August 31, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; North Carolina State Wolfpack quarterback Mike Glennon (8) calls an audible in the first quarter against the Tennessee Volunteers at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon: A Possible “Plan B” For Chiefs QB

The Kansas City Chiefs need to draft a quarterback.

I know, earth shattering news, right?

No one disputes this fact. Brady Quinn looked good for one week, but against the Browns he went right back to the same Brady Quinn that has failed to impress since he was drafted. The general consensus (and I agree with it), is that the Chiefs should use their first round draft pick on a QB regardless of whether or not there is a QB available that the “experts” feel is worthy of being picked in that slot. Kansas City has gone SO long without drafting a first round franchise QB (the last being Todd Blackledge in 1983), that it seems KC MUST finally break their 30 year drought and take a shot on a quarterback that can lead the Chiefs in an era where teams without a great QB have little to no chance of winning Super Bowls.

While that all sounds well and good, the Chiefs have picked a poor year to execute that plan. There isn’t a single QB in this class that is seen as a sure thing and only one (Geno Smith of West Virginia) is currently viewed as worthy of a top 10 pick. Now, that can all change through the lead up to the draft. We’ve seen QBs like Christian Ponder and Ryan Tannehill shoot up the boards from 2-3 round picks to early first round picks in the month or two leading up to the draft.

But what if that doesn’t happen this year?

What if Geno Smith is the only QB that anyone thinks is worthy of an early first round pick and another team ends up drafting him before the Chiefs? Wins by Cleveland, Carolina, and Philadelphia this weekend have made it a three team battle for the first overall pick between KC, Jacksonville, and Oakland. Should either Jacksonville or Oakland end up with the first overall pick they would probably take a strong look at Smith. There’s even the possibility that the Chiefs draft first overall, but really don’t like what they see in Smith. The only other QBs seen as first round prospects are Matt Barkley of USC and Tyler Wilson of Arkansas. Both of these two have had disappointing senior seasons and have a lot to prove going into the draft. Perhaps one will emerge as an early first round possibility for KC. Time will tell, but today I want to offer up a possible 2nd round QB prospect that I think could end up being the real deal if KC simply can’t identify a QB with their first round pick that they believe in.

That QB is NC State’s Mike Glennon.

Nov 10, 2012; Raleigh, NC, USA; North Carolina State Wolfpack quarterback Mike Glennon (8) rolls out as he looks to pass against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons during the second half at Carter-Finley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Glennon is a 5th year senior who is listed at 6-6 232 lbs. He has started the past two seasons after former Wolfpack starter Russel Wilson transferred to Wisconsin. Glennon has one of the better arms in the draft and while he is definitely a pocket passer, he moves well for a guy his size. The quarterback that Glennon is consistently compared to is Joe Flacco.

I have watched a lot of Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, and Mike Glennon this past month in anticipation of the Chiefs drafting a QB (Tyler Wilson is next on my list). The thought that I always end up with when trying to compare Glennon to Smith and Barkley is “What would things be like if these guys switched teams?”

I mean, let’s look at their offensive supporting casts. Here is a breakdown of each team’s run game and three primary receiving targets that these QBs have had to work with.

West Virginia:
431 rushes, 2131 yards, 4.9 YPA, and 21 TDs
Stedman Bailey – 106 receptions, 1501 yards, and 23 TDs
Tavon Austin – 110 receptions, 1259 yards, and 12 TDs
JD Woods – 56 receptions, 596 yards, and 4 TDs

370 rushes, 1860 yards, 5.0 YPA, and 12 TDs
Marqise Lee – 112 receptions, 1680 yards, and 14 TDs
Robert Woods – 73 receptions, 813 yards, and 11 TDs
Xavier Gamble – 27 receptions, 297 yards, and 5 TDs

NC State:
446 rushes, 1403 yards, 3.1 YPA, and 11 TDs
Quinton Payton – 48 receptions, 761 yards, and 2 TDs
Tobais Palmer – 46 receptions, 670 yards, and 6 TDs
Bryan Underwood – 43 receptions, 615 yards, and 10 TDs

You can see that Glennon simply doesn’t have the supporting cast of Smith and Barkley. Not only do they have more effective run games, but they are each throwing the ball to 2 NFL caliber WRs. Now, one can make the argument that Smith and Barkley are part of the reason their WRs look NFL caliber, but if you actually watch the games it isn’t hard to see that Glennon has no where near the talent to work with.

