Manti’ Te’o: KC Chiefs Future Bust

This Notre Dame linebacker is as good as gold, like the sparkly new helmets of the number one Fighting Irish for whom he doth toil. Now that we know that Notre Dame will vie with the Alabama Crimson Tide for the right to be called the 2012 NCAA Football Champion, we will all get a great look at the Super Manti’ Te’o.

I’ve seen Te’o play and he really is amazing but, the championship game should help make him a household name right before he goes on the market. So, if you’re wondering what kind of bust I was referring to in the title, that would be a hall of fame bust and I’m picking him to win the Heisman so a bust — or statue — may be coming sooner than you think.

I know it won’t be popular with many fans but, if the Chiefs are drafting somewhere between 1 and 8, which it still looks like they will be, then I’d prefer they moved up or down and all around if necessary to make sure they get perhaps the best defensive prospect to come out since… Todd Blackledge… see what I did there?

What I like most about this possibility is that drafting ILB Manti’ Te’o would fill the giant gaping hole that exists in the middle of the Chiefs defense and like the exponential-infusion-effect of Safety Eric Berry two years ago he should make everyone around him better the minute he steps on the practice field this coming off-season.

Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco says of Te’o,

“He’s a unique blend of being able to be kind and good and courteous and warm and friendly when he’s not inside the gates or inside the stripes, and then when he’s in there he’s an absolute warrior….”

Manti’ Te’o is the kind of person and player the Chiefs need.

With LT Branden Albert hopefully expected to re-sign with the Chiefs, Eric Winston locked in for a few more seasons and Donald Stephenson looking strong enough to provide solid back-up at the tackle positions, the main concerns the Chiefs have are on the interior of the line.

I’ve made my position clear before that I’d prefer that the Chiefs take Albert and move him inside to LG, if, and that’s a big if, they could find a superior franchise left tackle to take his place. If the Chiefs could orchestrate that transition it would come down to making the Center position a position of strength because RG Jon Asamoah looks like he’s developing gradually.

The Chiefs had a good game offensively on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers but, there’s nothing in a singular performance that should be interpreted as a pattern of success. Just as Brady Quinn has shown us a strong outing… Matt Cassel has done the same for one or two games at a time for the past four years. Until we witness consistency — there is no contingency for the Chiefs not drafting a QB early. Since we’ve already witnessed Quinn’s inconsistency, it would take a Herculean effort on his part from here on out, and perhaps winning out, for the Chiefs to not draft a QB early.

The same goes for the Chiefs offensive line. The two rookies, Stephenson and Allen, looked like grizzled veterans on Sunday but, I’m not “expecting” to see that again this season and there’s nothing in past history that suggest we will.

So, it sounds as if I’m making a case for the Chiefs to draft a superior offensive lineman early on. A left tackle at that. Yes, I’d be thrilled if that could happened.

Luke Joeckel, LT, out of Texas A&M has had an outstanding year as a junior playing against arguably the best competition in the nation, in the SEC. Joeckel’s feet are very quick and no one seems to get by him. He switches off outstandingly well when the defensive line stunts. He has shut down every “elite” pass rusher he’s faced in college. His 6-6, 310 pound frame appears to be equally suited to block the run as the pass but, his strength is his leverage. His body positioning is consistently excellent and he rarely finds himself in the wrong stance.

The big question I have with Joekel has to do with his Heisman nominated quarterback Johnny Manziel. Manziel delivers the ball quickly and Joekel may not have to sustain his college blocks as long as he might need to in the NFL. Also, Manziel is elusive, to say the least, so his OL can rely upon his feet to keep him from being sacked. That’s not true for very many NFL quarterbacks and certainly not for the Chiefs at this point. Not unless they draft Geno Smith.

While I like Luke Joeckel (the best OL in the 2013 draft) a lot, I don’t see him as an elite of the elite LT. He might be elite in this draft but, compared to other top prospects like ILB Manti’ Te’o, CB Dee Milliner or QB Geno Smith considering the realitive value they would have to the Chiefs, Joeckel slightly pales.

Besides, the reality is that the Chiefs, should they re-sign Branden Albert, and they should, will be signing him to play the left tackle position and paying him like a left tackle and not a left guard. So, as much as I’d like to see the Chiefs make moves this off-season to create a superior OL, it’s not likely to happen. However, a new head coach and GM could change everything.

The selection of Luke Joeckel by the Chiefs would basically mean they solved their left guard questions because Joeckel would not be enough of an upgrade to distinguish a difference. Not in his rookie year anyway. Meaning, Joeckel would not be significantly better than Albert his first year and although Albert would be significantly better than Jeff Allen at left guard, the sum of all those changes wouldn’t be worth it, compared to adding other draft-able players at a different position.

Consequently, the Chiefs would be better served taking another “premiere” player at another position.

When I have had the opportunity to watch Notre Dame games and ILB Manti’ Te’o I have been highly, highly impressed by his presence. He stands out even when you’re not specifically watching for him. While he plays a different position… the feeling you get about Te’o is that he means the same thing to his team as Troy Polamalu has meant to the Pittsburgh Steelers: the buck stops with him.

Intelligent, intuitive, hard hitting, athletic, strong and fast, Te’o has the X-Factor.

Some will argue that an ILB should not be taken at the top of the draft. However, if you were to re-draft the players from Troy Polamalu’s draft class in 2003 you’d likely place him at the top and right next to: Terrell Suggs, Nnamdi Asomugha and Andre Johnson. You’d also be well advised to place him well above others from that draft like Carson Palmer, Terrance Newman, Jordan Gross, Kevin Williams, Marcus Trufant, Willis McGahee, Dallas Clark and Larry Johnson: all 1st round players who have been very, very good but, not necessarily players who define their position.

So, why wait until a re-draft to find out that Manti’ Te’o is going to someday be a bust… in the hall of fame. Of course there are no “fer-sur-thangs’ out there. We all know that. However, I have a feeling about Manti’ Te’o and if you spend some time watching him you might get the same feeling I do. Te’o is good at tracking the ball and dissecting the play. He’s almost always playing downhill forever moving forward. This point is especially important because many quality linebackers run side-to-side very well but, don’t turn their head and shoulders square to the runner before hitting them. Te’o does this instinctively often producing big hits consequently.

Manti’ Te’o has 6 interceptions this season. That’s a great year — for an NFL corner — and even better for a college cornerback. Te’o is an ILB. His 101 tackles on the season leads the Irish and it’s obvious he’s a big reason they are undefeated this season and leading all of college football in scoring defense.

Te’o has won the 2012 Bronko Nagurski Award for being the best defensive player in college football (Derrick Johnson won in 2004 and Glenn Dorsey in 2007) and the 2012 Dick Butkus award for being the best linebacker in college football (Derrick Thomas won in 1988 and Derrick Johnson in 2004).

With many Chiefs fans concerned about the Chiefs drafting a franchise QB early in the 2013 draft, fans should be informed that there is no one in this coming draft like there was in the last draft. Not at the top. When the Chiefs select early in the second round one of the following QBs should still be available: EJ Manuel (Florida State), Aaron Murray (Georgia), Zac Dysert (Miami- OH) and Landry Jones (Oklahoma). Some of them may be available in the 3rd round too.

With Te’o being included in the list of Heisman Trophy candidates and also playing in the BCS Championship game against Alabama, his stock should continue to rise from now until the off season. If the Irish do the riverdance on the Crimson Tide and Te’o plays well in college football’s biggest game his stock should continue to rise throughout the off-season as well, and he may end up being the top rated player in this draft.

Don’t think it can’t happen? There have been very few defensive players who are ever even nominated for the Heisman. When CB Charles Woodson won the Heisman in 1998 he ended up being drafted at number 4 mostly because of a guy named Peyton Manning and a couple of other infamous draftees: QB Ryan Leaf and presumably all-world DE Andre Wadsworth whose name you probably don’t remember and that is precisely the point.

