2013 NFL Mock Draft: The Kansas City Chiefs Select...

The first FanSided 2013 NFL Mock Draft of the year has been released.

The folks over at FanSided.com will be releasing weekly mock drafts right up until the big day in April. While it may seem a little early for mocks, for fans of teams like the Chiefs that are out of the running for the playoffs, it is pretty much all we have.

The draft boards are sure to change a lot over the coming weeks so it will be fun to track all the players the Chiefs take in these mocks.

Let’s get to it.

With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select:

Mat Barkley, QB, USC

The Chiefs are in serious need of rebuilding and that all starts, as we’ve seen in the past, with a franchise quarterback. The Falcons drafted Matt Ryan to rebuild, Detroit took Matthew Stafford and both have been to the playoffs not long after making those selections. The Chiefs are far from being playoff worthy in the near future but they need a leader and Barkley is their best shot.

I partly agree. The Chiefs certainly need a franchise QB but I am not sure the roster needs to be totally re-built. In fact, I think blowing things up would be a mistake.

Now, on the pick.

Barkley hasn’t had that great of a season but he is still considered one of the top two QBs in this coming class. Right now it seems to be between Barkley and West Virginia’s Geno Smith.

I have to say, I am weary of another USC QB with questionable arm strength. I’d say at the moment, I’m leaning towards Smith.

I will say this. Whatever your thoughts on Barkley or Smith, in my opinion, the Chiefs have got to take one of them and they need to do it with the #1 pick if they do indeed have it.

Unless some dark horse candidate shoots up draft boards, these two QBs have the best chance of developing into franchise guys.

I’m going to be bullish on the QB position this offseason. Last year I said the Chiefs needed to trade whatever it took to move up to secure RG3. I was mocked and many a draft expert explained to me that giving up so many draft picks would be foolish.

Baloney. I thought it was crap then and I do now.

What has Jalil Brown done for you lately? What about Tyson Jackson? Colin Brown? Devon Wylie? Dexter McCluster?

I’d trade all of those guys and more for RG3. Hell, I’d trade Eric Berry for RG3. Tamba Hali. Justin Houston. Not all of them but one of them certainly.

It is time to face facts. The Chiefs aren’t going anywhere without a QB. All the draft picks in the world aren’t going to help.

KC’s GM, whomever it might be come draft time, needs to take the best QB available wherever the Chiefs pick in the first round. There is no such thing for reaching on a franchise QB. The Chiefs also might want to consider drafting two QBs this April. Just to be on the safe side.

There are no guarantees with QBs regardless of where you take them. But if you don’t take any QBs, I can guarantee your chances of winning a Super Bowl are almost 0.

So right now the pick is Barkley. What do you guys think?

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  • Phil

    No on Barkley! Rather have Geno. More upside, more acurate, taller, and better arm. Makes good decisions, and doesnt turn the ball over. God no on Barkley!

  • Norman Gunn

    Tony Dungy stated that there is a guy named Aaron Murray or something… that reminds him of Peyton..

    • Norman Gunn

      Just watched some game tape of Aaron Murray from Georgia. He is by far better then Barkley, Landry, and Taylor (Geno can be argued). Georgia plays Alabama this Saturday and if Murray shows up the hype will begin. The problem is he can stay for another year.. So odds are when he sees Pioli and Chiefs picking 1# he will probably stay another year

      • Jim Harper

        Exactly why Pioli needs to be gone long before that.

      • ArrowFan

        $$$$$$ will draw him out especially if they go one to finish #1 over all.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Right now, if its a QB at first overall, it has to be Geno. Otherwise, trade down and take Wilson or Barkley, or the last resort would be take the best defensive player available and take a QB in the 2nd (I like Glennon).


    I think that Barkley is not even the third best QB available. He has questionable arm strength, mediocre foot work and sometimes his decision making is up for debate. I don’t see Smith the equal of Luck or RGIII, but in this class he is above whomever is second.

  • Jim Harper

    I agree it has to be Geno at this point, but also agree that our #1 pick has to be a QB. Right now there are several that may shoot up the draft boards between now and the combine. Any number of sleepers out there as well. Look at all the 1st & 2nd year QB’s currently starting for a number of NFL teams and performing well. I also like the idea of drafting two and create some competition.

