October 28, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Denarius Moore (17) catches a pass for a touchdown as Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Stanford Routt (26) defends in the second quarter at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

The Breaking Of A Homer

Hi, my name is Lyle Graversen. I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Up until this season, I was a “homer.”

Not just a little homer, a great big ole homer.

When I first started writing blog posts about the Chiefs on another blog, I literally adopted the Kool-Aid Man as my avatar because people were constantly calling me a Kool-Aid Drinker because of how positive I was about the team. I have, on more than one occasion, publicly stated that I choose to focus on the positive because if I follow the Chiefs as a means of entertainment, it doesn’t make sense to me to focus on the negative and be upset all the time. Yes, all sports fans will have moments of disappointment, but overall following your favorite team should be fun. So in the words of Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t worry, be happy,” right?

Well KC fans, this admitted homer has found his breaking point. As I sat in section 316 of Arrowhead Stadium yesterday, watching a BAD football team dominate my favorite team, my fan status officially shifted from “homer” to “disgruntled.” The Kansas City Chiefs are a HORRIBLE football team and there is no positive spin that any rational human being can put on them.

The Oakland Raiders are NOT a good football team. The Raiders were 2-of-12 on third downs in that game and still dominated the Chiefs. We were so inept on offense that even though we were only down two scores at one point with a full quarter to go, people were leaving because they knew there was no way on God’s green earth that the Chiefs were going to get two touchdowns in one quarter. By the end of the game my beloved Arrowhead Stadium, once one of the most feared stadiums in all of sports, looked like this:

Chiefs fans are nowhere to be seen and the area once known as the “Sea of Red” turned into a Midwest version of the “Black Hole.” It’s gut-wrenching. The folks at saveourchiefs.com are planning a “blackout” for the Chiefs home game against the Bengals. We now have a pretty good idea of what that will look like. Let’s hope Clark Hunt is smart enough to know that the black shirts for that game are part of a protest and not just that the Raiders fans had so much fun at Arrowhead that they decided to come back!

What is clear to me now (and keep in mind, this is coming from a blogger that has written multiple posts on how I support Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel) is that the Chiefs are a total disaster.

They have the worst QB situation in the NFL. Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn? It doesn’t matter. They are both completely unable to manage even a moderately competent NFL offense. They both have shown an amazing ability to turn the ball over at a record-setting level.

The roster in general is not ANYWHERE NEAR as good as we thought it was before the season. Even with horrible QB play and horrible coaching (I’ll get to that in a moment), a talented NFL roster would at least compete. They would at least hold a lead for a few seconds of regulation through seven games. They would make a stand. They would show some heart and pride in their play. None of that is happening. This team is BAD from a talent standpoint.

This is the worst coached team in the NFL, and possibly in the history of the Chiefs franchise. I’ve only been following the Chiefs since the 80s, but I’ve seen some bad coaches in that time (Gunther Cunningham and Herm Edwards), but Romeo and his staff are making them look like Vince Lombardi. Let’s for a moment look past the fact that Romeo has, on multiple occasions, admitted to the press that he didn’t know why the team played bad. Let’s ignore the fact that when asked why the Chiefs’ best offensive player (Jamaal Charles) only carried the ball five times, he responded “Now that I’m not exactly sure either.” Let’s pretend that for some reason Romeo actually does know why, but has decided its a good idea to play dumb in the press (If so, he is doing a REALLY good job).

Even if that was true, the Chiefs are still the worst coached team in the NFL. You know why? Because after two weeks to prepare to play a bad football team at home they came out unmotivated and unprepared. The Raiders were the more aggressive and more physical team from the get go. The offense looked like they had no clue of what to do against the Raiders defense. Often times when teams come off the bye, their first offensive drive is a prearranged, scripted drive designed to attack the weaknesses that they’ve seen in the opponent’s defense. So KC came out for their first offensive drive, with energy high after an opening drive Carson Palmer interception for Oakland, and did what? Went three-and-out.

They had all that time to prepare and couldn’t design a play to even get a first down. Then they come out after halftime where one would think that the coaches would have them refocused and motivated to turn it around, and supposedly the coaches should have made adjustments to the game plan based on what had happened in the first half, and what do the Chiefs do? They fumble the snap on the first offensive play and turn the ball over.

This team is making a living off stupid, bone-headed, momentum-killing mistakes. Make a defensive stop before halftime? Oops, muffed a punt. Old Seabass actually misses a FG? Don’t worry, the Chiefs jumped offside so he can try again! Actually have a WR run a decent route AND the QB saw him downfield AND got the ball to him? OHHHHHHHH, bounces right off his hands.

