January 09, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Romeo Crennel (left) speaks to media as he is officially announced as the new Kansas City Chiefs head coach by general manager Scott Pioli at the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel Continue To Demonstrate Their Incompetence

Kansas City Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt needs to fire Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel before they can do any further damage to his football team.

The calls for Pioli and Crennel to be canned have been coming from fans for a while now but after yesterday’s unconscionable decision to cut CB Stanford Routt, it is clear the guys in charge of running the Chiefs are so clueless that allowing their incompetence to continue is downright irresponsible.

The cutting of Routt was a feeble attempt to add to the ever-growing list of Pioli fall-guys. At this point, Pioli and Crennel are not all that different than two men locked in a dark room flailing their arms around looking for the light switch.

Only there is no switch.

Routt wasn’t the best player on the Chiefs’ defense but he sure as heck wasn’t the worst. In fact, there is pretty strong evidence that despite some of his struggles, he was still the second best CB on the roster. How, in any way, does cutting Routt now make the Kansas City Chiefs a better football team?

Surprisingly, I’ve actually seen some folks arguing that Routt being cut isn’t that big of a deal. Some suggested (without any evidence I might add) that Routt may have character issues or that he is a team cancer. Statements like this are irresponsible and unfair. There hasn’t, to my knowledge, been a single report of Routt acting up in the KC locker room. The lack of a report on Routt misbehaving doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s been a model citizen but if there were some internal problems with Routt and the Chiefs, do you think Scott Pioli, master of media manipulation, would not have leaked something by now?

Another argument for cutting Routt is that he is due a $10 million option bonus due and since he hasn’t played all that well this season, he wasn’t going to be retained next season anyway. There are multiple problems with this argument. For starters, the Chiefs are paying, and have paid, millions of dollars to a number of under-performing players during the Scott Pioli regime. Matt Cassel, Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, to name a few, have stolen so much money from Clark Hunt’s wallet that criminal chargers should be filed.

Scott Pioli’s job is to win football games, not save Hunt a few million bucks by cutting struggling players so he can replace them with worse players. Pioli’s frugal ways have already saved Hunt plenty of money. It also makes things more difficult for the Chiefs in the future. Since Pioli allowed Carr to leave and has failed on multiple occasions to draft a CB capable of starting alongside Brandon Flowers, losing Routt just adds another hole to the roster for the future.

The move simply highlights yet another one of Pioli’s flaws. He thought he was being so smart by allowing Brandon Carr to leave in free agency. You can see his line of thinking so clearly that his repeated instances that signing Carr was still possible after the Routt deal was done seem even more insulting in hindsight. This man actually looked fans in the eye after giving Routt a big deal and told them that he was still trying to work out a deal with Brandon Carr.

So much crap, they had to start a new pile.

And so after just eight games on a new team and in a new defense, Crennel and Pioli are cutting ties with the man they brought in to replace Carr. If Routt is due a $10 million option bonus and he is under-performing, all that does is place two more strikes on the side of the ledger that says Pioli is in over his head.

For all Routt’s flaws, he is also one of the players responsible for Kansas City’s lone victory this season. That’s right, late in the third quarter with the Chiefs trailing 13 to 24, Drew Brees and the Saints were on the KC 29, Routt intercepted a Drew Brees pass and returned it 32 yards. On the subsequent drive, Ryan Succop drilled a 34-yard field goal that pulled the Chiefs within a eight.

If the Saints score even a FG on that drive, the Chiefs don’t win the game. Remember, following Routt’s pick, it took three Ryan Succop field goals and a safety for the Chiefs to even tie the game to force overtime.

Routt is no world-beater but he can and has made a difference for the Chiefs this season.

The Kansas City Chiefs defense is worse without Routt than they were with him. Nothing we have seen from Javier Arenas, Jalil Brown or Travis Daniels should inspire any confidence that any one of them can play even half as good as Stanford Routt.

In short, Scott Pioli traded Tony Gonzalez for Javier Arenas and Brandon Carr for Standford Routt…who he then cut almost immediately.

For all his talk about “process” and “consistency” Pioli has run one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL. Unless you count losing as consistent in which case he has nearly hit the mark in that area.