With that in mind, look at how these QBs’ numbers stack up.

Geno Smith:
350/490 (71.4%) for 4,004 yards (8.17 YPA) with 40 TDs and 6 INTs

Matt Barkley:
246/387 (63.6%) for 3,273 yards (8.46 YPA) with 36 TDs and 15 INTs

Mike Glennon:
295/511 (57.7%) for 3,648 yards (7.14 YPA) with 30 TDs and 14 INTs

With no context, Glennon appears to be a clear 3rd place out of these 3 QBs. Even with context, Geno Smith (based on numbers, which don’t mean everything) looks like the hands down winner. Better WRs would definitely of benefited Glennon, but they probably wouldn’t have raised his completion percentage by over 13%. Smith’s combination of arm strength and accuracy make him the top prospect in my opinion. However, what if he is off the board? Is Matt Barkley really any better than Mike Glennon?

With 2 NFL caliber WRs, including what many believe to be the best WR in college football (Marqise Lee) Barkley only completed 6% more of his passes. Not only do Barkley’s WRs do a better job of getting open and creating separation, the NC State WRs struggled with drops all season long. Go watch some of the youtube videos of Glennon’s games this season and you’ll see multiple passes that are right where they should be that his guys just dropped. Glennon plays in a NFL style offense similar to the one Barkley runs at USC and they both have experience taking snaps under center. Plus, Glennon has a much stronger arm so if he had Barkley’s elite WRs he should have been able to hit them on more deep plays. PLUS, Glennon threw one less INT despite throwing 124 more passes, showing that his decision making is solid as well.

After watching multiple games of each guy and putting their numbers in context, I can say that if you gave me a choice of which QB I would rather KC draft in the first round if Smith is off the board and my only two options are Barkley and Glennon, I would take Glennon. The fact that as of today, he would be available in the 2nd round makes for an intriguing “Plan B” should the Chiefs miss out on Geno Smith.

Now don’t get me wrong, Glennon isn’t perfect. Multiple scouts have stated that he needs work with his footwork and his accuracy isn’t near at Geno’s level, but in a year where the QB talent is supposed to be poor, if you could get a Joe Flacco in the 2nd round, you’d be doing okay. For what it’s worth, here are Glennon’s combined numbers for his two seasons starting for NC State compared to Flacco’s combined numbers for his two seasons starting for Delaware.

578-964 (60.0%) for 6,702 yards (7.0 YPA) with 61 TDs and 26 INTs

595-938 (63.4%) for 7,046 yards (7.5 YPA) with 41 TDs and 15 INTs

A lot can happen between now and the draft. Maybe the Chiefs will lock up the number one pick and decide Geno Smith is their guy. Maybe Tyler Wilson proves himself to be worthy of a top ten pick. Maybe Glennon wows everyone leading up to the draft and is this year’s Ryan Tannehill.

While we wait to see how that all plays out I encourage some of you that are interested to go to youtube and watch some of Glennon’s games. (Side note: there are numerous people that break down games and put together youtube clips of every snap a draft prospect was involved in during a particular game and condense it into one 5-15 minute video. It makes watching some of these prospects much easier to do.) When watching Glennon I came away impressed. Here are the links to the four games of Glennon’s that I have found so far:

37-44 Loss at Miami – Glennon: 24-42 for 440 yards, 4 TDs and 2 INTs

17-16 Win vs Florida State – Glennon: 30-55 for 259 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT

35-43 Loss at North Carolina – Glennon: 29-52 for 467 yards, 5 TDs and 2 INTs

48-62 Loss at Clemson – Glennon: 29-53 for 493 yards, 5 TDs and 1 INT

If youtube isn’t your thing, then you can still check Glennon out in live action on December 31st in the Motor City Bowl against Vanderbilt.

