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Romeo Crennel Post Game Comments

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel took the podium following the team’s latest humiliating loss.

We were able to jot down some of his highlight quotes. Keep in mind this is not a complete transcript. will post that later.

Defensively we tried to hang in there but we missed too many tackles. On a couple of third downs we weren’t able to get off the field.

If there’s a bright spot in the game, it’s the punter.

We weren’t able to win up front because they were able to control us in all phases.

I think statistically you might be able to say that.

(On if it was the worst offensive game he’d ever coached)

Because I thought the younger guys would give us a better chance so I dressed the younger guys.

(On why Breaston didn’t dress).

We couldn’t get anything going offensively and I think that hurt us.

Not very many holes today.

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  • chiefridgy

    Fire Him!!!

    • Danny W

      Hopefully they’re waiting on Chip Kelly and the bowl game to get over so they can just usher him right in. Crennel will go down as one of the worst head coaches in the history of the game.

      • sidibeke

        It’s too bad, really. He did a nice job with the D. This might be his last coaching gig ever, but I imagine someone would hire him as a DC again, if he wants that.

        • Danny W

          He couldn’t do more to tarnish his legacy by coaching like this. He’s not a bad D coordinator and I’d hire him again for that because the defense is playing good as of late. But really if you think about it, that didn’t he happen until Gibbs got the reigns on defense. Let’s just keep him around and let Crennel retire.

          • Scott Zupek

            Is that a joke? Gibbs seems to have the mindset of “leave the middle open, play 10-15 yards and give them first downs in the middle all day long”. Agressive CB’s are nowhere to be seen. This is a coaching problem, not a skill level problem. To conservative. Play the ball, not the man.

  • KCMikeG

    WHY? Why is he still coaching?

  • Ian

    “we couldn’t get anything going offensively and I THINK that hurt us”. Wow. Talk about a moron. And if he’s “Dressing the younger guys”, where the HECK is Stanzi?


      Hate to say this, but they just can’t afford to start Stanzi. If they do and he plays well, then what happens? Good God, it could be another 2011 all over again. The Chiefs win their last two, and all of a sudden, Crennel is our hero………again!! Hell, we might lose that first pick. Let this thing play out as is, then we all end up happy. We get the #1 pick, the entire coaching staff gets pink slips, and Pioli follows them! WHEN IS THE DRAFT????

  • Skylor Kingrey

    So I have come to realize that he hasn’t been fired yet because he is such a bad Head Coach the rest of the coaching staff is just flat out terrible and not even suitable as interim Head Coach. Why pioli hasn’t been fired yet is a big surprise though!!

  • Jim Harper

    Way to go Romeo! You held serve!

  • Chiefswatch

    I decided to work today instead of watching the game. Honestly I have not missed a game in four years and that last one was due to a wedding I had to attend. I woke up this morning and said “yea I dont want to watch it because either way it will be a bad result” So instead I put in some work time, and thank god I did. I can no longer stand to see these faces. Cassel, Quinn, Romeo, Pioli, Insert name of untalented young dude or overpaid aging veteran. It sickens me to watch or read anything other than truthful reaction to what is arguably the worst run organization in professional football. The post game analysis provided via thefox usually features mitch holtis, len dawson, whoever is not even something I can stomach any longer. I avoid like the plague. I read nothing written by anybody with KC Star other than Sam Mellinger. Sick of this team and sick of these bullshit press conferences. I do not think it can be understated how bad the fans have been treated in all of this. Screw em all.

  • Mike Decker

    the coaching is horrible and the general manager couldn,t manage anything let alone a professional football organization! Why Clark Hunt hasn’t fired them all is a mystery to me! there are some talented players on the team but those talents haven’t been used effectively and for pete’s sake why haven’t they tried Breaston? he couldn’t be any worse than Baldwin or some of the others they have tried!