’ll feel safer with a veteran LT.

If Albert gets too expensive and the Chiefs don’t sign him, however, then I could see this being the pick.

But I am still hoping for a QB.

Check out the full updated FanSided Mock Draft. 

What do you think, Addicts? Do you want the Chiefs to go LT with the first pick?

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  • Zackstra

    Don’t have a problem with this pick. There isn’t a QB in this Draft worthy of being the overall #1 Pick. I guess you’re assuming the Chiefs won’t resign Brandon Albert. They can spend that money on Dwayne Bowe.

    • Justin R Groth

      Zackstra I don’t say or wrong but can you please give facts on how geno isn’t a franchise Qb.

      • Brody Hall


  • Chief Hokie

    NOOO. That is all.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Your profile picture tells me you are thinking the same think I’m thinking.

      • Chief Hokie

        No doubt

    • Justin R Groth

      Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!… Sorry u forgot the exclamation points.

      • Danny W

        You both forgot Hell in front of Nooooooo!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/DBLKXX IVXX©™

    I think we should trade out 1st roun pick for a free agent QB and their 1st or 2nd round pick and draft a OL and a QB *cough* (Klein) *cough*

    • Justin R Groth

      Klein? Tebow 2?

    • Danny W

      Thats homerism talking Sir, Klien is not going to be a good NFL quarterback.

  • TeamGeno123

    Can’t wait for the Chiefs NOT to pick Geno Smith, and then have the Jaguars take him, and lead them to an 11-5 season

    • Justin R Groth

      I would cry if he led them to 9-7 or better.

    • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

      Calm down Chauncy. Geno Smith is not RG3. He could be good but he could also be a Vince Young clone. HUGE risk with the first pick.

  • Justin R Groth

    Andy know the importance of the Qb position and the line which is why we resign Albert, and draft smith. He also know a rookie Qb needs a reliable target so I think bowe stays too.

    • Justin R Groth

      Sorry should be knows both times but my phone kept auto correcting and dropping the s

  • Michael Shaw

    I think we resign Albert. Let Bowe go pack sand in Miami where he hinted at wanting to play earlier this year and then…………..draft whoever helps this team the most. I am sorry my fellow addicts, but I am NOT convinced that Geno Smith is our best option at QB. I saw the K-State game and he looked like crap, but then again the whole team did. As for drafting Klein, i don’t want to, especially that high, but at the same time I could see it happening since he did play for a “local” college. Just not sure he is the Franchise QB type. One of you fine authors submitted a guessing game on stats of QB’s both coming out this year and already in the NFL for comparison fun and while I see how good Geno’s numbers are, there is one thing missing in your stats………….he cannot, apparently, win the big game. We don’t need a younger version of Romo. I want a guy that has ice in his veins when he plays in post season or big games! The argument has been made that WV was not ready for Big 12 play, but I would submit that therein lies your answer if Geno is our guy or not. If he cannot play up to his supposed ability and lift his team past the big bad Big 12, then how can we expect him to compete with the likes of Peyton Manning? I have not honestly seen anyone coming out in this year’s draft that i would be confident enough of to put in day 1 and tell them “Go win!!”. Do you guys?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1097621571 Irvin Eduardo Parga

      As soon as you gave the possibility of Klein coming to KC, I stopped reading.

      • Brody Hall

        Can’t win the big game? The dude was putting up over 30 points a game and still losing and as for his Bowl Game (would not call it a big game).. did you even watch it? In bad weather he still had 2 td’s and 200 yards passing. Everyone says Geno Smith has fallen off and is not our guy… YET NOBODY CAN GIVE ME A REAL REASON WHY! And until then I still believe he should be the #1 pick come april for KC

  • Scott Mahurin

    I recently did a quick random mock draft search…looked at 29 consecutive mock drafts. I think I’ve seen enough to see a pattern. The guys who study drafts think the Chiefs need a QB. 26 out of 29 believe we’ll take one with the first pick. Votes: 21 for Geno. 3 Barkley, 2 Wilson, 2 Joeckel, and 1 Star Lotulelei.

