Chiefs Trying To Complete "The Flabbergasted Four!"

It occurred to me today that if the Kansas City Chiefs hire Andy Reid to be their next head coach that they will have employed three of the coaches included in “The Flabbergasted Four!”

What is “The Flabbergasted Four?”

They are a collection of superheros of sorts. It all started in the mailbag column of popular ESPN disciple Bill Simmons. This is from back when Matt Cassel was the QB of the Patriots. At the beginning of the column, Simmons talks about how Cassel reminded him of John Elway.

Oh, how far we’ve come.

Q: After his challenge of the Brandon Jacobs fumble when Jacobs’ arm was clearly down, Andy Reid needs to take his place on the Mount Rushmore of coaches who don’t know how to manage the clock or use challenges properly. I’m thinking that the Flabbergasted Four would consist of Reid, Marty Schottenheimer, Herm Edwards and Art Shell. They could even borrow Flava Flav’s clock from the Mount Rushmore of Rap, except that the clock would be constantly running while the four of them stare straight ahead with incredulous looks on their faces.
– Jason W., Laguna Niguel, Calif.

SG: Now that’s a cartoon I would watch — the Flabbergasted Four! Although we should switch Romeo Crennel and Brad Childress for Schottenheimer and Shell because those guys aren’t coaching anymore. Regardless, I feel like this could be its own cartoon on the NFL Network called “The Flabbergasted Four.” Then Bob Papa could come back from a commercial on “Thursday Night Football” and say, “This week on the Flabbergasted Four: The boys have to get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in four hours to prevent a terrorist attack!” And every episode would center around them getting in each other’s way, making bad decisions and screwing things up — with Andy Reid repeatedly throwing challenge flags and grinding everything to a halt for three minutes at a time — before they collectively botch the last three minutes and another city blows up “MacGyver”-style. And that would be the show each week. By the way, Browns, Eagles and Chiefs fans are just nodding solemnly right now.

Pretty funny, right?

Then, the column inspired this cartoon:

So if the Chiefs hire Andy Reid, they will have hired three of the members of the Flabbergasted Four.

I am a big supporter of a Reid hire but it would be pretty funny if the Chiefs ended up employing all these guys at some point.

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  • Zach

    Might as well hire Childress as the OC and call it good

  • ladner morse

    Cracked me up! Video… SOOOO true!

    • Patrick Allen

      Herm is really funny in this video. I like how his eyes get really big whenever he is excited.

  • KCMikeG

    PLEASE NO Andy Reid. All I can see is RAC 2.0. Help! He, like RAC, WAS a great coach but those days have passed. Didn’t we all see the total failure Reid orchestrated in Philly with the $100M “Dream Team”? Give me Cowher or Gruden or Wisenhunt or Carmichael please. In fact why aren’t we even talking about Carmichael from the Saints? He has been the OC of one of the top offenses over four years (#1 -2009, #5 – 2010, #1 – 2011 & #2 – 2012). They have been one of the top Red Zone teams also. He was the QB coach for the three years previous who took the dolts left overs (aka Drew Brees) the year he arrived and helped Payton build the Saints prolific offense. In fact when Payton hurt his leg Carmichael was calling the plays and Payton like and trusted him that he let him continue upon his return. The guy is a total football nerd and look the offensive production he was able to accomplish this year w/o Payton.

    • clownose

      I second that motion!

    • Patrick Allen

      Comparing Reid to RAC is really unfair. RAC had one winning season as a head coach. Andy Reid never had back to back losing seasons in 14 years.

      • KCMikeG

        I completely agree and recognize the success that Reid has had that RAC has none of at the HC position but he did have it at the DC level. They tied us in last place having the most turnovers this year and they were the $100M “Dream Team” which RAC surely never had in Cleveland or KC.
        My comparison stands though for who they are today, that the game has passed them by, that they are viewed as floundering and lost, that they have been making poor decisions. We can not afford to place the future of the team and the fan base on the hope that a change of scenery will make Andy Reid be who he was until two years ago.

        Biggest plus with Reid would be that he has done a great job getting 2nd round picks for really average to poor QB’s and we just happen to have a surplus of those!

    • Danny W

      I like the idea of Carmichael for sure.

      • KCMikeG

        So let’s get a Carmichael for HC campaign going. We don’t have much time though as Reid is heading to AZ tomorrow.

  • drtold

    I think we think too much about this crapshoot that is the NFL, that is the new coach, that is the draft, that is the Kansas City Chiefs. That being said, I think ….