Chiefs Tickets Are Cheaper Than Chicken McNuggets

It is a common joke for fans to say that when their team is bad enough that they can’t “give the tickets away.”

Well, for the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs, that is almost the case.

A quick view of Stub Hub shows just how bad things have gotten in the City of Fountains. For December 2nd’s game against the equally hapless Carolina Panthers (1-6), multiple “Upper Red View” tickets are available for a mere $4.95.

Guess what costs more than Chiefs tickets?

A 20 piece order of Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds = $5.75

That’s right. The world places more value on 20 fried bits of mechanically separated chicken.

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  • Doc

    Patrick this is just too funny! Sad, but funny none the less. Hmmm… do you think that Clark understands that the product he is putting on the field has a direct imapct on the perception of the other products he markets? How soon before his other business ventures start to suffer from association with the KC Chiefs organization? “Well, gee Clark, I don’t rightly know if I want to do business with you. You can’t seem to fix the problems with your football team, why would I believe you can fix the problems with delivering product to me? I think I am gonig to take my business elsewhere.” Maybe it is time someone started talking to Clark in his business vocabulary instead of football terms because he obviously does not understand football talk and oerations.

    • tm1946

      Thinking like a fan, not a businessman.
      More like – Clark, you banked 20+mil every year since you hired Pioli and Donovon, have a big return on your investment, and your customers (the fans) cannot do a darned thing about it. Get me in on some of that free money afterall, they paid full price for their tickets and cannot buy chicken nuggets if they find someone to buy them.

  • ArrowFan

    Clark is not the sole owner of the Chiefs like his father was, he has two brothers and a sister who are all part owners. Clark is just the CEO or in other words the face given to the franchise Clark is the one that his father groomed to take over but he doesn’t call all the shots. I don’t have any prof yet, but it has been reported to me through an inside source that the siblings have been in fighting for a couple of years now. One brother is a sex offender the other an alcoholic and I can’t find anything on the sister. My point is that Hunt doesn’t own the team out right and doesn’t get to make all the decisions on his own. he may in fact be the only one that cares about the team while the others just want $$$$$$$$$$$$. If we want changes then pressure needs to be applied to all the owners not just the one who’s face we get to see.

  • ladner morse

    The big difference? The Chicken Nuggets get better with barbeque sauce.
    Besides, the Chiefs shelf life is past the due date.

    • Doc

      And the barbecue sauce makes your hands sticky. Maybe the Chiefs should eat some good KC BBQ before the game so they can hold on to the ball!

  • Michael Engel

    I’d say that’s sad, but I’m a Royals fan, so…

  • chiefridgy

    I’m hungry

    • tm1946

      Wish the Chiefs were.

  • Danny W

    Nothing like pink slime goodness.