November 18, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; A Kansas City Chiefs fan wears a "Black out Arrowhead" t-shirt in the first half of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Is It Time For A Kansas City Chiefs Ownership Change?


It’s very hard to see how things could be much worse in Kansas City when it comes to seeing a game. Unbridled joy and appreciation for life has turned to protesters and drunks.

Sometimes good, sometimes great football has turned to always bad.

It’s hard to describe the feeling your Arrowhead Adventurer gets when I sit in the fourth quarter knowing that a six-point deficit is a three possesion game, while drunk fans’ butt cracks hang out as they all move to the front row where the few remaining loyal fans have already bailed.

It’s the worst.

I have seen crowds at Arrowhead that are not to be believed. Those crowds are no more.

Yes it’s still fun to sit next to my buddy’s awesome Chiefs bus, tailgating and solving the world’s problems.

Much more fun than going inside for the game.

But what can we do?

Wear black to the games? Fans in black still buy tickets.

Hire a plane to drag dumb banners urging the Hunt family to fire Pioli? A big waste of money. Clark Hunt will do what he feels like doing regardless of banners.

Football has never been the bread and butter of the Hunt family, simply an expensive hobby they can easily afford.

BUT the difference is Lamar Hunt totally focused on the game. Clark Hunt, it seems is not.

The problem in Kansas City isn’t lack of funds by the owners of the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s lack of motivation.

You see no matter how bad football in Kansas City gets, loyal fans keep paying the bills.

Clark Hunt has uncovered the dark secret team owners have jealously guarded since the beginning of pro football

A team owner can make money from a shitty team.

And until big changes hit the Kansas CIty Chiefs, we are in for more of the same.

Time for new ownership? It certainly could be. Time for a more focused approach on football for sure.

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  • Adrian Morales

    ive thought the same thing

  • Adrian Morales

    i tell my girlfriend i wish i had a billion dollars too buy the chiefs and make a winner i would do it even if i only had a billion dollars i would spend my ladt to make this team a winner

  • d-block

    Lamar wasn’t a good owner either. After the NFL became established, what did his team do? I’ll tell you. Not a damn thing. Made it the the AFC Championship game ONCE in his tenure. I think it’s time for an owner that resides in KC and has to face the fans everyday, not just once a week from your luxury sky box.

  • tymmac007

    I quit going to Eagles games for the same reason. Idiots put those jerseys on and become drunk and (more) stupid!

  • healdog

    Pioli had this season(2012) right where it needed to be and then he couldn’t look in the mirror and accept the fact that his QB (Cassel) couldn’t cut the mustard because the team had no confidence in him. They never said it but all u had to do was watch how they played for Kyle (got a rocket and ability) Orten and Romeo in the last 3 games last year. If # 82 could catch a reasonable percentage of passes they win the division . So hope sprung eternal until Pioli didn’t retain Orten. Then it was back to the same ol’ song and dance and as soon as Cassel screwed up in game one the team gave up. And if u don’t believe that then u weren’t watching or don’t understand team attitude. I believe its all about Pioli ‘s ego. Any GM that can’t admit things have changed and adjust, needs to be replaced.