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The Kansas City Chiefs Are On The Clock

The Kansas City Chiefs have secured the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

As such, they’re on the clock.

KC finished up one of the most miserable seasons in franchise history today with yet another loss, this time to the Denver Broncos. This will mark the first time in franchise history that the Chiefs have the top pick. Previously, the highest KC has picked is #2.

There figure to be a lot of changes in KC. Those changes could come as soon as this evening, though official announcements on the fate of head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Scott Pioli probably won’t be announced until tomorrow at the earliest.

Here is just a quick list of people we may not see back in KC next season:

Romeo Crennel

Crennel’s entire coaching staff

Scott Pioli

Matt Cassel

Brady Quinn

Peyton Hillis

Branden Albert

Dwayne Bowe

Dustin Colquitt

Tyson “Tin Man” Jacskson

And more…

One way or another, change is coming in KC.

Clark Hunt, you’re on the clock.

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  • Patrick Allen

    Let’s get this thing going. With the #1 pick in the 2013 Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…

    • Jonathan Hake

      Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

      • d-block

        Has to be this. Unless some other QB prospect comes along, this is about as close as you can get as a lock. Too bad we didn’t push for a top QB in last years draft.

    • Brady Warshawsky

      There has been a trade. The San Francisco 49′ers are now on the clock. The KC Chiefs have traded their 2012 1st, and 3rd round picks, and their 5th rounder in 2013 for Alex Smith, and SF’s 2012 1st Round, 1st round 2013, and 3rd round. ‘Cause it is Pioli doing the picks.

      • Danny W

        Don’t even joke about that bro. I won’t sleep tonight if I think about that possibility.

    • Ehud

      Here are my choices right now:

      1) Geno Smith QB WVU – There is no position the Chiefs need to improve more than QB. Unfortunately, this is a bad draft to need a QB. Especially sitting at #1 overall. Smith may not be the consensus #1 QB but he has the majority vote. Also, with rare exception, Smith is considered a first round talent. With the premium the NFL puts on the QB position and the fact that I would rather overpay for a guy we want than be forced to choose a player we are only lukewarm about later, Smith seems like the pick.

      2) Manti Te’o ILB Notre Dame – Accepting the premise that the 3-4 defense is built around the front 3 eating blockers so the LBs can make plays, we would ideally like a very talented group of linebackers. Hali, Johnson, and Houston are legit. Add Te’o to the mix and don’t the Chiefs have arguably the best LB corps in the NFL? In spite of our offense’s ineptitude, losing Brandon Carr, Poe developing at NT, and Berry not bouncing back as quickly as we hoped from his injury the Chiefs managed to rank 17th in defense in the NFL. Assuming the Chiefs can find a quality CB to tandem with Flowers, doesn’t the addition of Te’o move us from the good defense category to possibly elite?

      3) Trade Back – I am of the opinion that all trade offers should be considered. This is especially true for this draft. The truly unfortunate part is that despite the Chiefs having the #1 overall pick there are no elite talents to A) consider taking or B) would convince other teams to trade up. Especially with 2 QB needy teams directly behind us in the draft, I’m not sure we can afford to trade back without being offered a quality trade. And by that I mean something along the lines of a team with a Top 10 pick trading their 1sts in 2013 & 2014 & their second in 2013 at least.

      With this draft my current preference in order is Trade, Smith, Te’o.

    • Danny W

      1) Quarterback, I don’t care if it’s Smith, Barkley, or Wilson
      2) Quarterback, Wilson, Glennon, I don’t care.
      3) Honey Badger at DB, put Arenas back at Nickel were he will remain average at best.
      4) Colin Klein We have to fix the quarterback position. Immediately.

    • Danny W

      Throw Margus Hunt in there to play at DE for us for Dorsey too. The guy is a man child at the position.

  • Guest

    Some random Left Tackle, because Albert walks as a FA…. and Because it is Pioli making the pick.