I know we all want that franchise saving 1st overall draft pick QB to ride in on a white horse and “save our chiefs”, but if that dream doesn’t pan out, I offer you NC State’s Mike Glennon as a possible “Plan B” for the Chiefs QB in 2013.

Thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!

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  • Rich Womack

    I believe Kansas City needs to do like Washington in draft 2 quarterbacks in the draft

    • Patrick Allen

      I’m with you. Time to double down.

      • Leon Ritz

        I just don’t see taking two QBs in the draft, to me you are wasting the second pick on a bench player. There are plenty of back up QBs out there so why waste a pick on one. Plus if there really isn’t more than a couple QBs, if that, in this draft who could be franchise type QBs why spend a second pick on a QB that will be no better than Cassel or Quinn. I may be wrong but just seems like a wasted pick to me. would rather see the pick used in another area where we need some quality depth like CB, DL, or safety.

        • KCMikeG

          I thought the same thing until yesterday when Cousins came in off the bench and won the game for the Skins to keep them in the playoff hunt over the playoff bound Ravens.
          I would like to see us take Geno Smith #1 and Landry Jones in the late 2nd or 3rd round where he is currently projected. It is a huge insurance policy if Smith is a bust and give Jones time to develop into a starter.
          Your idea of picking up a back up QB would be alright if there was anyone that will be available that would be better than Cassel or Quinn but there isn’t.

          • Chiroubles

            Sorry, but I’m thinking that Jones will be an absolute train wreck at the next level.
            Smith/Wilson in the 1st and Dysert in the 3rd/4th, perhaps?

          • Leon Ritz

            Dysert is 5th round at best and I don’t think he will be a good QB in the NFL. of all the games I watched yesterday Glennon stood out the most by far.

          • Jim_Satterfield

            What about Alex Smith if San Francisco lets him go? I wouldn’t suggest spending a fortune on him but I also think he’s better than either Cassel or Quinn.

          • KCMikeG

            Alex Smith would be an upgrade to anyone we have now. I also think that any QB FA has to come into camp expecting to have to beat out the top rookie or rookies we draft. It has been to our determent to not have a true competition and if we give A. Smith a big payday (I just don’tt see him not getting big $$) then G. Smith would probably beat him out on the field only to have to sit and watch A. Smith QB play in the #14-#20 range to earn the big check we wrote him. Sounds like Cassel “groundhog day” to me.

        • Chief Hokie

          It’s more than just getting a backup. It’s about drafting two prospects to be our franchise QB and thus increasing our chances of having one. We should spend a 1st and a 3rd on Smith and Glennon if he’s still available.

          • Leon Ritz

            Glennon won’t be there in the 3rd, it wouldn’t surprise me if Glennon is taken before Smith. If he isn’t taken before Smith he will be gone by mid to late 1st round. With this QB class there isn’t going to be a QB in the 3rd that will have a shot at being a franchise QB is my point. This draft just isn’t deep in QB talent, There are several QBs in this draft but just not a lot that will be difference makers.

            Here’s the way I look at it, there are depending on who declares early 5-6 QBs in this draft that have a chance to be better than the Cassel, Quinn, Stanzi, trio we have now. Those 5-6 are Smith from WVU, Murray from Georgia, Glennon from NC State, Wilson from Arkansas, Barkely from USC, and Bray fro Tennessee. There are also three teams in desperate need of a QB, Chiefs, Jacksonville, and Arizona. It would only make since that three of the six QBs will be gone in the first round, I am guessing Smith, Glennon, and Murray. With those three gone we have Wilson, Barkely, and Bray. Thing is there are still a few more teams that will likely take a QB if not in the first round then in the early second, those teams in my estimation are Bills, Raiders, Eagles, and Jets. Now thats not looking at teams like the Titans and Vikings who may look for an upgrade because the guys they drafted a couple years ago aren’t doing the well. Even if just the teams listed take a QB in the first couple rounds there won’t be anything left to choose from that will be better than what we have now.

          • KCMikeG

            I’m with you Chief! look at how it worked for the Skins. No position is more important than QB. So why wouldn’t you want to have two starters on your roster? Your going to carry 3-4 QB’s anyway why not have one who can step in and get it done instead of of great here we go when your starter goes down. Most teams are looking at having two starting caliber RB’s so the season isn’t over if your #1 guy goes down.

