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2013 NFL Mock Draft: The Kansas City Chiefs Select...

The editors of have released their updated weekly 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

The Kansas City Chiefs are still picking #1 and once again, the mock has them going QB.

With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Mock Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…

1. Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, Quarterback, West Virginia

At the end of the season, the Chiefs are going to undergo some serious change. A new general manager, a new head coach and a new stable of talented players. When a new regime takes over, the first thing they need to do is evaluate the quarterback position. That means they will be sifting through the eligible quarterbacks in this year’s draft class and take the man that they think can be the biggest difference maker. This year, that is West Virginia’s Geno Smith.

As of right now, this would be my pick. I am going to spend a substantial amount of time, over the holidays, watching tape on all of the draft’s top QB options. From what I’ve seen so far, however, I think Smith has to be the pick.

What do you think, Addicts? Have you had a chance to watch any Geno Smith tape?

Here is a taste:

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  • Jonathan Aldridge

    i watch him and he plays really well. him and that offense has kept them in a lot of games that there defense had blown

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah their defense was absolutely awful. A lot of scouting reports I’ve read talk about the progress he made from last year to this year, which I think is a good sign. You want a guy who can learn, adapt and improve his game.

      • Michael Moore

        He could have went to a lot of better schoola but chose wv. Being from wv myself i have watched him a lot. He has a cannon for an arm and is very accurate. Something like 27 tds to one pick early in the year. Its hard to consistently put up 60to points a game and still win every week. Watch the clemson bowl game when they had a decent defense and what he did or his stats against baylor. He stock will go up. If austin is still there in the second he would be awesome as well. We have busted on too many first round draft picks. Believe.

      • ArrowFan

        I also read somewhere (maybe here) that his IQ is remarkable.

  • Shy

    fantastic arm, accuracy, release, and pocket presence, combined with plenty of leadership qualities and a desire to be the best at what he does. it’s a no brainer.

    • VenTorPraisE

      Amen to that statement…”This is a NO BRAINER!”

    • soonerfan glenn

      Geno has a great arm but his accuracy is questionable he had huge games against crap teams but when it came time to play the better teams he went down hill fast

  • Nathan Clements

    Chiefs need to wait for the Heisman winner, if they can be that bad for two more years! After watching them this year it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard for them to achieve.

    • ArrowFan

      Why not just go for both

  • Nico Marquez

    Id still prefer Te’o I just dont think there is enough talent at the qb position this year to go 1st round and chiefs will probably have the 1st or 2nd pick and picking Smith at that point would be a reach.

    • Donkeyhater

      Agree on Te’o. I want Aaron Murray 2nd rd or trade back into late first. I think he has the highest upside at qb in this draft, which is weak at the position. Most over-drafted qb’s don’t pan out well. We need a veteran as well while our draft pick develops.

  • Nicholas Alan Clayton

    Yeah, I really can’t see taking a defensive player 1st this year and the only offensive position other than QB really worthy of 1 overall is LT, and we already have a good one as long as we’re not too dumb to resign him.

  • chiefaddict

    If the Chiefs could hire Chip Kelly… Geno would be a super star..

  • VenTorPraisE

    IT HAS TO BE GENO SMITH….It just chaps my a$$ to hear so many people say there is not a QB worthy of a 1 overall pick…Calling BULLCRUD on that statement! All one has to do is watch him! Like the previous commenter stated about his arm, accuracy, poise, pocket awareness…He is a leader. Well deserving to be the 1 overall pick. He is what we need. Mark my words, as the season ends, and all the draft pundits actually start looking over his film, he is going to be touted as one o f the best pocket passers to come out since maybe Eli Manning. If the Chiefs botch this somehow, I am done!!! Here’s to Geno in KC!

    • Michael Shaw

      I think you need to re-read what Tom wrote. K-State made him look like shit!

      • VenTorPraisE

        So your gonna sit here and judge the guy off ONE bad game? A good football team at that?? You really think Eli, Luck, ETC. never had 1 or 2 below average games?? Thank you, judgemental wit…

        • Sean Darvishi

          even Texas Tech made him look terrible I know. I was at the game

          • soonerfan glenn

            so many people are right there isnt a QB worthy of even a top 10 pick in this draft to think Geno is worth a #1 is just foolish

      • Tommy Gratto

        Hmmm..K-State made a lot of people look bad. He still threw for 4200 yds and 42 TD’s against 6 ints. over 70% accuracy.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    Geno Smith is a flat out stud at QB!! Seems to work really hard at trying to be great at his position. But I’d love it if Geno Smith was our 1st pick!! Guy is just a stud!!!