Manti’ is a special breed of human being. In September his grandmother died and then a few days later his girl friend died of leukemia but, he never missed a practice or a game. Te’o said,

“To be able to operate, and to be able to try to continue with my daily routine, but knowing that I just lost a woman that I truly loved, that was the hardest thing,”
The task was made even harder knowing he couldn’t attend her funeral in Carson City, Calif.. He said Lennay had made him promise he wouldn’t miss a game, instead asking him to honor her with his play.

If Manti’ Te’o wins the big prize and plays at an MVP level in the BCS game, it may take the Chiefs achieving the first pick in the draft to have a chance to select him.

What a player like Manti’ Te’o could mean to the KC Chiefs is almost inconceivable considering recent events. If there’s a team that deserves Te’o and all he has to offer… it’s the Kansas City Chiefs.

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  • Patrick Allen

    The Chiefs have to take the best QB in the draft and they have to take him with their first pick. I don’t care if this kid is the second coming of Ray Lewis. The Chiefs will never win a Super Bowl without an elite QB. As great as Ray is, the Ravens still only managed on championship during his reign and they sported one of the greatest defenses in NFL history.

    It has to be a QB. You can’t reach for a franchise QB.

    • ladner morse

      You still think Geno Smith is an “elite” QB?
      And… do you think he’s worthy of a top 5 pick?
      In both cases — no.
      So, what SHOULD the Chiefs do? Take the BPA and use their many other picks to move up and snag a top QB in this draft. In any case… the Chiefs are not getting an elite QB this time.
      BTW… the combined record of all the division one teams that Geno Smith beat this season was 31-41. He also led his team to 5 straight losses in the middle of the season.
      You can argue they didnt have a defense but that just means those games came down to an offensive slug fest. A slug fest he lost to any team with a winning record.
      Now, why is it you want Geno Smith to be the Chiefs “franchise” QB?

      • Patrick Allen

        I think Smith is an elite prospect. I absolutely do. And a shot at a franchise QB is worth a top 5 pick every time.

        Draft picks are over-valued. So many of the players taken never pan out. I’d rather take a swing at the best QB in the draft than to take a linebacker who will never help me win a Super Bowl because his position isn’t important enough to make that big of an impact.

        • Tarkus

          Agreed. You can’t worry about value at the QB position. If you have the #1 pick and you think the best QB is only worth about a #15 pick, you go ahead and take him anyway. Because the QB position is just that important. The Chiefs have been looking for value at the QB position for 30 years, and where has it gotten them? Meanwhile other teams have “reached” for their franchise QBs, and successfully.

          • Patrick Allen

            Exactly. You have to weight the importance of the QB position in your thinking. Saying that it is a weak class and that the best QB of the weak class isn’t worth a top 5 pick but then saying that the Chiefs should wait until the second round to take one of the even weaker QB’s makes absolutely no sense to me.

            The perk of having a high pick is that you get to take any player you want in the entire draft. Take the QB.

          • Tarkus

            That’s even more true with the current CBA, where the financial risk isn’t there anymore. Take the best QB and don’t worry about value. As you said, the QBs don’t get better in the 2nd round, they get worse.

          • ladner morse

            The problem with saying, “QBs don’t get better in the 2nd round, they get worse” is if you asked teams to draft based on what we know of Russell Wilson now… he’d have been a top ten pick. The real issue? Improving evaluation.

          • ladner morse

            You’re telling me my thinking is faulty because the class is weak while then turning around and saying you have to go ahead and take one in the top five — that doesn’t make any sense to me.

            Let’s just agree the QB class is weak and start from there. Pioli has said he always considers taking a QB so if he;s here then taking a QB high will likely be on his list so that is going to happen in any event. However, your reasoning is backwards to me.

            I’m saying evaluate an scour the prospects for a talent that is not a big name but like Russel Wilson, or Colin Kaepernick, or Brandon Weedon or Andy Dalton. It takes talent eveluation. But, just because you’re stuck with the “QB as #1″ fixation doesn’t mean that’s the right answer.

          • Patrick Allen

            The class is weak in that it is not deep. Wouldn’t that mean that, if you needed a QB, that nabbing one of the very best of the class is the way to go?

            Smith and Barkley are probably the only two first round QBs in this draft, safe a late charge from someone else. QB is KC’s greatest area of need. They finally have a chance to solve that problem and I think they should take it.

          • ladner morse

            Actually it is more the exception for teams to reach into the top five to get their franchise QB.

            So… getting a Ryan Leaf, a Tim Couch, an Aliki Smith, a David Carr, a Joey Harrington, an Alex Smith, a Vince Young, a JaMarcus Russell, or a Mark Sanchez is fine with you… just because you HAVE to take a QB with a top five pick???

            People often get staid in their thinking and that is precisely the reason the Chiefs continue to take the wrong kind of guy because someone gets stuck thinking they have to select a certain position instead of the BPA which is what the Steelers do and the reason the Chiefs are the Chiefs and the Steelers are the Steelers.

            You want to fix the Chiefs QB problems? Evaluate talented QBs who are now starting in the NFL who DID NOT get drafted in the top 5. Think… Colin Kaepernick… Russel Wilson… Brandon Weeden… Drew Brees… Nick Foles, Aaron Rogers… Jay Cutler… Christian Ponder… Tom Brady… Josh Freeman… Ryan Fitzpatrick (7th round)… Andy Dalton… Jake Locker and Matt Schaub.

            Also, about 1/2 of the starting QBs in the league weren’t even taken in round one.

          • Calchiefsfan

            Don’t forget about our last 1st round pick at QB, the franchise saver Todd Blackledge at #7. We passed on Jim Kelly and Dan Marino who were available.
            Which begs the second question. Doesn’t anybody think that the way we evaluate QBs is flawed? It’s all about arm strength, size, athleticism, college success. Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf had all those.
            What about work ethic? Do they have the brains/cunning to read a defense and exploit it? Do they go through their progressions quickly and find the open man? (KC fans can appreciate that one). Can Geno do that in potentially elite fashion? If so I like him. If we can’t answer those questions it’s a big gamble with your 1st pick.

          • Cha-iefs

            Thats all fan pressure. dont be a Geno bandwagon guy. it’s not the best pick. It’s just what will sell tickets for clark and ya’ll will eat it up until Geno busts…and not the canton kind of bust ladner speaks of. Too bad it wasn’t more acceptable to take a LB 1st overall.

          • Tarkus

            I haven’t once mentioned Geno Smith.

          • Cha-iefs


          • Cha-iefs

            JAX Jags reached for blaine gabbert moving up 6 spots with washington. Successfully? Took him at the 10 spot. Would you want him or wait and take aaron rodgers at #25? Obviously different drafts but you see the spot taken and the QB level.

        • ladner morse

          It’s nice to “think” someone is an “elite” prospect. However, do you have any real numbers or any kind of anything you can say about Geno Smith that would convince the rest of us? I used to think he was elite and I don’t now. So, you’d have to re-convince me.

          If you really compare Geno Smith to the value that Manti’ Te’o brings… I think you change your mind… but, you’d have to first separate yourself from the tragedy that has been the Chiefs whole season.

          • Cha-iefs

            I’m way ahead of this curve! I’ve been saying this for awhile. You may have made the best comment in AA history with this short little comment,

            Ladner said,
            “It’s nice to “think” someone is an “elite” prospect. However, do you have any real numbers or any kind of anything you can say about Geno Smith that would convince the rest of us? I used to think he was elite and I don’t now. So, you’d have to re-convince me.

            If you really compare Geno Smith to the value that Manti’ Te’o brings… I think you change your mind… but, you’d have to first separate yourself from the tragedy that has been the Chiefs whole season.” That is being Openminded at its finest!! Brilliant!!

          • Patrick Allen

            There are certainly more numbers to support that Smith is an elite prospect than there are to support that he isn’t.

            Here is an excellent scouting report on Smith.