    Of the mocks where KC doesn’t take Geno, he was taken 2nd in four cases (to Jax) and in NONE of the drafts does he make it past number 7 (AZ). Kinda makes it hard to believe its any kind of “jump” to take Geno with the first pick if EVERYONE thinks he’s gone in the top 7.

    There’s a chance 5-6 QBs are taken in the first. Historically here have never been more than 4 taken. I think this is a trend about to change. QBs no longer demand a huge cap gamble. More will be looked at and taken than ever before. I think there will be few good ones left after the first. A few months ago there were supposedly NO QB’s worth taking in the first round…yet, we’ve yet to see the combine.

    To see my work: http://www.facebook.com/groups/48394093867/

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Wow. Really great comment. Thanks for that.

      I don’t subscribe to the idea that you can reach on a QB. If you think the guy can be your franchise QB, you had better get him before someone else does. That is what draft picks are for.

      • sidibeke

        Agreed. “Not worth a 1st overall” but if he’s a top 10 or 15 pick…If he’s your guy and you can get him, get him. Demand makes value.

        • Justin R Groth

          exactly. It’s simple supply and demand. Our team demands a Qb that’s worth a darn. Geno is the best in the draft, and not bad at all. His value rises do to our need and the lack of a better choice for our team.

    • Danny W

      I think Geno Smith would end up being better than:
      Josh Freeman
      Joe Flaccoe
      Colin Kaepernick
      Russell Wilson
      Jay Cutler
      Kevin Kolb
      Matt Cassel
      Alex Smith
      Carson Palmer
      Ryan Tannehill
      In summation I would think he will be top ten and as he matures top five.

  • tm1946

    Another article that makes sense to me (I have the flu, so may not last long opinion wise).

    Reid is supposed to get the most out of his QB, just we do not have one on the roster. Got no idea how that is solved. But it makes no sense to take a QB who is not first pick quality. Did you guys learn nothing from Pioli’s first. Jackson was the guy he apparently thought solved his problem of no DE, How did that work for you??

    I am in a cloud of approval with Clark Hunt, A Reid, and under the counter drugs. So argue all you want for QB, I will ride with Reid, It may be a bit rough this year but ….Yeehoo

  • killer chiefs

    Dont draft geno!!!!! Get the kid from a&m at oline.the get alex smith as a free agent. Let bowe go the guys drops all the balls in crunch time. Maybe we can get a draft pick for him. Andthen get a wideout in 2 round and a qb in later round and let reid tuter him for a year or to.i would wait for that.

    • sidibeke

      If we don’t get a QB with our first, we need to get one with our 2nd. WR is a low need, even if Bowe walks. I still think Baldwin can be a Bowe type receiver, and Reid likes smaller faster WRs like Wylie, McCluster and Breaston. And perhaps a WR in FA.

  • Danny W

    If they pick Joekel I will super pissed. Albert does just fine. If they want to move him to guard pick up Jake Long, he’s going to be a free agent and he’s a proven pro bowler, not an unknown rookie.

  • sidibeke

    Draft this guy and move Albert to LG?

    • Jonathan Kelly

      Exactly…where Albert should be anyway!!!

      • Chief Hokie

        Why the hell… Nevermind.

      • cyberry

        If you offer Albert a guard contract. HE IS GONE!! He is considered one of the up and coming LT’s. He only gave up one sack this year (Blind-side tackles make way more money)..So the Chiefs would be paying him a giant contract to play guard… If this guy gets drafted..it’s probably because Albert leaves in free-agency…Plus if you read his scouting report..Branden actually was thought to be a Tackle prospect..Eugene Monroe had already occupied the tackle spot at Virginia…

        What makes me a little nervous is..Winston’s lack of pass-blocking issues. He is a good run blocker. The Chiefs need a kiss-ass line coach!!! lol..

        • sidibeke

          I had that thought after I wrote that. Mind you, I wasn’t promoting drafting the guy, just what we might do if we did. But I agree, Albert can start at LT in this league and will get paid to do so.

  • ArrowFan

    If we don’t pick a QB with the first pick then there better be a clear plan in place or it will be disgust all around.

