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Rumor: Bill Polian Could Be The Next Chiefs GM

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli hasn’t even lost his job yet but that likely won’t stop rumors about his potential replacement from leaking out.

And we’ve got our first leak.

According to The National Football Post, former Colts Gm Bill Polian could be the frontrunner to land in KC:

Look for former Colts executive Bill Polian to get back into the league after the season. The grapevine says the Chiefs are the frontrunners for his services, should they part ways with Scott Pioli. Polian got his NFL start in Kansas City as a pro scout in 1978, so it would be fitting if he ended his career there.

I’d take this report with a grain of salt, mostly because there is no one person reporting it. There is no byline on the story. The column is called “Friday Buzz” and comes with the tag “Intel, Obeservations and Whispers from The NFP Insider Network.” I’m not sure what that means.

Still, NFP has a good reputation so we can’t totally discount this either. If Polian is interested in getting back into football, KC would be a logical choice, especially if the team is going to have a top draft pick.

What do you think, Addicts? Do you want Bill Polian to be the new GM?

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  • Leon Ritz

    I could deal with Polian in KC, but you got to love the no source report, finally something worse than the no named source. Kinda related here but I have seen and read that a lot of the so called ” experts ” are saying that teams like the Chargers will be more sought after jobs. I have seen several places where they have picked the best job openings and KC normally isn’t one of the teams named when they talk GM or HC vacancies. This I really don’t get, a team stocked with talent, rabid fan base yet not considered a top job. Can someone explain how a team so talented that will have at least a top 5 pick is not considered a top choice for a GM or HC.

    • big chief

      KC never gets any national respect.

  • colts1chiefs2

    BILL POLIAN…ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS!!! Please hear me out on this one guys…I’m a lifelong Colts fan but I follow the Chiefs too because my husband is a lifelong fan. If you think the Chiefs have underachieved with Scott Pioli, just wait until you see what Polian can do with a franchise. Think about it…we had arguably the greatest quarterback to EVER play the game and over the course of his career with the Colts, how many super bowl rings does he have? ONE…all while Brady, Roethlisberger, & Eli have multiple rings. I’m sorry but that is the definition of underachieving. If you have a complete team, losing one player shouldn’t drop you from a 10 win team to a 2 win team. I know y’all probably don’t want to hear it (and some will disagree), but right now y’all have more of a complete team than Colts ever dreamed of having during Polian’s tenure…Cassel is just on the Curtis Painter/Dan Orlovsky level when it comes to quarterbacks.

    • Jim Harper

      Come on now! Cassel is not that good.

      • colts1chiefs2

        Lol…sorry but that’s debatable in my opinion :)

        • Dan in Lawrence

          The one good season he had here in KC they created an offense to mask him. Oakland set the blueprint on how to stop us and Baltimore throttled us at home in the first round. Cassel’s super power must be invisibility in the big games cause you never see him do anything.

    • Cha-iefs

      My thoughts immediately went to this point you made colts1chiefs2. [PS-HOW DARE YOU not be "colts2chiefs1", lol.]
      P.Manning = just 1 SB ring in his WHOLE career as a colt. Everyone says all KC needs is a elite QB. blah blah or It only takes a elite QB to get rings, more blah blah.. Well if thats true, why does P Manning & Polian have only 1 while manning was there? I’m not sold on Polian as the saving grace for KC. i don’t have all the answers. i just don’t know about this choice. It just sounds like musical chairs.

  • chiefshawn55

    I am totally against this hire. Why would we want to hire someone who by his own admission was trying to phase himself out of his last organization so he could retire and hand it over to his idiotic son, Chris, who can’t seem to land a job without daddy’s help? If we were to hire this buffoon, it would most likely be only 2-3 years and then his son would take over. The only thing Polian did right with Indy was draft Peyton Manning and any idiotic could have done that. I live in Indiana And have listened to him bad-mouth the fans for years because they questioned him. If you think Scott Pioli has turned the fan-base against the Chiefs, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • Dan in Lawrence

    The Chiefs need a LEADER. Pioli just tries to make a spy movie out of his tenure here and creates a major disconnect with his fan base. Crennel is a good man and a great DC but not the leader we need. I think Cassel MIGHT be able to lead a pack of girlscouts. If you look at Polian’s work you can see he can identify and place a leader. Marv Levy in Buffalo (4 Super Bowl appearances) Capers in Carolina (NFC Championship game), and Dungy in Indy (1 Super Bowl win with Dungy, a loss without). KC has talent, true, but no ability to harness it. And I can honestly say I am SICK AND TIRED of KC desperately trying to copy cat the Patriots. I’m certain if Pioli knows what brand of tighty whites Belichick wears he probably requires all of the KC coaching staff to wear the same every game day. And Polian is a significant upgrade!

