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Chiefs Lose To Broncos, Crennel Worst Coach In NFL

I was looking forward to the game later this season when the Kansas City Chiefs played the Cleveland Browns so I could determine whether Romeo Crennel or Cleveland head coach Pat Shurmur was the worst coach in the NFL.

Well, after today’s game, there is no need wait. Romeo Crennel is the clear winner.

In fact, he may be the worst coach in NFL history.

In a game the Chiefs clearly has a chance to win, Crennel did everything in his power to ensure his team had the worst possible chance to close the deal.

There is a lot to know about this game. The defense played pretty well. Jamaal Charles is awesome but never gets he ball when it matters. Brian Daboll is the worst offensive coordinator in the NFL.

But all that aside, all you need to know about this game is his.

The Chiefs were trailing 14-9, with just over six minutes to go in the fourth quarter. The offense was facing a 4th and 6 from inside Denver territory. The Chiefs were 1-9 and had nothing to play for but a win. Crennel had nothing to coach for but his job.

What did he do?

He went for it, right?


He called time out.

Then he punted.

To Peyton Manning.

By the time the Chiefs got the ball back, it was far too late.

The Chiefs aren’t a good football team. They have young, mistake-prone players that consistently demonstrate poor discipline and a lack of focus. That is partially Romeo Crennel’s fault.

But the bone-headed play calling by the coaching staff and the complete lack of understanding of the situation on the field is ALL Crennel’s fault.

The Chiefs, now 1-10, are toast. The only thing that could keep the 2012 season from being a total waste of time for KC fans would be for Clark Hunt to clean house and reward his fans’ loyalty with the promise that change is coming.

Pioli, Crennel, Daboll and the rest of the coaching staff are dead men walking. The fact that they haven’t enabled the Chiefs to win many games this season is reason enough to fire them. The fact that Crennel and Daboll are so bad at they’re jobs that they are actually preventing the Chiefs from winning games is reason to get rid of them now.

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  • Ken Danley

    I remember Crennel saying that he has learned from his mistakes in Cleveland, but right now it looks as if he turned us into the Cleveland Browns. All we can hope for now is we get our future franchise qb and a promising head coach with a staff that will teach and prepare young talent to win.

    • Patrick Allen

      Agreed. Hunt needs to make the right choice this time around in his GM so I guess I am fine with him taking his time canning Pioli. No need to rush things now, I guess.

      • TAZMOSIS

        I gotta’ disagree. If Hunt makes the firings, which we all know are coming, he is telling the Chiefs faithful that ,”Look, fans. This is on me. I made some choices that have not worked out, and I am going to start right now to rectify those choices”. Or at his (hopefully) upcoming presser, something like, “We thought we were making the right decisions for the Chiefs. But they haven’t worked out, and I feel your frustrations. So I have decided to make the changes now instead of waiting. You fans have waited long enough. As the owner, the fault lies with me, and I intend to bring the Chiefs back to respectability, and I am starting today. I will work tirelessly to bring back the tradition that my father brought to this great city. Now, I will take your questions”.
        Naahh. No way do we hear this from Clark. But it would be some beautiful music.

        • Shannon Thompson

          That was one thing I liked about Clark when he took over, he wasn’t talking about winning the division, he wasn’t talking about being respectable. No I seem to remember him bypassing all of those comments straight to wanting to win the big one! Maybe my memory is failing me but thats what I remember. So I hope he sticks with these thoughts in his next round, I would’ve liked him to be more vocal about all, maybe if he was more vocal about his beliefs and dissapointments Pioli and Co. wouldn’t have fallen flat, they need to run a “No Job is Secure” structure where players are held accountable by the coaches, the coaches are held accountable by the GM, the GM is held accountable by the Owner, and all are held accountable by the fans.

          • Jonathan Aldridge

            u know, a lot of people think that an owner thats more involved with the team, like jerry jones, is a bad thing. but i would like to see clark hunt be included in something other than collecting profits.

  • Jim Harper

    I understand your frustration Paddy, and share it, but worst coach in the history? He has several Super Bowl rings that would dispute that statement. There is some good news today. Jacksonville won giving our Chiefs sole possession of last place in the entire NFL, giving us that elusive #1 draft pick. Actually this game may have been the best played game so far this year. The patchwork offensive line accounted very well of themselves, and the defense held Manning to 17 when he had been averaging 30 points per game. 2 sacks for Houston who just seems to be getting better and better. I was definitely disappointed that we did not air it out deep. Quinn has a strong arm and as a result of not even making any attempts the Broncos started cheating short which then hampered the short passes and the running game as well. You must go deep if for no other reason than to keep them honest.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Pioli was dumb letting Crennel get the staff he had when he was with the Browns. Hunt should have stopped Pioli from doing it. Hunt needs to try to fix it by starting the top, new GM. From what was said about the players…there are many talented players, not just Charles. It just doesn’t show talent cause of the coaches and the horrible QBs. If Hunt would keep all the players he has now, but the QBs, and get good coaches and a high rated QB….I KNOW they would be a heck of a lot better.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    oh no hermie is a worst coach but I’d say Crennel is pretty close. I didn’t watch the game cuz well I had a 2nd thanksgiving dinner with the family for people that missed or couldn’t be at the 1st and it was way more worth it than watching how sad KC is. I don’t doubt Pioli and Crennel will both be fired but I did get some updates on my phone and Crennel should be fired tomorrow!!! Team shows no improvement at all! Heard D played well, well that’s great but don’t you think Denver knew they could put up some points so they really didn’t have to try.

