Elderly Woman Scolds McCluster, Chiefs Upon Turkey Delivery

Kansas City Chiefs fans are so angry with the team’s performance that they’ve taken to scolding the players even during holiday-inspired charity events.

Chiefs WR Dexter McCluser was delivering a turkey and some canned goods to an elderly fan in her home when she let him know that she was praying for he team.

“She said, `I’m praying for you guys. Hopefully you guys can win a game soon,”‘ McCluser recalled in comments published on CBS “I told her we’re working hard. She said, `Well, work harder.’

Is there no end to the hilarity?

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  • big chief

    I think scold might be a strong word to describe “I’m praying for you.”

    • Patrick Allen

      I would say the scold came when she said `Well, work harder. thought that was pretty obvious.

      • big chief

        Scold to me says ass ripping. I got scolded for sneaking out at night when I was a kid. Work harder is more of advice or a suggestion. It is however good advice seeing as how they stink right now.

        • Jim Harper

          Sounds like you got your ass ripped quite a bit. By definition it means to reubuke angrily as in ( the teacher scolded the student for being late) I agree with Paddy that when she stated they needed to work harder that was a scold. Irregardless I would have loved to have been there!

          • big chief

            No actually I was a pretty good kid. I had a bit of a butthole stage like most teenagers but I really didn’t get in much trouble.

          • Patrick Allen

            I would say it is a scold or a the very least, a sass or a snap. They way she fired back at him is what did it for me.

          • KCMikeG

            Eternal optimists would classify it as encouragement!

          • big chief

            Well whatever you call it I hope it worked. I’m sick of watching them suck.

          • Cha-iefs

            Big chief:
            Don’t sweat that guy! Jim-blow is a brown nose. Well, You can’t even call him a brown-nose anymore. It’s more like a brown-head, it’s so far up Patrick Allen’s ass. Jim’s the site’s resident kiss-ass. i read a comment that he has a date around 8 o’clk tonight with his “Paddy”. Somehow i don’t think Patrick will show. Jimbo will be crushed. I guess it’s a good thing the date is in Jim-blow’s head.

          • Cha-iefs

            “Irregardless” is NOT a word. It’s “regardless” but in ALL YOUR WISDOM you probably know that…

  • Cha-iefs


    I think the bigger picture is the fact the “needy” person is getting a free turkey but [insulting] the person giving it to her. Ungrateful, more like it. Poor Dex. Thats the entitlement society we have. It’s like this, The …”My FREE turkey is small.” …..”Ma’am,did we mention it’s free?”
    I pray for the LADY.