  • gjrchief

    I’ve supported the chiefs brass through a lot.. believe me, but if they cave to the wants of the fans and draft a 2nd round QB with the #1 pick I will flip out. Smith, Barkley, landry jones, aaron murray etc etc the list of 2nd round qb talent is endless, and besides us and arizona who is desperate for a QB? I say take Manti Teo #1 and whatever QB is left in the 2nd. A leader is what this team needs,,, teo is the greatest leader to come out of college I. A long time.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

      lets see us, cardinals, bills, eagles, chargers, cowboys, jaguars, and jets are all teams interested in new qbs

      • gjrchief

        I hope your joking… interested in a qb and willing to reach on a 1st rd qb are two different things. Eagles??? They are paying Vick 100 million, they have Nick Foles who looks like he has upside, and you are going on record saying they will go and jump on a 1st round QB in what appears to be one of the worst classes in a while! Absurd. Chargers? I hate Rivers as much as anyone, but why are they drafting a QB in the 1st round when they have plenty of positions manned by less quality players? Cowboys… im trying to remember who runs that team… oh yea Jerry Jones, the guy has a huge man crush on tony romo. He would only take a 1st rd qb if it look like a slam dunk. He doesn’t believe in development, he wants immediate impact. I agree romo sucks, but no qb coming in is immediately better than him. Jaguars… just drafted a 1st round qb in gabbert… Many had him going 1st overall that year, but he slid a bit. He has only had 1 offseason of work. And you expect that the only organization cheaper than our own is going to write him off? Besides chad henne is serviceable sliding their need for QB since this draft class is so weak. Besides when the Jets cut Tebow, the Jags will pick him up and maybe finally sell some tickets (but still not win games.) The Bills, possible, but unlikely. They just paid Fitz”magic” as the fans there were calling him, a huge contract, and there head coach has a reputation for working well with under the radar type players, and finding ways to make them successful. I expect Chan to stand by his man, because if he doesn’t he may lose his job. Ahh the Jets. Rex ryan is the most arogant SOB in sports. He hitched his job to Sanchez when he moved up to draft him. He will do everything he can to make him successful. He brought in Tebow, not to play, to make sanchez work harder! The guy will draft a rb to help elleviate some of the preassure on sanchez, or a stud reciever for him to throw to. So I restate the only teams desperate to draft a qb in this weak class are the chiefs and cardinals

  • Spencer

    Murray or Geno-i prefer Geno with a mix of Chip Kelly to be exact, but Murray is good as well, anyone that say’s don’t pick a QB take Monta Teo, what good NFL team have you seen take a MLB 1st overall when they have a qb that was brought in to be the backup on a one year deal starting for the team while the original starter is perfectly healthy and a backup now while the team is on their way to 1 and 15? seriously? have you ever heard draft for your biggest need with the 1st pick? have you ever heard of, Derrick Johnson? a pro bowl caliber MLB already? we don’t have an issue at MLB-Thumper sure but those arnt bloody 1st overall picks…

    QB num 1 for this team, we haven’t drafted one in nearly 40 years in the 1st round, haven’t won a super bowl in 44 years-by season end, what makes you think not taking a QB in the first round still doesn’t work???Even if they guy should be in next or last years draft a 10-16 overall pick he is still worth a BLOODY FIRST ROUND PICK, we need a 1st round qb badly…the rest of this roster can either be fixed later or is already solid to good…

  • Cha-iefs

    Does anyone WATCH the game video? How can anyone say Geno is this football god you all speak of ?!?! OVER-rated!!! His numbers are OVER-hyped! WATCH the games and look at the teams he’s played!

    Consider the WVU WRs! Consider ALL the INTs and horrible under thrown deep passes he got LUCKY on! Consider the jet sweep plays his WRs take to the house 60+ yards and geno gets credit for a TD pass! This dude has VINCE YOUNG written ALL over him. Maybe not bust THAT hard but he’s not a GOD.

