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Voice Of The Chiefs, Mitch Holthus, Says Player Has 'Puerto Rican Temper'

Kansas City Chiefs play by play announce Mitch Holthus could find himself in some water this week following some remarks he made last evening during the Kansas State, Florida basketball game.

Holthus, best known as the “Voice of the Chiefs” also sometimes moonlights as a play by play announcer for ESPN. During last night’s game, Holthus accused Angel Rodriguez of having a “Puerto Rican temper.”

Here’s the quote:

That’s sometimes where the Puerto Rican temper kicks in there. They need him on the floor instead of picking up a third foul.

Here’s the video over at Deadspin.

I feel bad for Mitch but you just can’t do this kind of stuff, especially in the industry he is in. Clearly Mitch’s intention was not malicious but regardless of intent, his words served to perpetuate stereotypes we need to discourage.

There has been no response thus far from Holthus or ESPN. No word yet on if this incident will harm Holthus’ position with the Chiefs.

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  • big chief

    Mitch has always been a class act. Just another case of someone looking for something to be offended by. Nobody bitches when Carlos Mencia, Jamie Foxx or Martin Lawrence make fun of white people. Pull your panties out of your crack and get over it.

    • Patrick Allen

      Or people could just make sure not to say stupid crap. Being conscientious and responsible with your words makes you a good person and more understanding of the plights of others.

    • micah stephenson

      Uh thats cuase white people have already ready made so much fun and alot worse of black people that Wat can They really say wen a black person does it back?

    • Patrick Allen

      This kid had to put up with opposing band members chanting “where’s your green card” at a game earlier this year.

      • big chief

        I didn’t know that. I hate basketball so I don’t watch it. That is bullshit but what Mitch said I’m sure was just in jest.

    • micah stephenson

      I disagree wit that Big Chief. If a Black man was to say something like “thats just that honky coming out of the white man, wen really needed him on the floor to shoot that technical foul shot” then alot of people wud want him fired. But wen a white man say something like that Its aww man They need to take They panties out they crack.

      • big chief

        Ok honky is a racial slur and would be unacceptable in that venue. Unless of course it’s a black comedian at the aplollo right? So because before either of us were born some scumbag white guys owned black slaves that creates a double standard where black people are allowed to be racist and it’s ok? Racism is disgusting coming from anybody but I don’t think what Mitch said had any bad intent. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Afterall if our black president can call those who disagree with him tea baggers and it’s ok I think all bets are off. I don’t think anybody should use racial terms but as long as black rappers and comedians call themselves these things and country singers call themselves white trash how can we ever expect it to change? Count how many times Eddie Griffin uses the word nigga in his act and tell me if Jerry Sienfeld used it once his career wouldn’t be over. The only thing that pisses me off more than racism is the double standard that goes with it.

        • micah stephenson

          I like Mitch and dont think he is Racist but that is just going by his reporting on the Chiefs. These next staments might sound racist. Eddie use the N word so much cus thats wat white people pay to see and If u use a Jerry Sienfeld reference, u must b white. We watching Jerry Spinger not Jerry Sienfeld. Lol

      • TAZMOSIS


        Do you really use terms like”wen”, instead of “when”? How about “wud”, or do you use bad grammar just to make a point? In any case, I don’t agree with racism in any context. So, why is it o k when a black uses the “N” word when referring to his own race? It sounds to me like reverse racism. Is it racism when some idiot talking head (a black announcer) at ESPN asks if RGIII is really black, or if he just acts a little black? Mitch Holthus meant no harm in his statement, but Rob Parker was just being vicious and stupid. In any case, both should know better.

        • Danny W

          I know more black people that are racists against people that are black in color that are in the Republican party then I do white people that hate blacks because they’re skin is colored. I’ve heard blacks call other blacks oreo’s that are Republicans because they are black on the outside but white on the inside. Thats racist!! So is calling them Uncle Toms.

