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Chiefs Embarrassed Again, Fall To Chargers 31-13

The Kansas City Chiefs turned in another miserable performance, this time in front of a national audience, falling to the San Diego Chargers 31-13.

It was another comedy of errors for the Chiefs who appear to be marching confidently toward the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

QB Matt Cassel actually played pretty well but it was the usual combination of poor play calls and turnovers that did the Chiefs in yet again. All the old friends were there. The muffed punt. The tipped ball interception. The strip sack fumble int he endzone.

Another lost season is in the books for the Chiefs and it is now time for Clark Hunt to step forward and show fans that these kinds of performances are unacceptable. The Chiefs aren’t going anywhere so why not fire GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel now?

Despite having eight games to go, it is time for the Chiefs and their fans to start looking to the future.

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  • D2thejr

    Im sick and tired of ppl calling for Pioli and Crennel’s jobs… how about the players job of hanging on to the ball! What about that!!! Every game has been a tipped int, muffed punt and a striped fumble!!!! EVERY GAME!!!!

    • henro2allora

      agreed… but u cant deny Cassel throws the ball high one one play, behind the receiver on the next, and then holds on to the ball the next until he telegraphs a pass to Bowe, which is then picked off. Pioli picked the wrong guys to go out there… and what about Crennel??? This guy is not playing to win. He is kicking field goals and seeing how long he can stick around before being fired. I am so freaking embarrassed to be a fan of this team which I care SO much about. That being said I wouldn’t mind waiting a week to see Pioli get fired after taking an embarrassing loss to the offensive coordinator he claims was responsible for this mess… Go Chiefs! Someone please tell me something is going to change, or better yet that we will see progress to let us fans know that this organization cares.

      • KCMikeG

        Mike Meyocks repeatedly said Cassel was playing a good game. He pointed out repeatedly that Cassel was audibling to the right play based on the blitz. He also said many of “us” referring to his peers will blame this on Cassel but it is not on him.

        Redirect your reflexive blame Cassel knee jerk reaction. The receivers and OL failed him miserably!!! I know we need a new QB but that shit storm tonight was not on him. The blame and hate can be rightfully directed at Bowe, McCluster, Arenas, Winston, Stephenson, Daniels, Hoch”who the hell is this guy” stein.

        Right up there with the worst officiating I’ve ever seen repeatedly grabbing Bowe past 5 yards and while ball in the air/helmet shot on Charles (w/o him it gets even uglier), two penalties on us during kick return and none on the dolts when both players were fighting, late hits, delayed digging on the onside kick/dragging Jones out of the pile by both feet WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Hey RAC wake up or pack up! Why is Houston being dropped into pass coverage repeatedly rather than utilizing his pass rushing skills? Hey Daboll – it’s called a screen pass or a swing pass when the box is loaded and they are coming. Get the ball to Charles (Never mind – Gone) and Dexter (Never mind – won’t catch it or hold onto it if he does) and Ditto for Bowe. There is NO excuse for this. I am sickened by this all.

        Worst news of all – we are only half way through the season…..with Haley licking his chops at laying the worst humiliation in NFL history on us on MNF in front of the entire nation. Can we just forfeit the rest of the season?

        According to the NFL rule book, “The Commissioner, (except in cases of disciplinary action…), League President, and their representatives, including referees, are not authorized unilaterally to declare forfeits.” There must be a consultation between the commissioner, the league president and other NFL officials before such a ruling can be handed down.

        Forfeited Games in NFL History

        Only one game in National Football League history has ended in a forfeit, and that was in 1921. In December of that year, Rochester forfeited to Washington because of the condition of the frozen, snow-caked field.

        Read more: NFL Forfeiture Rules |

        • ArrowFan

          You nailed it.

        • PunjabiPete

          Indeed, and never have I been happier to get rid of Gaither or whatever his name is. He held Hali closer than I held my wife while conceiving all 3 of my children.

      • PunjabiPete

        Seriously… The few throws that were off it was clear Baldwin ran the wrong route, as you can see Cassel chewing him out on his way back to the huddle. Shut the fuck up with that bullshit. The sack in the endzone Cassel expected the usual 1.2 seconds of blocking and only got 0.7… So tired of you people looking to blame EVERY FUCKING MISTAKE on Matt Cassel. Was he a part of the reason we lost? Even though he played well, yes. Yes he is a part because he plays on this football team. WHen you hit Dexter McCluster’s FUCKING HANDS with the ball IN FUCKING STRIDE and he pops it into the air, how is that your fault as the QB? Forget EVERYTHING ELSE I said. Someone who has an IQ higher than they can count on their fingers please tell me the EXACT point when a thrown pass is no longer the Quarterback’s responsibility but is now the receivers. I believe the instant it touches said receiver’s hands, it is his job to catch it. Apparently I am incorrect.

        • ArrowFan

          Change the rule, if the ball hits the receiver in both hands or the face or any part of the forward upper torso, and a defender ends up with the ball then it should be a fumble not an int. Call it the Cassel rule or the Romo rule (the same @#$^ happens to him). Bowe and Mcluster are responsible for half our turn overs.

          • KCMikeG

            Excellent idea.

  • Danny W

    It is time to look toward the future. If your going to lose at least do it with interims. This sucks! I would feel like I could have more hope in the program if they cut ties with the losers in the office right now then if we keep getting blown out over and over again like a broken record. There is no progress on this football team. The season is over. Long gone. 8 games in the bag and we’ve been blown out of 5 of those games and not held a lead in any of them. Its a sad joke. Like worse than the 2-14 season sad joke.

