2013 NFL Mock Draft: The Kansas City Chiefs Select...

FanSided has released its weekly 2013 NFL Mock Draft. The editors of our flagship site are releasing weekly mock drafts to get everyone warmed up for the big events in April. The more NFL teams that get eliminated from playoff contention, the more interest we’ll see in draft talk.

The Kansas City Chiefs are certainly eliminated from contention so let’s take a look at who the pick is this week.

Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Joeckel – OT/Texas A&M

Everyone is picking the Chiefs to go quarterback with this pick, but right now both signal callers could be argued as reaches at No. 1. So for argument sake let’s say hypothetically say Aaron Murray from Georgia declares or Matt Barkley falls off the chart and K.C. grabs one of them at the start of the second day. If this is the case, the Chiefs would need someone to protect their quarterback project and that’s all Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M. He’s a monster on the line and rarely gets beat in his assignments. If the Chiefs are serious about rebuilding, history has proven that starts with protection, and while everyone is predicting the Chiefs go ‘franchise quarterback’, they also need a ‘franchise tackle’. They’ll still probably cave and go QB with the pick, but taking Joeckel in the first and someone like Murray, Barkley, Tahj Boyd or Landry Jones later in the draft makes some sense.

Ahh, the yearly “mock a LT to the Chiefs” debate gets kicked off early.

The last two mocks had the Chiefs going QB but this one has them taking a tackle. While this pick seems like a stretch, it could be a possibility depending on how the Chiefs’ offseason shakes out. There may be a new GM and if that GM is somehow able to find a QB in free agency or via trade, he may want to pick up a tackle to protect his new investment.

Still, it would be easier for the Chiefs just to pony up and pay Branden Albert. He probably won’t find himself in the Hall of Fame after he retires but Albert has quietly developed into a very solid LT in the NFL. He has improved his pass protection in the last couple of years and he is athletic enough to get out and block for a back as fast as Jamaal Charles.

It just wouldn’t make sense for the Chiefs to turn to a rookie LT when they already have a veteran that can get the job done. KC has the money so re-signing Albert shouldn’t be an issue.

Still, it is interesting to see the different ways these mocks can play out. One pick can change everything so I enjoy getting a look at the different scenarios.

What do you think, Addicts? Will the Chiefs go tackle?

Check out the full FanSided mock at FanSided.com!

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  • http://twitter.com/biglump007 Leon Ritz

    Uhhhhhhh no, I can’t in my wildest nightmares, yeah nightmares, see the Chiefs taking a tackle. Now with that being said it will probably happen. With as bad as KC needs a QB or a ILB why go to a place of relative strength. Yes Albert is a free agent but I think he will be resigned, Plus Stephenson may not be all pro but he has shown he can play and with another year may get even better. With tackles like Albert, Winston, Stephenson this is not a big need. What we don’t have is a QB who can hit a WR or an ILB that can make a tackle. Did they not see how bad Siler looked this week, he was putrid. And I am pretty sure everyone knows how bad our QB situation is. I can get on board with taking a QB later in the first by trading back in or taking one in the early second but only if that is because we took Te’o with our first pick.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Ah good point, I forgot about Stephenson. He’s showed some promise filling in for Albert and he’s been useful a couple of times in jumbo sets. Hopefully the Chiefs can re-sign Albert and keep developing Stephenson. With Winston on board the Chiefs are ok at tackle.

      • http://twitter.com/biglump007 Leon Ritz

        I think some of these so called experts that do mock drafts need to do some homework and not just go at it like, they have the first pick and scouts say this guy is good so they should take him. Experts need to look closer at the team and the depth chart of the team they are talking about. If we resign Albert, and as I said I believe we will< then drafting a tackle is more of a mid to late round pick for depth and nothing more. More pressing needs are at QB, ILB, WR if Bowe leaves, and CB/Safety. I want to see more out of Arenas but would be willing to let him compete for the #2 CB job, safety however is a need for us. The more I watch lewis, when he isn't injured, the more I think the guy doesn't want to hit. He seems to shy away from contact and at his position that isn't good. Not sure what you think of Siler but he looked like he was playing in concrete shoes sunday, he looked slow and out of position more times than not. And can I ask what is the deal with Breaston, did he crap in somebody's Cherrios or something. How does this guy go from #2 WR to MIA. If Bowe leaves, I think he might, we aren't to bad off with Breaston and Baldwin if they have a new OC that understands they are on the team.