    • Kyle Waggener

      Herm had a lot of rookies starting his 2-14 year. Crennel hasn’t won a second game yet. Herm made the playoffs with two different teams. Crennel will NEVER match those stats so it’s pretty clear that Crennel is MUCH worse.

      • Jonathan Aldridge

        put the team we have now in herm edwards hands, we’d at least be better than the chargers in the afc west.

    • Jeremy Parkercom

      Um no sorry but herm is a hundred times better than crennell, herms teams always came ready to play and they at least competed, he was crappy at clock management, but so is rac.

  • big chief

    The worst part for me was they were driving down the field with Denver showing no ability to stop the run so on 3rd and 3 they pull a double pass from Hillis to Quinn. It’s this hey this is working so let’s stop doing thing that pisses me off.

  • Doc

    I tried. I really tried to give Romeo the benefit of the doubt for being the HC, but after what I witnessed in today’s game was just confirmation that he has no clue what he is doing as HC. Daboll is just as clueless. When I watch Quinn throw the ball into the ground, behind the receiver, well now I know why he has been on two teams previously. The Chiefs D rose to the occasion, but the offense let them down (again) with their lack of poins scoring. Pretty pathetic when your most valuable player is your kicker and punter. Charles cannot do it all by himself. I watched three times where two Chiefs were lined up wide with only one defensive player covering the pair – and Quinn was not smart enough to call the quick snap to take advantage of the MIS-match. No, we shoot over selves in the foot and have a false start penalty. Coaching and QB (related to coaching) have no clue how to play this game.

    On a good note or two. Poe is coming along. He constantly was taking on two offensive linemen ANDnpushing them backwards. With some real coaching, he will be a real beast. Charles is a beast. With a better o-line to open holes for him, he will dominate the NFL. Here’s a tip for Winston – start playing like a gladiator or hit the road. Your false starts and lack of blocking is killing this team’s drives. At least we only have five more weeks to suffer through before we start yet another rebuilding year. We all know the song, ‘Next year will be better.’ Until management makes some serious changes at GM and coaching, some things are going to remain the same for years to come.

  • BurtGummer44

    I’m beginning to think this is a “Major League” type of situation where the Hunts are trying to make it easier to sell the Franchise so it can be moved to London or LA.

    • Leon Ritz

      If I remember correct, and I could be wrong, But I believe the Chiefs stadium lease at Arrowhead goes till 2023, so I doubt they are moving anytime soon

      • BurtGummer44

        Leases are broken all the time.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Crennel is HORRIBLE and there is no way he should be our coach next season, but I could care less if he is fired before the season is out. On the other hand, Pioli has GOT to be fired soon. If Hunt waits and fires him after the season and then takes too long getting his new GM hired, then there won’t be any good coaching candidates to choose from just like when Pioli/Haley were hired. Pioli needs to be fired ASAP so Hunt can have the new GM in place by season’s end. That way we can be in the running for any coach we want. PLUS, it would give the new GM time to let our scouts know what kind of players he is looking for in the draft so they can shift their focus accordingly.

    • Calchiefsfan

      I’m wondering which GM would have enough credibility to attract a good coach to KC? My first instinct goes to Bill Polian. How many coaches passed on Pioli last year because of the controlling reputation he has. Looks like Peyton Manning knew what he was doing when he wouldn’t even consider the Chiefs. Nothing against KC just against Pioli, Crennel and probably Daboll too.

  • Kyle Waggener

    The ONLY thing that gives me any hope for the future of the Chiefs is looking forward to when heads start to roll. I started looking for it during the bye week and so far no dice. There’s rumors that Pioli is staying. That would not bring me ANY excitement. If Crennel and Daboll stay, then I won’t be excited until they win several games in a row to start next season and prove me wrong.

    • Spencer

      i started after we lost to the frickin faiders AFTER TWO FRICKING WEEKS TO PREPARE FOR A SHIT TEAM AND WE ACTUALLY LOOKED WORSE, YES WORSE, THEN BEFORE THE BYE WEEK….ehh:( this team, or more importantly, this coaching staff has got to be one of the worst assembled in history, the players can only do what the coaches tell them what to do when on the field…bloody idiots are telling them to crap on the field, roll around in it, put the football on it and too act like it’s a live grenade…

      still think this team has talent-it’s a miracle that we have Charles, but god damn, this coaching staff is terrible, this team looked like a possible super bowl team before the regular season…now they look like one of the worst chiefs teams in our long history..

  • ArrowFan

    What is sad is that some team out there will pick up Daybull as their OC and Romeo as their DC if he doesn’t retire.

  • ArrowFan

    I have been reflection on why I thought coming into the season that Daybull would bring improvements to our Offense. I still haven’t been able to any reason other than JC being healthy.