November 12, 2012; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (7) calls a play at the line against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the first half of the game at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIRE

Chiefs Show Some Fight, But Cassel’s Pick Dooms KC

The Kansas City Chiefs gave the Pittsburgh Steelers all they wanted and then some tonight, but in the end another HORRIBLE Matt Cassel turnover cost the team the win. Most experts and fans expected a Steelers blow out tonight, but KC actually showed some heart and determination. For the first time all season they actually played with a lead for a while, avoiding setting a new record that has stood since 1929. The defense played great, but did have some critical penalties including a TD celebration penalty on a TD that didn’t even count.

Overall, it was a much better product that KC put on the field, but stupid penalties, some horrible calls by the refs, a Cassel interception, a missed FG, and another KC loss leave most Chiefs fans still feeling very frustrated.

What do you think Addicts? How does this game leave you feeling? I’m guessing everyone is still 100% ready to see Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel, and Matt Cassel leave Kansas City ASAP.

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  • Jonathan Aldridge

    Well all I have to say is who’s up for college basketball?

    • Larry Devore

      waiting on spring trainng

  • Tribal Rage

    First…I cant believe Im still awake and watched that game. Second that is my final game of the year because Im not wasting another day streaming this lousy excuse for a team on my cpu. It figures when I make that decision the next 2 games are nationally televised. Its the football Gods way of rubbing our noses in it I suppose. I will continue to log on everyday hoping for the mass cleansing…only then does the healing process begin.

    Something must be said. This season is lost. This team is garbage. There is no logical reason Matt Cassel starts another game as our QB. I dont care if Stanzi has no arms, the ball is shoved up his ass and farts the ball to Wylie 3 times and a punt. Its an improvement.

    I knew deep in my heart we shouldve given Pittsburgh the ball first in OT…at least if we have stopped them we’ve wouldve had good field position for the enivatable

    • Tribal Rage

      bad spelling on my part…but you get it…

  • big chief

    Cue the haters 3-2-1 go. Yes he’s played bad this season but so has everyone else. If we’re going to be pissed let’s be pissed at the refs. If not for a bogus holding call Cassel never threw a pass in O.T.

    • Nicholas Rodgers

      But he DID throw a pass and it WAS intercepted. I get mad at calls like everyone else, but only losers blame the referees. You have to continue playing despite bad calls and still figure out how to win. Cassel has proven time and again he cannot do that for a franchise. I want him to be good, but he just isn’t.

    • Tom

      The defense played well except for the stupid penalty in the end zone, The offense’s level of play is beyond bad and is just amateurish to any fan that has any understanding of the game. Being a homer and pretending everything is ok and continually forgiving the crappy play because they love the team is aiding the descent of this once great franchise.

      • big chief

        I’m not a homer. I’m a realist. Cassel is playing bad. They put out a good effort and showed a ton of heart but the stupid mistakes still showed up. Saying that they would have won this game without bad officiating isn’t homerism it’s a fact. That doesn’t mean I think they’re going to the superbowl it just means I was pleased yhey haven’t rolled over and they looked like they cared about winning. I just get sick of these guys whi think if they get a new qb they suddenly the rest of the team won’t play like shit. Cassel isn’t Joe Montana but even Joe won’t do well with four cooridinators and two head coaches in 3 years. He has an aging guard playing center and two first round receivers who don’t show up when he needs them. God himself can play qb but if Bowe doesn’t catch it and Baldwin doesn’t make an effort to get open it won’t matter. Like I said realist not homer. I do expect better from them and would like a new qb but if they don’t put some tires on the car a new engine won’t get them far.

  • Nicholas Rodgers

    Poorly Coached team. Clean house. Bring Marty in as GM. We have the talent, just need to win the QB lottery and someone that doesn’t allow our players to act like pompous assholes on the field. The Bowe and defense celebrations were embarrassing.

    • Larry Devore

      that was a hold call on Albert

    • Tom

      I sure don’t see a QB coming out of the college ranks that look close to a franchise QB.

  • Brandon Gilmore

    ok yes cassel did blow it in overtime. But to be honest i do not put this loss on him this game. The game should have never went into overtime. The refs completely screwed us on this game. I know of four bad calls that should not have been. Even the announcers said they was bad calls, thats how you know it was bad. This win today goes to the Pittsburgs Referees

    • Skylor Kingrey

      who cares!!! Pioli needs to go and so does Crennel. A win drops us on draft day!!

    • Nicholas Rodgers

      Could’ve won despite the referees, but we didn’t. Hell we even got the ball first in OT. Cassel threw the worst INT I’ve seen in along time. Cassel LOST the game. Bad calls happen. I said this below, and it’s still true, only losers blame the referees.

      • calciomoti

        “Could’ve won despite the referees…only losers blame the referees.”

        How contradictory…

        Yes, we could have won despite some very bad calls. I’m sure that the Green Bay Packers agree with you on that last statement too…oh wait, they are not losers. It’s actually hard not to blame the referee’s for some of those points of the Steeler’s, in fact, it would be a crime not too. But the referee’s did not play (or give) every down to the Steeler’s, therefore the statement above by Brandon is accurate. We lost to the Pittsburgh Referees.

