December 1, 2012; Morgantown, WV, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith (12) celebrates in the student section of the stands after defeating the Kansas Jayhawks at Milan Puskar Field. The West Virginia Mountaineers won 59-10. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith: Performance in Perspective

Tonight, Geno Smith will lead the West Virginia Mountaineers against their former Big East rival Syracuse in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. And while any bowl invite is a privilege, it certainly can’t be the final game Smith was hoping for when he was the Heisman front-runner as recently as the second week of October and the Mountaineers offense looked unstoppable. Five straight wins to start the season, including winning their first two inaugural Big 12 games, surely had hopes higher than a December bowl game. In retrospect, however, Smith can’t be that disappointed in his senior season; from an individual point-of-view at least.

Smith’s team might have only won seven games, but his performance at the quarterback position – 350/490 (71.4%) 4,004 yards, 8.2 YPA, 40 TDs, 6 INTs, 2 Rushing TDs – established him as a guaranteed first round draft pick and potentially the first player off the board. After all, what he did at West Virginia was extraordinary: 5th in FBS in passing efficiency, 6th in FBS in passing offense, and 7th in FBS in scoring offense. The credentials are there, and B.J. Kissel over at Arrowhead Pride made a very convincing case for Geno Smith last week; but I’m going to spend a little more time examining those credentials.

First, let’s take a look at Geno Smith’s career before his senior season (I consider it a mistake to ignore the body of work). In Smith’s sophomore season, he went 241/372 (64.8%) for 2,763 yards, a 7.4 YPA, with 24 TDs and 7 INTs. The Mountaineers finished 9-3 that season with a 6-1 record at home and a 3-2 record on the road. In his junior year, Smith completed 346/526 (65.8%) for 4,385 yards, an 8.3 YPA, 31 TDs and only 7 INTs. Smith also added two rushing TDs. The Mountaineers once again finished 9-3 with a 5-2 record at home and a 4-1 record on the road.

As you can see, Smith progressed from one year to the next just as you would want for a starting quarterback and an NFL prospect. Smith attempted 154 more passes, improved his completion percentage by one percent, improved his yards per attempt by nearly an entire yard, added 1,622 passing yards, and tacked on 7 TDs while keeping his ridiculously low 7 INT mark. Just based on this improvement, there would have been room on an NFL roster for Smith last year, but decided he had some unfinished business to prove.

While that unfinished business didn’t turn up in the win/loss column, no one can say he didn’t improve. Completing 71.4% of his passes, he sits just below Robert Griffin III’s 72.4% completion percentage in 2011 (won Heisman, 2nd overall pick) and just above Andrew Luck’s 71.3% completion percentage also in 2011 (runner-up in Heisman, 1st overall pick). Needless to say, that statistic alone puts Smith in good company. Smith’s TD to INT rate also puts him in that same group of names, and is actually better than Luck’s 37/10 rate or Griffin’s 37/6 rate.

What Luck or Griffin didn’t do, however, was lose five games in a row. No matter how good his stats are, this is a black eye on his draft stock. So let me take you into the season Smith had in detail and breakdown what he did in perspective to the schedule and the opponent.

Geno Smith’s season can almost be broken down into three parts: The first five games, the next five games, and the final two games. These three parts are divided by different winning streaks, and obviously don’t take into account the bowl game (I had to have the post up this morning; otherwise I would have waited until tomorrow to see how Smith performs in his final game as a Mountaineer).

First Five Games:

  • vs Marshall, W 69-34
  • vs James Madison, W 42-12
  • vs Maryland, W 31-21
  • vs #25 Baylor, W 70-63
  • @ #11 Texas, W 48-45

The season began about as well as any Mountaineer fan could hope for: a win over in-state rival Marshall; victories against the first two Big 12 opponents they faced, both of which happened to be ranked in the top-25 (and what would be their only two wins over ranked opponents on the year); and a Heisman frontrunner in Geno Smith who during this five game stretch was 66/204 (81.4%) for 1,996 yards, a 9.7 YPA, with 24 TDs, 1 rushing TD, and no INTs. In fact, after West Virginia’s win over #11 Texas, the University started selling shirts that read on the back “Brand New Conference. Same Results.” Times were good in Morgantown.