          • Cha-iefs

            Where are the scouting notes for the TCU game? or the 2 before that? Baylor ,lol. Come on man. Why can’t you see how crap this dudes numbers are? first 5 games of the year inflate this dude’s numbers /ability more than the chest of a beverly hills housewife. Why is it hard for you to SEE for yourself? Why do you keep reading what other’s want you to think of his game? I know you’re not watching every throw of every game or else you’d wake up by now. that’s so narrowminded and desperate. Geno is NOT elite like you say he is. You want a QB… Even if it means taking any QB #1 overall. You just want one no matter what! That’s Myopic. Geno isn’t the BPA at #1. I’m keeping all these articles and comments and I’m going to throw this in your face for years if KC takes him. P Manning isn’t going to lead Denver to a SB and he is WAY better of a QB than Geno. A elite QB can’t fix everything. What makes you think a QB like Geno [that's NOT elite] can do any better? Go start at the TCU game and scout Geno for yourself. Wake up!

          • Patrick Allen

            I appreciate your point of view/opinion and welcome your passionate debate on the site but if you keep insulting me or other commenters for no reason I am going to start deleting your comments.

            We have respectful debates here. Calling people narrow-minded and desperate is insulting.

            I have an opinion that happens to be different than yours. But I am no less deserving of respect than you are.

          • Cha-iefs

            Well HELLO there,

            Hope you receive my point without hanging on ever word. This will be the first apology, I’m sorry i hurt your feelings. All my intentions are good here. It doesn’t take me 40 back & forth comments to give a apology. I can man up if i hurt your feelings.

            I need to get this straight so please help me:

            It’s okay for people to call other people on here ACTUAL NAMEs [i'll get to that] or drop F-bombs every other word but when I go against almost everything you say on here in a debate form…you pull the conduct card on me? How is saying you’re desperate for a QB in KC worse then the other things i’ve mentioned? I’ll get to the rest in a bit.

            Are you NOT desperate for a QB in KC? Meaning-you want KC to do whatever it takes to get a QB you like. Loads of fans are. How’s that insulting? I think you’re just looking for insults because I’m ALWAYS debating what you [authors] say on here. You’re the one making the articles on here. You’re the one opening the debate on what YOU think. At the end of the articles you ask for our opinion of what YOU think. I’m SORRY if you’re feelings are hurt but I in NO WAY intend to belittle you OR CALL you a “name”. I’ll continue to say your way of viewing the needs of the draft are conventional and “narrowminded”.Never have you written or considered the option of drafting Manti Te’o and what could be the possible upside there. Now if you have that would be “open-minded”. You’d be fair and balanced in your reports. LADNER said he was convinced Geno isn’t elite. It took alot of research and a unbiased view of the whole situation to arrive at that conclusion. He also commented to you, “If you really compare Geno Smith to the value that Manti’ Te’o brings… I think you change your mind… but, you’d have to first separate yourself from the tragedy that has been the Chiefs whole season.” Is he not insinuating you’re being BIASED to the needs of the team due to the poor QB play!?! Yeah he is. What’s “Biased” again? *I’m not throwing Ladner under the bus but just lookin for accountability & BALANCE.*

            Narrow-minded defined as:
            having or showing a prejudiced mind, as persons or opinions; biased.

            [It's clear i'm not calling you racist. Prejudice & racist are 2 different things.] Just making that clear- I have a issue with this later.*


            not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own
            not receptive to new ideas; having a closed mind.

            That’s not a insult or name calling. A name is a word or term used for identification. Narrow-minded is a
            adjective to how you’re viewing the situation,not a insult. a insult is generally a verb used with a object. AGAIN, I’M SORRY I hurt your feelings but I hope this clears up my remarks and my view towards you. I will continue to go AGAINST EVERYTHING I view differently that you post for debate. My intentions are not to hurt anyones feelings and I don’t use profane language to express my point. 90% of the reason I comment is to respond to the author of the articles. People say FAR worse things on here then “narrowminded” but go ahead and single me out because I direct my comments to the [you] the authors and not get sucked deep into the infighting with other people that comment.

            Where were you when I was called a racist a month ago? I saw you commenting in the same comments but just happened to skip over that part? Being called a RACIST …NOW THATS A INSULT. How about some fairness or accountablity?

            Thanks for responding and again sorry I “insulted” you by using You’re “narrow-minded”. I’ll refrain from using the word “you” before my adjectives when posting to you. I’ll correct the issue.

            Sincerest apology,

            Ps. I still disagree with ya. I will continue to debate my opinions towards your articles. I’m just going to make sure I leave the “you” out of it. Go watch Geno play man!!

          • Chiefswatch

            I watched every throw of the Texas game. Everyone: it is on Youtube if you want to actually learn something. He is a good QB. His team is mediocre. He is highly accurate and extremely smart. He has a good arm. He can run. Is he RG3? No but he also does not have that baylor team. His line is pretty bad. He makes decisions with people bearing down on him more often than not. Patrick has stated why he thinks he is good. You have stated nothing to the contrary. YOU WANT TO TAKE A LINEBACKER?? HOW STUPID IS THAT IDEA??

          • Cha-iefs

            His team is mediocre!?! He has GREAT WRs & a GREAT Tailback! That’s absurd that he has a bad team. Yeah I say LB #1, it’s called being unconventional.

          • Chiefswatch

            Its unconventional because nobody does it. Not that high. Especially on a team that had Derrick Johnson in the middle already. People say we couldn’t keep Carr and Flowers but we should have DJ and this Kid???

          • Cha-iefs

            yeah Carr and flowers was strictly a money issue. Carr wanted paid. Neither Geno or Te’o will be a huge expense right away. Not with the new rookie cap. No more jamarcus russels

          • Cha-iefs

            I love how you cleaned up you’re post after I got jumped on about saying Narrow-minded” You removed calling me F—ing stupid, lol. Thanks

          • Patrick Allen

            I cleaned up his post for the inappropriate language.

          • Cha-iefs

            Go read the 30,000 comments i’ve made about Geno. I’m not going to repeat them every single time. I’ve listed what I’ve needed to. More importantly I’ve directed people to go watch the games other then the first 5.

            What about the kstate and texas tech game? *TCU* You guys are hanging on the first 5 games of his season.

            One being played vs Texas(11) at the time, WVU[8] . Are you a big fan of how Geno throws the hailmary type deep ball to a DBL covered WR in the endzone??

            99% of the time in the NFL thats a touchback INT for the Def. WVU squeaked out a win on a FG to beat Texas. Now all of the sudden you want to put Geno on a pedestal.
            He also took a sack fumble for a TD In your texas game. A elite QB must have GREAT pocket awareness, even more so when he’s standing on his own 9 yardline.
            The DBL covered hailmarys really are the worst. You know his coach doesn’t want him making that throw. He did it in the Texas game & The TCU game. Among others. I’m not going to breakdown every play of every game for you. If you can’t see it then it’s your fault.
            One things for sure…this kids NOT elite. He makes horrible reads on tight plays and gets away with TONS of them. [TCU game] GO WATCH THE TCU game. You guys don’t want to go see that though.
            The first 5 games made him look like a god…The guy played crap teams then got worse as his season went on. You expect a “elite” guy to get better and improve on his way to owning the H-man trophey. Over hyped…over hyped.

          • ladner morse

            I think some here have gotten a little… shall we say… too passionate. I’m not saying I would not support drafting Geno Smith. In fact I still believe a lot of the same things I wrote about him two months ago… I just have a lot more questions now and a much larger sample size of his work. And that’s what concerns me. The games he’s played against top competition — he’s lost. Against everyone else (who’s 31-41) he’s very very good.
            If the Chiefs draft Geno Smith I’ll be very happy and be one of his biggest fans. I do however, believe Manti’ Te’o has a chance to be a much bigger star. Yes, the Chiefs need a QB — I just see the potential for him to bust… and that would be the worst outcome of all for the Chiefs right now. Thanks for the link.