    • Danny W

      Jake Long is supposed to become a UR free agent. He’s light years better than Albert. I want to keep Albert though and maybe use him as a guard. I don’t want to draft one would rather have a quarterback.

  • tm1946

    Wonder if any chiefs free agents want to stay in KC? I would not, if I had any skills at all.
    As for the draft, I suggest we support whoever the HC wants. If Crennel/Pioli I see LT or DL. No matter who the GM/HC are, may well pass on QB in first round. I am just not sure what is best because this mess is about as bad as it could ever get.

    • Danny W

      I have to agree about our free agents. I would want to know who the next coach and GM are going to be and what they’re plans are for the draft before I signed anything.

  • d-block

    Of that list I’d like to see the punter come back. D Bo can leave for all I care. He has been nothing but a bum and his numbers make him look like he is a legit #1 receiver. Mop up time doesn’t count, and his personality makes him a prime target for my fist.

  • Zach

    I think I would only keep players on that list if they are willing to take a lot less money. Albert I would let go due to his health issues, I would bring back Bowe just because Baldwin & Breaston are terrible, and would probably just franchise Colquitt if they have to.

    • Patrick Allen

      Albert has been pretty solid health-wise. I would want to know what exactly is wrong with his back before spending a ton on him. Otherwise I think he deserves it.

      • Chiefswatch

        agreed I love Albert

      • Danny W

        I like Albert but people everywhere are saying Jake Long is going to come free from Miami. I say sign them both. Long, Albert, Hudson, Asamouga, Winston should be able to protect any new QB we get.

  • Doc

    The good part is – the season is over. The great part – first pick in the draft. The horrible part – ineptitude of Chiefs management. The first order of business is to clean house from GM and all coaching staff. Without quality team management the first draft will be meaningless and one player will not turn this team around with all of the holes now. I think the best person available should be taken in the draft and that would be to take T’eo to bolster of LBs. Picking a QB with the first pick to sit behind this pathetic o-line will only waste the pick (think Croyle here) and potentially setting him up for a season ending injury. Besides, who will tutor this pick whe all current QBs are released? I just don’t know how to handle the first pick, a QB would be nice, but at what price? Happy new Year Cheifs fans!!! Better days are coming…….

    • Chief Hokie

      We scored 3 points today. 3. You think teo is gonna help with that?

      • Danny W

        I have to agree. I think Teo will be a blockbuster pick for someone but we need to go quarterback crazy in this draft. I’m thinking maybe even three in the first four rounds. Why the hell not. I mean they took a shot on Russ Wilson and the guy looks awesome. Surely Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Matt Barkley, Glennon, Klien, someone can take this team and do something with it. I would like to see us get Jake Long for LT with Albert moving to guard, just to make the line unreal good for our new quarterback.

  • ArrowFan

    I want to see heads rolling today was way sadder than I could ever imagine. DAYBULL should never work in this league again.

    • Danny W

      I wouldn’t hire him to coach a high school game.

  • Heilios

    We have to resign Colquitt and Bowe. I am going to sound crazy but I would prefer to keep Hillis too! Jackson and Albert have shown that they can be successful so I would like to keep them but if not, meh. One more thing, with second or third round pick take The qb Klein from Kstate. He was a good qb and very efficient.

    • Danny W

      I would rather take Glennon or Wilson in the second if he’s there. I would draft G.Smith 1 and take another QB ^ number two. I think Klien is more in line to be like a third to fifth round pick. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Red though I think we need to go crazy drafting QB’s until we find one.