Next Five Games:

  • @ Texas Tech, L 49-14
  • vs #4 Kansas State, L 55-14
  • vs TCU, L 39-38 2OT
  • @ Oklahoma State, L 55-34
  • vs #12 Oklahoma, L 50-49

While West Virginia began its Big 12 birth with a bang, the true baptism came over the course of these five weeks: a blowout loss to an unranked Texas Tech, a heartbreaking double overtime loss at home against TCU, another blowout loss on the road against Oklahoma St, and finally another disappointing outcome against a ranked Oklahoma. The biggest loss for Geno Smith, however, has to be the home loss to Kansas State. Smith, still the Heisman frontrunner at the time of the game – Oct. 20 – was playing in primetime against a visiting Kansas State team and their own Heisman candidate. In the spotlight, Smith was 21/32 (66%) for only 143 yards, a 4.5 YPA, 1 TD and 2 INTs. Those were his first two interceptions of the year. Smith would finish the five game losing skid 139/231 (60.2%) for 1,365 yards, a 5.9 YPA, 11 TDs, 1 rushing TD, and 5 INTs; quite the drop-off from the first five games.

Final Two Games:

  • @ Iowa State, W 31-24
  • vs Kansas, W 59-10

If you could pick two Big 12 opponents to end a season on, I think these would be the two that you choose. Nevertheless, Smith and the Mountaineers were barely able to squeak by Iowa State, but when you’re on a five game losing streak, no win comes easy. Finally, Smith was able to beat up on Kansas during the final game to the rate of 23/24 passing (96%) for 407 yards, an insane 17.0 YPA, for 3 TDs and 1 INT. This performance allowed him to get to the round numbers of +4,000 yards passing and 40 TDs. The totals for those two games is 45/55 (82%) for 643 yards, 11.7 YPA, 5 TDs and 1 INT.

The Opponents:

While going .500 against ranked opponents in the Big 12 isn’t bad at all, I want to go into a little more detail about the defenses Smith actually faced during his big season. After all, it was Smith who said “I don’t see it as myself against those defensive players, because they don’t come up with their game plan. I see it as myself against the defensive coordinator.”

In three games, Smith faced teams that didn’t have total defenses ranked in the top 100 in NCAA FBS rankings: Marshall (102nd), Baylor (119th), and Kansas (113th). Iowa State was close being 98th. In those four games, Smith was 122/142 (86%) for 1,622 yards, an 11.4 YPA, 17 TDs, 1 INT, and 1 rushing TD. Smith was 4-0 in these games.

Now that you’ve seen what he did against bad defenses, here’s how he did against good defenses. Smith faced two defenses ranked in the top 20 – Maryland (20th) and TCU (18th) – while facing another three that were in the top 44 – Texas Tech (39th), Kansas State (42nd), and Oklahoma (44th). In those five games, Smith was 133/220 (60.5%) for 1,339 yards, a 6.08 YPA, 12 TDs and 5 INTs. Smith was 1-4 in these games.

The other two games include a win over Texas and their 75th ranked defense and a loss at Oklahoma State which featured the 82nd total defense. Oh, and I guess I’ll throw in that game against FCS school James Madison. In those games, Smith was 95/128 (74.2%) for 1,043 yards, 8.15 YPA, 11 TDs, 1 rushing TD, and 0 INTs. He was 1-1 against real opponents.

In Perspective:

As you can see, Smith ran all over bad defenses, but struggled mightily (if you can consider 5 INTs in 5 games) against good defenses. While this makes sense, you still want to see a potential #1 overall pick be able to have more success against those teams. After all, losing five straight games doesn’t happen very often for first round quarterbacks.

In fact, during the last ten years, no quarterback taken with the first pick in the draft has lost five straight games during their final college season. Only 3 of the 30 QBs taken in the first round over that time frame have lost five in a row and those were Josh Freeman, Jay Cutler and J.P. Losman, taken #17, #11 and #22 respectively.

Here’s some more statistics for QBs drafted in the first round: only 7 of those 30 QBs over the last ten drafts have had seven wins or fewer in their final college season. For the first quarterback off the board, those QBs average 10.3 wins in their final season. For QBs taken with the #1 pick, they average 11.4 wins in the final college season (including Sam Bradford’s junior year since he missed majority of senior year). And for first round QBs in general, the average wins for final college season are 9.6. Smith sits at 7 barring the result of tonight’s bowl game.