Seriously, no well-coached team plays like that. Not for this long. The Chiefs have played 420 minutes of regulation football and have NEVER HAD A LEAD! Think about that.

I wish I could still be a homer.

I wish I could write something for you fellow Chiefs fans that could lift your spirits and give you some hope for the rest of the season.

I’ve got nothing.

The Kansas City Chiefs have stomped the homer right out of me.

I still love this team. I will still root for them to win every week.

I just see no hope until large scale changes are made. Scott Pioli must be fired. Romeo Crennel and his staff must be fired. The Chiefs must draft a REAL franchise QB.

Maybe I do have one positive thing to leave you with!

The Chiefs are on pace to draft any QB they want in this year’s draft. I guess there’s that.

As always, thanks for reading and (heavy sigh) GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ChiefsFanSince69

    We need TWO airplanes flying banners now. The first one says: NO DISCIPLINE = TURNOVERS + MENTAL MISTAKES + DUMB PENALTIES = LOSERS. The second one reads: MARTY/COWHER/ANY OTHER TOUGH GUY = DISCIPLINE = WINNERS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.michael.thompson Shannon Thompson

    Im right there with ya! I have always been the glass is half full type of thinker, and its hard, very hard to see any light in this franchise, sure we have individual performances, which are fun to watch, but I don’t watch the game for to see one player or a few blow it up, I watch to see my team bring in a victory, I watch with the hope to some day see them win the superbowl so i can gloat that I knew all along! At the very least my silver lining is that I would have been there from rock bottom till they were at the top of the world! I just can’t see it right now, its all dark in arrowhead, and thats really bad considering we just got whooped by the Raiders (no bad nicknames needed when our team is obviously inferior to all others)

  • tommyhawk

    Here is a ‘bizarro’ moment and one that illustrates RAC’s complete ineptitude as a HC. When it was mentioned to him that the raiders had won the last six games at Arrowhead and how that should be easy motivation for the Chiefs this week. RAC states (not verbatim); “Well, I am not going to use that. I like to focus on the positive”. Whaaaat!? First – sadly, there are no positives this year. Second and most important; You defend your house or at least try to, talk about it, scream about it, get pumped about it. That is inexcusable – this is the raiders – you young pussy Chief’s need to learn what that means. Yeah, neither team is near as good as they used to be and Seymour tells everyone that the raiders are nice now….. and then in classic raider style, punks the chiefs by corkscrewing cassel into the ground. Just like the raiders of old. wake up idiots – at least two Chiefs should have been tossed from the game after that moment. and what does seymour get….. nothing. As he was leaving the field I’m sure the Chiefs were yelling – “Hey richard….ricchaaard, that wasn’t nice, you better stop it”. Off with their heads – all of them – piolui, rac, dabol, cassel, quinn, stanzi and all the rest of those pussies!!

    • ArrowFan

      We should have picked Smith up just so we would have a guy who got dirty with the rest of them.

      • tommyhawk

        Agreed, some nut squezzin’ is in order here….. at least for pioli it is!

    • http://www.facebook.com/josh.hinde.71 Josh Hinde

      Yes!!!!!!! I was screaming at the TV for someone to hit that pos seymour…and not a single did anything other than tell him he was not nice…he even did a “im a pos” dirty dance after it too…Brian Waters, Will Shields, Willie Roaf, Casey Wiegman…that would have beat his sorry pos ass through the turf!!! wtf is going on in KC?? Where is the heart, passion and hatred of all things Raider’s?

      At this point…I don’t know if even I care :/

  • ArrowFan

    As a Homer I can still say that if not for the Offense we would have a very good Defense. However I’m with you, everyone needs to be fired and Arenas needed to let go along with some other players. I think we would be better off just playing the wildcat the rest of the year.

  • ArrowFan

    Just a thought, but are they throwing the games? Bad luck is one thing but this team is beyond bad luck.

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      possibly. u dont play that bad vs the raiders defense on accident

  • ArrowFan

    Just so we are all clear, there is an outfit in LA who desperately wants a team and has a new stadium and lots of $$$$$.Clark is just the chairman of the board, who else is on that board?

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      we have to much of a fan base to let that happen

    • Travis Forsyth

      L.A.CHIEFS……kind of as a ring to it. how did the fans in green bay be able to own the packers? wish we could do that.

