The Chiefs To Be Thankful For

We are all thankful for so many things – families, friends, colleagues, our health, the lives we have in this country and those who defend our freedoms, our faiths – the list goes one and on.

But this post is about our beloved Chiefs. Here’s what I think we have to be thankful for:

  • Derrick Johnson: DJ is in his prime. He is consistently awesome and clearly a respected leader on this team. Thank you, DJ.
  • Tamba Hali and Justin Houston: We have one of the most exciting pass rush tandems in the league. I expect even bigger things in 2013.
  • Dontari Poe: Dontari, you rocked it this rookie season. You are fast, strong and aggressive. Keep up the progress – you will be special in this league.
  • Brandon Albert: the one consistency on our O-Line. I think Brandon is the top priority for next year’s contract negotiations.
  • Jamaal Charles: Still the man.
  • Brandon Flowers: In addition to being a premier cornerback in the league, Flowers remains a great tackler, which I love about him.
  • Dustin Colquitt: Colquitt just keeps booming great field position kicks, game after game.

And, that’s about it. For those eight players, thank you. Thank you for putting forth your full effort this year, and for producing for every moment you were on the field. This group of eight – that a general manager could really build a team around! – fits the mold of what the Kansas City Chiefs used to be. We had prideful, tough men on and a dominant running game. We had players who didn’t make excuses but put their noses to the grindstone and made plays all day long. That’s who these eight players are.

This offseason, I think literally everyone else’s role is up for grabs, except for a handful of players who get a one-year injury pass, like Rodney Hudson, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry. And of course, the top of the expendable list includes our general manager and the entire coaching staff.

Clark, it’s time to clean house. This last Bengals game was the straw that broke the already broken camel’s back. We were uncompetitive, uninspired and an utter embarrassment. From the first minute, we literally had no chance to win the game. And to me, the responsibility for that travesty starts with the coach. Pioli’s ineptitude is matched only by Romeo Crennel’s incompetence. Our team has talent. Motivation, technique and game planning separate the great teams from the atrocious teams. We have none of those things.

The first thing I’d do is fire Romeo, and I’d do it now. Romeo just cannot get this team ready to play. The offensive and defensive units are out of sync, with no imagination, no creativity and no impact. Let’s put in an interim coach – it doesn’t matter who – just put someone else in. Maurice Carthon? Great. Jim Zorn? Wonderful. Emmit Smith? Why not? We need a change. We need a jolt. No matter what our draft order is next year, we just do not want to end the season at 1-15 and carry a 13 game losing streak into the 2013 season. Additionally, having the first pick in the draft is shaping up to be just about the exact wrong pick this year to select a quarterback. So how about we win a few games and drop down a few slots, so we don’t have to give up so much to draft a QB and ruin our future as well?

This Sunday, the Broncos come to town. Clark, you’ve already seen what Arrowhead looks like when it’s half-empty. What other motivation do you need to make a change?

Addicts, let’s all give thanks today – the fact that we all have time to talk football each week is just one reason we should all be thankful. But for the love of crispy turkey skin, Clark, can you help us out here?!!!

Addicts, what players are you most thankful for? Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

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  • Cha-iefs

    I’m thankful for Derrick Johnson too. I wish I could shake his hand and tell him what a PRO he has become! Tell him how much I appreciate his effort week in & week out. I know it means nothing coming from me but i’m VERY proud of DJ and his work ethic. His passion for his craft. The guy could of fell off but he dug deep and became a TRUE PRO MLB IN THE NFL. Hands down my favorite NFL player and glad he’s a Chief! Happy thanksgiving to the AA staff and to all the KC fans.

    • Cha-iefs

      Also, I’d like to add that I made my mind up about the draft finally. I don’t want Matt or Geno…or “Tebow” from Kstate..or any other over hyped QB in this draft. I’d like to see KC draft a QB in 3 or 4 and instead take MANTI TE’O earlier. I really like this guy and would LOVE seeing him lineup next to DJ! I know it’ll be tough to not have another QB next year but KC hasn’t drafted a 1st Rnd’r QB in 5,000 years….whats one more. Maybe the QBs will look better in 2014. KC just needs a QB that won’t turn the ball over repeatedly every game and A COACH! There are strong teams in the NFL with half-ass QBs leading the team. KC just needs atleast a Quarter-ass QB to get it done.

  • Kansas_City

    Thin stuff. Mostly from Carl. Filling the QB spot in a down year with no significant free agents is going to take a lot of luck/skill.

  • CaChief

    Ryan Succop hands down!.. he has put up MANY points for us.. thank you sir for all your great effort..

    Derrick Johnson! dang.. he reminds me of Derrick Thomas!! i cant wait to see that again!! Thank you sir!

    i also would like to thank the whole Team for their effort. Sometimes as a team we will do good and as a team we also have to go through the bad. It happens.. i just hope we pull through the bad times and get back to the team we all like to see. i dont care if they are doing bad.. i will always wear KC gear.. KC LOVE!!!

    PS. i know im gonna get a lot of hate for this.. but I am also thankful for Matt Cassel.. im not hating.. but if he can show us hes good(2010).. then we know he has that potential .. we at least know he can reach THAT potential. If you don’t like Cassel.. watch this video.. i hope it changes your mind a bit.. i would kick it with Cassel…