        I do agree, bad calls happen and you have to move on, and continue to play the game…and play it with poise otherwise you get stupid penalties i.e. Tamba Hali jumping into Leftwich’s head.

        Nicholas…don’t be a douche bag on here and take out your frustration by calling other people on here losers because they made an accurate statement, there are plenty of people to blame, Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel, Matt Cassel, the referee’s….the Chiefs in general, and now it seems the fan base for attacking each other into apathy, because at this point…I don’t give a fuck if you agree with me or not :/

    • calciomoti

      Oh yes you can Brandon, I can’t help it but to watch every game on DVR…Matt Cassel is terrible, he has no, absolutely NO ability to read a defense, nor to go through his progressions. Time and time again he does not even see the open receiver(s)!!!! So yes, yes you can put it on Cassel. He played okay, but it is OBVIOUS that all we need is a QB. Think about it, how good would this team be if we had Rodgers, Manning (either), Roethlisberger, hell, even Russell Wilson! We would be winners, because we would have a competent QB.

      I do agree though, we did lose to the Pittsburgh Referees tonight, but we should all know that we have the talent for this game to not have even been this close, give us a QB that can play and play his position well and we will be a perennial playoff team, just like the 60′s, 90′s…and maybe, just maybe win another Super Bowl.

  • big chief

    Let’s also not forget our $9 million receiver who can’t do his only job. CATCH THE DAMN BALL BOWE then we’ll talk about a big contract.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Like on the blog make it “STANZI TIME. We’ve seen Cassel can’t do it. I’d like to see the full team stay but a completely new staff. GM, HC, OC, DC. The players have talent but the coaches don’t have the brains to get them they way to show it.
    Well, most players have talent. I can think of 1 that doesn’t that needs to be gone with Pioli ASAP!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Oh yeah, bad calls on the refs. I wish they could “review” those and fine them. That could have been another TD plus closer area to FG.
    Cassel only making 7 completions until the 4th qtr. Bowes 2 drops, 1st 1 was a blame on him. 2nd 1, blame on the heavier rain and the hit
    The 1 turnover, nobodies fault but Cassel. Bad accuracy. Like about 85% of all his passes.

    • big chief

      It was an inaccurate pass but like any good coach says “if you can touch it you can catch it.” If Bowe wants paid big he needs to play big and big time receivers don’t drop balls that hit their hands even if it’s thrown behind them. U’m not defending Cassel I’m just saying Bowe has to do better.

      • Daniel Mayfield

        But to have to stop on a dime while you’re running hard, spin your body almost 180….kind of hard. I don’t put all the bad passes on Cassel. Though if he was more accurate, you wouldn’t see TE Boss on the sideline or Dexter wearing things on his arm to protect it from where the little man had to jump so high to try to catch the ball and he came down on his arm. Bad accuracy….no matter how you put it. Bad accuracy makes it hard for any WRs to catch the ball. It would be for the younger Jerry Rice or Calvin Johnson. Like everybody says, even on ESPN, they need a new staff and a better QB. They haven’t drafted a QB they put on the field for YEARS! Make it some “STANZI TIME” is what puts it. Why not? We’ve never seen him play. So many fans wish Alex Tanney was able to play…he’s shown some accuracy. Low rated college but very high numbers….kind of like Kurt Warner. I think you get my point……Cassel isn’t worth what he’s getting. Boot him and find a better, more ACCURATE QB.
        That last pass last night was very bad choice. I shouldn’t blame anybody but when I watched that pass, it was 3 or 4 Steelers around 1 receiver… can decide. Here’s a question for you. Was Cassel better on the “hurry up offense” at the end of the game to get to the FG range or with the offense through 2nd half? IMO, they were long and more accurate on the faster plays that needed to get things done. I know they don’t need to be done that fast everytime but he don’t need to hold the ball so long unless he’s gonna run more, scramble to buy time for his WRs to get open more.

  • Doug

    I thought up til ot they showed heart overcame a few stupid and or flat out bad call penality i can honestly say it was a nail biter but probably their best game of the season as for people i think he worth one more year maybe him scared for his job will make him step up not draft another d lineman with the first round(overall) pick theres a few good qbs that gonna be in draft finally no matter how painful it is gonna continue to support this franchise I LOVE MY CHIEFS!!!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Larry Devore

      sorry not even one more game. Defense did look a lot better this game.He’s had one good year 2010, i out of 5 ain’t good. Show him the door.

  • Chiefswatch

    Its Stanzi time. Who gives a shit if we win another game. Who wants to win another game? We need that top pick. No reason to not trot Stanzi out there for the rest of this miserable season. What could go wrong? We win less games than we did up to this point?

    • Tom

      You really think Stanzi is the guy to turn this franchise around as he was horrible in pre-season and as far as I am concerned should be cut.