            I wouldn’t just leave our #2 QB on the bench either. How many times have you seen Brady or Manning still playing when it was OVER because they were up big? Way too many if you ask me. So I say let the back up get real game experience better preparing him if/when he has to step in to start while protecting your starter.

            I would like to see #1 Geno Smith, #2 Austin his WR from WV and #3 Landry Jones (BEST skills of all QB’s but needs NFL QB coaching and time to develop).

            OR what would be totally perfect IMO would be if we could get a bidding war started for our #1 spot like STL did last year. The Skins ended up trading three first-round draft picks to the Rams — the sixth overall choice and opening-round selections next year and in 2014 — plus a second-rounder this year for the right to draft him. Even if we didn’t get the 1st rounders for the next two years. Still. Let’s say we get a 2nd 4th rounder.

            Just imagine:

            Take Te’o #1,

            Bray/Murray/Glennon/Wilson #2,

            WR (Resign Bowe & get somebody to coach Baldwin on NFL route running) AND Pick Austin/Bailey/Patterson/Hopkins with our 2nd #2

            Landry Jones/Wilson/Barkley/Nassib/Boyd with our #3

            Hunt/Williams at DE at #4 PLUS
            Mauti/Jackson ILB with our 2nd pick at #4

            Howard/Hurst/Comming/McFadden/Slay/Malone CB at #5

            Thomas/Barnett/Swearinger at Safety with #6

            #7 the OL pick ‘em as I believe we have some great young developing talent and will resign Albert:
            Schwartzstein C, Braun/Fisher OT or Hansen C/G Foltz/Long G

          • Chief Hokie

            I’d be happy with that draft, but I’m not sure anyone will want to give up the picks for the number one pick in a draft with no standout qb. We are the most qb desperate team in the league, and if we’re willing to pass on taking a qb with the first pick, do you think anyone else would go for it? Seeing as they’d have to trade away multiple first round pick, I highly doubt it. Now that’s assuming the only teams who would trade with us are looking to take a qb,

          • KCMikeG

            I know what you are saying but not sure what to believe. I see Smith going #1 in many mocks and we aren’t the only team that wants a top QB. There are players that other teams want badly that would trade up for a star like Star, Joeckel or Jones. Just wait Barkley is rising back up the charts at #7 overall today on WalterFootball. There are 3 or 4 others that will rise with a good showing in Bowl Games or at the Combine.
            I traded out the BOTH of the future #1 picks that the Skins got for only an additional #4 to be more reasonable. They say there supposedly are no elite or even franchise QB’s in this draft worth a 1st round pick. IMO “they” couldn’t be more wrong – Smith will be everything we could ever want if Pioli will just pick him.

            Bottom line is it a risk no matter what you do which is why I’m not so quick to support the ousting of our GM. Manti Te’o could come in and be HOF or blow out a knee in camp. Nobody knows anything for sure.

          • Chief Hokie

            I agree I’m not sure canning pioli is a good idea. I think we need to take a chance on Geno and sign a new hc and oc, but I think we should keep pioli unless there’s some absolute stud gm out there that’d be willing to sign with kc.

          • Ryan Murphy

            Are you crazy? No coaches will work with Pioli. He is a egotistic micromanager who wont let his coaches coach. If Pioli is retained, you can guarantee the next Chiefs coach he would hire would be another Patriots castoff. I would rather have NO GM, than have Pioli.

          • KCMikeG

            I’m not sure keeping Pioli is the answer or not as I am fully aware of his mistakes but I can also see the players he has brought in like Berry, Moeaki and Houston to name the top few. What I would like to know is what is your source for your comments? Pioli won’t let the coaches coach?? Then why did Haley get to play Palko over Stanzi & RAC too. Stanzi is Pioli’s buddy Ferentz from Iowa star player and Pioli’s next pull a Brady out of the hat magic trick. So if he is overruling the coaches then why isn’t Stanzi on the field hell not even on the bench? Fisher was the only HC that wasn’t interested and I haven’t seen anything that supports it was Pioli that kept him away. Plus the Rams are still sucking it up just like before.