          • micah stephenson

            Wait a min. You know more black people that are racist towards blacks over white people? Wooooooow. Wat neighborhood you live in? U need to meet some different black people.

          • Patrick Allen

            I don’t think anyone is really arguing that black people can’t be racist or say inappropriate things.

        • micah stephenson

          Wow. Everyone on the internet is so smart but to dum(dumb) to know the difference between bad grammer and internet short hand. When=wen would =wud Lol=laughing out loud n=ing. Example spell n is equall to spelling. Come on, its so easy cavemen can do it.

  • ScottFree

    at least he didn’t say something about a black player being good at stealing

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      (cam newton)

  • Danny W

    It seems to me like all he did was state his nationality. It didn’t seem disarranging to me at all. What if a guy loses his Missouri temper? Is it stereotypical for Puerto Ricans to have a temper? He didn’t call him a spick or wetback. I don’t get it.

    • Patrick Allen

      It is stereotypical for Puerto Rican’s to have a temper. That is why it is a problem.

      • Danny W

        First time I’ve ever heard so I guess now I know. Either way I don’t think what he said packed so much venom it should cost him his long illustrious career.

      • Justin R Groth

        I understand what your saying but I live in Kansas. When I went to college my buddies all assumed I was a country kid…(so happens I am) And during orientation we got in groups and had to write one thing about ourselves. One of the kids wrote he was a good ol’ boy. The rest of the group was supposed to guess who said what, everyone, but me and the kid who did write it, picked me… He was Latino. I agree that he said nothing affensive no more so then people assuming I like to hunt because I’m from the mid-west, or that folk in New York are impatient. This should be a non issue… He is from Puerto Rico… He showed a temper on the court… Puerto Rican’s have a stereo type for having a temper. He fit the stereo type at the time… The Green Card Comments however SHOULD have been an issue because to say so would be degrading. Saying some one who has a temper (in the opinion of the announcer) has a temper is not did he need to say it how he did, no probably not. But if we fight over non-issues we won’t ever have time to take care of what’s important… Like helping kids who come from low-income homes break the mold and help the country in a whole, while still helping the kids who come from the other levels of need. Sorry rant over.

  • jimfromkcj

    It seems to me that it is upside down in this country and especially in sports. If the chiefs decide to get a different coach or GM that they will automatically have to interview a minority. But it even goes to jobs in industry, the crap never stops, if we have less workers than the percent of minorities than we have to go out and get some qualified or not, colleges have quotas that have nothing to do with test scores or ability. What I can’t understand is why the white players don’t demand that they should be represented according to their percentage of the population and if anyone has been to any federal office and looked at the work force maybe we should have our fair share of those as well. If these players are so thin skinned, maybe they should try another career path.

    • Patrick Allen

      What does affirmative action have to do with Mitch saying something inappropriate. This is really simple, guys Don’t say stupid crap that assumes stereotypes of someone else’s race or culture.

      • jimfromkcj

        It has everything to do with it. It has created an entitlement mindset and political correctness gone rampant.

        • Patrick Allen

          Entitlement? I would argue that a large group of minorities encounter racism and stupid insensitive comments a hell of a lot more than they encounter situations in which they are helped by affirmative action. Affirmative Action is a result of racism not the other way around.

  • Nicholas Alan Clayton

    It was dumb. He shouldn’t have said it. But, if the kid’s last name was O’Leary and he had said “Irish temper” instead, not only would no one have cared, but the player and Irish people everywhere would have laughed and embraced it. The Irish also have a long history of being discriminated against, stereotyped, etc., but maintain good humor about it.

  • Chiefsdiva

    Mitch meant no harm in his statement…although he probably used the wrong words he regrets and apologized.

  • Bryan Lindsey

    I wanna thank Patrick allen for his responses. Intelligence is always welcomed

  • Bev Allen

    I wish they they would court Bill Cowher or Tony Dungy!