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Report: Chiefs' Pioli Doesn't Yet Know His Fate

Pro Football Talk is reporting that though the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to announce the fate of GM Scott Pioli, Pioli has not yet been notified of his fate.

Here is the quote:

Per a league source, Pioli has yet to hear from owner Clark Hunt regarding Pioli’s future.

Interesting. I wouldn’t be shocked if Hunt is waiting to make a move so that he can gauge the initial field of potential GM candidates. It is “Black Monday” after all. Men are losing their jobs left and right. It may be that Hunt is keeping Pioli around as a backup plan in case his real target is not fired or not interested.

It might not be out of the realm of possibility that Hunt is working the phones right now, seeing who is available/interested.

Or he may just be having his interns prepare a press release announcing Crennel’s firing and his commitment to Pioli.

Stay tuned.

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  • Patrick Allen

    Clark pulls the rope. Carry is the fans.

  • tm1946

    If Clark cannot get the guy he wants or the guy does not want to come here, is that a reason to keep Pioli?? We had 4 wasted years with little improvement. Give Pioli’s asst or sec. the job, can you allow Pioli to continue to shape the organization for any reason?

  • ArrowFan

    He should all ready have his guy or guys lined up. If he doesn’t know at this point what he is doing there is only one possible solution that wouldn’t send 99% of us through the roof, and that is the guy he wants has not accepted his offer yet. At any rate if Pioli is going to be fired today is as good a day as any and there is no reason to wait, unless he is not going to be fired. If Hunt hasn’t made up his mind yet then I have lost all faith in him.

  • Erika Groth

    If he stays who is our coach next year. If he is sacked who replaces him and who should coach???

  • Lyle Graversen

    I find the lack of news interesting. Could it be that Clark is reaching out to some high profile coaches and seeing if they would work with Pioli? Hoping he can land a big fish to excite the fans without having to buy out Pioli’s contract? Could we see a situation where a Reid or Cowher would be hired and would be given roster control putting Pioli back in the 2nd fiddle role he was in with NE? Could fans live with that?

    • tm1946

      The fans will live with any choice Clark makes, what else can they do?

      But what big name HC would want to carry Pioli with him? No, If Pioli stays, a McDaniel or Ferentz would take the job, anyone looking forward to that?

      I believe this mess is of Clark’s making. To turn Pioli loose after the moves he did or did not make, is stupid. That stupid hits Clark between the eyes. Being owner, no fix is coming. Unless the board starts to worry about profits.

    • Brady Warshawsky

      No. This isn’t New England. Pioli has to be gone, he has had 4 years to prove he is a legitimate NFL GM… The track record speaks for itself. Now I am beginning to question Clark Hunt’s decision making.

    • Matt Finucane

      One benefit of that arrangement: I could give credit for anything good to the new coach, and scapegoat Pioli for anything bad. Bad draft? Fuckin’ Pioli. Good draft? He doesnt even make the picks, it was the coach!

      • KCMikeG

        Wouldn’t that be the NE way?

  • Doc

    If Hunt keeps Pioli around, I will have to question his business sense. What he may not realize is that the success/failure of the Chiefs has an impact on his other businesses. Companies that do business with him may look to the way he handles the Chiefs to be a reflection of how he handles his other businesses. If history has taught us anything, it is the heir that runs the dynasty into the ground because they do not have the same passion for it that their father had. Sadly, we may be for a very long dark age in the Chiefs nation until Clark wises up or sells the team.

  • Josh Forge

    Let’s go Hunt, get Pioli out!

  • Skylor Kingrey

    pioli better be gone with romeo!!! It makes zero sense to keep pioli too!!! He is going to be a lame duck GM then we are right back here in a year. needing a new GM and Head Coach.

  • Brady Warshawsky

    Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda with slick Scotty. If he stays on in ANY capacity, I have a feeling there will be bonfires, pitch forks, and shovels at One Arrowhead Drive. He evaluated Matt Cassel as a legitimate QB, & gave him $63 million. How in the heck can we expect Pioli to make any rational football related decisions? Bring in football minds who want to bring a new attitude to KC. We don’t need anymore retred “New England/Cleveland way”.

  • drtold

    If Pioli stays I envision McDaniels as head coach, and Cassel (his protege) will remain our starting qb, with us drafting a dl, trading one, and moving back into the first round to draft Barkley.