  • tc-sting

    See, the game had been relatively close at the start of the 4 the quarter, so we had to find a way to lose. Not sure why the chargers tried so hard the first three quarters– don’t they know all you have to do to beat the chiefs is sit back and wait for the chiefs to give the game away?

    We are headed for some of the worst stats in NFL history. Turnover differentials, third and longs, sacks allowed, lowest points scored, and soon more., I don’t think we even belong on the same field as Pittsburgh. The chargers are sloppy too, but tonight proved we don’t even belong on their field.

    Its time for changes at all levels. Front office, coaches, and players that can’t produce or seem to play better for opponents anyway by turning it over each game.

  • BurtGummer44

    Wouldn’t want to do anything to start winning and jeopardize that #1 pick.

  • Kyle Brannan

    This team is a fucking joke, this coaching staff is a fucking joke, and worst of all I am a fucking joke for being a roody poo candy ass for watching this shithole of a team. I paid money to fly from Connecticut and watch the opening game day at arrowhead(my first ever) and spent $2500 on my trip not to mention all the hats jerseys and memoribelia i buy evert year. sorry I don’t give a shit if I get banned from this site but I am at a breaking point. I can call better offensive calls than Brian Daboll. He is a lame brained offensive corridinator(if you can call him that) and Romeo Crennel is a pile if shit. He can’t handle both jobs of calling plays let alone one. The worst play of the game is Brian Daboll calling a fickinf halfback dive on forth and one when he chargers loaded up the box.

    • Brody Hall

      If ya smeeeeeeellllllll what kyle is cookin!

  • Kyle Brannan

    Matt cassel is fucking terrible three his jersey in my firepit tonight. Never should have taken that safety let alone fumbled for the 234th time this year. I will never go to a bar or buy chiefs merchandise until they out out a good product. I am tired of looking like an asshole on the easy coast am everybody snickering ate me because of my team. Tis truly ha become disgusting

  • Kyle Brannan

    Another thing Romeo Crennel doesn’t get pissed off at anything which in turn really pisses me the FUCK off. He looked like he has aspburgers disease. How the fuck can you not get pissed off all season at any point. Even Dennis Green did with the cardinals. We have a loaded roster and the only problem is the head cach and the general manager. At least Todd Haley got pissed off and the players respinded

    • KCMikeG

      At least I saw Daboll screaming on the sideline. RAC just stands there caressing himself. Don’t know if anyone else has picked up on his very strange behavior. Go back and watch his pressers. He keeps rubbing his throat or his face. Gives me the creeps but it does distract me from focusing on his casual admittance of not having a fucking clue!

    • KCMikeG

      Oh boy, oh boy! RAC got “hot under the collar” today because a reporter asked an intelligent question regarding who will start when Quinn is ok to play. Only because he can’t put forth an intelligent answer – as has become his status quo lately.

  • Jared

    Fire everybody now! Gives all the new guys half a season to get their shit together, chiefs fan through and through, I will never lose hope but this season is gone, we need to start a hole new staff! Love the chiefs but this is getting sickening, somebody do something! Anything! Please!

  • ArrowFan

    One would think that on National TV the officiating would be a little more balanced. Even the league wants us to have the first pick. Is anyone surprised by what happened last night?

    • tm1946

      Will be cemented in place with the MNF game against Pitts. How ugly will depend on the NFL ordering Pitts to back off after a 20 point lead. Peewee leagues have a rule, score so many points and game called early, we all know how the Chiefs love to score during junk time.

    • KCMikeG

      I’ve seen some bad ones but it was one of the worst I have ever seen. Only thing worse was our play.

  • tm1946

    This team is done, finished, through. No one should think he will have a job next year, from Pioli to the parking police.
    Sorry for season ticket holders, you will not be able to give your tickets away. On tv saw a guy witha $20 sign and cats….he would give a 20 dollar bill if you take a cat. Petro on WHB said he is in the first year of a 3 year deal, imagine having to pay for 2 more years no matter who the GM or coach or QB is…..truely pitiful.

  • PunjabiPete

    Matt did play hard, and played pretty well. Dwayne Bowe just made me sad because no way he stays on this team if ANY other team offers him more than a McDonald’s value meal to leave… what do we have for linemen now? At this point I would do stomach checks and anyone who can’t see his cup is now designated a lineman.

    • KCMikeG

      So True.

  • Priest4Prez

    It’s the end of the road folks; they’ve all given up. Just playing for a paycheck now. I think I shut the game off when special teams recovered a fumble on the 30ish(?) yard line; went three and out aaaaand proceeded to miss a 36yd field goal. That was enough for me; no thank you. I rather watch Australians wrestle crocodiles into their boats in the outback; at least they’re entertaining. One more thing; I notice we as fans turn on each other; just buck ass crazy angry when this team looks like a steaming pile. I’m sure we can all agree we need an internal wash; remove all coaching staff (GM included) and replace key areas on the team. The absolute last thing we should be doing is ripping out each other’s throats. What we all should be doing is protesting together in front of One Arrowhead Drive or wherever we need to be; this is a proud and respectable franchise that has slide farther than should ever be allowed. This cuts us all deep; we must let them know in every way possible that we won’t stand for this!! NO MORE! BRING OUR CHIEFS BACK!

    • KCMikeG

      Amen to that. You are so right about us turning on each other. Our frustration and disappointment have spun out of control like our players trying to hold on to a ball. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and those opinions can be debated with supporting facts and without all the name calling and personal attacks. That behavior lowers us into the same level of failure as our team is from top to bottom. We all want the same thing – for our Chiefs to be a playoff contender. I hope we can all start to let go of the anger and rebuild the Sea of Red. Shout out to Danny W for getting the ball rolling.