But hey, he can only control the offense, and the Mountaineers defense didn’t do him many favors this season. The defense was 116th in points allowed (38.1 per game) and is ranked 107th in Total Defense. This lack of execution by the defense put a lot of pressure on Smith to carry the team, which he did to the best of his ability. Plus, QB wins are a historically overrated stat as it is.

If the Chiefs make him their first round pick in April, I think they got a very good player with a lot of talent that could turn the franchise around. While my selection would be aimed at a different QB out west, I don’t think Smith would be the wrong pick whatsoever. I just wanted to put what he did in perspective to not only his opponents but to precedent.

I hope you enjoyed it and learned some stuff. Be sure to hit up the comment section below.

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  • Nicholas Alan Clayton

    Nice breakdown. I’m still on the Geno bandwagon. To me, Barkley looks like another Matt Leinart/Mark Sanchez/(at best) Carson Palmer. The unfavorable comparison one often makes to Smith is Jason Campbell, which I think is a point well taken but I also happen to think Campbell was dealt a rough hand in this league.

    • Chief Hokie

      True that. Campbell was never really put in the position to succeed. Not saying he was great, but he was definitely a serviceable qb.

  • John Buttram

    I would be very happy with picking Smith in the 1st round. Of course I would also be happy with Barkley, Wilson, or Jones over what we have now. It will be interesting to see how all these prospects grade out after the combine and pro days.

    • ArrowFan

      I think any statments regarding the quality of QB this year needs to taken with a grain of salt untill they are fully evaluated.

      • Daniel Mayfield

        QB is the #1 spot that KC needs. Doesn’t matter if they are like last year or not. At least get 1 that’s better for us until we can get somebody like last yrs

    • yeah

      wilson is who the chief fans need to start talking about. hes going to blow up his pro day

  • Chief Hokie

    Great article. I’d be interested to see if there has EVER been a team to get more than seven wins with a 116th ranked defense that gives up almost 40 points a game. How could you sleep at night if you’re the DC for WVU and you’re giving up 63, 55, 55, 50, and 49 points?! That is just beyond terrible.

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah WV defense was atrocious. It put a lot of pressure on Geno. He also seemed to bounce back somewhat after those two tough games. Teams adjusted to him and he adjusted back which is a good sign.

      • Daniel Mayfield

        He’s a good pick for KC. #1 IMO. Not just because I’m from WV, it’s the numbers and the games I’ve seen. Fans I’ve seen on here think because of last nights game he’s not worth it.

  • Adrian Morales

    Im not sold on him still but like every other chiefs fan says anytging is better than what we got… We need help at lb cb rb get a wr to take newsomes spot te for maneri spot we really need 2 or 3 cb and some safeties get daniels outta here… Daniels copper newsome brown thorpe maneri lilja along with a couple others need to b released asap get sum real,talent at those spots

    • ArrowFan

      I saw Brown improving as the year went on I mean drug on.

    • Daniel Mayfield

      The team is missing a QB!! Open your eyes, get your glasses! What is wrong with you!? The team needs a QB to LEAD them better, score more points, make plays, less turnovers! Players on defense can’t do that! There are a few QBs to draft that are MUCH better then the ones we have!

    • superman_25_58

      WHAT THE HELL WE NEED A RUNNING BACK FOR? JC, CYRUS GRAY, SHAUN DRONE lets be real RB is the only positon that we are and have been good at for many years.

  • Cory Bence

    you should post the hurry up, knocked down, and sacked stats for those 5 losses vs. the wins I would be curious to see the difference….I’ve been told he has trouble under pressure but from what I have seen behind his o-line he is always under pressure, they are far from a pro o-line and that makes a big dif. against good defenses

    • Patrick Allen

      The good thing is that under that pressure he didn’t make a ton of bad decisions. He had a few picks but never a meltdown game like Cassel would tend to have. A sack is better than a turnover, especially if you team has a decent defense.

      • Cory Bence

        Your right, all the chiefs need is a qb that takes care of the ball, that’s worth a 1st overall pick to me…and if you add a physical shut down corner in the 2nd round I would be one happy chiefs fan!!