          • Cha-iefs

            I’m sorry to all I offended,you aswell if so. I probably am getting over passionate. I have to remember that you can only lead a horse to water…. [I'm on the apology tour now.] but my view of Geno won’t change. I was all for matt barkley and I have moved on awhile ago. Some people just take longer I guess. Adapt or die is the saying. Stubborn can make for horrific consequences. As you said, those consequences would be a bust of the wrong sort.

          • Patrick Allen

            No problem at all. Your passion on the subject has made for a great thread of debate. Something we need more of around here. We just want to make sure we keep it civil as we we’re all on the same team. Also, the easiest way to learn is to talk as friends and fans!

        • Cha-iefs

          Youre just [thinking] desperate and we know desperate people don’t make good decisions. Go watch WVU vs TCU again. I’m not going to do all the work for you Geno guys. Go “study” the game on “god” geno. You guys just watch highlights[?] and look at padded stats. You’re just lying to yourself as Ladner said. Te’o is a WAY better value in THIS draft.

        • nick

          U know nothing! If u say an inside linebacker means nothing. Numbers mean nothin if they did Marino wouldn’t be crying during his hall of fame speech talking about how he wished he had players like Montana.

      • Patrick Allen

        Here is an example of what I mean. 2008 draft. Matt Ryan was taken 3rd. The Dolphins took OT Jake Long. The Rams too DE Chris Long. The Falcons took the QB. Fat lot of good the OT and the DE have done the Dolphins and Rams.

        • TAZMOSIS

          Patrick, You are making way too much sense here. Why are people not listening? If the Chiefs think that Te’o is the pick, and that maybe they can get Landry Jones in the second round, then let them do that and they will see the second coming of Todd Blackledge. If we turn back the clock fifteen years, then maybe Jones can be another Trent Dilfer and manage the offense and Te’o can lead a defense like Ray Lewis with the Ravens. Well, this is not 2000, it’s 2012 and the NFL is driven by QBs. I see Geno Smith as a guy who has tremendous upside. More so than any other QB in this draft. Is he RGIII or Luck? Probably not. Can he be “the guy” in a couple years? I think he absolutely can. Drafting Te’o would make our LB corps maybe the most elite in the NFL. But he will not bring us a title. With the right coach, Smith can do what RGIII has done with the ‘Skins.

          • Cha-iefs

            because youre only “hearing” what you want to “hear”. Very few people in life are openminded and go against the grain of the popular opinion. hence the term “shee’ople” All i’m hearing is Baaa! Baaa! Baaaa! But obviously it sounds good to you.

        • ladner morse

          You can name all the top five failures you want… AND that is precisely my point. Don’t waste a top five pick on an iffy QB when you have a possibly legendary LB sitting right in front of you.

          • Chiefswatch

            He is not naming failures man. Read. He is saying that a Linebacker no matter how great he is will win us ZERO games in the middle of the defense. Hell people were getting on us for taking Berry with number 5 overall and you want to take something even less important? Makes no sense.

        • Cha-iefs

          yeah and matt ryan has rings too….youre reaching.

          • Chiefswatch

            The point is: who is sitting pretty right now? Atlanta? Or is it the Dolphins and Rams. Pay attention

          • Patrick

            Uhhh, both Dolphins and Rams have spent a top 10 pick in the last few years on a QB….

          • Chiefswatch

            yea forgot about that. I was on the Ryan Long thing

          • Cha-iefs

            I thought we we’re talking QBs.

          • Patrick Allen

            And for the Dolphins, with Tannehill, it looks like it might work out. Yet everyone was calling them “crazy” for “reaching” on him.

          • Cha-iefs

            I agree but idk if thats a reach is it? 8th. Who went after he did? Brandon weedon? I’d say maybe Russel wilson. Ryan Tannehill has loads of potential. They needed a QB and they lucked out back when they took Jake long and not brady Quinn. Ryan will be a better QB then Quinn i think.

      • Cha-iefs

        I’ve been saying this for awhile now. Right on Ladner!

      • ArrowFan

        Geno doesn’t play D the win lose doesn’t matter what are his numbers against the D’s he lost to? How is loosing a shoot out his fault? He is producing impressive numbers sure they are inflated but they are so huge even if you take what 30% off the top he still out does everyone else.

    • Cha-iefs

      So what if Denver doesn’t win the SB this year? Better start working on your excuse. A elite QB doesn’t = a automatic ring. It just adds to the chances. Same as having a great def does. Ask Brady how many rings he has with his horrific D in NE? He’s elite right? They can’t buy a ring since their hayday Def turned geriatric. In 2007 NE had the most powerful Offense they’ve ever had since Brady became a Patriot. They scored 14 points in the SB that year after going 18-0 that year. Oops,18-1.Nothing is WORSE than that! [Not even 10 years of going 0-16.] Glad you think a elite QB and elite offense equals a ring. This arguement about elite QB that guarantees a ring has more holes then…swiss cheese.

      it simply gives you a “chance”…same as a Great Def does. NFL football IS the ultimate teamsport. KC needs to take the BPA and it’s Te’o hands down.

      • TAZMOSIS

        The reason the Pats weren’t in the SB last year was a dropped pass by Welker. BTW, I am glad they didn’t get there.

        • Cha-iefs

          What about this, the only reason PAT’s didn’t lose the AFC championship vs BAL is because Lee Evans dropped that game winning TD for BAL. That crap Defs of NE almost lost them that game. Another point for my case about them.
          *I agree im also glad the Pats weren’t in the SB.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Sorry but I’ll take 18-1 over 10 years of 0-16. Just sayin.

      • mattU

        I thought this was interesting stat. 10: the number of times a team has won a Superbowl with a QB they didn’t draft or develop as rookies. (Dawson, Theismann, Plunkett (2x), Williams, Favre, Warner, Dilfer, Johnson, Brees). No, drafting a good QB doesn’t guarantee a ring, but the odds are against (nearly 5:1) any team winning with one they didn’t.

        I agree Geno Smith might not be the answer. He has a very high ceiling, but sometimes tentative in pressure situations. I’d be ok with drafting Te’o the first pick and trying to grab Tyler Wilson with the 2nd, but honestly the Chiefs have to fix the QB position. It doesn’t matter how good the defense is if the QB turns the ball over consistently and doesn’t score. Personally, I’d seriously consider Geno #1 and Wilson with the 2nd round pick…That’s how pathetic the QB position is in KC.

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      they also have to take the best qb with confidence and authority

    • Matt

      I think we could trade down a bit and take Mike glennon I have been hearing good things

    • nick

      Ravens are in it every year. They have horrible QB play ever year. They have 100x more SB rings then us in the past 20 years. They have a run game. We have a better one if we had their D we would be AFC west champs this year(even with Rac). I could go on and on but I know football.

      • KCMikeG

        Flacco is hardly horrible and he is on track to have his best year yet. The focus of the Ravens has been the run over pass by design which has slowed his development as a NFL passer. Not sure where you are getting your info but you should definitely check your sources on the 100x more Super Bowl rings as their only one as the Baltimore Ravens was in 2000. Where I come from one equals one.

    • William Reinhold

      I also believe that the Chiefs should draft a QB but based on player talent and position i would not use my 1st pick at QB.Most of the QB talent in this draft i feel are 2nd or 3rd round talent.Taking the best available at number 1 would at least insure a player able to contribute immediately.Te’o with the first pick if available and then i feel they will go O-line,then look for your project QB and corner help etc.

  • Tarkus

    How dumb would it be to take a top 10 LT and move him to OG? Chiefs fans are spoiled at the LT position. It’s not near as easy of a position to fill as they think. When you have a really good one, you’re not looking at where else you can play him. LT is one of the most important positions on the team.

    • ladner morse

      I’m not sure you read the “whole” article.