  • cyberry

    Actually this is the player that could get someone to trade up. The Eagles could really use this guy( they might even trade a 3rd pick..I doubt 2nd but how knows..to trade and make sure they get him).. I’m hoping the Rams would want to trade 16th and 22nd pick, maybe a 3rd also to get the best O-lineman in the draft..They have way to much time and money in Bradford for him not to fully develop or reach his potential if he is hurt or always on his back..mind you..they where so desperate they signed Barry Richardson..IMO

  • Brody Hall

    Umm we take Geno. Before anyone says “Geno is not our guy.” with zero facts to back that up allow me to enlighten you all. Russel Wilson with hind sight being 20/20 and lets say Luck and RG3 were not in this last years draft… nobody would pass up on the kid as the #1 pick being a team who needs a QB such as Indy did and KC does this year. Now with this being decided…. Geno’s stock is higher than Russel Wilson’s was. This time the year Cam newton was coming out of college he was not projected to go this high (he got his push for #1 in the combine) as Geno is. Even if he is not taken #1 he will not pass #7 to AZ. So at this point Geno is said to have better potential than Wilson and Newton (im saying in their respected mock drafts)… Now to pad my case, when RG3 was drafted, it was said he would not be another Cam Newton… but he was. So Geno, a guy who is projected to go higher than Cam Newton was this time a few years ago and then you have RG3 who was said to not be as good… anyone see where Im going with this?

    Geno’s numbers are great. He gets better every year. He will have a QB Guru for a coach in Andy Reid. He has the best arm in the draft class (and prolly any NFL QB we could end up getting this offseason for that matter.) The only thing that is killing Geno’s name is that everyone is comparing him to Luck as a #1 overall QB pick… well that is totally unfair because Luck is a freak of nature! Nobody should be that NFL Ready coming out of the draft lol. We dont need Luke kid as our number one when we could resign Dorsey or go out and get Jake Long (or do both for that matter and move some people around.) Could you take Jarvis Jones? Sure, and I would even be fine with that just as long as we went and got the best QB in round 2.

    Case in point, Geno is our best option come draft, free agency and realistic trades. Even if we sign Alex Smith or Cusins (which btw I would riot if we gave up anything more than a 3rd round pick for) I still say we get a QB in the draft in either round 1 or 2 anyways because right now we have NOTHING! So everyone saying we JUST need to get alex smith is wrong and needs to realize that he could easily be a product of Jim Harbaugh and come to KC and fail then we are back to what we had this season all over again.


    • Justin R Groth

      Here is my thought. Value OS determined by the customer. For instance a Qb in this draft is not valuable to NE however to KC, ARZ, BUFF, maybe PHI, maybe NYJ, rookie qbs have more value to them. I don’t see geno going past ARZ. People keep claiming that geno isn’t worththe top pick because this is a weak class. However if this is a “weak” class why would you take a secondary talent?

      • cyberry

        I would like think Buffalo is going to try to get is going to go after Ryan Nassib since he played for his new coach. I was all for drafting Geno Smith with the first pick of the draft, but his bowl game performance might have had his stock drop. I still would try to trade down a couple of picks to get a 3rd or so. Remember…if a coach/GM picks a QB with the first pick of the draft and he doesn’t “pan-out” or become a franchise player. Then several pro-bowlers are picked after the #1. That will stick with him forever! Some never bounce back from a decision like that. Andy Reid will not and shouldn’t start his career in Kansas City like that unless he is 100 percent for sure. And especially not to please a bunch of desperate, impatient fans (I am one of them..)..who will turn on him in a second! If it doesn’t turn out right…

        • Justin R Groth

          They might try a reunion in buffalo. However I was trying to point out that any Qb worth a darn probably will be reached for in first round. Also Geno’s lass in his bowl was the result of good running game of syacuse eating the clock, and a poor hound d in wv not stepping up. Geno smith had a pretty good game (minus his sack fumble and first saftey. The second one was bogus as his pass landed at the feet of his rb. who was an eligible reciever so it could not be intintinal grounding.). He completed something like 67% of his passesfor 201yrds including 2 tds and no interceptions. This with a line that would be improved by a berry Richardson, in horrid condition, not to mention a few dropped passes. Syracuse had a good game plan that you only use against good qbs, keep them off the field, the top difference was pike 12 mins.

