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Reid-ization Watch: Which Chiefs Players Should Be Worried?

Last Friday, a shot rang out through Chiefs nation – one that meant hope, credibility and a lot of change.

By firing GM Scott Pioli and bringing in head coach Andy Reid, Clark Hunt has set the franchise on an entirely new path.

Firstly, he has done away with the team’s traditional hierarchical structure that seats a powerful general manager above the coaching staff. Make no mistake, going forward, for better or worse, Reid is going to be calling the shots during the offseason, the draft, et cetera.

Four years ago, the Chiefs hired a highly reputed front office wiz from the New England Patriots. Although everyone knows that Bill Belichick is the mastermind behind New England’s success, this guy was a vital cog in his machine and it was believed that the numbers guy could be brought in to reproduce it. That failed, and Hunt learned his lesson. This time around, by hiring Andy Reid, he didn’t get Pioli, he got Belichick.

Having secured a lucrative contract that gives him wide-sweeping authority, make no mistake, Reid is going to make a lot of changes. He comes with a distinct philosophy, working style and mold for a successful team.

Reid is definitely going to make his imprint on this team during this offseason, which means several players are going to get their walking papers while others are going to see their role increase. We still don’t know exactly who Reid will take on with his staff or whether or not he will be keeping the Chiefs’ 3-4 defense, but judging by the way he built the Eagles, I think we can say which players should be happy and which should be nervous.




Extremely Happy:

WR’s Steve Breaston, Dexter McCluster and Devon Wylie

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Andy Reid loves small receivers that are great route-runners. McCluster has come on has an effective slot guy and I have a feeling that Reid will find something to do with Breaston who was criminally underused this season. Meanwhile, Wylie showed up late as another developing tool in the Chiefs passing game.


RB Jamaal Charles, LT Brandon Albert

It’s been widely said that Reid doesn’t like to run the ball, but that’s not really true. The Eagles were 19th in rushing attempts per game this year, 12th last year and 15th in 2010. In other words, they’re pretty much in the middle of the pack. Charles will still be getting fewer touches on runs out of the backfield (largely because the Chiefs have been one of the most run-happy teams in the league), but he will make up for that with more screens and quick passes thrown his way per game. Charles is a good route runner and could easily become a faster version of Brian Westbrook.

Reid also highly values the offensive line and doesn’t mind spending big to keep it shored up. This is good news for Albert, whose contract is up.

Extremely Worried:

RB Peyton Hillis and WR’s Jonathan Baldwin and Dwayne Bowe

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Hillis is gone. His fantastic game against the Colts notwithstanding, Hillis was a disappointment, only rushing for 309 yards this season for a 3.6-yard average. Like Hillis, Baldwin and Bowe also don’t really fit Reid’s scheme. Bowe is a great outside, move-the-chains threat, but Reid doesn’t typically utilize such receivers. He prefers getting the ball into the hands of smaller, more dynamic players in the middle that have the chance to make big plays. Baldwin has done next to nothing in the league and doesn’t fit this new mold. Bowe will probably be allowed to walk this offseason in favor of a free agent like Mike Wallace. Baldwin will probably get his last chance to prove his worth in the 2013 preseason.




Extremely Happy:

S Eric Berry

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Reid made great use of safety Brian Dawkins early in his time in Philadelphia as a jack-of-all-trades blitzer, run stuffer and cover guy. Berry has the physical tools to do the same, and I can’t wait to see the creative ways Reid decides to use him.


OLB’s Tamba Hali and Justin Houston

Although nothing is certain at this point, it is likely that Reid will want to move back to a 4-3 defense and use both Hali and Houston as edge rushers on the line. Hali is originally a defensive end and will likely be happy to return. Although Houston has done admirably in picking up coverage skills, I personally think it is a waste to make him drop back on passing downs when he truly excels at getting after the quarterback. In a Reid defense, he likely to be able focus on doing just that.


The rest of the front seven

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Especially if the team abandons the 3-4, DE’s Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson are likely toast. Both are overpaid and underwhelming and I don’t see Reid wanting to keep reinvesting in those projects. Poe will likely stay a bit longer because he is still developing and would likely be effective in a 4-3 as well.

Unfortunately for the guys behind them, Reid has never heavily prized the linebacker position. In his years in Philly, he always invested high picks and free agent signings in defensive linemen and DBs while allowing the linebacking corps to be filled by a revolving door of journeymen.

Although we know Derrick Johnson can excel in the role of a 4-3 middle linebacker, it is still unclear whether Reid will want to pay him big money to continue to do so when his contract is up.


This list will change as we find out more about what Reid plans to do with this team, and I’ll try to keep you all updated as we all find out more.

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  • Larry Devore

    Don’t mess with DJ!

  • Priest4Prez

    I’m hoping for a keeper on D.J. and Brandon Flowers for sure. He’s a solid tackler, Trotter type of leader that used to be in Philly where as Flowers is just a machine. Our offense is in such dissary that keeping Charles and maybe Winston on a strong side is the only thing that really makes sense. I am a Bowe supporter and seeing him bail will be a bummer, he’s caught many a passes from a slew of horrible QB’s; depending on the replacement for him it may not sting so bad. I’m hopeful but cautiously optimistic. Another jaded Chiefs fan I guess

    • AforME

      flowers was drafted for the darn tampa 2 with dungy, so yeah.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I don’t wanna see Bowe leave. They let him go, they lose a big chunk of yards in the passing yards Reid loves to do. But, if Bowe walks off and a good QB comes in, Baldwin might get his time to shine.

