Oct 28, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs fans paid for a sign to fly around the game against the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

When Blind Loyalty Turns To Blind Rage

I have witnessed it before in my years as a Kansas City Chiefs fan. We defend our red and gold gladiators at work, at home, and in the local watering hole until we are ready to hang it up for good.

But we never are ready for that.

Marty made us believe that we could once again be Super Bowl champs, at a time when we were afraid to trust it could happen.

And we were gut-punched for our trust.

So a proven winner must be the answer, we thought. And so we coaxed Dick out of retirement. A coach who had taken every single NFL team he led to the big show. Every single one. Until he came to Kansas City.

And we trusted again.

And that gut punch turned into a low blow.

I never was on the Herm bandwagon. Never was.

And therefore I never had to get off the bandwagon when we sunk to a historic low with his leadership.

Haley never seemed right either. And he wasn’t.

Romeo had me fooled for awhile. Not any longer.

Brody Croyle and Damon Huard made us sick to our stomachs.

Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn make us mad.

Brodie Croyle got booed for sure. But nobody cheered when he was carried off the field time after time.

Damon Huard was booed as well, but he could score in the red zone. And cheers never erupted when he was carried off the field.

But times have changed.

There is a different feeling at Arrowhead these days.

Though I didn’t hear them, it is alleged that cheers erupted when Cassel left the field with a head injury.

As a result, a Kansas City Chiefs player lashed out at the fans.

I have been threatened, spat at, punched, and everything else you can think of by opposing fans in my years at Arrowhead.

But I never had to worry about my fellow Chiefs fans.

Last Sunday at Arrowhead I did.

Fans are not saying “wait until next year” anymore.

They are saying “wait until I see you out in the parking lot.”

People I shared sorrow and joy with in my section are selling or giving away their tickets to people who don’t care about the Chiefs any more than I care about the Rams.

They are only there for a good time. And their good time isn’t the good times Arrowhead used to be famous for.

Changes need to be made, obviously. And I am confident they will be made.

But until they are, I must advise that if a game at historic Arrowhead Stadium is on your bucket list, well, focus on something else this year.

Stay away.

Watch the games at home.

Good old Arrowhead has turned into mean old Arrowhead.

The tailgating is great. It always has been and always will be.

So good in fact, the last thing I want to do these days is go into the stadium.

Will the old Arrowhead be back? Sure it will.

Will I remain a Chiefs fan? Until the day I die.

But until it things change, don’t waste your money on a ticket.

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  • Danny W

    When the stadium was full for the Raider game it wasn’t a bunch of die hards out there I wouldn’t think was it Randy? Can’t say you can blame people for getting rid of their tickets right now.

    • Randy5k

      No I cannot, Danny.

  • ArrowFan

    We are all dying a little every week. It seems my loyalty is wavering more and more, they say that true character comes out during times like these. Anyone who can still show up to arrowhead and support this team like it was 7-1, is to be commended and given the congressional medal of fan hood.

    • Cha-iefs

      I like your quote too,”True character comes out during times like these.” So true.

      • Randy5k

        Good words as always, Arrowfan.

  • ArrowFan

    I still wonder how did we beat the Saints?

    • Randy5k

      We had to break several team records to do it.

  • ArrowFan

    Why hasn’t someone been fired yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tm1946

      No reason to fire anyone. The season cannot be fixed with a new GM or HC. All the employed guys who might be hired cannot be even talked to until the end of the season or their individual contracts. Just no one out there to fix anything. Wee just keep losing until the end.

  • Cha-iefs

    Good article!
    Sure i get mad when they lose and want KC to win games but I think if this destroys your life then you maybe need to step back and look at the total of your life’s work. Its not a compliment to be a “fan-atic” about anything. The moe you act like your world is crumbling around you due to the Chiefs 1-7 season, DOESN’T somehow make you more of a fan. Infact i’d bet my life these are some of the fans cheering injury to “our” LOVED Chiefs! How can you love something and be a “fan” but just HATE everything about it? If they don’t succeed you HATE them? REALLY!?! I like the comment i read in another article it said,” tough times show ones true character.” I LOVE the Chiefs but some people need to get a grip. Reminds me of when you’d see video of girls fainting and crying when they got to see the Beetles. Thats a scary individual! psycho obsession and that Doesnt make you more of a fan of something! Man up and develope some good charater if youre a psycho “fan”. This article is great and it needed to be “said”. Cheers to all the true Chiefs fans with loads of character,I know there are TONS of them out there! …Just like the ARROWHEAD ADVENTURER!

    • Randy5k

      AWESOME CHA IEFS! Thanks for the support. great words.