      • Daniel Mayfield

        Look at WV defense and then you can see why the games were so bad. That and it was the teams 1st year in the Big 12

  • big chief

    I’m still on the Manti Te’o in round one and Landry Jones in round two club. You just don’t take qb’s that might be good in round one. It could set them back years.

    • Jim Harper

      Stop with the Landry Jones junk. The guy is about as good as Stanzi.

      • Larry Devore

        and KC has the best coach ever. Making a Chiefs team 2-13, and you’re trusting the coaches talent evaluation. Should have thrown Stanzi out there anyway, KC has nothing to lose.

      • big chief

        Hmm. His predecessor went number 1 and he’s broken every record he had. He holds a few all time ncaa records. Maybe you’re right, let’s go with the pouty big game choke machine with Geno “Vince Young Jr.” Smith.

  • chiefridgy

    good read

    • Daniel Mayfield

      We are missing a QB. Every person from ESPN or any NFL show will tell you that. The defense won’t boost the offense to scoring more

  • Awastevenson

    What are your thoughts on Aaron Murray in the second if he becomes eligible? Then take Te’o in the first, I’m not really sold on any of the senior class QB’s

    • Nathan Bramwell

      I wouldn’t be opposed to Murray at all, although it will probably be best for him if he stays another year. As for Te’o, the highest a MLB has been taken in the last 10 years was Rolando McClain in 2011 at #8 overall I believe. Not saying that’s a wrong choice, just stating the trend.

  • Danny W

    Good read, what was Smith’s offensive line ranked at? The game I watched the guy was taking hits left and right and it was a small school. I don’t remember the opponent but he was getting smashed.

    • Nathan Bramwell

      Back in October, USA Today ranked them at 26th in the nation; granted they were 5-2 at the time. Although I couldn’t find a statistic grading their entire offensive line performance, they allowed 20 sacks – 47th in FBS from low to high – and 88 tackles for loss – 112th in FBS from low to high. Based off these stats, you can determine that they struggled at times, and weren’t as good as that 26 ranking. Hope that helps answer your question.

      • Danny W

        Thanks for the leg work sir.
        I watched him tonight and he had one good deep ball which is better than anything I’ve seen in a Chiefs jersey in years. He didn’t look all that impressive tonight and I hope the Chiefs draft two qbs.

  • ArrowFan

    I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t go with him

  • Leon Ritz

    I know everyone can have a bad game and all but he hasn’t been real impressive today. Two fumbles and two safeties not to mention the fact his two best plays have been made by WR running after the catch. He looks pretty bad in my opinion. The way he is looking right now ( and things could change ) he is a 2nd-3rd round pick at best.

    • Donkeyhater

      My opinion of him didn’t change in this game. It was about what I expected, at least when Austin and Bailey aren’t lighting things up. When things are going well he’s good, but as soon as they’re not he’s frustrated and sulky and is a liability. That’s not a franchise qb. 2nd- 3rd rounder. I don’t like any qb’s high this year but I think Murray might be best bet in 2nd rd. I’d be ok with Barkley there too just not in rd 1.

      • Leon Ritz

        Honestly I have never been a fan of his, I would rather have Wilson, Murray, or Glennon. Not sure if Murray is coming out though, he would probably be better served with another year in college.

    • Jim Harper

      The safeties were not his fault. Syracuse had a jailbreak

      • Leon Ritz

        The safeties were his fault, he has to understand the situation and get the ball out. Even if it was a jail break blitz he has to be able to read that and know he needs to get it out not sit back there and hold the ball.

        • Larry Devore

          that was something Cassel or Quinn would do.

    • Daniel Mayfield

      Not good because of 1 game? Look numbers, not 1 game!

      • Leon Ritz

        Not good because of several games, Numbers don’t tell you everything. He has really good WRs that turn screens and slants into 50+ yard plays and TDs. I trust my eyes not stats and my eyes tell me he’s a bust.