      • ArrowFan

        I would be down for a stock purchase.

    • tm1946

      Well Hunt has a 25 lease to deal with but with no fans shouldn’t be hard to break. But as bad a LA wants a team, two NFL teams failed because they were not winners at the time and there are other things to do in LA if the team is no good.
      Hunt may move but he will need a personal adjustment if he moves to LA, A major city will not accept a loser with the owner banking all the extra money available.

  • Derek Jamison

    I just can’t get over how clueless Crennel seems. We are beating ourselves with poor fundamental football. That goes back to poor coaching. All aspects of the game are terrible right now. The entire coaching staff is failing miserably.

    • Calchiefsfan

      My thoughts exactly.

  • ArrowFan

    I heard over the weekend that the Hunts are infighting about the direction of the team and have been since 2006. If we want Pioli fired then start pressing the three other siblings involved in the decision, not just Clark.

  • Calchiefsfan

    At the beginning of the season I felt we now had the talent to compete. It was up to the coaching staff to turn this team into a perennial playoff contender. I was willing to give Crennel the benefit of the doubt about his previous stint as the Browns HC because, well, it was Cleveland. After watching Crennel coach the Chiefs I can say without hesitation he is a horrible head coach. The mental mistakes, turnovers and penalties are the direct result of an undisciplined team which falls directly on the head coach.

    I’m not sure if I’m ready to throw Pioli under the bus yet. He has done half his job well having vastly improved the talent level of the team. He should get better advice and listen to it about who to hire as head coach.

    • Danny W

      So the talent on this team that he’s brought here so far, would be who thats consistent? I like Berry but this year he’s no were to be found. I have extremely high hopes for Baldwin but he can’t get a ball. Justin Houston is looking promising but Arenas and McCluster don’t look like second rounders and possibly never will. Hillis was injury prone before he came here. Winston was looking like a solid pick up but he isn’t a world beater here. He hasn’t spent big money on anyone except Cassel, Jackson, and Hali. Hali was a left over from the last group. The other two are absolute busts. He lets Carr walk which is a bad move strategically not getting him a deal sooner rather than later when he realizes he could get a whole lot more else where. Then he franchises Bowe and can’t get a long term deal done with out best wideout.
      So here are the untouchables on the Chiefs roster from my point of view see if you agree.
      Dwyane Bowe
      Jammal Charles
      Tambi Hali
      Derrick Johnson
      Brandon Flowers
      To me there isn’t a single player Pioli brought in here that I would be devistated if we traded. Hell at this point I wouldn’t mind us trading Bowe to get a guy like Teau from Notre Dame along with a quarterback number one overall.
      I wouldn’t put Albert in that group anymore the guy gets blown off the ball during stretch plays to the left like every single time. Any time we’ve run to the left this year that I’ve seen it has been for a loss.
      So every good player we have (this year) is from Herm and Peterson. Pioli has failed this football club with his suspicious attitude and holding onto a way of football that apparently doesn’t motivate anyone. Pioli should be fired so we can compete with Carolina to get the best GM out there.

      • Calchiefsfan

        So here’s my thinking right or wrong. We had one of the worst o lines when Pioli came in, no receiving corps, except for Bowe, no pass rush and Tyler Thigpen was our starting QB. Even Cassel is better than Thigpen. Also, we had zero depth.

        I agree that Baldwin has a lot of potential. The problem is we have no QB that can/will throw to him. I can say the same about McCluster. He was showing real promise as a slot receiver at the beginning of the season but again we don’t have a decent QB on the roster that can find the open receiver and actually get the ball to them and yes I agree that is PIoli’s fault.

        Our o line is much better, we now have the receivers, (don’t forget Moeaki), just no QB. Houston, to me, is looking more than just promising. Houston might have more sacks than Hali this year. Berry is slowly coming back, I believe he will get back to his rookie form this year.

        So I look at Baldwin, McCluster, Assamoah, Winston, Lilja, Breaston, Berry, Lewis, Houston and Moeaki as good additions. Arenas is iffy, Hudson should have been a starter but got injured, same with Boss. That’s 11-12 guys who are starters that Pioli brought in. I didn’t even mention TJax or Poe, that’s another story.

        If this team had a half way decent QB and good coaching it would be a completely different story right now. I think of Singletary being
        replaced by Harbaugh in San Francisco as the difference between bad coaching and good coaching with essentially the same personnel.