  • Danny W

    Signal caller on offense is more important right now. Why not trade Bowe maybe get a second for him and then deal our two seconds and a fourth and get Smith, and Teo? Our first second rounder should be really high, pretty much like a first rounder. Shoot, I’d give this years second, third, and next years first for Teo. But I’d rather see Geno Smith calling the shots on offense.

    • Tarkus

      Can’t trade Bowe until he signs a new contract. And no reason for him to agree to a sign and trade, when he can just do free agency instead.

  • Cha-iefs

    Few comments; first, welcome to the “Te’o-side”! I REALLY like this LBer! He’s my fantasy draft pick. LBs don’t usually get the #1 overall pick ,lol. He is however the BEST pick. I’ve been saying try for a Landry Jones [type] or someone else later. Maybe grab Alex smith for camp,who knows what FA/trades will look like. my point is, KC just needs a guy at QB that isn’t turning over the football.

    Te’o will move mountains in the middle for KC. [I've BEEN saying this WAY before "a you know who LB, did you know what. Ugh! I have nothing nice to say about it! i'm not part of the sympathetic crowd towards a murderer,besides the most selfish act one can commit is suicide. Or maybe it's to make a child a complete orphan. i'll curb my thoughts on anything further. Anyways,Nevermind about that.

    Okay so you say move Albert to LG? i agree that Albert is at home as a guard. What if KC picked up jake Long in FA?
    Also, is Aaron Murray coming out for sure this draft?
    I don't want to regret not taking Te'o this draft. I know one thing...there is NO elite QB in the top guys coming out in this draft. Maybe a gem in a deeper round but thats usually due to a chip on their shoulder and they bust their "seat" to prove something. Aaron Rodgers has a NICE chip on his shoulder. Round 1, pick 25th [or whatever]. How’s jamarcus russel doing? I’ll be happy looking for a “Aaron rodgers-gem” In this draft before any over hyped-Geno’s.
    A great coach,great run game,smart game manager QB,great Def,Solid Oline with depth….That’ll get you a ring! Lets see if Denver wins the SB this year and a “all you need is a elite QB to win a SB is really true!” I don’t think thats the case. Again, Manti Te’o is the best choice for KC’s first pick. i’ve been saying it and I’m sticking to it this draft. Good article Ladner.

    • ladner morse

      Right on. If you take the top four QBs in the league… Rogers, Brady, Manning and Brees…… only Manning was a top five pick. It’s so totally short sighted to get stuck thinking the Chiefs MUST take a QB just because they need one and they happen to have a top five pick. When it turns out to be a waste… fans will be up in arms again. Why not go after the great LB first and then do some real talent evaluation at QB and at least come up with a Russel Wilson. everyone in the league passed him by and he looks like he’s going to have a heck of a career.

      • Tarkus

        So it’s your position that the QBs get better after the first round?

        • ladner morse

          No. I’m saying there is no correlation between A) where a player is selected and B) success. What does matter is evaluation. The Chiefs need to do better evaluation of potential QBs.

          Being taken in the first round is no guarantee of success and being taken after the first round is also no guarantee of success. That’s the point… I believe Manti’ Te’o is a better prospect than Geno Smith so why wouldn’t I want to see the Chiefs take him.

          • Tarkus

            Not saying there are any guarantees. But the Chiefs need to take the best QB on their board. That’s not going to happen in the second round or later. There’s absolutely no comparison between the importance of a MLB vs. a QB.

          • Calchiefsfan

            Michael Vick was a 1st round pick in 2001, Drew Brees a 2nd round pick. In 2011 Blaine Gabbert went #10, Dalton and Kaepernick went in the second round. Not the norm but it does happen enough to challenge conventional wisdom.

        • Cha-iefs

          youre reaching now to try and pose a lame arguement. very petty of you.

      • Cha-iefs

        Its the shee’ople desperate view point for a QB. it’s a very “casual fan approach” to just assume the best thing to do is settle on the over-hyped Qb just becuz Kc will probably have the #1 pick. Myopic to say the least. But history proves us WRONG.. KC NEEDS a elite QB to win. They all think Geno is going to be elite.
        Dan Marino was a elite QB and he has 5 or 6 rings! Or wait a minute…. turning sarcasm on[off] now.

  • Cha-iefs

    Patric Allen

    you said,”I am still doing my research but as of now this would be my pick. I know that Smith cooled somewhat after a very hot start. Still, he has an impressive skill set for a QB, he takes care of the football and he has very solid down-field accuracy….something a Chiefs QB hasn’t had since, well, maybe ever.”

    To all the Geno bandwagon,

    Go Youtube WVU vs TCU watch the full game and count how many balls should of been INTs. *Nice hailmary Geno 0:39:00* Takes care of the football? Austin at 0:45:30…another dog crap td “pass” for Geno. I’m not going to breakdown the whole game for you all. just go watch it and later you’ll hear me when your head hits the pillow.

    Watch his games and other deep passes. this dude chucks it up hailmary style alot! Not “solid down-field accuracy”. he also under throws the deep ball alot. watch “film” of all the games. I study football,not watch it.

    His numbers are empty & padded vs dog crap Defs the first 5 games of the season. Geno isn’t what you all think he is. NFL defs arn’t as forgiving as college. College doesn’t even have any good defs. [The only thing that impresses me is ND's RZ def.] Go study the “film” on this guy! Does anyone do any work or just watch highlights? I’ve been saying this and now i’m going to do the work for you “desperate for a QB”-Geno fanboys.

    • Chiefswatch

      Yea you study film but seem to only talk about the game against TCU. You are a hater man. Plain and simple. “Study Football, not watch it” so you what listen to it as you are studying?? Can’t afford a TV so sit on your computer watching those espn dots move up and down the field?? What a laugh you are

      • Cha-iefs

        “Can’t afford a TV so sit on your computer watching those espn dots move up and down the field?? What a laugh you are”

        What does this have to do with anything? Just a weak insult. Get it together.
        TCU is a great starting point to you guys that are hanging on his first 5 games. Start there and work outwards. AGAIN, I’m NOT doing ANY work for you guys. YOU go look the games. I’ve watched a lot of his games, not all,but ALOT. The TCU game IS my rebuttal to the stats & first 5 games. I’m FAR from a hater. Not that it matters but my evolution went from Geno to Matt Barkley to a deeper QB in the draft.
        * Tom Brady was a 6th rnd pick. Not everyone is peyton Manning 1st pick overall or John Elway. You can find QBs. It doesn’t have to be a “lock” for 1st pick.


  • ArrowFan

    It is to early for any of this like you said we will all have a much better feel in a month or two. I do think Te’o is a very special player but so is Geno. We don’t even know our position yet and there are question about our current roster that are huge, how many future FA do we have? Lets get through that and the season before we start all of this.

    • Cha-iefs

      This is very true. …It’s just not as fun.

  • Chiefswatch

    Nope Nope. Not taking a Linebacker. Ridiculous idea, regardless of how good he is. Shit I would rather just trade that pick if you think there is not a QB worth taking so soon. If he is so ALL WORLD then someone should be wanting to trade up and get him. Drop back get more picks and STILL take a QB. What I do not want happening is having this really high pick and getting a LINEBACKER while our team has the most ATROCIOUS QB situation in the entire league. Let’s not even start to talk about the rest of the team (Secondary??). No let’s add to the group that features Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. Ridiculous man.

    • Patrick Allen

      There are some experts who don’t even think he is the best linebacker in the draft.

      • Chiefswatch

        There is no doubt he is the best inside LB but he is not as good as Jarvis Jones. But Jones is another edge rusher. Regardless we can not take him when our needs have needs all over the field. Nobody has ever said our LBs are why we are crap.

        • Cha-iefs

          “There is no doubt he is the best inside LB but he is not as good as Jarvis Jones. But Jones is another edge rusher.”

      • Cha-iefs

        LB okay but if you mean ILB? He is hands down the BEST ILB in the draft.