    He should of thrown 4 INTs in 1 GAME! The DBs dropped them [and 2 we're horrible throws into DBL coverage and the DBs lost the ball.] Yea college DEF SUCKS short of ND redzone D, no one plays good Def! NFL won’t be so forgiving!

    I want to go on record as being the one that told ya’ll this. Everyone is just seeing his garbage inflated numbers! Arm strength!?! He throws up a hailmary style throw on his deep ball and MOST of the time they’re UNDERTHROWN. WATCH THE GAMES. I don’t want Barkey but I don’t see how anyone can say he doesn’t have a strong arm or isn’t accurate on the deep ball!?! He lays it out front of his WRs on 60 yard passes to the endzone. I sure as heck hope KC doesn’t take “Vince Young” 1st overall. No Barkely or Geno. Take Manti Te’o and slide for another quality QB. Hell make some moves and sign Alex Smith in the offseason. I want a coach and to keep building the Def. Manti Te’o Is WAY more then just a thumper in the middle. He’ll ADD a ton to the middle and to this KC Def. they’d be solid. DJ,Houston,Hali,POE,Te’o,Flowers,Berry, I’d say Jackson is playing better then Dorsey. He’s showing something finally. Jalil brown is showing skill and if he polishes his craft he can be a good corner. These guys ae stepping up and in the wake of a busted Stanford Routt, they don’t look worse then he did. I’m done venting now and thats what this was, lol. It just kills me to see the sheeple buy into the HYPE. I’m not promoting any QB but hell if i’mon the Geno bandwagon. BEWARE! Go watch the video! Not highlight reels,im talking every snap, every team.

    Mike Mayok said it best, “My dad would kill me if I talked about a guy that I didn’t watch adequate film on!” – Thats the son of a coach.

    • ArrowFan

      I’m sorry but I have watched him the last 3 weeks and sure he has had a lucky play or two go his way but by far your rant is off base. He consistently hits wr’s in stride with passes over 25 yards. Also he prefers to pass rather than run but when he does run he is fast and elusive. His decision making is always to push the ball down field instead of dink and dunk stuff, when he is presented with an option. This guy has nothing but up side I just don’t see any Vince Young or Mike Vick in him at all.

      • Cha-iefs

        I respect your opinion.

        You’ll see though. 3 weeks isn’t alot of football to judge on. 3 games. Look at the Baylor game…. [he had 2-- 70 point games vs CRAP DEF's.] Geno had 8 td passes in that game alone. Look at how he fell off playing tougher, NOT good Def’s. Can you even tell me the toughest Def he played this year? How do you judge or scout a QB? So far you told me you watched 3 games on him. I’m not being a jerk but this is what i’m talking about. NFL Teams don’t draft players or grade them off a handful of games. I’m pointing out his number inflation in the games I refer u to. But i’m grading this guy off the whole season, every game, every snap.

        *I agree Vince Young was a “runner” but I think Geno looks like him on the field. Geno doesn’t have Vince’ moves though. Plus Vince had a stronger arm. He just Has that effortless running look, same build, same style throwing motion,etc. Basically he reminds me of him that way. Not so much on the way Genos ratio on run vs pass .

        • ArrowFan

          There is and endless number of QB who play crappy D’s and cant pass for 8 TD’s but yet very few that play crappy D’s and constantly put up the huge #’s he has. Sure they are elevated but they are so huge they can be elevated. The best D was probably Oklahoma or K State. In both his amazing tail back set the tone but he was torching Oklahoma with his arm as bad as his tail back was on the ground. Remember this is the same conference Vince Young came from yet Young didn’t have anywhere near the passing stats that Geno has had. Also same conference as RGIII yet Geno is dwarfing his stats. I’m not a pro scout and when the dust settles we will get to hear all the experts chime in on who is the best QB in the up coming draft. It very well might not be Geno but I doubt anyone will write him off.

