Poll: Chiefs Cut Stanford Routt

The Kansas City Chiefs signed Stanford Routt to replace CB Brandon Carr.

Then they cut Routt after just eight games.

Routt has been no world-beater while a member of the Chiefs but he is far from the worst player on the roster.

Here is what head coach Romeo Crennel said about the move:

“The transition was taking a little bit longer than I thought it was going to take,” Crennel said, “so we just felt like it was time to part ways.”

“He was trying to learn the system and trying to adapt and making some progress at that but I needed it to be faster. I thought it was going to be faster but it wasn’t happening so I made the move.”

Despite Crennel’s words, it is hard not to feel like the Chiefs just got worse…if that is even possible.

What do you think?

Do you agree with the cutting of Stanford Routt?

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  • Daego3

    so we have 6 DBs on the roster, of which none are playing at a probowl level, but the bottom 3 are absolutely horrible at everything and we get rid of the #2 guy!?!?! someone take the Pioli out now. what kind of message does that send to the team??? wouldn’t the last guy on the totem pole be the guy that gets the ax????

    • KCMikeG

      This was RAC’s decision. And he should be gone after one too many “I don’t know” at pressers.

      • Cha-iefs

        Mike I love reading your comments man. You have a way with words and always have something good to say.

    • Cha-iefs

      I was just going to point out the pay checks of the 6 DBs. Who made the most ? Thats a contributing factor too. If you smell like hot garbage & you make the most of all other CBs-besides Flowers then….Bye-Bye,we don’t need a higher paid guy on STs or riding the bench,do you think? Routt made $6M this year of his 3 yr deal,thats enough money spent on him to see he’s not going to get any better and be KC’s #2,thats why he was brought here,not to be a nickle or a STer.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    the chiefs didnt sign routt to replace carr, carr left a few months after we had signed routt due to not having the contract he wanted. if we wouldve given carr what he deserves like the cowboys did, our DB core would be tremendous.

    • KCMikeG

      You’re right on the Routt signing. Part two of your comment is a common and much repeated fallacy. Carr was NOT staying in KC period. He has wanted to be in Dallas his entire life and NO one pays their #2 CB better than their #1 CB which is what it would have taken. Plus his numbers this year are well below what Routt had done.

    • Cha-iefs

      I don’t agree with this at all. Routt WAS brought in to replace Carr. KC had no intention of paying Carr what he wanted therefore expecting him to move on. Thus signing Routt to cover him as Carr shopped around. How is that not getting Routt to replace Carr? Routt was brought in to start when and if Carr left. In business you can’t wait for the music to stop then look for a chair. It’s too late by then. You don’t remember the offseason? Everyone was fighting over who they wanted the tag to go on. Bowe or Carr. Well,again, kc knew that the tag wasn’t going on Carr. They know what theyre planning. It’s the fans that do the guessing on what they think KC will do. No one from the outside knows. Thats why we’re called on the outside”, lol. There was the long back and forth with Carrs agent. Remember all that?

  • Nate Taylor

    I wasn’t a Routt fan, but I don’t see the point of cutting him mid-season.

    • Cha-iefs

      Yeah, and I don’t see the tragedy of doing so.

  • Travis Graf

    SO — we won’t trade Bowe for picks, won’t replace the coaches, won’t replace the GM — but we’ll replace a replacement? Has anyone else considered the idea that Clark wants to lose the fan base so moving them to L.A. might be easier???

  • tm1946

    I did not like Routt from day one but, stupid is as stupid does. He could have been a nickle CB or injury replacement for a game or two. NO, LET’S SHUT UP THE FANS AND THROW ROUTT INTO THE VULCANO….oh yeah, replace him with a shrimp or Daniels….love the smell of burnt toast in the morning.

  • Kyle ferguson

    I wonder just how little Romeo feels routt progressed in his time in KC if he is content with the job Brian is doing with the offense, and you might as well give him more time since you have managed to let this team fall out of playoff contention before the half way mark, todd was fired because the team was inconsistent so why should Romeo still have his job when he can’t even get a lead?

  • david schroeder

    That’s it. There’s no doubt they are trying to lose every game now for that no. 1 pick… No doubt in my mind whatsoever.

  • Matt Finucane

    Wow. I’m surprised Pioli would do this. Because of how bad it makes him look.
    LOL to the “Routt is just as good as Carr!” crowd.

    • Cha-iefs

      ,” started seven games and totaled 21 tackles (19 unassisted), one fumble and two interceptions during his Kansas City campaign.” Yea i agree about Routt and Carr, 19 unassisted….that means he tackled a WR after he let him catch the ball. Routt’s not coming up and stopping any RBs, lol. 1 lucky fumble recovery and 2 footballs dropped in his lap. Dude gets burnt more than a Jersey shore cast member. I liked Carr and it was sad to see him go.

  • Dankkc

    im not in practice i cant say, but I would like to see a win

  • Chief Hokie

    We. Need. Cowher. He is the only thing that can get us out of this mess.
    1) Pioli would be fired
    2) Romeo would be demoted to DC or fired
    3) Daboll would be fired
    4) Bowe might stay if we draft the best QB prospect
    5) Cowher would attract the best offensive and defensive coordinators to join the Chiefs.

    We need you Bill Cowher. Hunt better make him an offer he can’t refuse.

  • Cha-iefs

    This poll is a reflection of the hate towards Pissoli and has nothing to do with Routt. [I say pissoil,dont get it twisted, i'm not a fan of his but i'm over this witch hunt.]
    Anything short of Pioli firing himself, fans will complain about it.

    imagine this theroy….if pioli WOULD of convinced P Manning to come to KC and Manning not been able to play at the level he is right now. The comments would be,” Pioli is a idiot,wasting all that money on a guy thats had 50 neck surgeries!” Fans are just complaining about anything and everything due to this horrific season.
    Do you get pissed when your neighbors sprinkler gets the edge of your driveway wet too? Waiving Routt- Its the samething, IT DOESN’T make a damn difference to this season. [Pat Allen, this feels a lot like a ,"who agrees with me poll?"] You championed the outrage on this meaningless waive of Routt. Whatever relieves the rage I guess. VENT ON KC fans,VENT ON! A good player wasn’t cut here. A $6M underachieving flag collector was. Let the player evaluations begin! Thats all that is left in KC this season. Who’s gonna curl up and cry and who gonna ball out in the face of a lost season?