Romeo Crennel Hasn't The Slightest Idea What's Going On

The Kansas City Chiefs have hit rock bottom and their head coach Romeo Crennel is totally clueless.

Don’t take my word for it.

Take Romeo’s.

After Sunday’s latest embarrassing loss, Crennel once again demonstrated he didn’t have the answers.

First, he was asked if Matt Cassel was mentally tough enough to take back over the starting QB position Thursday against the San Diego Chargers should new starter Brady Quinn not be able to play.

“Uh, you mean, at times he he did ok today, you know? Uh. You know, here again, the quarterback is the quarterback and and he has to take all the responsibility but uh, we all know that it takes a team, uh, to get things done and when things don’t go well, uh, the team has to take responsibility uh, in that. But I know that Matt is a strong young man and he’ll do everything he can uh, to try to help this team because I think the team means a lot to him.”

The quarterback is the quarterback? What does that even mean? Did he even hear the question?

The answer here should have been “Yes. Matt it is a tough-minded player and he’ll be ready to go out and help his team win on Thursday if he is needed.”

Next, Crennel was asked who would have been his QB had Cassel gotten hurt during the Raiders game. You see, third string QB Ricky Stanzi was inactive for the game so he was ineligible to play. With Quinn out, had something happened to Cassel, the Chiefs wouldn’t of really had a QB left to play. Usually in these types of situations, teams have an emergency QB, someone on the roster who has played a little QB and can throw the football. For instance, Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns played QB in college at Kent State. He’d likely be Cleveland’s emergency QB should all their QBs go down to injury.

The identity of your emergency QB doesn’t really need to be a secret. This isn’t a guy who is going to come out with his own package of secret plays. No NFL team has a secret Tom Brady playing third string WR for them. If you get to the point where your using your emergency QB, you aren’t throwing the football anymore. You are running and more than likely, you’re losing.

Yet Crennel, when asked the simple question of who the Chiefs would have used, acted as if he was protecting a state secret.

“In this game? Yeah. We have a contingency plan and we would have had someone playing QB but uh, but I’d rather not say who it is right now because that gives our opponents and edge.”

Whoah, whoah, whoah….hold on.

First of all, it is absolutely shameful the media in attendance let Crennel get away with that.

It gives the opponent an EDGE? Yeah, it does coach but not because they know the identity of the emergency QB but because the emergency QB will be even more bad at playing the position than the other three guys you have at that position.

I point this out because it is another example of how mixed up the priorities are in the Chiefs organization. These are people that are worried about candy bar wrappers. They think that if their opponents know that the emergency QB is Terrance Copper or Dexter McCluster, that those opponents will have an advantage. As if he said that Copper would have stepped in that defensive coordinators around the league would have started game-planning for the Dexter McCluster-led Chiefs offense.

Good grief.

The Chiefs don’t even know how to use their best players. Their only win of the season came when they rode Jamaal Charles like a government mule against the New Orleans Saints. Later, the Chiefs played the Baltimore Ravens and were competitive. Not surprisingly, they used Charles heavily in that game. Perhaps even too heavily. But at least it seemed like the coaches were wise enough to know that their best chance of winning was by using their best players.

Yet on Sunday, Charles got a mere five carries. Five.

Why? Was it part of the game plan?

Coach Crennel?

“Now, that I’m not exactly sure either. We were rotating our running backs in there. Hillis was back, and he was able to get some carries. He was somewhat effective. When a guy’s effective, we kind of stay with him a little bit. Hillis was able to run through there and break some tackles and get some things done.”

You don’t know?!? RAC, you’re the head coach! If you don’t know, who does?

But this, this is the money quote of the day from Crennel.

“Well, generally, if the other team is able to score, that puts you down. You can say this is similar to what we’ve been talking about all along. We get penalties at inopportune times, we turn the ball over, then we allow teams to score.”

If the other team is able to score, that puts you down…

Crennel clearly has a communication problem. If he can’t answer simple questions asked by the media, what does that say about his ability to communicate to his players what they need to be doing on the field? Furthermore, if he doesn’t know why his best player only got five carries in the game, what exactly is he doing as head coach?

Look, Romeo Crennel seems like a great guy. But it is pretty clear he is in over his head here. The Chiefs are playing historically bad football. Two years ago, we saw these same players play an entire season of solid fundamental football. Easy schedule or not, they protected the football and made the playoffs. The team is arguably more talented now then it was then.