          • Cha-iefs

            Do the “endless QB’s that play crappy D’s” have the same weapons as WVU ? No and you pretty much answered that with the HB comment. as far as experts go,NONE are calling him a football god like fans here think he is. He’s compared to nothing more then the talent [or lack thereof] at the QB spot in this draft. Not to any other worth while QB in the NFL. This is becoming a lot like trying to make a horse drink. I hope we won’t see if i’m right. I don’t want Geno but if KC gets him you will see he won’t be the GOD most of you think he is. You’ll see real fast how empty those college numbers were.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

          if baylor has a crap defense how’d they stomp on k state so easily?

          • Cha-iefs

            What kind of comment is that?
            Seriously, whats your point here? Is this a attempt at a got’cha comment? Honestly, I didn’t watch that game so I can’t break it down for you.

            [Secondly,You're comparing a week 4 Def & a week 10 Def] a week 4 game vs WVU and a week 10 game vs Kstate, lol.] Are you trying to say this somehow makes baylor a good Def?
            yeah Baylors D’s is bad. I don’t know anyone that thinks it’s a strong D. So if you like hypotheticals, how would WVU do if they played a Baylor Def in week 10? 70 points still? This is absurd.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

            ??? im just gonna act like u know what ur talking about

    • Damian Claibourn

      You had me paying attention and even considering your thoughts right up until you said Jalil Brown is showing skill. That just blew your scouting ability right out of the water for me. Brown has been walked on, thrown over, and run over in almost every game hes played. Hes nearly as bad in pass protection as Jovan Belcher, and thats a very big insult to make. There IS NO #1 pick worthy QB in the draft this year, I think we can all agree on that. But personally, id take a Geno Smith over a questionable USC QB like Barkley any day. I dont trust that organization with QB development. (See Matt Lienart, Matt Cassel, and Carson Palmer)

  • ArrowFan

    Right now I half to say Geno all the way but that can easily change when the pajama Olympics start up.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I’d go for Geno. Not because I’m from WV, because he’s better. Better in the Pocket but not afraid to buy some time with his legs. He’ll pick up some yards too. Smarter, more accurate, stronger with body and arm, and not afraid to throw deep. We have Bowe and Baldwin, might not have Bowe next year, and they are big WRs that are good for those kind of passes. Dexter, Wylie, Moeakie, and Boss would be good for shorter rts. Heck, if Tavon Auston is available later in the draft get him too. I just hope they pick the right guy. Though, in my gut, I get the feeling they won’t even pick a 1st round QB. But I don’t know.

  • Philip Skahan

    No QB’s in this draft worth a #1 pick……chiefs either need to draft best talent available (Tae) or trade down and work a deal for Flynn at Seattle…..more picks later on might get us some offensive linemen

  • David Welliver

    Take the kid (Landry) out of Oklahoma with a second round pick and get a good offensive lineman with the first pick. From what I have seen he is every bit as good as the higher ranked QBs and at a better price. You can make statistical arguments for other QBs of course, I just like what I see in Landry. For the record I am an OK State fan and hate OU but good is good.

  • 12thMan_Rising

    Commenters are right. Barkley isn’t even in the conversation for being top QB in this class. I have him #3, but only because Fales is likely staying in school. 2nd round grade.

  • Shawn

    No QB is worth the #1 pick in the draft. I say trade the first pick to someone who wants a stud DL or LB and draft the best QB later in the 1st round. Most of the top teams in the draft have already drafted their QBs in recent years and are unlikely going to spend another top pick on one (Carolina, Cleveland, Jacksonville, NY Jets, Tennessee, Miami) I say trade the pick and draft the best QB of the draft…not Barkley and NOT Smith, but Collin Klien! This dude is big time and no one is talking about him! He’s only up for the Heismen. He’s accurate, smart, fast, athletic, and has incredible intangibles. Anyone agree?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.worth.56 Ted Worth

    Aaron Murray or Barkley…Geno Smith is the next Vince Young.

  • Lucas

    I think we should take Geno instead of Matt. If Matt as a rough year in college how will he do in the NFL? It’ll be an interesting offseason! We obviously need to draft a QB (preferably 2), and we also need to get a linebacker and corner. Whether that is in the draft or free agency. We have to sign our free agents too. The roster isn’t too bad. It’s just putting the pieces together.