          • Larry Devore

            then who in your mind is the equal of RG3 , in this years crop of QB.s? Send Baldwin to work with Fitzgerald, that’s who he should learn from.

    • Scott Mahurin

      Damn, Patrick beat me to it. I’d take one in both first and second rounds.

    • Adam Cox

      IF we can trade down and get geno we get the extra 2nd round pick and I say your idea PLUS whoever we want with our extra pick.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I’d be fine with that, as long as the 2nd QB was a 4th rounder or later. I think we need 3 starters with our first 3 picks.

  • Rich Womack

    or we could simply draft 1 quarterback in trade for Kirk Cousins

    • Lyle Graversen

      Sorry, it may be close minded, but after years of Grbacs, Bonos, and Cassels I’m tired of other teams backups. I want our own guy.

      • Philip Skahan

        Didn’t Stinkoli say that was going to be Stanzi????? LOL

  • Calchiefsfan

    I like Glennon, there are several others that might end up being second round picks that will have a solid NFL career. All I know is the Chiefs need a quarterback, a head coach, an offensive coordinator and a new GM. Otherwise we’re destined for failure.

  • Patrick Allen

    Good article Lyle. I wasn’t familiar with Glennon before this. Good digging.

    I also like that you included some of his numbers against some better competition there at the end. I’m definitely going to watch some film on this kid.

    • Donkeyhater

      I have been thinking for a while now that the Chiefs should take Glennon or Aaron Murray in the 2nd rd or trade back into late 1st. I don’t like any of the qb’s as top ten picks. This team is more than a qb away and needs star power. I would take Te’o #1. He will carry this team like Lewis or Urlacher. I think Glennon could be as good as Flacco and Murray could eventually be a poor man’s Bree’s. I don’t see any qb’s that are going to carry a team by themselves this year. So get a guy later in the 1srt or 2nd and develop him.

      • Countrybuoy

        Very good. My thinking exactly.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    1. Geno Smith
    2. Aaron Murray
    3. Mike Glennon
    4. Tyler Wilson
    5. Matt Barkley

  • Leon Ritz

    Just watched the four games that were linked in the article and here’s what I see, Aaron Rodgers 2.0. This kid looks like he can make all the throws, he seems to be more accurate on the run which is a good thing because it’s not like he is inaccurate in the pocket. Big kid at 6’6″, he seems to have a Big Ben aspect to him when it comes to pressure and buying time. The biggest thing I noticed other than his arm and the fact that he reminds me a lot of Rodgers is the fact that his OL sucks and his WR seem to have problems when the ball hits them in the hands. I saw a few throws that were bad decisions but also saw several that with better WR probably would have been caught. Is he perfect, no, but the things you see wrong with him look more like coaching issues than lack of talent. What I mean by that is the things he doesn’t do as well as he could can be coached and fixed while the talent to be a big time QB is there. He easily has the arm strength needed to play in the NFL and even though his accuracy numbers aren’t the greatest I think with a better receiver corp and a better OL they would be much better. He makes quick decisions and seems to look at more than one read before he checks down. His deep balls are strong and on target and they hit the receiver in stride which is something we haven’t seen for years. Footwork looks pretty clean but again that can be coached. One of the things I like the most is the fact that he gets the ball out quick and when the play isn’t there he stands in knowing he is going to get hit. I didn’t see him take a ton of coverage sacks either which tells you he knows if it’s not there to throw it away. All in all pretty impressive player that I’d be happy to have in the second round or late first.

    • Philip Skahan

      sounds like you’re beginning to see the light……our BIGGEST problem is the sucky offensive line…..if we had Aaron Rodgers or Big Ben, we would still SUCK, because our pathetic
      offensive line couldn’t stop a hooker down on 12th & Vine with a $100 bill……if we stay pat on the O Line, you better hope that we draft 4 QBs ’cause they’re gonna get the crap beat out of them…..

      • Lyle Graversen

        Only problem with that thinking is that both Rodgers and Big Ben won Super Bowls with bad offensive lines.

