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Grade The Andy Reid Hire

The Kansas City Chiefs made the hiring of former Eagles head coach Andy Reid official last night.

Now, as Reid assembles a staff, Chiefs fans are finally being given a chance to catch their collective breath and reflect on the hire.

Change was almost universally being called for by Chiefs Nation. The fans seemed to really want Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli out and they got their wish.

But is Andy Reid the answer? Did team CEO Clark Hunt make the right call?

It’s time to weigh in Addicts.

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  • ArrowFan

    Now on to the rest of the coaches and then the FA. When do we loose exclusive rights to negotiate with our FA?

    • Stefanie Smith

      I believe it is the start of the new NFL season… beginning of March. Like March 1st or the first week in March–way before the draft.

  • Michael Shaw

    For me the jury is still out on this hire. I love what he has done, but the last couple of years he has been less than stellar as a coach, in my opinion. Like I have said before I am concerned about who his DC will be and if they try switching the team to a 4-3, which we are ill equipped to handle at this point with the current players on our roster. Besides I love the 3-4 because it enables you to blitz like crazy if you want or drop back and take away any and all receivers, if your defense isn’t on the field most of the game anyway. I am also concerned about what he is going to do about our QB issue. Does anyone know how much the chiefs would have to pay Cassel WHEN we let him go? I am not sure I want Michael Vick here because undoubtedly he will end up injured and whomever we draft will have to come in sooner than we want and we will end up with a David Carr situation where the kid has plenty of talent to play the position, but gets his confidence crushed by being put in too soon.

    • KCMikeG

      Jury out for me too. I am concerned about making changes on the defense not because we don’t have the players because we actually do. Jackson & Dorsey were both from a 4-3 and Poe would be great at DT along with Pitoitua, Bailey, Powe and Hali could be returned to DE. We could draft Star Lotulelei with our #1. (I know this doesn’t address our most pressing need at QB but I am interested in us drafting Taj Boyd with our #2 or #3 pick as he would fit Reid’s offense better than Geno Smith would. Plus we could also go after Manziel next year). I would leave Houston at OLB as his coverage skills seemed to improve as the year progressed, slide DJ outside and draft Andrew $ Jackson WKY for MLB in the 4th round. Thoughts?

      What I am more concerned about is a total overhaul on both sides of the ball at the same time is very drastic and could cause chaos, regression and wholesale changes of personnel.

      • Michael Shaw

        That’s exactly the point I was trying to make. Trying to bring in a 4-3 DC will destroy the progress this defense has made, like three guys going to the Pro Bowl this year on a team that is 2-14!! Reid needs to find a 3-4 DC and go to work on fixing this offense!! I know Dorsey and Jackson are originally from the 4-3 mold, but the rest of the defense was molded around the 3-4 and we don’t need them regressing the slightest bit the way our offense has been. Is it inconcievable to think that Reid might go to the 3-4?

        • KCMikeG

          Sounds like to me some version of the 4-3/Tampa 2 will be the future for us and Monte Kiffin would finalize that decision. His is the only name I have been hearing.

          Remember that in addition to Jackson & Dorsey – Hali, DJ, Bailey, Poe, Powe, Pitoitua and Houston all played in 4-3′s in college and Berry actually played for Kiffin at Tennessee.

          • Leon Ritz

            Everyone is kinda forgetting something and that is that Dorsey is a free agent and Jackson is scheduled to make almost $15MIL. Nothing says we even have those guys next year. I expect Jackson to rework his contract and stay because it would be to hard to get 2 starting DE in one season but I think Dorsey walks

          • KCMikeG

            Jackson has already shown a willingness to renegotiate. Dorsey may walk but he is not in the position to negotiate a big contract on the open market and if we do go to the 4-3 it would provide a better opportunity for him. Even if he does he can be replaced via the draft or with a FA.

      • jimfromkcj

        Mike, if we use the #1 pick this year on a QB, do you think we would use another #1 next year on another QB or would we want to give an average QB another year or two to see if he develops? That is why I think we would be better off getting a QB in FA or trade for a Matt Moore or Alex Smith to get us to where there is a QB with elite prospects available. That is why I think we should go after Joekel in the 1st. If Albert’s back is a chronic thing like we had with Ault or if he wants Long or Thomas money we might just have to let him walk or have to choose between him or Bowe for the one tag we have.

        • KCMikeG

          Get what you are saying but the FA market is way more hopeless than the draft this year. I want nothing to do with any of the currently available hand-me-downs from others. So yes we need to start using our top 1-3 round picks to get us a franchise QB. If Albert’s back is going to be an ongoing problem then there is no way we can give him a big $$ long term contract and certainly no one else would either. I like Oday Aboushi from Virginia or Bushrod or Loadholt in FA. The jury is still out on Stephenson still too. Long has injury issues of his own which are making the Fins say that they are interested in keeping him at half price.

  • fbumg

    I was really hoping for Chip Kelly, after the last several years it would at least have been exciting watching and actually rooting for his offense. But who knows how that would have equated to wins. I am good with Reid, but I really really really hope he doesn’t bring Vick along with him. And I know it isn’t really possible, but I would love to see Romeo back as DC.

    • big chief

      Kelly’s offense wouldn’t work in the NFL. It relies on line dominance and fast receivers. Talent in the NFL is too even to run such a simplistic system. He could incorporate some things but not just rely on his current offense.

      • micah stephenson

        Huh? The Patriots Bill Belichick liked Chip Kellys offense so much that he had Kelly show him wat he was doing and started installing it into the pats offense midseason.