  • http://twitter.com/cdiamp3 Chris D.

    I can not agree more Cha-iefs and at the end of the day…Remember its only a game.

    • tm1946

      Billion dollar business, most popular entertainment on television, NFL hopes to take it world wide (at least to Europe).
      A bit more than “only a game” comment does not even apply to college football.

    • Randy5k

      It really IS only a game. A game I love and a team I love. But I like to deer hunt and fish too.

      • Randy5k

        not as much as football, but sometimes when the Chiefs suck

  • Tribal Rage

    What needs to be understood is that us, the true fans, are not hating, or disgusted with our Chiefs. We are disgusted with what they have become and those who have lead them there. If the organization fired everyone tomorrow…the GM, HC, OC & ST coach along with all the shitty Pioli drones in PR & Scouting, Chiefs Nation would explode with joy and support the futility wholeheartedly through the rest of this historic season. Blow it up! How bad would this team be if a bunch of unqualified assistants finished the season running the team? I bet we would even steal a game or 2 and it would be like Christmas to the fans. Herms 2-14 team would rock this teams shit….yea…its that bad. The cries for change are very real….our hatred is a measure of our love…dont get it twisted. How can we stand by and watch something we have so much passion for, a team we love so much get abused by not only the opposition, but by itself. Cut out the bad parts and let the healing begin…so our hearts may too.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen to that. You couldn’t have said it any better. I get angry too, even furious at poor play and bad coaching I want changes made too starting with RAC. “I don’t know” repeatedly is all I require on top of the inability for him to make adjustments to the defense as DC & again as HC.
      But to denigrate the individuals with vulgar language and name calling serves no purpose but to make things worse. It divides the fan base, it sheds further negative national media attention, further damages our ability to attack a quality replacement at all the levels we want replaced and it tarnishes the proud history of our team.
      The protest is just a manipulation of many rightfully distraught faithful fans by a group of haters and the local media that are getting off on the attention and delusions of grandeur without regard for the ramifications of their actions today. Worst part is any decisions that are made they will thump their chest like they did it. Right. Like people don’t get fired during this kind of chaos and failure w/o your protest. Don’t believe me? Guess you weren’t paying attention to all of the changes in 2009, 2010 or 2011. Changes will be made w/o us disgracing our Arrowhead and or Chiefs by turning the Sea of Red to black.

  • Justin R Groth

    I agree I went to my first game against the raiders and wow the charecters the tailgateing everything was awsome till the first quarter ended

  • Randy5k

    Chiefs will rock again!

  • Brody Hall

    Do people realize that there was a first down achived on the play cassle got hurt? Yes im sure there were a few low life smart asses cheering that he was down but it truly pisses me off that all of arrowhead nations is being made to look bad for it. Also At the same time Cassle was leaving the field Bowe was trying to pump up the crowd… But no, with that plus the first down plus Quinn coming in which people wanted to see have a shot… KC fans were cheering a guy with a concussion… If you think that then your worse than a high school drama queen looking for her next fix…. Blow me!

    • Randy5k

      I didn’t hear anyone cheering cassels injury, but I Damn sure heard winstons bs.

  • Just another indian

    The problem is if fans vote with their feet (and I’m not saying it is the wrong thing to do) that sets up an interesting scenario. So Hunt has a team here in KC that is worth $X. He has made all the right noises about winning here, etc, but his decisions tell another story. As the team descends into less than mediocrity and attendance falls, the attraction of the LA market becomes distinctly more enticing. He could hire Tony Gonzalez as a scout/media/front office person (TG is from Southern California and is close to retirement, and also is a member of a huge demographic group there), change the name to the Vaqueros or the Jefes, and the value of his team would double. He would also have a core of young talented players (and I still believe they have a very talented core, but poorly coached with no incentive to buy in) that a savvy experienced coach would jump to guide into the next decade or so.
    As for the truculence in the stands: I think we have really lost sight of any notion of manners or respect for other human beings in our culture. It is not just at Chief’s games, it’s unfortunately everywhere. Of course a losing team intensifies with frustration at losing the lack of manners and regard. But it’s everywhere. With a tap of the foot on the brake, one can diffuse potential road rage, but it doesn’t happen often enough. My mantra is: you never know who is packing, so be nice.

    • KCMikeG

      Possible and interesting but not probable IMO because the NFL wouldn’t want a pathetic team to destroy the launch of a major market team that has already abandoned and lost other teams, has way too many entertainment options already and is a basketball town with two NBA teams. I have heard the Rams and Vikings mentioned in addition to Jacksonville who is more like us yet still not as dysfunctional.