    • Justin R Groth

      Agreed I think Reid is a good enough coach to get the most out of his players.

  • Chief Hokie

    Siler – ?? – DJ

    We’d need to sign a MLB in FA and soon find a replacement for Siler to make this work.

    • Chief Hokie

      I’m liking that DL though.

    • ArrowFan

      We will need to do that with the 3-4 or the 4-3.

    • Justin R Groth

      Heard Reid might stay with 3-4 but if not I would trade out Jackson for powe and have the big poe boys in the middle. And Houston and Hali on edge like you have. Leave DJ in middle to run the d and find two outside backers

      • superman_25_58

        I agree with you but if we go back to 4-3, I would like to see HALI,POE,POWE, AND OSI UMENYIORA OR CLIFF AVRILL on D-Line. Houston, DJ, and the rookie Kiko Alonso from Orgeon would be a sweet front 7!

    • Justin R Groth

      Oh. P.s. nice pic

  • Travis Pinnick

    Get rid of dexter and go get welker he is out of new england after this year. We don’t need McCulster to have a ball hit him on the numbers and bounce into a defenders hands.

    • Brody Hall

      LOL… pretty sure that happend like once maybe twice this season. Welker does that more often and in bigger situations as well. Not to mention isn’t Welker getting up there in age? Let a coach like Reid work with a guy like DeXter McCluster and just sit back and watch the show!

      • Heilios

        Gotta agree. I’ll be pissed if they get rid of mccluster. He’s probably my favorite to watch and he’s extreamly dangerous!

    • superman_25_58

      I would much rather them keep mccluster than have welker. Mccluster is explosive and can make things happen when there isn’t anything there. Mccluster was IMO the best reciever behind bowe. Plus mcclusters misses came with that big ass thing on his elbow ( which by the way was caused by the same horrible QB’s) How can you really harshly judge any of the WR’s or TE’s or any1 on the roster for that matter when the QB play was so HORRIBLE? Hard to run ball bc we had no passing game and they keyed in on the run bc they new we would never be able to beat them with the pass. It is also hard to look like a good defense when the offense goes three n out on 95% of their drives and turns the ball over repeatedly in the redzone.

      • Travis Pinnick

        3 TD’s in three years he is not “explosive” , he makes one kick return and everyone thinks he is one of the biggest playmakers on the team.

        • superman_25_58

          3 TD in 3 years bc the dumb *ss coaches didnt know how to use him. I will bet everything I have that if we draft Geno Smith with his abitlity to lead the reciever for a chance of yards after catch Mccluster will become a beast bc he is just the type of reciever Geno had in WV short and fast.

    • ArrowFan

      Unless Welker comes with Brady he will be just an average slot guy.

  • Brody Hall

    If Reid does not make sure Derrick Johnson stays and is happy I will 100% begin to question him as our new head coach!

  • Patrick Allen

    I actually disagree on Bowe. I think his YAC numbers have been brutalized by terrible QBs. The balls are always behind him or 20 feet over his head. When Cassel has hit him in stride, he’s been a beast in the open field. Just clowns guys. Keep D Bowe and get a QB that can actually throw a slant and hit him in stride and see what happens.

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      I also like Bowe and would generally like to see him stay. But if Mike Wallace costs the same and will be more effective under Reid’s offensive scheme then I can buy into the move.

    • Michael Shaw

      I both agree and disagree Paddy. I agree about what he can do if he is hit in stride. He has done it on a couple of rare occasions when our shitty QB’s were able to throw good passes. However, he DROPPED a lot of balls he could have turned into spectacular plays. That is my problem with Bowe. He is almost like old Randy Moss, who used to take plays off and drop crucial passes because he wasn’t getting the ball enough.

  • Heilios

    I don’t want to lose Bowe mccluster or dj. They should get a good qb and stay in the 3-4. Our defense did pretty well for being on the field for 7/8 of the season. Gotta give them a rest every once and awhile

  • Calchiefsfan

    I don’t think Reid can afford to let any of the talent go if he’s serious about winning. Remember Terrel Owens was a big receiver that helped get them to the Super Bowl. It’s hard to replace a guy with the talent of Bowe. I remember how a lot of people were saying get rid of Bowe in the preseason when Baldwin appeared to be on track to break out. Well we all know how that went. Bowe is just too good, too reliable even if he gets the dropsies.
    As for the D. It will be interesting to see who Reid gets as DC. His DC for a number of years at Philly, Johnson, was the one calling the shots on defense. I’m guessing, (emphasize guessing), that Reid will let his new DC call most of the shots in KC.
    It’s kind of interesting though that Dorsey was actually drafted to play DT in a 4-3 and is really out of place as a DE in the 3-4. Johnson and Hali have both excelled in a 3-4. Berry, imho, will be the best safety in the NFL next year and can be that in any system he’s put in.

  • big chief

    If they go to a 4-3 Clowney has to be the number one pick with best qb left in round two.

    • toperspective

      Unfortunately Clowney has another year in college

      • big chief

        You sure? Last word I heard on him was he would enter the draft.

        • toperspective

          Yep. He’s only a soph. Unless he wants to challenge the rule. It’s too bad the Chiefs got the 1st pick in such a crummy year for the draft.

  • Dex

    Bowe to theBroncos, perhaps?

  • James J Bielfelt

    It’s stupid to even mention Derrick Johnson being worried. You don’t just let go of Pro Bowl Linebackers in the midst of their prime.