Something is wrong in Kansas City and it is clear that Crennel has no clue what to do.

It’s time for him to go.

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  • Jonathan Aldridge

    why did we get rid of haley? its always been about the qb play, and now we have a terrible coach.

    • sidibeke

      Because he went a little crazy, or Pioli drove him there. Oh, and he had an ego thing not able to work with an OC who wasn’t his puppet.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Another mid season firing of a Chiefs head coach is in order. Not a good record for Pioli, (understatement). Crennel is completely clueless.

  • ArrowFan

    Here would be game plan going forward. I say we never cover a punt (that way a punt returner will never fumble), we stop running kick offs back unless absolutely necessary and at that point the runner should slide to the ground like a QB (that way a kick returner will never fumble), then on Offense we just go out and with our punter as the QB and audible into a punt formation on first down trying to force the opposing team deep into their own territory (that way a QB, RB, WR, or Center will never lose the ball). Then we play the whole game with the hopes that out Defense can score or force a turn over while we are within FG range. We still most likely lose but we will loosing games by far less points than we are now:)

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      good strategy crennel would definetly go for that while hes debatin over if he should get krispy kreme or dunkin donuts after the game lol

    • PunjabiPete

      Beautiful. I laughed so hard reading this, then was sad because I know you took it from RACs playbook. Stop giving our secrets to the enemy!

    • Doc

      Great read and my sides are hurting from laughing so much. But you forgot one important part – we have to be able to snap the ball and not roll it along the ground (or fumble the exchange).

  • chiefridgy

    I always liked RAC….I even named my fish after him (my fish died two weeks ago)….But this guy obviously has no clue….I’m speechless

  • Matt Finucane

    I couldn’t believe that answer on the Charles question. And the 3rd QB stuff, of course, is totally pathetic.
    I’m still not nearly as mad at Romeo as I was at Herm during his heyday. But only because I don’t care as much anymore.

  • Danny W

    It was time for Crennel to go like three pressers ago. The guy just keeps saying he’s not sure, that should have been a fireable offense in and of itself let alone the stat line and how uninspired this football team looks. Undisciplined is an understatement. I’ve never seen a head coach’s demeanor look like Crennel’s. He honestly can’t be this stupid. Why does he keep looking at plays while the offense is on the field? Is he assisting the offensive play calling? If so that’s stupid.

  • Doc

    Ok, I have seen all that I can stand of RACas HC. The last of my ‘benefit of the doubt’ about him being HC was used up in his comments, “I’m not exactly sure.” This team has no heart. That is a direct reflection of leadership. I hold Pioli directly responsible for this. When players make comments that there are no big egos on this team, that tells me there is no player leadership (another reflection on GM/HC managing skills). When I see the HC stand on the sidelines like he is on a qualude trip and just staring at the field (or the play sheet – which I think is really a menu), I have to question him as HC. No animation over anything. Cassel gets corkscrewed into the ground by Seymour and nobobdy, not HC, not coaches, not players get irate over that. No body. Pretty much sums up the heart of this team. RAC was more animated on the sidelines when he was DC last year. I guess there is just too much left over kool-aid (laced with Ridalin) that everyone is drinking because they sure seem out of it on the sidelines and during interviews. Time to clean house starting at the GM and moving down. Unfortuantely it won’t be done until the end of the season. Who else is going to take over mid-season? Clark lost his chance last week to clean house, now he has to endure the next nine weeks of humiliation. I do have to hand it to Clark and Pioli, they must have cojones of granite to be able to stand up to their friends/family/peers questions about this poor excuse of a team.

  • Brandon

    Holy crap! Is the season over yet? I’m more embarrassed to be a Chiefs fan at this moment than I ever have.

    • boscocfh

      come on man if you think for one second that this team has a chance to make it to the playoffs your living in a dream world. I however live in the real world and the season is a wash. dont get me wrong ill still watch the games and get pissed when they keep losing games. But shit man the last time we went to the playoffs and won a game is when joe m. was the qb. Our home record is shit. I just think as chiefs fans we should demand more from clark hunt. Fans of the steelers, packers, ravens, bears, giants, wouldnt put up with this shit. It just seems like alot of chiefs fans put up with the losing like its just a normal thing. But as you can tell alot of fans are waking up and getting mad finally and saying enough is enough.