        • tm1946

          Sorry but any comment about Baldwin have potential so crap. The INT thrown Sunday’s game was because Baldwin was not where he was supposed to be. He DOES NOT run routes, period, HE DOES NOT RUN ASSIGNED PATTERNS….Haley gave up trying to get him to do that. No better this year.
          As for the rest you are wrong but whatever,

          • Calchiefsfan

            I always appreciate your positive spin tm.

        • Danny W

          You have to remember the tough times though when we needed a nose tackle so badly it was unreal. We did nothing in free agency to address any of it until the draft four years into his tenure. Then we needed receivers and Pioli finally got Breaston and Baldwin in sequence but was super late. Were was he the two years before? We were wideout poor for a couple of seasons. We didn’t have another pass rusher outside of Tambi Hali until he drafted Houston in 11. McCluster was a luxury pick when we couldn’t afford one and I agree we have no quarterback to get the ball to anyone and I like that you agreed that is Pioli’s fault. He’s drafted a cornerback in every draft and they all have been busts.
          I don’t think you get to fire two of your hand picked head coaches mid season and retain your job as the overall personnel man in the NFL. Most GM’s get the can here. I like our pick ups this year. I honestly do but it’s too little too late.

  • Doc

    I’m with ya Lyle. I have given every last ounce of benefit of the doubt to this team’s leadership, but what I witnessed yesterday was beyond belief. When I watch videos and a player says there are no big egos on this team and everyone is helpful, I know what the problem is – no leadership. RAC is, unfortunately, clueless. He was more animated on the sidelines as the DC, but as HC he just stands there with a bewildered look on his face. When he mentions he doesn’t know why the team is playing bad, that is the last straw where I can back him remainnig the HC for this team. The players are dead, they have no swagger. I attribute this to their leadership. They no competent coaches in any position, other the players woudl be more motivated. So why are teh coaches failing? Is this from the overseein Lord Pioli? Put the pieces together and you have the answer. I place this losing, non-compettiive team’s performance squarely on Pioli’s shoulders because it starts at the top. I laugh when I read fans here chanting for Geno or another QB. With this bad team, what makes you think they would want to sign with this organization? The agent has other players and knows what it is like here. We may draft high but I am anticipating the player selected to say (ala Eli Manning), “I’m not playing for them. I’ll go play baseball instead.” Sadly, management needs to be completely cleaned out and unfortunately it will have to wait until the end of the season to do that.

  • Danny W

    I will admit at times your posts have frustrated me at the level of homerism you have displayed. I’m glad your finally realizing the Chiefs need fundamental change from the GM down to the starting quarterback. I’m sorry it took you this long but I had a sad feeling it would end up happening this year. It seems that every Chief positive thinker (no matter what) just has one hobby. I’m not sure this is the case for you but it helps to have other forms of self-fulfillment. As another hobby I fish, and hunt. You don’t always experience success at these sports, but with some self education, effort, and very small investments, you can become successful at these hobbies and they leave you feeling victorious. This way you can be pissed of at the Chiefs and not feel unhappy and depressed because you have other things to fulfill this roll. If your not into the outdoors, maybe some other hobby. Either way I’m really glad your not going to be making excuses for the way this team has been playing anymore and I appreciate the honesty with yourself and us addicts who love AA.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Hobbies have nothing to do with it. Trust me, some weeks it’s a struggle just to find time to watch the game, I usually have to DVR it. I just am positive in nature. It’s not that I don’t see the faults, I just focus on the good. It takes a lot to get me mad wether it’s work, family, chiefs, etc. that’s why you know things are REALLY bad when I’m this upset.

  • http://twitter.com/skymuscle83 Skylor Kingrey

    Ok first of all I’m tired of hearing Marty/ Cowher!!! not gonna happen and I wouldn’t like that anyway!!! 2 guys who are gonna have ego trips!! NO WAY so be quiet and lets get guys in here who really would do good. This team shows more and more each week how badly we are coached and the players have lost their belief in good ole Romeo’s direction. Pioli and Crennel are terrible and need to be fired!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wavdancer James Lotter

    First – I am a Raiders fan and have been following the team since the 70′s. I attended my first game in 1980… had posters of The Snake, The Ghost, The Stork…was a HUGE fan of Lester Hayes and all his stickem’. So, why am I posting here? As a Raider fan I have a healthy dislike of all AFC West teams – hell, I still hate the Seahawks – but what used to separate the Chiefs from the rest was a healthy dose of respect. No matter how good (or bad) we were, games with the Chiefs were wars…and we lost a good share of those. I remember watching The Nigerian Nightmare run over us in L.A. and Gannon lead an improbable comeback against us… And I remember a particular Chiefs linebacker getting 7 sacks against us. Games always seemed to be close and were ALWAYS brutal. Win or lose, I miss it. How can anyone look at yesterday’s game and not feel a little nostalgia? I yearn for the days when a game at Arrowhead meant you had damn well strap on your helmet a little bit tighter and tape your hands a little more firmly. THAT was football.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Amen, sad that a Raiders fan can see it, but the current team can’t!

