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Dec 24, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; General view of statue of the late AFL founder and Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt (not pictured) before the game against the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Hunt Family Values: Change Is Slow

Clark, I hope you’ll take time out of your day to read this.

I’m kind of at a loss for words here, Mr. Chairman. I always have an opinion to share, but I’m really running out of ways to talk about how bad this football team is. I strongly considered resigning my post here at Arrowhead Addict (I’m only kidding, Patrick). That’s the easy way out of having to find a fresh perspective on such a rotten situation for the next six weeks. Put simply, I can’t quench today’s thirst with yesterday’s water. This slumping franchise has now lost seven straight games. I’ve taken your hapless starting quarterback to task in a number of articles. I’ve lambasted your head coach and his near-historical level of incompetence. I’ve even called your woeful general manager a “coward.” What more can I say?

You’ve got Chiefs Kingdom in an uproar, Mr. Hunt. Fans are waiting on your next move with bated breath. Many of them are concerned that your silence and failure to relieve anyone of duty suggests there won’t be major changes made at One Arrowhead Drive in the near future. Some are even calling you a chip off the old block, Clark. I’m sure they intend your father no disrespect. Lamar Hunt is one of the pioneering pillars of the NFL. He coined the name of the game that fans so desperately want this franchise to win again, the “Super Bowl.”

Despite everything your dad did for the Kansas City Chiefs, he still had to answer for allowing Jack Steadman and Carl Peterson to stick around for so long. You know that as well as anyone. It was you who rid the organization of Carl Peterson. Four years into the failed administration of Scott Pioli, fans are worried that they’ve seen this movie before. It’s a bit like being thirty minutes into “Taken 2.” Things were supposed to be different, but it’s essentially the same plot.

The Chiefs stand at 1-9, are guaranteed a losing season, and look to be in the driver’s seat for the #1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Sunday’s loss to the Bengals marked the sixth time Kansas City has been blown out this year. Matt Cassel has been benched for the second time this season. An equally uninspiring Brady Quinn is likely to return as the starter on Sunday when Peyton Manning and the AFC West leading Denver Broncos come to town. Arrowhead Stadium has been pillaged time and again in 2012. The Chiefs have yet to win a game on their home field. All of that said, Thanksgiving is upon us and there are precious few things to be thankful for in Kansas City.

If there was ever a time to instill some confidence in a disgruntled fanbase, now is that time, sir. It’s unlikely that an in-season firing will make much constructive difference in the product on the field, but you can certainly send a message. Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams recently came out and voiced his displeasure with the direction of his franchise. Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson pink-slipped general manager Marty Hurney last month. Cleveland’s Jimmy Haslam hadn’t even made a dent in the owner’s chair when he removed Mike Holmgren as the team’s president.

I’m not sure what it will take for you to come forward, but you’re running out of options. You’re going to have a tough time getting people out to Arrowhead for your final three home games. Fans would appreciate a clear communication that you’re just as fed up with this awful brand of football as they are. Especially those who are paying to see it.

So what’s it going to be, Mr. CEO? Are you prepared to separate yourself from the lamentable part of your father’s legacy? Do you agree that the Kansas City Chiefs stand in dire need of new direction? When are you going to demand more of your general manager, head coach, quarterback, and the rest of your team? If you aren’t prepared to answer those questions, you’ll be left with trying to figure out how to win this fanbase back. It’s your move, Clark.

Until next time, Addicts!

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  • Scott Zupek

    The hard decisions are usually the best ones to make Mr. Hunt. Unfortunately, I have stopped asking for Chiefs gear. I have stopped watching games, I have stopped caring. After 25+ years as a Die Hard fan, your lack of admitting your failures, only made you and this organization look worse, nation wide. It is now the laughing stock of the NFL that it created. Multiple high profile media personel picked the chiefs go close to all the way. Instead they are even more pathetic on the field then before Scott Pioli was hired.

    This isn’t the players fault. I don’t know if you come from an Old School mentality or a new school, when it comes to managing. New school mentality wants patience, flexible schedules, trust ,etc. And in return they bleed red for this organization. Old school mentatily, where Scott Pioli apparently comes from, want’s accountability, doesn’t trust a soul, thinks you work or your die and pretty much takes all fun and life out of everything it touches. This is a true statement and it’s happened already at 1 Arrowhead Drive.

    He’s a bad manager because he’s a great micro-manager. Nobody likes to be micro-managed. Nobody wants to worry about every little thing they do. It just makes them hate work. And when you hate going to work, it shows. Now do this for EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT WORKS AT THE STADIUM. They all hate it and as a result you have a team that 1-9. The easiest method to right the ship is to cut the head off the evil snake, which is Scott Pioli.

    The longer you take, the more fans commit suicide and pretty soon(if you wait till the end of the season) there are only a few thousand people left that give a crap. You can’t burn people twice and right now you are we are smoking for the second time. We have been burned by Scott Pioli and the “patriot way”. Now get rid of him before we stop caring and stop giving you money on top of it.

    Good bye NFL advertising license money. Blacked out games don’t do well for the pocketbook and it has a decade long effect. Next year wont give you the saving grace you are hoping for. Fire him now. Save this franchise. Go get john gruden and pay him what he wants.

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      u should send this to clark as a complaint letter

      • Stacy D. Smith

        That’s a good idea.

  • tm1946

    Clark has options. do something or do nothing. With the Hunt family, business must be tempered with monetary considerations. Fire Pioli and Crennel and you have to pony up over $5 million, not an easy thing to do as a Hunt. Let Cassel go and you got no NFL grade QB on roster, that costs extra even if you draft one. Again it is hard for a Hunt to spend extra when there are options.

    Bottom line, can Clark pull the trigger, fire them, and try to recoup the cash on beers and NFL gear…..or…..keep the crew together for another year, eating up the garanteed cash and face (from texas?) the fans. The difference maker is does he want a full year of no one at the stadium for 8 games?

    Me, I am betting the later. If the team wins, he gets the credit for staying the course and keeping a genius like Pioli in charge. If the team fails, he rides into KC after the 6th home game, fires Pioli and is the guy on the white horse saving the chiefs for the fans. It is good business and business is good.

    • Danny W

      I agree to a point. Matt Cassel is owed a lot of money, as is Tin Man Jackson. Approximately 30 million for the pair next year. Matt Cassel isn’t winning us any games. Why not let Rick Stanzi give it a go? David Garrard could bring a rookie along for far far less money. I don’t honestly think this is frugality TM. Hunt is labeled cheap, because we don’t spend money even on our big names. We spent money on Tyson Jackson and Eric Berry because we had to. We gave Hali 60 million and he is worth every penny by NFL standards. Dwayne Bowe has been the best NFL receiver in Chiefs history. No deal for him, or Carr though. Winston, Boss, Hillis, were chump change. My point I guess is we have money locked up in places were we could save it by cutting people. He has to right the ship because it makes since financially to do so.

  • drake

    i dont understand why there is this level of respect “sir…MR. CEO” what has clark hunt done to deserve such respect? he was born, his dad died, he got a billion dollar money making machine, he ran that billion dollar money making machine into the ground, hes now hiding his head in the sand like an osterich from the horrible things going on around him. which part of clark hunts life commands respect as a man? as a owner? as a business man? the time for kander and respect is over. the time for demands and ransoming season tickets is upon us.

  • Danny W

    If Clark doesn’t clean house before next season I won’t watch a single game next year. I’ve waited far too long for good football. I’ll pick it back up again when Pioli is gone. He has to take action, this is beyond patient and into apathy on my end. What a joke.