The Chiefs aren’t bad because Stanford Routt struggled at times this season. They’re bad because Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel haven’t done their jobs well enough. Crennel’s Chiefs are one of the most undisciplined teams in the history of the NFL. Todd Haley, who also probably has no business holding a head coaching position in the NFL, got more out of this team with Tyler Palko starting at QB than Crennel has been able to with superior talent.

Hunt should relieve Pioli and Crennel of their duties immediately, not just because they are almost certainly dead men walking, but because are showing now they could actually continue to do harm to the organization, thus making things more difficult on their eventual successors.

It is time for Hunt to protect his team and to announce to Chiefs fans and the rest of the NFL that he isn’t the type of man to stand by while two buffoons try to turn his father’s once proud football club into the NFL’s new version of the new Cleveland Browns or worse, the post glory days Oakland Raiders.

Firing Pioli and Crennel now likely won’t stop the ship from sinking but it will certainly stop the duo from shooting more holes into the deck. And for Chiefs fans desperate for proof that Hunt cares more about winning than he does about money and soccer, that could make a big difference.

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  • chiefridgy

    Boy oh boy

  • RichardComstock

    Let me start by saying i totally agree with you that Stinkoli needs to go and so does all his staff. I will say however that there is a flip side to this coin. You just said that He was gone after this year anyway. You also said we are undisciplined. Both of those statements i believe to be correct. Routt was the MOST undisciplined player on the defense and wasn’t really all that good when he was not drawing flags. His only move is riding the WR out of bounds and holding Jerseys.I don’t recall him ever making a big tackle here or in Oakland either. This season is over with, so why keep him around. Lets cut guys we know are shit so we can see what we have in our other players. I don’t see anyway possible that Jaiver will be worst then Routt. We know he will be better in run support and we also know that he is athletic and has good instincts.We found out in eight games that Oakland was right about Routt all along. It just sucks we made this mistake in the first place,but at least they realize they messed up instead of pulling a cassel and giving him four years to suck.I think that if cassel was cut we wouldn’t be complaining even though its quite obvious he is the best QB on the roster. Sometimes you make moves to make points and light fires under asses. Let me state again…this is not a defense for our front office. I hope they all get fired (or demote RAC).

  • tm1946

    Paddy, might be your best yet. I am amazed at your keen perception and maturity, of course it did not hurt that we agree on this one. LOL

    Bottom line is the Hunt Chiefs are living under the idea “if we feed a ex-raider to the vulcano, the fans will shut up and be satisfied for a while” approach. Do not think it will work this time around,

    Cut Routt, who is better on the roster. is this the approach for UFA, heck we do not need Albert, the OL does not do that much to protect Cassel anyway or Colquit, we will just try field goals and save on a punter salary. Nutty, sure but cutting Routt makes about as much sense.

    As for Crennel’s leaving DC, he was not very good, who did he develope with his genius skills anyway. Just wish Pioli would have fired the HC also.

    • RichardComstock

      I will tell you who he developed….wait for it….wait for it….


  • ladner morse

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Just wait until Todd Haley sees Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace lining up against the Chiefs corners. It is not going to be a pretty picture. Pittsburgh game plan: throw early and often, get a big lead, then ram the ball down the Chiefs throats all second half.

    In 7 of the Chiefs 8 games this year the opponent has scored 26 or more points. Pittsburgh should score a whole lot more than that.

  • chiefin’ainteasy

    I don’t think Routt was that bad compared to anyone else this year. I mean if you want to cut everyone that hasn’t been producing then you would have like 2 or 3 players left on the team! Maybe Carr would have been been better in the long run, but probably not this year. Bad decision to cut Routt. Everyone is bad when the coach cannot motivate OR teach x’s and o’s…usually the worst coaches are decent at one of those qualities.

    • tm1946

      Or how about T Jackson or Winston, either has no apparent replacement on the roster but what the heck, save some money and shut the fans up – win, win.

      • chiefin’ainteasy

        Good Lord, I hate Eric Winston…as much as I hated Larry Johnson, I may actually hate Winston more. He couldn’t just be a disappointment, he also can’t shut his mouth about anything.