        • anthony tarantola

          This has been my point on him this whole time! Numbers, which this Mayfield guy has been saying this whole post, are incredibly scewed/inflated. He’s a product of awesome YAC due to WR screens and slants. Which is why you see such high completion % and so few picks. You take his first read away and he freaks out and dumps off. We had QB by the name of Matt Cassel that did this. Give me a guy that will progress through his reads before he dumps off. Very over rated and I wouldn’t touch him

  • joe cartwright

    Matt Barkley is the only sure bet. He’s the new john elway. You better not pass on this guy. Or we keep waiting more decades still waiting and watching other teams other than chiefs go to and win super bowls.While we continue going no where. First Barkley then great line. We will be there in few years or less. He’s the only sure bet in the draft for the next few years to come.Wait and see, he will haunt us for years to come. If we skip him and go with someone else.Tearing us up for years like elway. But for once we get the first pick to do right by kc.pick Barkley. There is no other choice. Barkley is the perfect fit for kc..

    • Leon Ritz

      Barkley is by no means a sure bet, and he is by no means a perfect fit for KC. Honestly if you think Barkley is a sure bet you might want to rethink your ability to evaluate football players.

    • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

      Why do you feel Barkley is a sure bet?

    • Jim Harper

      Joe, put the pipe down and move slowly away from it. We will get you help! If this not a great “Come on man” moment then I don’t know what is. Barkley has no arm and Elway had a cannon for an arm. The only comparison that can be made is that they both have arms.

      • joe cartwright

        The elway reference was referring to leadership,readyness,pro ready,winning ways,drive and ability to win.and great motivating skills. and his arms better than some think if they’d do research on his numbers. plus, his arm strength gets better each year. his numbers improve each year.until he got hurt against UCLA. but will be better again come spring.he ll be good. and future marquee qb. but thanks for your comment.

    • calciomoti

      I’m just gonna say it, Geno Smith is starting to remind of Randall Cunningham. Before this season, I hadn’t paid much attention to WV football, but started to watch Geno this season, so I have no idea if someone has said that or not. I was privileged enough to have watched Cunningham play for the eagles and vikings…he could win games, just never got to win a Super Bowl…I would say if Geno is = Randall, than that would be a very successful pick, because maybe Geno could take the Chiefs all the way? I would be okay with that pick indeed.

      But, I really don’t want the Chiefs to take Barkley….

      • Larry Devore

        G.Smith did not look impressive yesterday. KC should look elsewhere

        • Guest

          1 game so look else where? What’s wrong with you?

        • Daniel Mayfield

          1 game so he’s not good enough? Do all the NFL Pros have 16 great games each season?

      • Daniel Mayfield

        He reminds me of Big Ben or McNabb. (Not counting last nights game….which was just 1 Larry!). Accurate on deep passes. Getting out to buy some time for WRs, running, strong in the pocket, and I’ve seen him escape many sacks. Good for the team

    • steelwalker

      Really did you not see him play this year if do and you still think he is good then you are an idiot

      • Daniel Mayfield

        Walker, if you don’t like the way it looked when he played then look at the numbers. This year is the 1st year in the Big 12. Defense was horrible. LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! If not, you’re the idiot. Highest accurate, least amount of ints in the last 2 yrs. The best for the team

    • Daniel Mayfield

      Barkley don’t have the strength, the accuracy, or the IQ for the game. Not for KC anyway. We need a QB with deep passing accuracy, like Geno, for the WRs we have! Barkley don’t have that.

    • superman_25_58


  • Scott Mahurin

    The following is from Its a professional scouting report on Geno Smith…still the number one QB in the draft.

    +Excellent size and frame for an NFL quarterback – legit 6’3″.
    +Has enough bulk to hold up to some hits at the next level.
    +Added 15 pounds of muscle this off-season.
    +Strong enough to shrug off would be tacklers.
    +Decent speed, but certainly not a running quarterback.
    +Balanced, stays under control on the move.
    -Tentative to pull it down and run.

    Arm Talent:
    +Phenomenal touch down the field, very accurate on deep balls.
    +Can drive the ball across the field without a dip – elite arm strength.
    +Leads receivers well, allows for yardage after the catch.
    +Quick, over the top release.
    +Able to throw from multiple arm positions.
    -Occasionally rockets a pass at close range through his receivers hands.
    -Seemed to struggle throwing in the wind.

    Pocket Presence:
    +Doesn’t watch the rush, eyes stay downfield when adjusting in the pocket.
    +Feet stay active in the pocket, but doesn’t waste movement.
    +Stays in the pocket as long as possible, looks to pass first always.
    +Has some elusiveness, doesn’t look to run but will take an easy first down when given.
    +Able to climb the pocket and avoid edge rushers.
    +Maintains proper depth in the pocket, doesn’t hang his OL out to dry.