        • KCMikeG

          Agreed across the board. Especially Lewis. Haven’t heard much from anyone about him this year but he has taken a big step back from the guy that stepped into Berry’s great big shoes and played his heart out and his ass off. it is the latter is what is causing the lack of hitting you mentioned. He hurt his shoulder at the end of last year, nursed it through camp and never played like he did in 2011 all this year. Hopefully it was not being 100% and even more Hopefully Berry will be played off the line like his Pro Bowl 2010 season which will help Lewis too.

    • Donkeyhater

      Yeah totally. I am 100% for Te’o at #1. Not only do we need that position we need a leader on this team. All winning teams have one and that is our biggest weakness. Plenty of pieces but no “glue” to hold them together. Not sold in any qb’s in top 10 but would like to see us trade back into late first for Glennon, Wilson or Murray. I see lots of solid qb prospects but no great ones.

    • Cha-iefs

      agree Leon

  • ArrowFan

    NO NO NO

    • Chief Hokie

      Exactly my reaction.

  • Lenny Lieurance

    Lol, even if we don’t sign Albert, we can tag and trade him and play Stephenson. So yeah, let’s totally draft a new swing tackle with the first pick.

  • asovermann

    Why waste a pick on one of the garbage QB’s in this draft. I’m sorry but the franchise QB is not here.

  • Jim_Satterfield

    The big question is whether or not a QB might become available who it would be worth tossing in that number one pick for.

  • http://powellbailbonds.weebly.com/ big chief

    Aren’t we overdue for a d-lineman from LSU?

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen


  • KCMikeG

    Noooooooooooo!! Not OT!!

    What would be totally perfect IMO would be if we could get a bidding war started for our #1 spot like STL did last year. I know that Luck & RGIII aren’t available but there are some really great players that fill some teams huge needs.

    The Skins ended up trading three first-round draft picks to the Rams — the sixth overall choice and opening-round selections next year and in 2014 — plus a second-rounder this year for the right to draft him. Even if we didn’t get the 1st rounders for the next two years. Still. Let’s say we get a 2nd and a 4th rounder for moving back from #1 to say #5-#8.

    Just imagine:

    Take Te’o #1,

    Bray/Murray/Glennon/Wilson #2,

    WR (Resign Bowe & get somebody to coach Baldwin on NFL route running) AND Pick Austin/Bailey/Patterson/Hopkins with our 2nd #2

    Landry Jones/Wilson/Barkley/Nassib/Boyd with our #3

    Hunt/Williams at DE at #4 PLUS
    Mauti/Jackson ILB with our 2nd pick at #4

    Howard/Hurst/Comming/McFadden/Slay/Malone CB at #5

    Thomas/Barnett/Swearinger at Safety with #6

    #7 the OL pick ‘em as I believe we have some great young developing talent and will resign Albert:
    Schwartzstein C, Braun/Fisher OT or Hansen C/G Foltz/Long G

  • Michael Shaw

    WHY? I know that Albert might be a free agent this year, but I don’t see them not opening up the pocket books for him. With the picks we made last year I do not beleive that we need as much O line help. We had a few injuries this year on the line, but I don’t think that means taking a tackle at #1. I would think we would spend that pick either moving down the board and gathering more picks or using it to shore up our ILB, Safety, WR or CB positions. Some would argue that we need to shore up the D line with one of the many talented DL’s coming out this year, but I disagree. If Dorsey comes back healthy, Tyson’s revamped deal, Poe and Powe, I am sure our D line will be ok if we can shore up ILB, safety or another Brandon Carr type CB. I personally want Manti Te’o with our pick.

  • Philippe Deprez

    Hell No!! Fans would be livid if this happened!! NO, NO, NO… Qb has to be the pick, anything else is stupid!!

  • Danny W

    Todd McShay has us picking Star Litouita or whatever his last name is. If Scott Pioli is our GM you can bank on us picking a Dlineman in the first round.

    • KCMikeG

      I will meet you out front with torches and pitchforks if he goes DL. But riddle me this my friend. What if he takes Geno Smith and he tears it up from camp to our 1st playoff victory in 19 years? Then what with Pioli? OR what if he land Te’o and we can win games 3-0 and 7-3 while his 2nd round QB matures past any QB around these parts for the last decade. Then what with Pioli? Because either one of these could happen. He has a year left and I think Clark lets him finish what he started. As important as the draft is his coaching staff selection will make or break the hole thing and he is 0-2 in that department. Lord help us all!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nico.marquez.98 Nico Marquez

    Te’o #1 Pick! trade for kirk cousins or Greg McElroy, and fire Pioli and Daboll. If RAC doesnt accept a job for DC then get rid of him too. The chiefs will not be successful with this front office. Hopefully Clark Hunt knows this.