        • Brody Hall

          Okay… Winston is not a disappointment. I’m not even going to argue about it with someone that says they hate LJ less. That’s just a flat out retarded remark. U hate winston more than someone who beats chicks? U should be ashamed

          • chiefin’ainteasy

            I can despise whoever I want and I could care less what they do off the field…they are almost all morons, so yes as Chief PLAYERS I probably hate Winston more, he has been a MAJOR disappointment and I’m not ashamed of anything, thanks for the heads up tho!

  • ArrowFan

    getting ride of lame duck players and saving money during a year when we want to loose more games than win, is bad? I hate our front office and the entire coaching staff as well but I say they need to do more cutting of lame duck players and freeing up money. We are not going to make the playoffs and any attempt at winning games at this point is just shooting ourselves in the foot.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Did you read the article? I outline quite a few reasons why it is a bad idea.

      • ArrowFan

        I’m saying that I don’t think it is a bad idea to go ahead and start releasing players now, that are on their way out the door anyway. The fact that it frees up money is just a bonus. Sure Routt vs Carr is a bad trade and Pioli and Romeo need to go as well but I don’t see the release of Routt as some grand mistake to the future of the team. You are correct in saying that Pioli could still make a few moves that would be grand mistakes, I just don’t see Route as one of them.

        • RichardComstock

          Yeah i agree…I see both sides actually. Bottom line is this tho…our season is over and routt was gone..why wait

    • Danny W

      Lame duck players are Arenas, Daniels, MeQuenzie, and Brown. Not our second best corner on the football team.

      • ArrowFan

        Brown I see as a solid Special teams guy and hanging around as long as he performs that role effectively but the rest I also see as lame ducks including Routt. Routt has been picked on all year and was finally exposed against the Faiders. I suspect who ever is playing the #2 corner is going to get picked on until someone mans up and holds his own. Arenas, Brown, Daniels, MeQuenzie I’m not sure if any of them can do it, but I don’t mind finding out during the rest of the season.

      • RichardComstock

        I was just wondering when you watched Arenas get a fair shake as our 2nd CB? also how can you say Mequenezie and Brown are lame duck players? MeQuenzie has hardly played and brown is our best special team player (not including kickers and punters)

        • Danny W

          Arenas gets burned all the time at nickel back spot you know the same place he’s been since he was a rookie three years ago. Why wouldn’t he get burned on the outside? Brown is a good special teamer well thats nice, we should ask Jon McGraw if that translates to being a good defensive back in the league. Did you watch the early games this year when Flowers was hurt and Brown played for him? I did. That’s precisely were I get he was a lame duck player. He was roasted. He’s the worst defender we have. What makes you think MeQuenzie is going to see the field were is he?

          • RichardComstock

            I don’t think he gets Burned all the time,I have seen him burnt before but you cant tell me with a that routt didn’t get burned just as often as Jaiver. Lets remember who he is replacing. Routt was no stud on the outside…. But lets take a closer look at this…Slot WR’s are generally quicker and harder to keep up with. I do have vivid memories of him shutting down welker in prime time last year.. Brown did get torched when flowers was out but he is not expected to be as polished as Routt considering he has WAY less experience. As for Mequenzie if we haven’t seen him play how can he be called a lame player? Not to mention that we haven’t always had the best pass rush. Its hard to cover slot WR’s (or any) when the QB has all day to throw the ball around. Plus you cant forget that CB’s are asked to stuff the run to and on that front it is a huge upgrade. let me say one more time…I do agree with the idea that it was a bad move im just looking for a sliver lining. on a side note..Ive been lurking for years before posting and you have always been one of my favorites on AA.

          • Danny W

            Thanks for the kind words. I hope for the record Arenas is the next Mighty Mouse Mark McMillan. I guess we shall see. I would have rather kept Routt until seasons end and seen what we have in Powe at DE though or if Toribio’s healthy maybe run him out there instead. I think this crew is all out of fresh ideas though and they shouldn’t be allowed to make anymore personnel decisions.

      • Cha-iefs

        Yeah and Routt $6M he got for just this year [of his 3 year deal! so he would of got more!] ….COSTS MORE than ALL those other players combined. I already addressed why Routt was waived earlier so I won’t digress, I just wanted to make this point with money. Be openminded and chew on that for alittle. I bet you’ll hear me when your head hits the pillow. He wasn’t getting any better after 8 seasons,Routt was just as awful here as in Oak. Its player evaluation time in KC, Routt is the first out and I assure you NOT the last.

