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Romeo Crennel: "I wasn’t able to reach the young man”

More details have come out about what Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel, GM Scott Pioli and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs witnessed on Saturday morning when Jovan Belcher drove into the parking lot at the team’s practice facility.

Peter King of spoke last evening on Sunday Night Football Night In America, revealing some details of a conversation he had with Crennel following the Chiefs’ emotional 27-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers Sunday.

According to King, Pioli and Belcher arrived at the facility at the same time, around 8 a.m. Central time. Pioli noticed that Belcher was upset and after a brief conversation, Belcher requested that Crennel and Gibbs be summoned. The two coaches obliged and came out to the parking lot. Meanwhile, a Chiefs security officer noticed that Belcher had a gun and phoned the police.

Belcher proceeded to thank all three men for all they had done for him. The men tried to reason with Belcher but he just kept thanking them, not really engaging. Then, as police were arriving, Belcher turned and took a few steps away before shooting himself in the head.

“I wasn’t able able to reach the young man,” Crennel told King.


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    I have some thoughts on what happened Saturday morning, and this situation was very disturbing in many ways. I am referring to what was told to Pioli by Belcher after they met outside the training facility. These things are apparently known and are verifiable. Pioli knew that Belcher was:


    Had a gun

    Had just shot someone

    Knew that the police were on the way.

    He believed these things because Javon told him.
    At this point, Belcher thanked Pioli for all he had done for him in his career.

    Now, this is where it gets really disturbing. Pioli, having taken a moment or two to try and bring Belcher to a calmer state of mind with no success, was asked by Belcher if Pioli could have Crennel and Gibbs come out to where they were at, and Pioli agreed. Pioli called Crennel on his cell and within a moment both Crennel and Gibbs joined Pioli and Belcher in the parking lot. After a very brief time, having no success in trying to get Belcher to agree to lay down the weapon and trust them to help him, and seeing the Police enter the area, Belcher walked to the other side of a vehicle and shot himself.

    The scary thing is that Pioli knew he was dealing with a mentally unstable person and that that person was asking him to bring more people into this confrontation which had all the dangers of being a multiple murder scene. Belcher had already killed one person in his life whom he had a child with and had planned a future with. What was to prevent him from killing three more people who were a big part of his life? He had nothing to lose. He knew he was going to kill himself, and in his deranged state of mind, what did it matter? And Scott Pioli knew that Belcher had already shot someone, even though he was not aware if that person was dead or alive.

    Look, I am not stating that I nor anyone else in that circumstance would have acted differently. Maybe Pioli thought that by bringing two people that were trusted friends of Belcher into the confrontation that maybe they could help to diffuse things and perhaps bring a safe ending to this dramatic scene. Unfortunately, that did not happen. But, given all that was going on in Jovan Belcher’s deranged mind, I think that we are lucky not to be talking about a mass murder that we would be dealing with for years.
    Thank God that those brave men are here to talk about it.

    Whatever Scott Pioli was thinking, I am certain that he was trying to save a life……that of Jovan Belcher.

  • David Fritch

    I wonder if the other two knew what they were walking into when following orders from Pioli. There is no way in hell I’d approach Belcher holding a gun in a parking lot at 8am in the morning. What an amazing and dare I say stupid risk that was.