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Mort: Chiefs, Andy Reid On The Verge Of A Deal

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortenson, the Kansas City Chiefs and former Eagles head coach Andy Reid are about to strike a deal.

Mort reported earlier that he would be surprised if Reid wasn’t the next head coach of the Chiefs, though he admitted the situation was fluid.

Now it looks as though Reid is leaning towards signing with KC.

Information is coming faster than we can relay it to you but keep it here at Arrowhead Addict for all the latest.

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  • obrien5

    Great news! Way to put those nuts on the table Clark! To the people that were hoping for chip Kelly, shit in one hand and wish in another, see which one fills up faster, this is a good hire and things are looking up in chiefsland! Did we really want a special teams coach or somebody from Arizona? I didn’t…

  • calciomoti

    I would like this to happen, but is now reporting that Reid is still flying to Arizona?!? If we are all but agreed upon, then why does he need to fly to Arizona?

    • Jason Seibel is wrong. There is no way he is still going to go to AZ.

      • calciomoti

        I hope you’re right because AA just reported what said…

  • Brady Warshawsky

    Lets see how this pans out… If he is hired, but Pioli stays… I am Very Skeptical.

    • chiefridgy

      No way Pioli stays

  • Danny W

    I would like to know who he would want as a D coordinator and O coordinator. Hopefully it’s Norv Turner on the offensive side, although I couldn’t see Norv not holding out for head coaching spots just yet. Hopefully Ried say’s I can’t work with Pioli and he’s fired.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    How can so many people be on the dad gum Andy Reid bandwagon??? These are the same bafoons that wanted Romeo too! I’m calling this one like I did with the Romeo hire, it is a very bad Hire for KC!!! Clark and everyone else, this is going to be a bad hire if we bring Reid here!!!

    • Justin R Groth

      Just curious but who would you like?

    • Brady Warshawsky

      We will see… We can pop off 9, 10+ wins a season with this guy at the helm? He has a proven track record on getting play off wins. So, ideally he could do that here with 5 pro bowlers. However, he is clueless on challenges & clock management… If he comes to KC, I could get on board ONLY IF Pioli gets shown the door. If Pioli stays… Then I could see the Chiefs sucking even worse eventually… and leaving the team in even more dire straights after Reid gets canned along with Pioli.

    • mg2098

      I agree with you. Reid had the luxury of having a franchise QB in D. McNabb. Once McNabb started to descend so did Reid’s run with the Eagles. Much like Pioli has been without T. Brady I expect the same lackluster results out of Reid. There are few coaches out there that can win with a strong D and no franchise QB, and those are the types of coaches you look for. Brian Billick was able to be that kind of a coach for Baltimore, and the same could be said for Gruden with the Bucks. Could you imagine what these two coaches could have accomplished if they had a franchise QB on there roster?? It would’t have been just one and done. Their careers would look more like Bill Bilichick’s. I just don’t think Andy Reid is that guy. I think the Chiefs must find a coach that fit the mold of the Harbaugh’s. Give either one of those guys a Tom Brady, Arron Rogers ect, and were talking multiple superbowls.

      • mg2098

        Although I do think Reid coaching a guy like Geno Smith has me intrigue just a little.

        • Gene Yuknis

          no geno, defense, defense,defense

          • mg2098

            I dont know bro. Chiefs have already invested a ton of first round draft picks to the D in recent years. Geno Smith is the #1 rated QB and also the best possible QB in this years draft to run a west coast Andy Reid offense. I think the combine with his body of work in college will make Geno the Chiefs #1 selection. Hard to argue with that pick

    • chiefridgy

      I’m going to call it like I see it. Stop calling your fellow cheese fans buffoons

  • big chief

    Like the hire or not it looks like he’ll be the guy. Get on board and support him or shut up. Bitching won’t change a thing. Let’s go Chiefs!

  • Outback Chief

    Andy kept Philly relevant for years with mediocre teams at times,while dealing with lots of in fighting among his players and his 2011-12 teams were among the worst as far as head cases went. The qusetion is ,was he causing alot of it or were the owners, I’m leaning towards the owners on that one but I hope that he doesn’t bring any of the head cases with him or I’ll quickly be driving the ‘Andy Reid needs to go train’ But hey they need to sign him first so we’ll see… maybe they’ll hire Lovie Smith with Norv Turner as the OC