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The newspaper reported Tuesday that the late Kansas City Chiefs linebacker texted the other woman that he “would shoot” the 22-year-old mother of his 3-month-old daughter “if she didn’t leave him alone.” According to the police report, the secret girlfriend, also 22 years old, believed Belcher was joking.

Belcher, 25, murdered Perkins on Dec. 1, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium, where he shot himself in the head. Different guns were used to kill Perkins and himself.

Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, provided details of events leading up to the murder, according to the report. She said she had moved in with the couple two weeks before their deaths because they were having “relationship problems due to financial issues associated with Perkins’ spending habits.”

Shepherd also said that the argument that preceded Perkins’ killing “was in regard to one or both of them going out as in to a club or partying.”

Watch above. The bird — completely unaffected by a looming Chiefs defense — pecks away at the silver-and-black-painted grass inside O.Co Coliseum.

As the Raiders’ offensive line takes its stance against the Chiefs, our winged friend cannot be bothered. He must forage for morsels.

His poise is impressive. Watch as Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski connects on a long field goal. The crowd roars and players march off the field, but our pigeon remains entrenched.

Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn is going to boot camp.

Quinn and former NFL center Jeff Faine have developed the new NFL Business Management Program, one of four new “boot camp” training sessions for current and former NFL players that will debut in April and May 2013.

With input from players, the NFL will introduce the following new programs – Franchising Boot Camp; Hospitality and Culinary Management Workshop; Sports Journalism & Communications Boot Camp, and Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program — to assist players in choosing post-NFL careers.

The NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial “Investment for Impact” program will be held April 18-21 at Quinn and Faine’s alma mater, Notre Dame .

“People think Dwayne Bowe is one of those diva wide receivers, a loud-mouthed guy and all that,” quarterback Matt Cassel said. “But that’s not what he is at all. If you go around this locker room and talk to everyone, not one guy would say they have a problem with Dwayne Bowe and the manner he goes about his business.

“That’s the thing about Dwayne. A lot of people only see him on game day. He likes to have fun. He might do a touchdown celebration where he points to the back of his jersey and do all that. But that’s just for show. He’s not one of those guys who comes back to the huddle screaming for the ball or cussing people out. He’s respectful to players. He’s respectful to coaches. He’s not one of those guys that talks back. He just gets his work done. And then on Sunday, you know what? It’s OK to have some fun.”

In one text message sent in late October or early November, Belcher wrote he ”would shoot” Perkins ”if she didn’t leave him alone.” The girlfriend told police that Belcher said ”his child’s mother threatened to take all his money and his child if they split up” and ”knew exactly how to press his buttons and make him angry.”

Belcher shot Perkins multiple times in their home on Dec. 1 and then drove to team headquarters, where he killed himself in front of his coach and general manager after telling them he ”wasn’t able to get enough help.”

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