  • Chiefswatch

    Mel Kiper on Geno Smith :

    2012 Stats : Comp 349 Att 489 Pct 71.4 Yds 4,001 TD 40 Int 6

    Now with three years as a starter in which he never completed fewer
    than 64.8 percent of his throws and has never been prone to INTs. He’s
    smart, accurate and patient — a pocket passer who can move but keeps
    his eyes downfield, hits targets short, will read defenses and move
    defenders for deep balls. Has exceptional ball placement.

    • KCMikeG

      Why isn’t Geno Smith worth a 1st round pick?? He is everything we don’t have and haven’t had in years. He has three years of gradually improving success with 65%-71% completion, 24 TD to 40 TD’s, his avg. yards per pass increased, a 20% increase in his QB ranking, a decrease in Int’s from only 7 down to 6, a decrease in sacks from 28 to 17 shows improved decision making.

      Many want to write him off because they lost 5 games in a row but in 3 of them he lead the offense to 34, 38 and 49 points vs #12 Oklahoma – that’s on the defense. Some want to nit pick that he played against bad teams yet RGIII played against the worst ranked defenses in in the nation in his one huge year. Some want to complain that he just throws it up to WR’s in coverage but have you watched Stafford/Megatron or Schaub/A. Johnson and isn’t that one of the skills we were excited about Baldwin bringing to us? I would give my left – well maybe not but I would be ecstatic if we threw it up to JB and let him go up and get the ball over the smaller DB’s over draw huge interference calls. Bowe excels in this area too. Finally QB is our biggest need and all the “evaluation” in the world is no guarantee of finding a franchise QB in the later rounds either.

      I love Te’o too but our LB group is one of our strengths already. Minter, Mosely, Ogletree, Klein or Aurthur Brown from KST will round out the LB’s nicely w/o costing us our top pick.

      I believe we will win a game or two out of the next three which may push us out of the top pick making Te’o even more reasonable with Smith off the board as long as we can get Landry Jones in the 2nd or 3rd round. Trading back for an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick would be reasonable too if we can get a QB in one of those rounds.

      The bottom line though is that defenses don’t win championships anymore – great QB’s do. The Mock Drafts at CBS, Walter, Draftek, Bleacher Report, NFL Draft Geek, Fansided ALL have us going #1 with Geno Smith. IMHO Geno Smith is the most important addition we could make this year and he will make everyone around him better.

    • Cha-iefs

      Mel Kiper on Jamarcus Russell

      JaMarcus Russell is going to immediately energize that fanbase, that football team — on the practice field, in that locker room,” ESPN’s Mel Kiper
      said at the time. “Three years from now you could be looking at a guy
      that’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league.
      …You’re talking about a 2-3 year period once he’s under center. Look
      out because the skill level that he has is certainly John Elway-like.”
      * VIA: CALCHIEFsfan. I moved it up. Whoa talk about a rebuttal to chiefwatch’s comment!!!*

  • Chiefswatch

    How is this not an elite prospect is beyond me. Hell if he is just a good prospect its worth our top pick.

    • Calchiefsfan

      Mel Kiper on Jamarcus Russell

      JaMarcus Russell is going to immediately energize that fanbase, that football team — on the practice field, in that locker room,” ESPN’s Mel Kiper
      said at the time. “Three years from now you could be looking at a guy
      that’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league.
      …You’re talking about a 2-3 year period once he’s under center. Look
      out because the skill level that he has is certainly John Elway-like.”

    • scastagnoli

      Yes, and despite having the best numbers, the crazy rating system doesn’t have him in the top spot. His numbers also improved every year.

  • mattU

    This discussion might be moot. Chiefs could very well beat Cleveland or Oakland. If that puts Jacksonville #1 spot they’ll probably take Geno, leaving KC with Teo.

    Honestly though, I could see them taking Star Lotulelei if Geno is off the board. It’s sad but unfortunately a realistic possibility…Dorsey is likely done as a Chief and Jackson is either getting cut or restructured because he’s due $14 million next year.

    • sidibeke

      If Te’o is on the board and we take a DL (Lotulelei), I think my head will explode.

  • Philippe Deprez

    No on Te’o… Hes going to be a great player but we need a QB desperately. If we end up with the first pick, i want them to take Geno and never look back. Its time to finally draft our qb of the future, and it has to happen in 2013.

  • Cha-iefs

    Who were the last 10 Qbs to win in the last 10 SBs?
    Why does KC need to risk a number 1 overall pick on Geno and not just take the BPA [Manti Te'o] It still fills a huge hole.
    I agree with Ladner, I think Te’o has more value.

    *Just so you know,
    the 2 mannings were the only 2 QBs picked #1 overall that have won in the last 10 SBs. The others didn’t get taken #1 overall. If you don’t know already-wait until you see where Tom Brady was selected.

    It’s possible KC can find a guy on down the ladder without going all-in on Geno.
    just adding more to the points made in the article.

  • Lyle Graversen

    I’m going to agree and disagree.

    If there is a QB that the Chiefs feel is clearly better than anyone they will be able to get in the 2nd round available with their first pick they must take him. Period. I don’t care if the Chiefs think Te’o grades out as a better player, QB is just too important. I believe Geno Smith’s arm strength, accuracy, athleticism, and work ethic make him the clear frontrunner. The only other guy that I see as a possibility is Tyler Wilson and we’ll have to see how he looks through things like the Senior Bowl and combine.

    Here’s where I could get on board with Te’o as the pick. Let’s say we win another game and Jax gets the first pick and takes Geno Smith. If that happens and the grade that KC has on guys like Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Aaron Murray, Mike Glennon, Tyler Bray, Landry Jones, and Ryan Nassib are all pretty even then it makes no sense to take one in the first round just to say you took a QB first when you could get a guy you like just as much in the 2nd round. That’s silly. However, if just one of those guys (like Wilson) grades out better than the rest then take him. Otherwise, take a home run like Te’o in the first and pick up your QB in the 2nd.

    The other advantages for picking Te’o (and again, QB is my first choice) is that he fills a SERIOUS void on this team when it comes to leadership. The Chiefs have lacked having that vocal leader to fire the team up when things have gone bad. I think in that regard Te’o could bring more to this team than just upgrading the ILB position. If he was the guy that got on people when stuff goes wrong and keeps the train from coming off the tracks like it has on numerous occasions this season. We all mocked Mike Vrabel and Thomas Jones because their play was so terrible, but then when all the strong veteran leader types left this team went right down the crapper.

    The other reason I like Te’o is because of how he helps the nickel package. Right now Eric Berry is playing sort of a hybrid LB/S in the sub package and is almost always up at the line of scrimmage. Because of this he rarely gets to sit back and read the QB and use the ball hawking skills he showed in college when he was compared to Ed Reed constantly. Te’o's coverage skills would allow him to play that spot at the line of scrimmage and put Berry back where guys like Travis Daniels or Abram Elam have been playing, thus providing a significant upgrade to 2 positions in the ever-increasingly important nickel package.

    • ladner morse

      Well stated Lyle. I’ve watched enough of Te’o to not agree though.
      You see… I believe that whether or not the Chiefs draft right or sign right this off season the QB position will be better next year. The reality is — the Chiefs could draft Mr. Wonderful and then he could end up sitting on the bench for a year (see Colin Kaepernick).

  • Calchiefsfan

    On another note, great article Laddy! I love these posts that stir up the Chiefs fan base. The good Lord knows we need something to get our blood going this year.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Looks like I’ll be watching a lot of West Virginia for the rest of the year.

  • scastagnoli

    Despite presenting your case in a typically well-written manner, even a great ILB who wasn’t asked to rush the QB isn’t deserving of being one of the first few picks in this or any draft. A QB, left tackle and an outside pass-rusher are the only three positions that should be at the top of the draft.

    The Chiefs must take the best QB, and his name is Geno Smith. I don’t care if he isn’t rated in the top ten or not by evaluators. He is intelligent, possesses a very strong and accurate arm, and he has produced spectacular numbers during his college career. We should stop comparing this year’s crop to Luck and RG3.