        • Cha-iefs

          It was more about helping the PATs with the tempo of their no huddle and less about a “offense”. It was said Bill liked the tempo of the ducks Offense. The Pats arn’t running a “chip kelly offense”,lol. Belichick will pick ANYONE’s brain for any scrap of football knowledge if they’ll let him.

  • Jim Harper

    I voted yes and was pleased to see how overwhelming the vote was. This is an exciting time to watch how Reid puts his staff, draft, and free agency together. I truly believe that Andy wants desperately to prove the past couple of years were an aberration. Seems like most of the people who post here are self proclaimed experts in this area, but in truth we don’t really know squat. So I am excited to see one of the most successful coaches (except for Bellichick) in the NFL put his team together from scratch just the way he wants it. I think Reid took this job because Clark gave him the flexibility to build it the way he sees fit. And I feel Reid is on a mission to win that elusive Super Bowl.

    • KCMikeG

      Lord I hope you are right. I am cautiously optimistic that Reid will return to his glory days, concerned he will be the mediocre coach he has been since 2004 and terrified he will fail as he has the last two years with the $100M Dream Team. IMO Pioli did Hunt a favor by setting up the ATL interviews on short notice with his buddy Dimitroff to cover the Rooney rule and appear to have considered Koetter as he immediately resigned with ATL w/o interviewing with anyone else. Guess Hunt had to get some bang for his buck before sending Pioli packing. I pray that the dark cloud over the Kingdom can move on before something else horrible happens. RIP Chandler Williams.

      • Danny W

        I would definitely say that the Rooney rule was all that was about with Dirk.

        • AforME

          much like the rooney rule was keith armstrong as well.
          realize, its also likely we let pioli interview with atlanta. I believe it was a trade of sorts, KC gets their rooney rule taken care of, atlanta gets 2 of their assistants some press for future jobs but knows they will keep their guys(koetter even re-signed for 4 years) while atlanta gets an interview with pioli to go work under dmitroff. dont be surprised if this happened.

  • Chris

    I give this move a B grade. Grade is higher with good off/def coordinators and GM.

    • Danny W

      I agree, I would have given Chip Kelly, Gruden, or Cowher A grades, I will give Ried a hesitant B because I’m gun shy. He’s a had a horrible past couple of years and I hope that doesn’t carry over into KC.

      • KCMikeG

        Agreed Danny. Dorsey from GB gives me some more hope but I am hanging between the C+ to B- range. I believed that Carmichael would have been the better choice but I haven’t even heard of anyone speaking to him yet. Obviously Hunt had his mind made up weeks ago which concerns me that all options were not examined as they should have been at such a crucial time. Donovan’s relationship and Vermeil’s approval seems to have sealed this deal. Wonder if Hunt even spoke to Cowher or Gruden?

        • Danny W

          No other teams are interviewing those two so I’d say that they’re not coming out. Reid is a hyped guy, I just hope he turns this team into a contender. I’m so sick of losing and when we do lose we get blown out for the most part. I also don’t want to switch back to a 4-3.

  • Outback Chief

    With the coaches that were out there he ranks a 10 but compared to Jeff Fisher he’s an 8

    • Chief Hokie

      I’d still tap that..

  • Brandon Mecham

    Im not a huge fan of hiring someone to do a job that they just got fired from. I would love to see Reid come in and turn Cassell into a beast. I know that wont happen, but I like what Cassell does off the field.

  • PunjabiPete

    Herm Edwards, Scott Pioli, Carl Peterson, and Romeo Crennel are the only ones who voted no.

  • AforME

    cant grade this on a “andy reid vs the nfl” or “do I like andy reid”?.
    this is about getting the best coach on the market, with the most experience, an offensive guy who brings his own system to town, a guy with experience using a top end safety, and drafting a QB that people felt was unworthy at 2(we will do so at 1)
    he brings a big time staff, as due to the timing of the hire, the chiefs are in excellent shape. hes bringing a massive upgrade to the front office, communication from clark hunt all the way down.
    this was the best case scenario, and they did it before any other team even started contract negotations with another coach.
    A. hindsight isnt a fair way to change this grade. at the time of the hire, with a team that has a majority of its star players hitting their prime years, and in charles case, the true prime and a small window, its the perfect hire to try and win, and win now. having that top pick helps this

  • jimfromkcj

    He wasn’t my first pick, by far, but if Marty approves, I can live with it. I voted yes, but I would have voted conditionally if that were a choice. I think his choices of who he chooses to work for him will make all the difference. Heckert drafted two of my choices on my mock last year and that was two more than Pioli drafted in four years. Also I have been wanting to go back to the 43 defence ever since they went to a 34. So we will have to wait and see what route he is going to take the team. Hope he doesn’t think he has only one year to turn things around. That could lead to a lot of mistakes.

  • Cha-iefs

    This hire needed to happen. Will it bring massive change with it? Yes. Maybe not year 1 but it’s coming.
    Is Reid a good coach? Yes,very smart football guy. He’s not the best fit for KC and it’s going to be interesting to see what he does to shape this team. I’m glad he was hired but i’m not expecting a huge turnaround. KC needs to do WELL this draft and try to tie up some FAs.

    If Manti Te’o is being compared to NoVorro Bowman, then I WANT him on this team! We’ll see what happens this offseason and how Reid changes this football team, for better or for worse. Could it get much worse? Probably not.