Matt Cassel Named Starter Against Cincinnati Bengals

Matt Cassel has been named the starter by Romeo Crennel for this weeks game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals.

Brady Quinn told reporters he was cleared to play on Monday night after the game against the Steelers.

Romeo Crennel said today that Quinn was not cleared to play. Very bizarre with two contradicting stories.

What do you think? Who would you like the Chiefs to start this week?

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  • KCPauly

    I would like to see Alex Tanney play, but that won’t happen because he is hidden on IR with a mystery ailment…So throw Stanzi in and see what we got in the kid, what could it hurt? what he might turn the ball over or something?

    • tm1946

      Ever wonder since Stanzi was drafted, both coaching staffs have gone out of their combined way to chose anyone but him? How bad could he be?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

      Tanney is on IR for some finger injury he suffered in the pre-season game vs the packers

  • Travis Forsyth

    I’d rather see anyone start other than cassel or quinn, but guess cassel apparently gives us the best chance to win. but i don’t know anymore, i just don’t know and almost don’t care anymore, it’s not like we’ll turn the season around and with peyton manning in the AFC west, 8-8 won’t win the division. and i actually thought matt did ok against the steelers, he only turn the ball over once, and the chiefs should’ve have won that game to begin with…..I’m not for cassel or quinn or really any of our QBs right now (course at this point I’d rather see stanzi and/or tanney if possible). I’m now going to be the big chiefs fan that i am, wear my chiefs gear proudly, and chear for the chiefs when they’re playing and be glad when they win and depressed when they lose. I’m done with all the negativity, so no more “save our chiefs” for me and no more “blackout arrowhead” (i won’t be going to arrowhead anyway since I’m only 17 and stuck in oklahoma for the fore-see able future). and no more “blow for geno” if we’re meant to go 1-15 and draft geno smith with first overall pick, we will. and as fans, we don’t have any say on what clark can and can’t do with his fathers beloved franchise. or do we? but you all do what you want, i just going to sit back and watch the chips fall wear they may….GO CHIEFS! PLEASE KICK THE SHIT OF THE BENGALS PLEASE!!!!

    • Jason Ray Brawn

      Buddy i also am a lifelong CHIEFS fan stuck in Oklahoma lol also a die hard MIZZOU fan which is tough in sooner country. But i totally agree with you on stoppin the negativity Its not our club to run and ive chosen to be a CHIEFS fan win or lose. Ans im pretty darn sure no one commenting on here has ever tried bein a GM or OWNER or even a HEAD COACH of a pro team so when people on here comment on how bad these guys are doin and how horrible the picks are in hind site it just makes me laugh. Its gonna be a long end to the season but ill be watchin every game. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Travis Forsyth

        then you must know how hard it is to a chiefs fan in OK as well. hell man, my school is full of dallas cowboys and oakland raiders fans it’s ridiculous! but it’s good to know I’m not the only chiefs fan in OK….and i don’t know about you, but sooners fans are assholes, atleast the one’s i know. (just saying)

        • KCMikeG

          I’m there with you both and proud to be a loyal fan no matter what. I support the KC Chiefs forever – win, lose or draw. I will be there Sunday with the wife and kids and we ALL will be wearing our Red Chiefs jerseys proudly! Go Chiefs!

  • Brandon Mecham

    As soon as I heard Cassell was starting I picked up the Bengals defense on my fantasy team.

    • ArrowFan

      That has been working for me over the last few weeks, but something is telling me that our Chiefs are going to go off on the Bengals.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.aldridge.73 Jonathan Aldridge

        if we can play like we did monday we could

  • ArrowFan


  • Lenny Lieurance

    Just start Stanzi already. He’ll probably suck too, but what difference will it make?

  • Scott Zupek

    Same shit from the front office, different year. Until Pioli goes, this team (including it’s employees) has no chance. It’s a micro-managed atmosphere that kills productivity ACROSS the board. You can’t scare people to work harder, they just do the opposite of what you want.

    If Cassel starts, I am done after 25+ years. We have no chance of winning 7 straight… ZERO… chance.

    Cassel can’t do it. PERIOD. END OF STORY. CUT YOUR PHUCKING LOSS YOU STUPID ARSE IDIOT PIOLI and move on. Tanney (from IR that we placed him on..for a finger mind you), Stanzi or just forfeit. Those are all better choices than matt cassel. Remember why the chiefs have lost 8? Because of MC’s decission making. NOBODY ELSES. Stop pointing the finger somewhere else. FIRE PIOLi, put MC as 3rd string and lets move forward.