    Command of offense:
    +Can make all the reads, high/low, left/right.
    +Experienced with run/pass reads and route adjustments based on defense.
    +Manipulates safeties with subtle fakes and eye discipline.
    +Understands when to take chances and when to make the safe throw.
    -Occasionally locks onto his first read when in a pressure situation.
    -Doesn’t spend much time under center, mainly in pistol/shotgun.

    Geno Smith has been my number one quarterback prospect since the beginning of this season and despite a couple of rocky games against Texas Tech and Kansas State, he is still my guy at the end of the season.

    Smith has the size, accuracy and arm strength that is requisite in the NFL, while his pocket presence and athleticism put him in position to be a franchise quarterback at the next level. Dynamic receivers Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey have certainly helped Smith develop, but he has also made them look good with his touch and accuracy.

    He isn’t as NFL-ready as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were coming out last year, he certainly is a prospect that you can try and build a team around. He took criticism from 2011 (improve touch, play within the offense, add bulk, etc…) and has improved greatly in all areas.

    If I’m picking first in the 2013 NFL Draft and need a quarterback – I run up to the podium and turn in the card with the name Geno Smith on it.

    • Jim Harper


    • Daniel Mayfield

      110% with you on that! I’ve said it about 5 times already…reminds of Big Ben

  • Chiefswatch

    His performance today was abysmal. I think it showed that he simply cannot perform when the pressure is on. He received little help from his oline but seriously Two Safeties? I know longer know if Geno would be a wise pick. If we do get him we certainly need to draft another in the third or bring in Matt Flynn or something.

    • Daniel Mayfield


  • joe cartwright

    Geno Smith showed his true ability today in the bowl game. this is his true ability. and what you’ll get if you draft him. reminds you of jamarcus Russell, right! Matt Barkley is pro ready right now……

    • micah stephenson

      Matt Barkley has a weak arm and a busted up sholder. He is NOT NFL ready.

    • Daniel Mayfield

      Joe Joe Joe, 1 game is not saying to kick the man out! Do all the NFL Pro QBs have 16 great games a year? I think there’s an answer anyone can answer.

  • Naseem Jouhari

    Has no one been watching Colin Klein out of K-state? I think he is probably the most NFL ready QB in the draft this year. I would love it if Chiefs pick him up. He’s beaten top ranked teams and was a Heisman finalist. Please watch his highlights!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Ppl thinking Geno had a horrible game last night so get somebody else. Big mistake. Some bad games this season but look at their defense. Almost the worst. Look at his numbers PPL!!!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    To you ppl about Geno’s game last night…..

    FORGET about 1 game! Look at the numbers! He’s got some of the highest numbers out of all of the others. Strong in the pocket. With a week OL, he didn’t have as many turnovers as you would see Cassel or Quinn have. Forget bad games and look at his numbers.
    Also look at their defense. Pick him up and then go for a few defensive players, CBs. Plus OL.

  • superman_25_58



    GENO SMITH- 96 TD, 21 INT, 11,461 YDS
    CAM NEWTON- 30 TD, 7 INT, 2,908 YDS
    ANDREW LUCK- 82 TD, 22 INT, 9,430 YDS
    RG III – 78 TD, 17 INT, 10,366 YDS
    PEYTON MANNING- 89 TD, 33 INT, 11,201 YDS
    AARON RODGERS- 43 TD, 13 INT, 5469 YDS
    TOM BRADY- 35 TD, 19 INT, 5,351 YDS
    BRETT FAVRE- 39 TD, 22 INT, 6,772 YDS
    JOE MONTANA- 25 TD, 25 INT, 4,121 YDS
    JOHN ELWAY- 77 TD, 39 INT, 9,349 YDS
    PHILLIP RIVERS- 95 TD, 34 INT, 13,484 YDS


    • Bryan

      Take Smith 1rst. Barkley in 2nd. Sign Jake Long.

  • Bart Gossett

    How smart is Geno? Is he RGIII/Andrew Luck smart? Or is he more like Vince Young?
    We need a smart qb to be successfull..