        • Danny W

          I get what your saying, Routt isn’t that great and he was over paid. The season is lost and his presence will not be woefully missed because we suck so badly any ways. We were probably going to cut him at the end of the season anyway. These are valid and lucid points. So here is why I think that there is some outrage on the other side of the coin. We cut Routt to make room for Shaun Smith who I really like and hated to see let go. Dorsey is in a contract year if I’m correct and I don’t think he will be retained. Tyson Jackson is due to make 14 million dollars next season. So if you want to talk about overpaid players who are busts and need to be cut shouldn’t we be talking about two sack TJax?
          Both of these busts are due to get cut or reworked. Instead of making a move with one of them so we have room for Smith we cut our second best corner who isn’t working out in our system for a linemen when one of the LSU busts are probably going to get cut at seasons end with the new GM which should be a forgone conclusion. Perhaps the new GM brings in a new defensive scheme and wants to keep Routt. The fact that Crennel and Pioli are making decisions like this still in week 8 just fuels more rage against the machine.
          Heres something for you to think about when your head hits the pillow tonight. If you watched the preseason chances are you were likely impressed with Jerrel Powe’s play along with Toribio’s as well. We also have an unproven rookie in Dontari Poe. Pitoatua is outplaying every DE we currently have run out there. So we seemingly have a surplus along the defensive line. I think if you put Powe Poe, and Toribio out there you would probably have one of the better front 3′s in the league. Our defensive backfield hasn’t shown near the promise of these other defensive lineman currently on the roster. From my point of view it was a very very stupid move. If you want to evaluate talent then evaluate it on the defensive line were changes have to be made soon anyway. We could have waited to cut Routt until next season.

          • RichardComstock

            I think you are right about all the players you mentioned. The thing is dorsey and jackson might be worth something to another team in a sign and trade. Routt wasn’t worth shit…i think they should cut all our bad seeds and start over.

    • tm1946

      Sorry but that is nuts. Teams cannot be told or begin to believe it is ok for the company to dump a season, deadly.
      I do not care about money, chief’s money, Routt gets his signing bonus and his ENTIRE years salary, even if signed by another team. NO MONEY SAVED, not one dollar.
      You have to play to win. It is also a mental thing, anything else will destroy an entire time.

  • Priest4Prez

    If I sold back my tickets to the Broncos game now, do I get full reimbursement back? Does anyone know when the cut off date is to sell them back? I can’t let my first game at Arrowhead be this year…..

    • tm1946

      Not sure, but next year you may well check it out from the first game. If fans are satisfied with cutting Routt, Crennel as HC only, Pioli sitting in his office, and Mr I am not as patient as my dad Hunt. Next year could be worse.

  • ChiefsFanSince69

    The changes are all cosmetic — they don’t get near the most fundamental problem: a total lack of discipline and toughness. Do Pioli and RAC seriously expect KC fans to believe these miniscule revisions are going to translate to victories? This is the theater of the absurd — and it’s time to close the curtain on these “actors.”

  • http://twitter.com/skymuscle83 Skylor Kingrey

    I agree totally with the article except the fact Todd Haley should ever be a Head Coach in the NFL ever! I think he was handcuffed by Pioli. I think Haley will make KC wish they would have kept him!! Again I think he was a good Head Coach!! I just think that Pioli wanted him to do things his way and that was not good. The chiefs will have a super bad day when they play Haley’s steelers.

    As for Routt well he wasn’t as bad as what Crennel would like us to believe. Not Flowers by any means but losing him hurts us worse!! These aren’t fixes by any means, they are actions in hopes we will calm down on wanting to fire both of them!! Look for the incompetence to really shine!!!