  • sidibeke

    I would not be upset if we take him at #1. I’m not sure we couldn’t get more value going D with the #1 and getting a QB at #2 or trading back into the 1st round, but we NEED a QB, and if Smith is the guy, ok.

    The only time I’ve seen him play, he threw an out across the field. The commentators raved about it being a pro throw, but it seemed like it took a long time for it to get there to me…seemed like it had pick 6 written all over it. But he’d be a definite upgrade, no doubt.

  • Tom

    Geno Smith got rattled hard against KState. His confidence was shaken bad and he couldn’t get it back for several weeks. He’s got a lot talent but being on a losing team will be bad for his psyche. He needs to be in the right system to succeed and KC ain’t it. Look at Manning, Brady, Luck. Besides skill, no matter how far down their team is they keep instilling confidence in their team to make incredible comebacks. Geno doesn’t have “It” and isn’t worth of 1st overall pick by a long shot.

    Best bet is for Kaepernick to keep playing good, then get Alex Smith while drafting the best QB available 2nd round while getting best overall available 1st pick or trade it.

    • ArrowFan

      no more cast offs

  • Guest

    Sign Alex Smith, draft Mani Te’o in the first, and Mike Glennon in the second. Glennon is a skyscraper and throws darts, while Alex Smith is a safe QB that can help with the transition to Glennon. Te’o would give us the best LB corps in the league.

    • ArrowFan


    • Michael Shaw

      Tempting hell!!!! Because of where the team is at this point, THIS is the move to make hands down in my opinion!!!

    • Tim

      Te’o is too slow for the NFL. He’s not worthy of the number one pick. He was 59th in tackles with nearly all of them combined with other defenders. He is not on the ncaa websites pages for tackles for loss or solo tackles. He is overrated and would be a mistake.

      • Guest

        Respect, Tim. Respect. I must say, the real reason I say Te’o is because he ranks as the # 1 LB prospect by Scout, ESPN, Athlon, O-D, Emfinger, Tom Lemming, and on Rivals he’s # 3. I don’t watch much Notre Dame, and think tackles can be a misleading stat (although more appropriate for linebacker of course)…I will say, I like the idea of drafting an ILB over OT or DT, so that might be forcing my opinion a bit. With the number one pick, objective one is simply to get a STUD where we NEED one…

    • Tim

      Agree with the alex smith thing though.

    • Ben

      I think we should take Geno Smith first pick and second and third pick take his main targets from west virginia tavon austin and Stedman Bailey or at least one of them.

      • cyberry

        We need a cornerback in the 2nd..hopefully Xavier Rhodes is there but there a couple of good others that should still be on board..IMO..

        • Nick Sawyer

          or jordan poyer

  • Matthew Juhl

    Who Cares? Isn’t Mark Sanchez example enough that if you don’t have a staff to develop a QB that it doesn’t matter who you draft?

    • ArrowFan

      The QB is only part of the equation, all one needs to do is look at our 2010 season to see that.

    • Michael Shaw

      The thing about Sanchez, and I cannot believe I am defending the guy, is that they actually had someone good developing him and they got rid of him. Brian Shottenheimer was there when he was playing really good football for the Jets. Once they kicked him to the curb Sanchez’s play went south in a hurry!!!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Geno is the right Man! Long accurate passes. Moves around to buy time if needed but he’s not afraid to stay in the pocket. PLUS, he’s got strength to get through the arms that start to grab him and he’ll run to pick up yards if he needs to.

    For the ppl that think he’s not good enough to lead the team when they went 0-5, watch the defence and you’ll see why. But Geno is the right QB for KC. He’s no RG3 but he’s good.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    if the chiefs dont go after either geno smith in the draft or alex smith in free agency, then im not gonna bother watching them next year

  • ArrowFan

    It is just to early for this, to many what ifs between now and then.

    • ArrowFan

      I mean now and someday.

  • Joe

    What a pity. The year the Chiefs get the #1 pick, it’s the year that nobody actually wants the #1 pick.

  • Robert Mccall

    Get a veteran QB in free agency like Alex Smith, Mike Vick, Shaun Hill, Matt Flynn, or Matt Hasselbeck. Then draft a pass rusher or LB or CB 1st pick. 2nd round a QB. We need another Derrick Thomas. No Mannings in the draft so find a Thomas or Ray Lewis and hire a professional QB and draft a young one to learn and watch for all of next season.

  • Tommy Gratto

    Look….even if the guy doesn’t turn out to be Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees or any number of superstar quarterbacks, those guys are rare to find. I would still be thrilled if we got a solid guy who can throw for 3500 yds and 30 td’s with 12 int’s a year, especially considering the chiefs as a team only had 8 TD passes for the season.