  • Jim Harper

    Can’t believe what I am reading on most of these comments. The pick has to be Geno Smith. If we keep waiting for another Luck or RG3 we will never get one. Smith has tremendous upside. His talents are so far ahead of everyone else in this draft it isn’t funny. Unless there is something seriously wrong with Alberts back then you have to keep him. Bowe also needs to stay. He is a solid talent, but needs help and a QB that can get him the ball. You bring Geno in and you are more likely to sign Bowe. Also I have no interest in Alex Smith. He had one good year. A good fit would be Hasselbeck. T’eo is good, but not a #1 pick, and he is no Derek Thomas. Pioli, Romeo, and Daboll must be gone tomorrow. I wanted to at least see them make today a game of it. Instead we got embarrassed, and made to look like buffoons. But make no mistake. Geno Smith is absolutely the right pick at #1.

    • Heilios

      Couldn’t agree more! We have to keep Bowe and Albert has earned his position. But seriously am I the only one who is worried about losing Colquitt? He is an artist punter. Almost every one of his kicks are dropped inside the 20 and most inside the 10! Absolute priority!

      • Danny W

        I think we have to sign Colquitt, Bowe, Albert and add a guy like Jake Long to boot. I just don’t see a cheap artist like Pioli getting it done.

    • Larry Devore

      apparently you didn’t watch him this past weekend. Horrendous performance.

    • Chiefswatch

      yea Jim he looks more like a gamble than a sure thing. The only argument is his upside. He has shown a lot of downside though.

    • Danny W

      I have my worries about him Jim. I think he will do fine especially if Bowe, Albert, are kept and we maybe even add Jake Long from Miami. He won’t come cheap though so Pioli will have to be gone.

  • Chiefswatch

    I don’t know. While I agree there is upside to Geno the more tape I watch, especially those in the bad games, I am seeing a guy that sort of crumbles when it gets tough. Maybe we do not have the choice other than to draft him, but if he ends up being a failure I cannot say that it was completely unexpected. More important than the number one pick is the fate of the prick Scott Pioli. If Pioli is retained we will be a terrible team. He has spurned Todd Haley, Chan Gailey, Gunther Cunningham, soon to be Romeo Crennel. Believe it or not, coaches are friends with one another, they talk to one another….if Pioli is retained we will be completely unable to recruit a decent head coach or offensive coordinator. We will have to instead go with a project like Ferentz and some unknown-to-the-league offensive coordinator. We will be a terrible team regardless of whichever QB we end up with.

    As I think about it I cannot come up with one reason to keep Pioli. He made us stomach shit for brains Matt Cassel without an ioto of talent behind him. His drafts have largely been complete shit. He has gone through how many coaches? His record is what? He has made us (for the first time in History) the worst team in the NFL. We have never selected 1 overall and now we are! He has a horrible reputation. Peyton Manning declined to even VISIT the Chiefs facility. The entire fan base hates him.

    If Clark does not fire him I will officially go from loving the Chiefs to hating them. Clark is the owner. He will never not be the owner while he is alive. If he keeps Pioli, he is saying FUCK YOU to the fan base. He would seriously be saying fuck you to and all the fans that support them and flew those banners. He will be saying that he does not give one shit about anything other than money. He will be saying he does not have the ability to admit a mistake. I will never support him.

    This is the first year in my life that i PURPOSELY did not watch games. Change needs to happen more than ever before.

    I live near LA, we just got a brand new stadium, give me an excuse Hunt.

    • Danny W

      I hear you man. I haven’t ever liked Pioli since he picked Jackson at number three. His decisions to let guys like Wade Smith a pro bowl lineman go letting Carr walk when he could have gotten a deal done along time before his contract was up, not getting Bowe or Albert a deal done. It’s a joke. The guy has to go. I can’t not stand Pioli as a GM. I won’t quit watching them if he is the GM but I won’t be suprised if the team continues to fail. The only thing you didn’t mention was Jim Fischer stayed in town for all of 50 minutes or something like that. No coach is going to want to work for the new Al Davis, in Scott Pioli.

  • Chiefswatch

    Oh yea isn’t it fitting that the year the Chiefs get the first overall pick, there is not a consensus number one QB? Haha I swear someone in this organization worships the devil.

    • Danny W