    • Chief Hokie

      I’ve thought of this exact same hypothetical scenario you mentioned, that if there was no luck or rg3 and you knew what Russell Wilson would become, would you take him number one overall if that was the only way you could get him? I’d say yes you should and that’s why I think using our number one pick on Geno is not a waste but a no brainer.

  • SlickGoldie

    This makes no sense at all…the purpose of the draft is to improve your team. By drafting a position where you have a perfectly viable option in house (and just need to resign) you have at best stayed status quo. Reid is not dumb enough to take this job and waste the #1 pick on a position where they already have a decent option on the roster.

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    I agree with what you are saying about Geno, we need to pick him up. Does he play in a pro style offense, NO, did he have a shaky bowl game, YES but look at the numbers and imagine what he can do when Andy gets a hold of him.

    Andy was in the same position when he started coaching for the Eagles. The fans went crazy when he passed up Ricky Williams and a few other QBs to grab McNabb and look how it paid off for the Eagles.. (1 Superbowl, multiple NFC championship appearances, multiple pro-bowl appearances and the best winning record the Eagles have ever had and will probably ever see).

    Senior year Stats:
    Donavan McNabb (23 Touchdowns (6 Int) and 2326 yards 60.9% Completions)
    Geno Smith (42 Touchdowns (6 Int) and 4205 yards 71.2% Completions)

    Can Geno run like McNabb did, NO but in a passing league you don’t need that as much as you need a QB to move around, keep the play alive and hit his target accurately down the field. Image the kind of year Jamal will have if defenses cant stack the line for fear of getting burned down field ?

    With Andy and his staff, I believe Geno will can be coached to roll-out if needed, keep the play alive and let the receivers get down field. Andy is a Long ball/screen passing coach. Looking at the numbers, Geno may be no Andrew Luck or RG3 but will get the job done both in the regular season and post season.

  • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

    The Chiefs have a good line if they can stay healthy. It seems like every year we end up with a guard playing center or tackle. We need depth but not with the first pick. This is a really bad draft to have the first pick. Last year would have been great. Unfortunately there is no Luck or Griffin in this draft. Smith seems to be widely considered the best qb this year but his numbers against good defenses are really bad. The NFL doesn’t have any bad defenses so he doesn’t excite me at all. I say just take the best need player available (other than qb) then take the best qb in round two. I’m not sure who number one should be but a qb who chokes in big games and pouts when things go wrong isn’t it imo. I’ve even lost interest in Te’o after the championship game. You have to be able to tackle big backs and he failed miserably looking slow and uncertain.

  • DonTheTruth4u

    I like this guy. Luke Joeckel, OT Texas A & M. He will do agreat jo protecting our QB and opening holes for Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis. Wow…great start!

  • DonTheTruth4u

    QB possibility:

    Tim Tebow I would to see how well Tim Tebow could lead a team with all his
    tangibles and his willingness and work ethic to correct his weaknesses.

    Good height and great musculature
    Solid arm strength
    Very good deep ball accuracy
    Great pass rush sense and pocket instincts
    Athletic and can move chains with legs
    Extremely powerful runner
    Good trucking ability; picks up yards after contact
    Good character and strong work ethic
    Prototype leader

    horrendous footwork; has not gotten better since freshman year
    Plays in run-option offense
    Doesn’t throw smooth ball; bad touch
    Inaccurate on intermediate routes
    Extremely long release
    Very bad passing mechanics
    Locks onto primary receiver
    No pro reads in offense
    Tucks and runs
    Doesn’t make pro-style passing progression reads
    Comes from program with bad QB pedigree

    I believe Tim Tebow work ethic is second to none and
    he may be able to develop out of his weaknesses and that they are repairable
    and he can definitely LEAD a team to a championship. He needs to be given a
    chance at QB. Tebow could become a Megastar if a team will take a chance on
    him. He has a multitude of tangibles.