John Dorsey Likely To Replace Pioli In Kansas City

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Now that we know Scott Pioli is out as the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, we need to turn our attention to his potential replacement.

Many names have been floated in recent days, including former Cleveland Browns GM Tom Heckert but it appears, according to multiple reports, that the leading candidate is John Dorsey, director of football operations for the Green Bay Packers.

Here is a bit on Dorsey from the Packers’ website:

Has served four tenures in Green Bay: first as a player (1984-89); second as a college scout (1991-1997) and director of college scouting (1997-98); third as director of college scouting (2000-2012); and fourth as the current director – football operations (2012-present).

Brought back to the team as director of college scouting on May 8, 2000, by then-Executive Vice President/General Manager Ron Wolf, the 52-year old Dorsey earlier had been a key component in Green Bay’s personnel operations for nine highly successful years. First hired as a college scout in May 1991 with a focus on linebackers, he was retained by Wolf the following year and, ultimately, was promoted to head up the Packers’ college scouting department on Feb. 27, 1997, succeeding John Math, who retired.

Hired as director of player personnel for the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 26, 1999, as he followed former Packers coach Mike Holmgren to the West Coast, Dorsey resigned that position just over a year later, leaving shortly after the 2000 NFL Draft.

Dorsey has reportedly also interviewed for the GM position with the New York Jets, but most believe he will end up in KC. He has ties to Andy Reid (who still hasn’t officially been announced as head coach) and his wife is partner in a Kansas City-based law firm.

We also got this from Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports.


And this, from Adam Caplan:


It looks like the pieces are coming together. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Chiefs were having a big meeting with their coaches this morning. This was probably to give them some info on their future now that Reid is expected to take over. There have been reports that Reid was assembling a coaching staff well ahead of his interviews, so it is likely we’ll be hearing about his staff relatively quickly.

Somehow I don’t think offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will return.

Stay tuned.

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  • chiefridgy

    This would b very good!

    • Danny W


  • Danny W

    If he hires Dorsey I have to say he may have hit another home run much like I thought he did with Scott Pioli back in the day. Scott obviously wasn’t ready for the position, but hopefully Dorsey is. He seems to be the best candidate besides Ross out there

    • Skylor Kingrey

      Scott Pioli was the best available at the time but again like many other Patriot people that come from there many suck. I was excited but very leary of his hiring. I said when he got hired, he will want to run things like a dictator and we will truly see how good of a talent evaluator he really is. He sucked at the latter and did run things like a dictator. But I was like you hoping he was good. Dorsey on the other hand I think would be an awesome pickup. Nothing like Pioli.

  • David Welliver

    If Daboll is retained then I become a Dallas Cowboy fan.

    • Michael Shaw

      Then go follow the cowgirls, we don’t need fair weather fans like the Chargers have!!!!

      • Kevin Jones Sr.

        Well said Michael lol

      • David Welliver

        If you’re satisfied with Daboll then you are welcome to the mediocrity that follows. My point was we can do a lot better. Don’t confuse hyperbole with lack of commitment.

    • yay

      why do people keep making these comments? hes not staying in KC. daboll was crennel’s guy, and pioli’s guy, had nothing to do with andy reid, if they dont keep pioli, they sure as heck arent keeping brian daboll and the 211 points the chiefs scored

      • David Welliver

        I was simply responding to the last line of the article.

    • sidibeke

      I don’t think you need to worry about that.

      I felt the same way about the O coord after Herm’s first year.

      LJ was a, well we all know what he was in addition to being an abuser of women. But he called it as he saw it and spoke out against the atrocious play calling against the Jets.

      But the O coord was retained, and I still rooted for KC the next, abysmal year. Can’t help ourselves, can we? Addicts.

    • Danny W

      Me too Dave. I doubt Daboll has a job anywhere in the league though after this year.

  • big chief

    I haven’t had this much hope as a Chiefs fan since Vermiel, Green, Holmes and Saunders came to town.

    • sidibeke

      Ah Saunders, how I have missed him.

      • big chief

        Agreed. They could score on anybody. A far cry from the offense we have now.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    This would be a Great pick up as the GM of KC!!! I love it!!! I’m becoming more and more of a fan of Reid being here. Now lets get Dorsey!!!

    • Jim Harper

      Really? Yesterday all you could talk about was you didn’t want Reid here, and how he was a bad hire. Having difficulty making up your mind?

      • sidibeke

        Change can be hard. All good. Glad to see you coming around Skylor.

        • Skylor Kingrey

          yeah. I for sure hated Pioli and Crennel!! Reid wasn’t my first choice by any means but he got pioli fired!!! That in itself makes it good.

      • Skylor Kingrey

        No Reid is a good hire directly due to pioli being fired and in hopes he can groom a rookie QB.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    I don’t want Heckert here!!!

    • Michael Shaw

      Why not Hecker? I don’t know much about him.

      • Skylor Kingrey

        Only time Heckert had success is with Reid in Philly. He sucked it up in Cleveland. There’s that and I like what Green bay has been doing and I think Dorsey would fit in good here. Heckert is a bad hire. Dorsey would be a gem if we could pick him up.

    • yay

      heckert has done a fine job of late with the browns, and would be a great addition as the SECOND man to dorsey.

      • sidibeke

        CLE did have a good draft this last year. Wonder what KC might have looked like with Weeden. Maybe not the franchise QB, but…

    • Jim Harper

      Shut up!

    • xxxlp

      Why? He was the Browns GM for only a few years, but look at how they’ve changed that roster around in the last couple of seasons. They went from old, slow, and irrelevant to quick, young, and hungry, and despite their record, competitive. Rebuilding takes time, but they (since Heckert is a big “personnel” guy, it was largely because of him, methinks) have put together a solid core group of young players who will, with a couple more decent drafts, (and the faltering of the Ravens and Steelers) start putting together winning seasons back-to-back. We are largely in the same boat as the Browns right now. We have a solid core to our team, and our team is mostly young and hungry, quick and effective. We’re just a couple (one, if we get the right pieces?) drafts away from the same thing: back-to-back winning seasons, and vying for the playoffs every year.

  • kidkongs

    Check the spelling on your title. Dorsey.

  • sidibeke

    I’m a happy Chief fan! Nice work, Clark.

    And I also don’t want anyone associated with the post-Shottenheimer Browns.

  • Travis Pinnick

    I just hope they don’t bring in Mike Vick!

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