    Smith needs tweaks in his fundamentals, but he has clearly shown the ability to make big-time, down field throws with tremendous accuracy and touch. The position is simple the most critical in the game. Presently, we have at best a #2 QB, and if we wait until round #2 come draft time, we are simply reducing our chances to find a true franchise QB.

    • Keane Santos

      I disagree with this logic for the exact reasons Ladner mentioned above, sometimes you have to break the positional value thing and draft beyond that, Eric Berry’s position wasn’t supposed to hold high positional value either.

      I agree with finding a QB, but I just think if we’re thinking about BPA it could be a tough choice.

  • shalom69

    Te’o actually has 103 tackles and 7 interceptions, the most interceptions in a season of any LB in 11 years. In total Te’o is statistically credited with 9 turnovers (7 int 2 fumble recoveries), tied for most in Division 1. He also has a few QB hurries that ended in ND interceptions. Overall Te’o is responsible for 11 of the 23 ND TOs this year.

    The kid is a beast on the inside. He’d have averaged 130-140 tackles like his 2 previous years but you don’t get many tackle opportunities when teams are 3 and out all game and don’t even cross the 50 yard hash and run from you all game

    • ladner morse

      Te’o has also forced INTs for other players on his defense. You don’t get to be the top scoring defense in college ball without pressuring the QB… which he wasn’t asked to do much but, when he did he did it well.

  • Leon Ritz

    First I am going to say that I am in the Te’o camp on this. I think taking him with our first pick is the way to go. Notice I didn’t say with the first overall because I don’t think we will have it, I think we win 3 of the next 4 and pick around the 5-8 range. I think Te’o in the first and Wilson in the second or if we think he goes earlier trade back into the first to get him like Cleveland did with Weeden. I would like to pose a couple questions though for those who think that Smith is who we MUST pick. From all the comments I have read most are saying the reason Smith lost the games he lost is due to his D, yet those same people feel that he is elite and thats what is needed to win in the NFL. My thing is if you can’t win a shoot out in college you won’t win a shoot out in the NFL. I am of the opinion that the best way to win in a QB driven league is to first stop the other QBs in the league, and you do that with defense. Baltimore is not 9-3 due to an elite QB, Flaaco is good but not elite. Houston is not 11-1 because of an elite QB, San Fran 8-3 is not due to an elite QB, all of whom have a very good chance to win the SB this year. Those teames are where they are because of an elite defense. Our Chiefs have what I think is a good to very good defense, how ever they are lacking in my mind one key thing and that is leadership. I think a player like Te’o is what this team needs to push it’s D over the top and be what we thought they could be. I am not going to disagree and say we don’t need a QB, I believe we do need one. I believe how ever that that QB can be Wilson or maybe even one of the other QBs that can be had late first or early second.

    Mt second question for you is this. Do you think Geno Smith is a no doubt QB of the future. I personally don’t think so. Those who say he is I am not saying your wrong, I am just stating my opinion. I hear a lot of people saying he has a big upside or a lot of potential, but to me that is also the same as having a lot of bust potential. I just can not subscribe to the we are desperate for a QB so we must take one high in the first regardless is he is worthy of the pick or not. And before anyone says anything reread your comments because that is what a lot of you are saying. As far as comparing this years class to last years, it can and should be done. Last year it was an easier debate as to if a QB should be taken number one, it was more of a debate as to which one should be taken. My mind tells me that if there is even a debate as to if this QB should be taken first or even in the top five then that tells me he probably shouldn’t be the pick. But then again as I have said I don’t think it will matter because I don’t think we will have the first pick, which I think Jacksonville will get, and I think they will pick Smith because they are as desperate as we are and they have shown they will reach for a QB.

    Finally guys I agree we need a QB bad, I just don’t think it is smart to say we need one bad so lets take whoever the best is even if he isn’t worthy of the pick. Making picks out of desperation can cripple a franchise for far longer than anything else. Which ever pick is made come draft day I will support it and my Chiefs going forward, I am not one of these guys who say man if they don’t take a QB first round I’m done. Let’s just hope whatever the pick is it makes us a better team and gets us back to what we should be and deserve to be as a franchise.

    • Cha-iefs

      Nice man. I think a lot of this was said but in different comments by different people. Parts spread out here and there. You basically said it all in one comment. I agree with a lot of your points.

      I think the best thing that could happen to KC is Jax moves in and takes Geno. either by record [or whatever crazy thing happens.] then KC gets Te’o and another QB shortly after. [trade back in or what have you]

      VERY GREAT POINT ABOUT THE DEF and the other teams in the NFL. This has been said by others but NOT nearly enough. Everyone is SO hung up on the Elite QB thing and they fail to see this. It’s NOT a MUST to have a elite QB in the NFL.

      Tom Brady had the BEST OFFENSE in the NFL [and in his career as a pat] and he was considered the BEST QB in the NFL when they played the Giants in the SB. They LOST. Not too mention NE never should of made it to the SB. LUCKY Lee Evans didn’t squeeze that ball.

    • ladner morse

      Wow… thanks for sharing. I don’t know what will happen with Jax or the Chiefs record but, one thing I would agree with you on wholeheartedly is… it would be a reach to take Geno Smith at number one. As an organization, to get better, the Chiefs need to stop doing that — reaching.

      • Leon Ritz

        Yeah sorry I didn’t realize I had written that much till it posted.

        • ladner morse

          No problem. Write as much as you like…………….

  • Keane Santos

    Ladner thank you for writing this article.

    I’ve been pondering this for a while, obviously I think the Chiefs’ number one need is QB, but looking at this year’s draft it’s a tough one to get rallied around. I actually like Geno Smith but I don’t think he’s near the level RG3 or Luck were at last year. Honestly I would have traded nearly anything to get Luck last year, I liked RG3 but probably would have been hesitant about the Rams trade at the time (obviously the right move now).

    I’m from Hawaii so I’ve seen Manti from his high school days to college. He gets a lot of coverage here since he’s a local kid excelling (so does the Oregon QB) and I have to say – Manti is an absolute beast! He has performed at a top level consistently every where he has been. Our defense took a step back this year but I honestly feel if we took Manti we’d have an insane defense and the best LB core in the league.

    I’m town between Geno Smith and Manti, obviously we need a QB but if we’re going with the best player it’s not even a question in my opinion. For the record I wanted to take Foles or Russell Wilson last year!! but also for the record I thought Cam Newton would be a bust – so what do I know!

    • ladner morse

      Well, Cam Newton has actually been hot and cold and not the consistently kind of good that RGIII has been.

      The point with Russell is that a top shelf QB can be had but one can only be identified by evaluating well.

      It is a system/player skills match to make a successful QB and with the possible changes coming at the top of the Chiefs organization… it could be a very busy off-season. And memorable.

  • nick

    Love the post it is all true.. and u know what Bradleys stock has fallen so bad I really think we could even get him in the second round. So people who want the best QB in the draft there u go.

    • ladner morse

      I think you mean Barkley but, yea… I think we can have our cake and eat it too by getting a dominant ILB in the first and an excellent QB in the second or moving up into the last half of the first to do that.

  • Flipper

    Agree wholeheartedly on Manti….don’t believe that ANY of the QBs are worthy of a top pick. I know this season has been blamed on Cassel and poor quarterbacking, and I agree to some degree. Our O Line has been a joke (except for the Panther game). No QB would have been successful with the Chiefs O Line this year….I do think that Cassel still has repercussions from his broken hand….he is NOT throwing a good ball with any zip. Quinn on the other hand is a leader, he takes charge, and will develop into a pretty darn good QB. Cassel will be gone, and Stanzi should be too. Take Manti first….look for a QB later…..shore up the O LINE! There are going to be lots of QB options from the Seahawks, 49ers, Eagles, etc……..No need to waste a high pick on marginal college QBs.


