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Another Report Saying Pioli Stays

We have another report stating that Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli will be retained.

This one comes from Steve Wyche:

According to’s Steve Wyche, the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to retain general manager Scott Pioli despite a disastrous season, according to a source briefed on the situation. Coach Romeo Crennel won’t be as fortunate. The source said Crennel likely will be fired, although no final decision has been made on the coach’s future.

The prevailing thought seems to be that if Pioli does return, he will go after Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz as a possible head coaching candidate, as it is widely believed Rome Crennel will be canned.

If Ferentz is brought in, that could be good news for Chiefs QB Ricky Stanzi, who played under Frentz at Iowa.

Stay tuned. The rumors are likely to continue flying.

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  • big chief

    If Pioli stays we won’t get a good coach.

  • John Davenport

    Why keep Pioli and hire a new coach? If the Chiefs flop again next year Pioli will have to go and then a new GM will probably want to bring in his own coach, that would mean three head coachs in three years. Where is the direction?

    • Jim Harper

      True statement

  • Brady Warshawsky

    If Pioli stays, I am done with this franchise. It only proves that they care about profit, and not about building a competitive football team that is of championship quality. Pivotal offseason, Clark… Do the right thing! The money will come much more if there is a winner on the field.

  • superman_25_58

    Ferentz??????????? This is exactly why Scott “DB” Pioli needs to be fired strait after the damn game today. For one Ferentz career record is just above .500 but within the last four years here is Ferentzs record 30-21, and is 16-16 in conference play. Now here is Chip Kelleys record as four year head coach of the Ducks. Chip is 45-7, and 33-3 is his conference record. If were bringing in a new coach from the college level I would much rather have CHIP KELLEY #1, AND NICK SABAN #2. FERENTZ SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THE TALK OF HEAD COACH WITH THESE TWO GREAT COLLEGE COACHES! BRUCE ARIANS WOULD BE IN THE MIX WITH THESE TWO…………… GET A DAMN CLUE CLARK HUNT!!!!!!!!ST

  • Skylor Kingrey

    If they keep pioli I’m done being a chiefs fan!!! mark my words!!! I and many of my buddies and even our families are tire of supporting a team that doesn’t care about winning!!! Mark my words Hunt if you keep pioli We are gone and you will lose a lot of your fan base!!! If you don’t fire Pioli you are indeed a moron and need to sell this team!!!

  • superman_25_58


    • Jim Harper

      Romeo is not the defensive guru he used to be. Our defense is too inconsistent. We have the talent to be a top 5 defense, but the defensive play calling is all over the place. Romeo used to be a great innovator, but he continues to use the same old schemes. We might as well tell the opposing QB’s what we are going to do.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    If we keep Pioli we will get another patriot cast off!!! I’m not game for that again!!! Fire pioli and Crennel and start over Hunt!!! It’s the smart and right thing to do!!!

  • Doc

    Four years under Pioli and this team is in the same place as when he took over. His time has come, nothing personal Pioli – it is just business. Interesting that the marketing department is already trying to get me to buy tickets for next year. As I explained as politely as I could, I would not be buying tickets until the management team for the Chiefs was changed. He didn’t know how to respond to that. I can attend a game and suffer a loss, but when the coaches don’t have a clue how to fix it that is too much. Add in no player leadership on the field or sidelines, and it is just plain heart breaking. Still will be a Chiefs fan, but won’t be doing so at the stadium until Pioli and company are released.

  • No_To_Unions

    If Pioli isn’t fired I will be following a new NFL team next year. Pioli didn’t hire the best coach when he hired Crennel he hired a “yes” man so he wouldn’t have to fight about players and other things team related. He will do the same thing and the Chiefs will be 2-14 or worse again next year. I already started following the Seattle Seahawks most of the year and will probably follow them and ignore the Chiefs if Pioli is retained.

  • Jim Harper

    Ferentz will not leave Iowa.