    As usual, a very insightful article. I won’t belabor all the rhetorical crap about Pioli and Crennel, along with many of the current players needing to be gone and forgotten. The one thing you wrote that hurts the worst is what the young Hunt is letting happen to this once proud franchise. And if his father could see this, he would be ashamed. To see the Chiefs fall to the depths of the Raiders, Browns and several more lost franchises is very disturbing on many levels. Hunt has brought in an “outsider” to run this team into the abyss, and I see several years of frustration setting in that will not be healed anytime soon. If Hunt continues to let this happen, he will have lost thousands of here-to-for intensely loyal Chiefs fans that will only be brought back with a renewed commitment by the owner to admit a complete failure in judgement.
    It appears that as of now that Hunt is willing to go along with what ever Pioli has envisioned for the future of the Chiefs. If not, he would have certainly rid the Chiefs of both the Pioli and Crennel. If, within a week after the Super Bowl, Pioli is still in charge, I just can’t see any quality long term future for this franchise. I, along with hundreds of thousands of other Chief’s fans, am finding it harder and harder to keep the faith.
    Keep pounding away Paddy. Who knows? Maybe Hunt could be listening.

  • AKChieffan

    Love this quoat, “Firing Pioli and Crennel now likely won’t stop the ship from sinking but it will certainly stop the duo from shooting more holes into the deck. ” Wish Hunt heard the few of us earlier in the year. I said this before his father would have a serious sit down with his son knowing the direction he has taken this team. Still a fan of the Chiefs, but very disappointed in the management, and preparing myself for the next few years.

  • Ganjamancer

    I think where you got it wrong is ‘Scott Pioli’s job is to win football games, not save Hunt a few million bucks’. It IS Scott Pioli’s job to save Mr. Hunt millions of dollars, not win football games.

    Clark Hunt is Donald Sterling

  • KC98682

    this is soooooo annoying! The Chiefs have not been a stable organization since Schottenheimer left us in the dust, Vermil was a band aid, Edwards was a publicity stunt, and Haley was a…. who knows what he was? I am tired of rebuilding, I am tired of starting over! Everyone is calling for the heads of Pioli and Crennel. Well Chief fans where do we go from here? who is the answer? Who the hell would even come here? We always ask for people to be fired and then complain who they are replaced by(I am guilty of this too)! Maybe we should dredge through the problem, stick with a leaking engine till we get to the shop. When was the last time we won a playoff game? Against Buddy Ryan!!!! Not Rex, not Rob…Good Ole Buddy! So needless to say we have called for all this change and now we don’t like the taste of the meal we ordered! I am frustrated, I am annoyed, I am down right tired of this monkey that has been on my back! But you know what….I love my Chiefs, I love my Chiefs!!! So hey I am not gonna ask for something to complain about anymore, I will not return another burnt burger, just to get another burnt one. We won the west just 2 years ago, and fired the cook(Haley) cause of unstable performance, oh and guess what the cook(Cronell) that replaced him sent out one great burger followed by charred crap, Oh and now we want another Cook(who the hell wants this job) and a new Soux chef??? Just admit it our service is only as good as customer feed back and frankly our reviews are crap so our service is crap! So order up another Chiefs Charburger and eat it with a smile!!

  • Left-Brained

    This is garbage. “[Pioli] thought he was being so smart by letting Carr
    leave.” Did you really want us to pay $50 million for Carr? Is he a
    Top-3 CB in the league? No. He’s not. You don’t pay someone that much
    cash unless you’re getting a sure-fire No. 1 CB for the next 5 years.
    If we commit that much to Carr, we have no money to sign Albert, Bowe or
    Dorsey. So get your facts straight, letting Carr walk WAS smart.

    Routt being cut isn’t that big of a deal. We’re 1-7. Routt has been sub-par.
    Give credit where it’s due, Pioli realized the Routt route wasn’t
    going to work so he cut bait now, rather than later when we owe him
    another $10 million. The point isn’t that we’re worse today without
    Routt, it’s that we’re better in the long-run without him. Younger guys
    get a chance to develop and financially we’re able to cleanse our hands
    of an unnecessary contract.

    Seriously did not find one solid, factual point in this article. Typical rash Chiefs fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.dowd.37 Nick Dowd

    In hindsight now after the Chiefs played against the Steelers it seems Romeo made some decisions right. Javier Arenas played a much better game than Routt had played all season. Also the defensive scheme was sound a logical, the defense looked good with Gibbs calling the plays. We will see how the team looks this week against the Bengals to be sure but if the defense plays another solid game I would say this article may be as big a bust as Glenn Dorsey.