    • colts1chiefs2

      I’ll give him credit for putting good coaches in place but good leaders don’t necessarily equal super bowl championships, which is the goal right? When y’all had Marty as a head coach you consistently made the playoffs, but couldn’t win once you got there which y’all weren’t satisfied with…but you’d be satisfied with making lots of super bowls and only winning one? That’s Polian’s track record. Pioli has 3 rings. The only thing Polian has more of than him is years experience. Answer me this…how many super bowls have the Patriots won since Pioli left? I’ll say it til I’m blue in the face…the Chiefs are only a quarterback away and last week was proof. And you talk about fan base disconnect? Just ask us Colts fame what its like to have Bill Polian publicly call you out on a regular basis and even resort to name-calling. Significant upgrade from Pioli? Wow…you’re in for a nightmare if this rumor is true.

      • Dan in Lawrence

        Maybe. I can only take your word for it on what happened in Indy. (By the way, I’m a HUGE Peyton Manning fan but I hate him with the Donks) But for the record, don’t give Pioli too much credit with the Super Bowls in NE. That is largely considered to be Belichick’s work, not Piloi. And while it must be awesome to have a stud QB like Brady (or Manning or Luck) running the show for you, the truth is the Patriots had no idea who they got when they drafted Brady in the 6th round. And each and every one of the other QB picks Pioli or Belichick have made were a joke. (That includes Casserole here in KC. ) We have *some* talent on our roster but Pioli tends to gamble a lot (see our first round draft picks minus Eric Berry). One last thing. It has become apparent that Pioli’s reputation here in KC has become bad enough the Chiefs are having a hard time attracting free agent player.

        I do appreciate your input though. Prior to this conversation I genuinely thought Polian would be the ultimate fix to our problems. I don’t keep close tabs on Indy news but I knew the owner blamed him for not having an adequate back up plan to Manning being injured.

        For the record, I was one of those who was on the “all we need is to hire Pioli and Super Bowl here we come” bandwagon. Maybe that’s similar to what I’m doing again. I do miss Marty ball but the major let down in the play offs sucked. I guess we wait and see.

      • TAZMOSIS

        Really? A nightmare if the rumor is true? WE’VE BEEN LIVING A NIGHTMARE SINCE VERMIEL LEFT!!!! Are you saying that it could get worse? How could Polian be a downgrade from Pioli? Damn right we would be happy with one Super Bowl win. We would be happy with sniffing the playoffs. Polian, hurry up and get here. ASAP!!!!

  • drtold

    No to anyone who got fired from his last job. Can we start by hiring winners? If Indy doesn’t want him, neither do I.

  • g dubya

    Why is there a picture of Jim Irsay for an article about Bill Polian becoming the next Chiefs GM?

    • big chief

      That’s a fine question.

  • Matt Dickson

    Terribly disappointing if this is true. I think Polian’s best days as a football mind are behind him. The man is 71-years-old and likely wouldn’t remain the KC GM for more than a handful of years. How is that in-keeping with bringing continuity to this franchise?

    Not to mention his less than stellar drafting record with the Colts. Indi always had very mediocre to slightly above average personnel. I don’t see how at his age he’d suddenly have improved as an evaluator of college talent.

    Hunt’s initial plan of hiring someone younger who was an up and comer is a much more solid plan. Just because Pioli doesn’t appear to have worked out, doesn’t mean that idea wasn’t the right one.

    We need to go after someone like Marc Ross of the Giants or that guy with the 49ers. Both young, personnel guys coming from franchises who have largely done things the right way.

    I for one would like to see a younger guy like that here for the next 10-15 years.

  • Corey Wayne Lande

    I would prefer we make a run at Tom Gamble from the 49ers. He is in his 24th season and 8th with the 49ers. He has experience in college and pro scouting, contract negotiations, as well as general manager duties by working closely with GM Trent Baalke. He has worked with the eagles, jets, panthers, colts, and now the 49ers, producing 9 playoff teams before arriving in San Francisco. I really am apprehensive about taking on a GM that was fired and phased himself out of his job with the colts. I would prefer a proven guy that has shown the ability to build winning teams.

  • Jay Bird

    Look at the last five drafts he had maybe worst in football no way do i want him in kc

  • Skylor Kingrey

    I wouldn’t take Polian if he was free!!! This would be another terrible hire if these rumors are true!! There is a lot of possible GM candidates out there besides him!!! Come on Hunt don’t hire that clown.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    ?? The picture isn’t even Bill Polian

  • freshmeat62

    I’m not that sold on Polian. He got lucky that Manning was there when he needed a QB, but the rest of his picks were only average.

    I would rather see them look to a team that is always in contention who does it with a group of people each doing their own job, the Giants or Steelers for example. Yes the Pats are also a team in the playoffs every year, but they are dominated by one guy, Belichick.