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Peyton Hillis, Joe Thomas Engaging In War Of Words

Peyton Hillis’ time in Cleveland did not end well.

Hillis, who began his career as a FB with the Denver Broncos, was traded to the Browns for QB Brady Quinn. Shortly thereafter, Hillis had a breakout season for Cleveland, rushing for 1,177 yards and 11 TDs in 2010. He also had 61 receptions for 477 yards and two TDs. Hillis became so popular in Cleveland that he landed on the cover of the popular Madden NFL Football video game franchise.

And then the dreaded “Madden Curse” struck. Hillis’ final year in Cleveland was a disaster. He missed multiple games with injuries and faced criticism for his attitude in a much-publicized contract dispute with the Browns. At the end of the 2011, the Browns allowed Hillis to move on and he landed in Kansas City.

This week, for no apparent reason, other than perhaps because he was asked about it, Browns LT Joe Thomas decided to start taking shots at Hillis.

“I think it was better for both sides,” Thomas said of Hillis leaving the Browns. “At that point, the situation with him here was toxic. He didn’t want to be here, and players didn’t want him here and it’s better just for a fresh start at that point.”

Thomas also went on to call Hillis a “terrible distraction.”

“He crippled our offense because we ended up signing (Chris Ogbonnaya) off the street in the middle of the year, and he ended up getting hurt. We were struggling to find anybody who could carry the ball after all the injuries we had. To have Peyton going through a contract dispute and basically refusing to play, it was a big distraction.”

For his part, Hillis didn’t take Thomas’ words lying down. He fired back on Thursday.

“Joe Thomas, he can have his opinions all he wants,” Hillis said. “It’s kind of like a crazy ex-girlfriend, you know? It’s been over a year. Get over it. But I don’t know. I guess when you get paid over $100 million by one team, it’s kind of easy to point the finger at another guy and hate on him for trying to get another contract.”

First, the crazy ex-girlfriend comment is hilarious.

Second, what is Thomas’ problem? It seems to me like he is mad at Hillis for being unprofessional during his last year in Cleveland. That is fine but calling out ex-teammates publicly a year later is just as unprofessional.

Hillis may have made a mistake in Cleveland by the way he behaved but since coming to Kansas City there haven’t been any issues. We all make mistakes and for Thomas to go out in the media to slam Hillis now is kind of low-class if you ask me.

I wonder if the Chiefs will give Hillis a few extra looks this Sunday?

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  • drakemcvey

    peyton hillis is a joke. does he even have 200 yards rushing this year? i can carry the ball 60 times for 200 yards and make a million dollars and pout on the sidelines as i pretend to be hurt or holding out for more money like in cleveland. hillis is just another one of scott piolis “right 53″, you know…routte cassel winston vrabel quinn jaleel brown, abe elam…these are the guys that will win us superbowls ahahahahaha. if peyton wants chiefs fans on his side he might try i dunno PLAYING WELL and not just taking our money to be a joke

    • Chief Hokie

      He stepped up in a big way last week, and don’t forget all the games he missed due to injury. I agree he’s been sort of a let down but if he continues stepping up like he did last week we’ll be in good shape.

    • Leon Ritz

      Hillis has been a bit of a disappointment true but to bash him is going to far. Let’s be honest here he did score our first opening drive TD in two years and run over defenders on a couple fourth down plays. I think the problem with Hillis has been the same as it has been with Baldwin, Brian Daboll. Hillis just like Baldwin was playing like a stud in preseason and then when the regular season started Daboll seemed to forget either of them existed much less were on the team. I think we may have seen last week that Daboll now understands that you have to use all the weapons you have and not just Jamaal and D Bo. I mean honestly until the last couple weeks Tony Mo hadn’t been heard from much either. Let’s just hope that Daboll learns from last week and keeps using what he has and opens up the offense instead of hiding behind Jamaal and D Bo.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    He might be able to do that if he would get the ball more. He’s a good player. He was in Denver when he was actually on the field. If he had the chance, he would be better. Hate to say but some of those guys on your list are helpfull. Routt was. Elam isn’t to bad, along with Brown(not compared to Carr or Routt). If you remember Quinn actually had a good game last week so no need to trash him, looks like his rust is coming off. Winston is a good blocker, fans just don’t like that he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. These aren’t guys that will take us to the SB, but they do help the team.

    At the end of the season, I’d like to see Pioli gone along with Cassel. Some new coaches. Use Quinn as a back up. I think Hillis would be good to keep. Might see a RB team like Jones and Charles. But better with a younger and stronger Hillis. He’s good, just gotta give him the chance to show it. We’ve seen a little.

    • Patrick Allen

      I love our running backs. I think Charles, Draughn, Hillis and Gray should all come back. Hillis hasn’t been expensive, he’s played ok and he hasn’t been a distraction. He will be cheap to re-sign again this year. Nice battering ram to have at your disposal.

      No RB, save Charles, could succeed consistently in this offense with our QB’s.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Let Joe Thomas run his mouth. Sounds like my moms ex-husband calling me when he’s drunk.

    drake, are you a Browns fan getting on a Chiefs site?

    • drakemcvey

      been to every cheifs game this year except the carolina game. how did peyton do against the browns? another great performance right? did he have 20 yards? 22 yards? hes a joke. hes an overpaid neanderthal

  • Leon Ritz

    One quick thought here to Joe Thomas. Hillis being out didn’t cripple Clevelands offense, That offense was crippled with or without Hillis. When your starter is Colt McCoy and your WRs are nobody and his cousin you don’t have an offense to start with.

    • Patrick Allen


  • Jim Harper

    It is far too early to be calling for Hillis head. The one thing I DO know is if we can play like this game then we are heading in the right direction

  • Cha-iefs

    Remember when Tackles just blocked people and didn’t open their mouths? …Guess it doesn’t matter if you’re a left tackle OR a right tackle. They have the same issue.