    I agree 100% we NEED to get Manti Te’o with first pick. There is plenty of decent QB’s N the draft but not many teams need a QB n the first round bc most have found their guy. Which means we can get 2 good QB’s in this draft after the first round, considering we will have around 13 picks in the upcoming draft I believe. We can pick up EJ Manuels n the 2nd round, his stats r as follows comp-237/ att-349 3101yds, Comp%-67.9, YPA-8.89, LNG-77, 22TD/10INT, RAT- 157.6. These would be my 1st 2 picks if possible after that we need a good Dominant DE to go on houstons side to help out pass rush when Houston drops in coverage move Hali around and blitz his ass every time bc he is not a very good pass defender so that would leave DJ, Te’o and houston to drop back and help out pass coverage when Houston isn’t blitzing of course

  • disqus_NjDwfjhsKn

    This is a very well written and I respect the points that you make. I too agree that Te’o is a special (possible pro bowl caliber player) Here is where I think you are completely 100% ass backwards in your thinking! ILB is not an important position even with a pro bowler. Look at last years stud ILB from Boston college with the Panthers. He is having a stud season and also has very little effect in the W-L category. The fact is that the Chiefs are so inept/uncompetitive because of a horrible QB situation (and coaching and our lovely GM). I recognize that this a less than stellar QB class but I would rather take a chance at a true impact player/position, possibly fail and try again then have a stud at a position that has little effect on the W-L. This is not the QB class of last year, but that is not to say there isn’t a good to great QB in the mix.

    • ladner morse

      Good argument. Really. However, I look at your last sentences, “This is not the QB class of last year, but that is not to say there isn’t a good to great QB in the mix”… and you are admitting there is a great deal of “dice-rolling” that will be going on when it comes to any QB in this class.

      The “real” problem that has gotten us here is… Scott Pioli who has erroneously evaluated Matt Cassel as a good QB and then pushed all the Chiefs chips to the middle of the table with him in place. In the mean time he drafted to strengthen other positions while depending on Cassel to eventually develop, which obviously never happened.

      Now, the QB cupboard is bare and he’s left the Chiefs in a position of desperation. Desperation in a football game makes a team react in predictable, and thus beatable, ways. The same principle holds true off the field. If other teams can foretell your moves before you move — you’re dead in the water.

      A number of online sporting news sites have the Chiefs taking Geno Smith with the first selection. Geno Smith might make the Chiefs better. There is a “maybe” involved. A bigger maybe than if the Chiefs selected Manti’ Te’o.

      There is nothign limiting the Chiefs from taking the BPA in the first while filling the QB need in the second or third rounds. AND… the point about that is… the Chiefs should have been taking a shot at QBs in the second and third round for years now … and yes even in the first round. But, they haven’t and that has gotten the Chiefs right where they’re at. A day late and a dollar short.

      Jumping at a draft pick who is rated much lower keeps the organization behind the 8 ball. The Chiefs need to begin taking players who are projected to be great players. Fans who have a problem with that… puzzle me.

      Yes, the Chiefs need to fix the QB position — just don’t make realistic and highly possible team greatness the sacrificial lamb. Or we might as well change the name of the team to the KC Lambs.

  • sidibeke

    I agree. There is no QB worth the top pick that I see. I’d rather take Te’o, take a QB 2nd round and see if we could get a guy like Alex Smith.

    Te’o looks like the Andrew Luck of last year. You only get so many cracks at a player like that.

  • KCMikeG

    Wow. Pretty ironic that the same argument that was used to prove that Cassel could never be our franchise QB is now being declared Invalid just to discredit the top QB pick in most every mock I read and our greatest need at any position. Now it is more/just as likely that we can get our franchise QB like Brady in the later rounds so no reason to “waste” our 1st round pick on a QB over an ILB. Or maybe we can get someones castaway to be our franchise leader on the island of misfit QB’s. So then is it also true that Cassel = Geno < Te'o? Right? Where are all the got to have an Elite QB to win rants? Haven't we been told repeatedly that the NFL has changed and is a pass first and in greater proportion to the run?

    • ladner morse

      So, you’re saying Geno Smith is elite? Probably not. So, you’re saying that because he might be close to elite the Chiefs should pick him as their elite QB? All the while several other position players who project to stardom (and HOF?) should be passed by. The only way fans can see the error in this is for time to go by and listen to some espn jockey do a re-draft then they’ll be sitting at home going… “aaahhhh maaaan we coulda had __________!”

      • Leon Ritz

        Here’s another thing I like about taking Te’o, I know a lot of people think he will improve two positions by allowing Berry to play back and not up in the box but I think it improves four positions. Follow me here, It will not only improve the ILB position that he will be playing and Berry’s position but I also think it will help improve the other ILB position that DJ plays. With Te’o here teams will have to game plan for two stud LBs up the middle and not just focus solely on where DJ is at and plan their blocking scheme to block him, they will have to attempt to block both which is much much harder. The fact is you can game plan to block one of them but planing to block them both will be almost if not impossible. I also think that by taking Te’o we will improve the LOLB position, a lot of time in the passing game Houston drops back in coverage because Belcher wasn’t a good cover LB, well Te’o is a good cover LB so there won’t be a need to drop Houston in coverage thus allowing him to rush more which will in turn put more pressure on the opposing QB. I have also read that a lot of people don’t think we should take Te’o because he would leave the field on third down when we change to nickle, do you remember why we change to nickle on third down and take the second ILB off the field, It’s because Belcher couldn’t play in pass coverage and that’s how Romeo protected him. I think with Te’o we will be able to stay in our base D more because he can play in pass coverage and won’t have to be protected and taken out of the game.

        • ladner morse

          Wow… great points. I love the idea of the Chiefs sticking Te’o on Antonio Gates. Imagine what games against the Chargers will be like if the Chiefs can take away the middle of the field in Gates. Any doubling the Chiefs would have to do on the outside can be effective. Gates 40 time WAS 4.6 when he came into the league and you can see he’s slowed up some. Te’o's time is 4.65 and the fact that gates will be 33 when next season rolls around. I always loved that the Chiefs had Gonzo to off-set whatever damage gates was doing. Te’o could be the new damage control.

        • KCMikeG

          Thanks for the food for thought. I really like the idea of getting back to playing where he excels and quit with the bringing him up to the line. Hali and Houston need to be bringing the heat not dropping into coverage. We have been so weak against TE’s for as long as I can remember so stopping that is critical. I also believe that Te’o would be more aggressive in the gaps and will be unstoppable as Jackson continues to improve on passing downs and Poe develops into the beast he shows promise to be.
          You having me leaning a little more towards Manti but we sure need a QB and I think too many are discounting Geno Smith’s potential. Our approaching win streak may settle this debate for us all/

      • KCMikeG

        Way too early on the HOF. Could Geno be elite? Possibly. Could he be our franchise QB w/o being elite? Absolutely. Certainly you aren’t arguing against QB being our greatest need? That is what has me on the Geno bandwagon. No one is a sure thing over time. Look at all the players drafted in the 1st round that were busts or never became more than average like Curry and Maybin. Even the elite 1st round pick in “Superman” has returned to earth. Ray Lewis was picked at #23 so it is just as reasonable to say with the proper evaluation you are promoting at QB the same could be accomplished at ILB. So are you saying we should gamble on a 2nd or 3rd rounder as our franchise QB rather than take a sure 1st round QB? The only way fans can see the so called “error” is if it actually came true which is not guaranteed. Would of, could of and should of is a pointless exercise for hindsight experts.

  • mnu68

    I wouldn’t mind trading down to say the 5th or 6th pick and maybe picking up a high second rounder and getting Tyler Wilson and a receiver in the early 2nd, we need a QB and another weapon can’t hurt his chances of succeeding early.

  • Larry Devore

    The way KC goes about things, they’ll draft Manti and then he’ll tank.

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