2013 NFL Draft Order: First 17 Picks Are Set

Apr 26, 2012; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during the 2012 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL Draft order is beginning to come into focus. As the Cowboys and Redskins get underway in Washington, we now know how the first 17 picks will be ordered. Here is where things stand so far:

# Team Record Opp. Record SoS %
1 Kansas City Chiefs 2-14 132-124-0 0.516
2 Jacksonville Jaguars 2-14 138-118-0 0.539
3 Oakland Raiders 4-12 120-136-0 0.469
4 Philadelphia Eagles 4-12 128-124-0 0.508
5 Detroit Lions 4-12 143-111-2 0.563
6 Cleveland Browns 5-11 129-125-0 0.508
7 Arizona Cardinals 5-11 139-113-4 0.552
8 Buffalo Bills 6-10 121-133-2 0.476
9 New York Jets 6-10 129-125-2 0.508
10 Tennessee Titans 6-10 131-125-0 0.512
11 San Diego Chargers 7-9 117-139-0 0.457
12 Miami Dolphins 7-9 126-128-2 0.496
13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9 127-126-1 0.502
14 Carolina Panthers 7-9 130-124-0 0.512
15 New Orleans Saints 7-9 132-121-1 0.522
16 St. Louis Rams 7-8-1 134-119-2 0.530
17 Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8 118-136-0 0.465

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  • clownose

    Why do people think an ILB like Teo will make the difference for the Chiefs? We know err need not want but need a QB a Chief’s QB not a SF QB, not a Phi QB, a Chiefs QB to start his carrer with. If Geno is a reach F it we need to do something to help our team. Sure get another QB later but i think Geno will surprise . LT is Albert so stop there.

    • Larry Devore

      unfortunately there are no really decent qb’s this upcoming draft.

      • clownose

        Kaepernick, Wilson, and Dalton not considered that decent either but look at them now. You need to give them a chance. To the JaMarcus Russel comment he had horrible work ethic as was on a great team to hide his flaws. Carr could have been good if he had a line or anything else around him. Most great QBs came into a good situation with their teams and the Chiefs have a decent chance to be able to help out a young QB to be good.

        • Jim Harper

          Finally! Someone gets it!

  • Brady Warshawsky

    Geno down the stretch was not nearly as impressive at the start of his senior season. Did anyone watch his bowl game? I feel he had an above average season, but he is just getting a lot of hype. We should see who’s stock rises, and who might declare for the draft yet. Geno will most likely be a serviceable QB at the next level, but to me… I am just seeing another hyped up JaMarcus Russell, or David Carr. One QB I would love for the Chiefs to get is Manzelle(sp*)out of Texas A&M. Too bad he’s not old enough yet… That could be interesting.

    • Larry Devore

      Played a very bad bowl game.

      • Jim Harper

        Because he had shit for an offensive line.

  • Heilios

    I want our second or third round pick to be Klein the qb from Kstate. He was in the running for the heisman and he’s a well rounded good and efficient qb

    • Jim Harper

      He is just another Tebow type. Pass There are far better choices later in the draft. But what is needed is a veteran QB like Hasselbeck

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