      • Leon Ritz

        Not sure where your getting that, I think our OL is better than average. I was saying Glennon’s OL sucks. Our OL looks bad at times because Cassel and Quinn can’t make quick reads or decisions. They both hold the ball to long.

        • Philip Skahan

          they’ve given up 31 sacks and 70 QB hits… call that better than average????? As for QB and quick reads…..when the QB takes a 5 step drop and the defense is back there before he is…..guess we better look for a ‘speed reading’ QB!!!

          • Leon Ritz

            But you can’t put all the sacks and hits on the OL, stats don’t always tell what is going on in the game. This year just like last while Cassel was in he got hit a lot, however Quinn doesn’t take as many hits and last year Orton didn’t take as many either. Of the 31 sacks taken by Chiefs QBs 19 were by Cassel, 12 by Quinn, in his 19 Cassel lost almost twice as many yards than Quinn, this tells me Cassel doesn’t know how to throw the ball away. Plus how many times have you seen Cassel just drop to the ground with pressure coming and not even try to throw it away or to scramble? Again not all sacks and QB hits/pressures are on the OL, how many of those were from coverage down the field? We have a good offensive line, who don’t forget is playing without it’s starting center, playing with their starting LG at center, played without their starting tackle for a few games, started was it Hochstein or some crap at center a game or two, and is starting a rookie at LG now and has been most of the season. when this OL is healthy with all of the starters playing the positions they are suppose to play, then yes, our OL is above average and quite frankly pretty good.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Nice observations, I’m not sure I’d compare him to Rodgers, I think the Flacco comparison is about right.

      • Leon Ritz

        Just reminds me of Rodgers because of the arm strength and the way he keeps his head up while scrambling, he also has the look of Rodgers throwing on the run with accuracy.

  • Matt Dickson

    You should really look at Zac Dysert. He’s looks like a better pro prospect then Glennon, to me.

    Also, when comparing poor supporting casts you should really apply these same principles to Wilson. Wilson plays on arguably the worst team of them all. Certainly the locker room and University atmosphere he’s had to lead his team through has been the most turbulent.

    Zac Dysert & Tyler Wilson are my top two QB prospects.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Wilson, Dysert, Murray, and Nassib are all on my list of guys to look at closer.

      • Matt Dickson

        Cool, looking forward to reading your thoughts on their strengths/weaknesses and how they may compare to the other class’ QBs.

    • Leon Ritz

      I have been checking out some of Dysert’s games and I honestly am not impressed. He really doesn’t have the arm of Glennon and if you watch closely he stares down his receivers bad. Most of the time, at least from what I saw, he stares down his receiver and if it isn’t there he takes the sack. He needs to have a better internal clock and throw the ball away. Also Dysert really doesn’t play nearly as good of competition that the others play, in the game against Ohio state you can see that the D just started watching his eyes and when he locked in on the receiver it cost him with INTs. He does have a pretty good arm but I would put Glennon, Murray, Smith, Wilson, and Bray ahead of him. Guess that tells you how much Barkely impresses me too.

    • Countrybuoy

      I like Wilson for the same reasons you do; haven’t seen Dysert. Late 1st round, or 2nd round. Trade up to get him if you have to. Just don’t waste that #1 pick. Solidify the defense even more with Manti Te’o! We’re more than a year out anyway! Don’t reach like they did with Blackledge and then regret it.

  • Chris Foosman

    I know I’m in the minority here, but Quinn is not a bad QB and there’s nothing in the draft. What they need is a receiver who can get opened not named Bowe. After he left the options downfield dried up. You would watch the whole field view and WRs were just standing next to defenders. Baldwin couldn’t even run a slant route with any conviction, and that’s where the INT came from. It would also help if Bowe was not used to chop block d-linemen. I blame coaches for the lack of any passing game against the Browns. It was a horrible game plan and I don’t think Peyton Manning playing that day would have made a difference. It’s the other 6 days last week that gave us that loss. We should draft someone that allows Hali to go back to Defensive End, like Clowney. With Hali playing end and two dynamic LBs on the outside our defense would be massively improved.