  • Aiken_Drum

    Wazzup Porkchop??? Aiken here. I see you have finally joined the revolution. Welcome brother. Now you are seeing what I was seeing last season when they fired Haley. That wasn’t the first mistake, but it certainly was a big one. Glad to see you are finally on the same page about Senior Pioli. I’m so mad at that guy I can’t even see straight. Almost as mad as I am at Crennel and Daboll. You are right about this being the worst team the Chiefs have ever fielded.

    All we can do now is support the fans as they blackout the stadium. It’s time that Clark Hunt and whatever family members that want to drag this out are put on notice. If they still want us to fill their coffers, they had best get with the program. Fire’em all. It’s time to blow this thing up and admit the mistakes of the last three years. Good to see ya porky. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and Christmas!

    • Lyle Graversen

      Hey Aiken,

      I tried like crazy to believe in this team, but the coaching in particular has just been so bad that I just can’t take it any more.

      • Aiken_Drum

        Completely get ya there! They have actually been worse than I imagined. Bill Maas has been saying that Clark is going to pull the trigger, but now we are hearing Mellinger say that Clark doesn’t want to fire Pioli but he’s running out of excuses not to. What a damn joke. Something needs to happen and soon. This is the worst thing I can ever think of happening as a Chiefs fan. It’s time to burn the place down.

  • Chiefswatch

    That picture makes me sick. The idea that so many Raiders fans reside in and around the greatest city on earth is deplorable. As a now California resident I am used to the anti-home city fan. Here in Socal there is a huge group that just hates the Lakers….. I suspect some of those in black were getting a leg up on the blackout weekend though, or at least that is my hope. Lyle I feel your pain man though I was never a homer. In fact I am one of those fans that is always critical when I think it is deserved, and though it makes my fan experience slightly different than yours I cannot help it. I look at things and know beyond a doubt that it will inevitably lead to disaster. For example I have ever known that Cassel is a complete piece of crap. Only now has a writer here actually referred to the fact that he only had a good year here in KC when our schedule was a joke. So while you go into the season with optimism, I look at something like Cassel as our QB and I know we could never be successful with him. So I cannot be truly optimistic. Likewise I knew that Haley was a horrible HC dating back to the day he deactivated Jamal Charles in favor of LJ and Jackie Battle. Most call me a pessimist, but I think I am just a realist. When presented with evidence I cannot deny it.

  • sidibeke

    One point with which I would disagree: the talent is there. The leadership is not. I think a good coach with motivational skill could get more out of this roster. But this team lacks leadership (we really should have gone all out to get Peyton, even if it meant offering to fire Pioli for him to come).

  • jimfromkcj

    I hate it when someone tells me that they told me so. But here I am doing basically what i hate. So I won’t say it, but I do have to say that I have been saying from the git go that I have never liked the Patriots or their so called way. I always pick 2 or 3 players each year that I think would be great Chiefs and so far Pioli has never picked one of them. I also have never been 100% right in my picks, but I have been a lot better than Pioli in how my picks have turned out. I caught a lot of flack when I didn’t want to pick a safty, Berry as high as we did. I just think that saftys have to tackle big running backs or big receivers when they have a full head of steam up and are vulnerable to injury. I wanted Okung instead and he has turned out to be pretty good. i also wanted Allen instead of McCluster, who I think is having a better career than Berry.I also wanted Hernandeza instead of Moeiki and I think he has had a much better career too. Those are just one years worth and the most important one was I wanted Weeden instead of Poe. I think he will turn out to be the best QB chosen in last years draft in the long run. Some of you are still stuck on stupid if you really believe that the Chiefs have a lot of hidden talent. Right now the closest player we have that could possibly be mistaken for elite is DJ and his talent is wasted. By the time the best coach in the world could turn this team around DJ will likely be over the hill.