      • Chiefswatch

        Did I say that ? I said we could do no worse. I said we need that number one pick and risking a win on the back of a decent game from a guy who is guaranteed to not be on our team next year is pointless.

  • Jim Harper

    Great day for the defense who played their asses off. Jamaal had 100 yds rushing on 23 carries. Cassel threw so many bad balls the few good ones he threw were not enough. Even in the final drive there was no way he should have thrown that ball. I am normally not prone to kneejerk reactions, but I do agree with Tribalrage that they should give the job to Stanzi. At the very least we can find out if he is even backup material. I still found myself rooting for them to win this game despite what it might do to our position in the draft. However I am not angry with the loss. I am beyond that now. It would appear that Romeo giving up the DC duties paid off. That was the best game our defense has played all year. Also I made a point of watching a lot of college games this past Saturday since all the top QB’s were playing. I am pretty convinced that Gino is the best option IMO.

  • Kcchief84

    Wow what a game. The chiefs handed the damn steelers the game. There were some horrible calls by the refs but the chiefs broke down as the game went on. They got too comfortable. The defense did play good but the offense just couldn’t get into rythym. Cassel threw some horrible passes, which I can’t believe the steelers didn’t convert on some of the other shitty cassel throws. Too many goddamn penalties during key moments…and of course the dropped passes…but the shittiest thing that pissed me off the most was our goddamn offensive coordinator fuckin Mr. Brian Dabol…shit he had some horrible plays which fucked us trying to convert third and long…daboll and matt cassel paired together are dumb and dumber

  • BurtGummer44

    Boy Howdy they almost won so give Pioli an extension and sign Cassel up as the starter for 6 more years!

  • Danny W

    I hope the guy announcing the game is our new head coach next year. I would love to see me some Chucky on the sidelines keeping our boys in all the games.

    • Chiefswatch

      Man would that be awesome

  • Chief Hokie

    Take-aways from the game:

    1. The defense played great, I can forgive their weird circle jerk of a dance because at least they went back out there and made them turn it over on downs.
    2. Poe was a monster out there, he might not have made any major stat splashes but he showed up in a big way.
    3. Shaun Smith is so slow but he gives our defense an attitude we’ve been lacking
    4. Jamaal is still great, Hillis is Thomas Jones 2.0
    5. Bowe continues to prove why he’s not worthy of a fat contract. Those 2 drops were unforgivable.
    6. Succop was a fuck up. He missed an easy field goal and he kicked the ball out of bounds on a kickoff, giving them good field position which led to points.
    6. The referees were just awful. The PI call on Javier, the holding call on Albert – it makes you suspicious.
    7. And last but not least: Matt Cassel still sucks. He stared down his receivers all night, threw to receivers blanketed in coverage when he had people wide open in the middle of the field – the list goes on and on, he was the same old Cassel. And that last interception he threw…my God. I heard in the post-game interview he claimed it was tipped by a defensive lineman, that’s complete and utter horse shit. That was one of the worst throws I’ve ever seen him make and it happened at the worst possible time. I’m actually glad it happened though because it made it more obvious than ever that Cassel is our weakest link. Daboll might’ve had a couple bonehead plays out there tonight but if he had a QB who could actually make some reads and progressions he would’ve looked like a genius. Oh well.

    • Kale Mosley

      Um… The replay showed the pass getting tipped.

      Not saying Cassel doesn’t suck. Just saying the pass was tipped.

      • Chief Hokie

        Okay after further review you may be right, but it was still a horrible throw.

      • PunjabiPete

        Logic has no place here.

  • Jeanie Hale

    The coaches are one issue but the players all have to do their job to make the team a success. Cassel is an embarrassment to the team, maybe one of the local high schools has a QB who is free on Sundays?

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      Fort Osage High School’s Steven McBee is real good

  • tm1946

    Sorry I did not watch it. But the sun came up and Tuesday seems to look pretty pleasant.

  • disqus_SPZwIT6dRb
  • Kansas_City

    Was the final pass tipped at the line? I did not see that on TV. Cassel says that is what happened. Otherwise, it was classic Cassel. He stared at Bowe the whole time. He threw into a crowd of four defenders. And right after his finest moment moving the Chiefs down field for a tying fied goal. Is it the end of the road? Or do they bring him back next year?


    Hey Addicts! I am just as pissed as every other Chiefs fan. But can we just get rid of all the “F-BOMBS?” A well placed “ass” or “son-of-a-bitch” will do in most cases. I don’t use the term on public forums or in front of youngsters, some of whom read these posts. You can get your points across without it.

  • PunjabiPete

    You guessed wrong. Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel, I’m OK with. That was a boneheaded throw by Cassel and it’s inexcusable, but it shouldn’t erase some of the good throws he made in that game. It DOES, and I’m ok with that, but it shouldn’t.
    If we keep Cassel here and draft a REAL QBOTF (I’ve seen all I need to of Rick Stanzi) then he can help teach the young padawan about preperation and all that, while the young whelp will have much more talent. Can we agree that would be a good scenario?