    • Chris Foosman

      And yes, you can thank autocorrect for the tenses/misspellings.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Thanks for the comment, but I strongly disagree. Yes, our WRs need upgrading but Brady Quinn is no where good enough and we must draft a QB. Also, I really don’t understand the desire to go back to a 4-3 when our 4 best front 7 players (DJ, Hali, Houston, Poe) are all perfect for the 3-4. Hali has been a much better pass rusher since moving to OLB and DJ is twice the player he was back when he played 4-3 OLB.

      • Chris Foosman

        I don’t know about Quinn. Not a top flight QB, but better than anyone in the draft. He looked really good when Bowe was in the game. He even made a great throw to Maneri while getting nailed in the chest. I honestly cannot evaluate the rest of the game, the WR play was THAT bad. He’s not Joe Montana, but I’d rather have him than Vince Young’s little brother from WV when we can get a great player somewhere else. The only way that makes any sense is if we do the whole rebuild in the offseason. We really have a choice between getting a QB and rebuilding or keeping Quinn/another vet and trying to plug the WR/DB/Coach holes.

        I don’t want a return to the 4-3. I want Hali to bulk up a little. He’s little more than a standing end as it stands. He has almost no lateral speed. Clowney stands 6’6″ and weighs 250 something. He has speed. He can play opposite Houston. I think DJ and Hali have different factors that explain their performance than just the 3-4. I could go on and on,

        • KCMikeG

          I wouldn’t mind if we kept Quinn to compete with our two rookies and Stanzi/Tanney in camp. He would be an acceptable veteran back up who is a team player even if he isn’t the starter. Clowney can’t enter the draft until 2014 I believe but would love to have him then!

  • Countrybuoy

    I TOTALLY agree with you on Glennon; smartest, best decision-making of any I have watched (there may be others). But none, including Glennon, are worthy of a number one pick. This team has multiple problems and is not going to be turned around overnight by a quarterback of any less caliber than Luck, Griffin, Wilson or the like, and there simply aren’t any this year; I seriously doubt that even Luck or Griffin could have added 4 more wins to our win column this year. That being said I still believe we need to draft quarterbacks this year, just not with that number one pick (should we end up with it). DEFENSES win championships. Period. Let’s get Manti Te’o in the fold, let him have an immediate impact on helping solidify a decent defense, draft a couple of quarterbacks with other picks and actually open up the competition for starting quarterback, not just play like we’re going to as in recent years; if this fails, we’ll have a shot at a number one pick again, with, hopefully, a better crop to choose from. I know everyone says a guy like Tom Brady only comes along once in a generation, but that doesn’t change the fact that he DID come along, and that he was a later-round pick.

  • Leon Ritz

    Just my opinion on the top 5 QBs this draft, in this order


  • Silo

    Stanzi needs a start he’s a leader if you’ve ever watched him at Iowa an aspect of the game neither Quinn nor Cassel remotely have

  • Nico Marquez

    I wouldnt mind chiefs drafting 2 qbs, but not this draft.I would say draft Te’o, and try and trade for Kirk Cousins or Greg McElroy two guys who have shown great potential and could be the qb that we have been looking for to lead this team. I wouldnt mind if the Chiefs made a move for Alex Smith because he has shown he can lead a team in a positive direction. Also all 3 of those quarterbacks are better than what we have today. If you have Te’o and lets say Kirk Cousins, and you bring in a cornerback to play on the other side of flowers, resign Bowe and tag Albert. with a new general manager, head coach, and OC. We could be serious contenders for the AFC West and maybe the AFC Champions.

  • Ryan Murphy

    I am sold on Glennon and would LOVE for the Chiefs to be able to draft him in Round 2. However, no way he makes it out of Round 1. No way! I would like to see Chiefs trade down into 15-20 range and get him there, as that is where he will be drafted.

  • David Alverman

    I feel we (the Chiefs) would be far better off to try to buy the contract from The Redskins for QB Kirk Cousins, as he is better than anything that will be coming out of the next College draft! and having the number one draft pic could be offered in the deal that would certainly entice Washington. I feel it’s worth looking into. I suspect that he is right there at a close skill level to Andrew Luck & RG3.
    We already know he can play at this level, and he is ready to play now, not 2 or 3 seasons from now.