Man Shoots Another Man In The Face While Watching The Chiefs

The bad press for the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans just keeps rolling in.

Ronald L. Hall, a 65-year-old man from Lee’s Summit, MO, has been charged with shooting his son’s friend in the face with a shotgun while the men were watching the Chiefs get trounced by the Bengals.


Hall’s son told police everyone at the gathering had been drinking and trading insults as they watched the game.

He also told police his father was ill-tempered and mean and his disposition had gotten worse in the last year, according to court documents.

Hall often became angry during the banter and that was the case Sunday.

His son told police his father threatened to shoot people in the past, but had never done so, court documents state.

Hall’s son and the victim were outside the house when a loud noise rang out.

The victim fell to the ground with a shotgun wound to his face.

Hall refused to come out of the house when police arrived. Officers evacuated houses in the neighborhood and were able to remove a two-month-old baby in the house with him.

When your football team is a national punchline, you kind of have to expect this kind of thing. Not the people will start shooting one another in the face while watching your games (they tend to shoot THEMSELVES in the face, not others) but that bad press is going to follow you like the plague.

The Chiefs, who now have a reputation for stinking at football and their fans, who now have a reputation for cheering for an injured player thanks to RT Eric Winston’s media rant earlier this season, are now developing a reputation for getting their fans killed. Just last weekend we brought you a story of a family that partially blamed their loved one’s death on the Chiefs in said loved one’s obituary in the Kansas City Star.

Things are ugly in KC and it doesn’t appear as though relief is coming any time soon.

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  • chiefridgy

    I know how this man feels. There has been plenty of times I’ve wanted to shoot my brother in law in the face during games (broncos fan).

    • steve james

      I refuse to watch the game with anyone who becomes that angry or violent over a game. Much less one that they don’t do anything but watch or ever ever had a chance of playing at any high level. Seems folks are becoming soccer hooligans.

  • landon

    of course he did…. another stone tossed on the rock pile man….

  • tm1946

    One man’s obit. said MS and the 2012 chiefs killed him, now this guy shoots someone DURING another losing effort.
    OMG, when will the inhumanity to en?. About the same time the chief’s season ends….does that match the new peace agreement in the Middle east and stop Iran’s nuc. movement….it is all Pioli’s fault.

  • Priest4Prez

    My question is, why would anyone drink with this man? Let alone insult his while 1-9 team while drinking?

    • Patrick Allen


  • Patriot42

    If the Chiefs become that important to one’s life that would make them shoot another that’s pretty pathetic. The game of football is a business and shouldn’t matter in the big scheme of life.

  • KCMikeG

    This type of pathetic loser would have ended up shooting someone eventually any way. It is just another example of how fate is against the Chiefs this season that it happened during one of their games. Thanks for continuing the spread of bad news Paddy – especially this low life drama. As if things weren’t bad enough already.

  • Mark Dickey

    I thought only the Chiefs shot themselveves in the foot

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      no wasnt that plaxicco burress?

  • Jim Harper

    This is one story that should have been left unwritten. Isn’t there enough negativity being spread about our team as it is?

    • KCMikeG

      Ditto Jim! I heard there’s some wacko up at the loony bin that went crazy in 2008 – maybe we could we get his comments?

      I got the memo no need for further notification of our sucktitude. Wouldn’t be so much more productive to build lists of our prospective GM, HC, OC, DC, FA’s and draft picks? I’ll get it started. Who would be on your wish list for GM and which HC, OC & DC’s do you like? I like Sundquist and Marc Ross from the NYG. HC I like Billick (Cowher has repeatedly said he is happy on TV and is not going to coach). Nothing excites me for FA’s and we will have some holes to fill – Dorsey for sure TJ? Hillis? Boss? Bowe? Breaston has already been replaced. I do like our young guys at RB and WR with another full offseason.
      Feel like we need a HC with a successful career vs risking a college guy like Chip Kelly. We will already be risking a rookie QB (Smith #1 and Jones #3-#4 for me. I like AZ DC Ray Horton for our DC. For OC I like Pete Carmichael from the Saints. What say you AA??