  • Go.scott

    Clark! Buddy! Time to wake from the nap and take action. Bring in Marty and Bill and start giving Ricky some reps! We may lose the rest of the games but at least Ricky gets some NFL experience to see if he’s the second coming of Elway or Croyle. And Marty/Bill can get started on next season early! Both are presumedly available. And look for a new OC and DC while you are at it since we have seen enough of Daboll and have now ruined the chances of keeping one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL (RAC will be superb with his next team!). I can live with the remaining two months of regular season (finishing 0-9) if I at least have something other than hand wringing and more Pioli/Crennel to look forward to!

    • boscocfh

      Putting Ricky in even if we lose would just be a waste of time. If he had what it took he would have beat brady out for the back up role. ALL three QBS need to go bye bye. At this rate we will be picking one or two in the draft so its going to be matt barkley geno smith or tyler wilson. As much as i hate to admit it i think pioli will be staying and we will get a new coaching staff. Clark hunt seems to be more worried about the bottom line than winning.

      • Chris Bynum

        I think that his last few games have proved that Geno is also a no no.
        I just can’t see Pioli or RAC staying. I believe that Clark is every bit as frustrated as any of us, maybe more so since he’s having to pay these hacks, but I think that he is a smart enough business man to research and use due diligence in the search for the replacement. I’m not slamming anybody here, but really do any of us regular fans really know who the real quality guys are in football? judging from the names getting thrown around KC lately I gotta say no, we are just looking at the names in the news and the TV talking heads. I’d love to have Cowher come in, but do you think he’s looking to leave a cushy tv gig to come into a rebuilding project, with a hornet’s nest of p.o’ed fans? Gruden? overrated. Billick – the same. Any “name” coach willing to come in here is either gonna demand total control (usually a bad idea), or a giant contract (ditto just to cash in) or we end up with another RAC – somebody who’s trying to resurrect a career. Love Martyball, but 2nd go-rounds don’t work (Bud Grant II, Joe Gibbs II–anybody?) I believe ( and hope and pray that Clark is already talking to a good football guy and working up a short list of guys to talk to, once the season is over (tampering, guys). Meanwhile, support the team and cheer the players and keep the faith.

        • Corey Evans

          When Gruden was fired didn’t he take his Bucs to 10-6 before he was canned? That man is far from overrated.

  • Priest4Prez

    I, uh, uummmm, I just want……sigh. Well; we’ve tried as fans. It’s getting to that scenario where: you have a drunken uncle that says he’ll quit and quit drinking right? He never goes to AA but says he’s making progress; steals from your wallet when your not looking and acts like everything is fine. How long till you stop going over to visit that uncle? Uncle Chiefs Organization has some serious internal soul searching/cleaning up to do. Sad sad days

    • Big Jim

      Hey lay off! I have my drinking under control and have cut my drug use way down.

  • Greg Welsh

    Where’s the heat on the OC? Daboll has been mediocre at best since his Browns days. The step backward by Cassel is directly related to ANOTHER new offensive system. Play calling yesterday was horrendous— Jamal with 5 rushes? Where’s the screen play to slow the pass rush?

  • Nathan Bramwell

    I’ve been saying since his first game as interim head coach for the Chiefs that he would never be a good head coach. And as long as he’s been around football, I don’t get it. But he just doesn’t get it like good coaches do. Bill Barnwell for Grantland does Thank You For Not Coaching articles every week and Crennel is constantly mentioned almost every week. And now one of his better qualities that the media enjoyed, his frankness during press conferences, has become some sort of senile coach-speak. Romeo needs to go ASAP.

  • Skylor Kingrey

    Romeo is a bad Hc just like Herm was!! fire him and pioli and lets get theses people out of here!!

  • Kansas_City

    Sorry, I still like Romeo. He may not be the best head coach in the league, but the problem here is the talent, not the coach. He is the same coach who won 2 or 3 down the stretch last year and would have made the playoffs if Succup had not drilled two kicks into the line. The lack of talent is best shown by the last five first round picks contributing nothng more than replacement level play, if that level. The talent is low. I never understood why the media thought there was a high level of talent on this team.

    • Danny W

      Are you trolling? The media thought we had talent because we have two first round wideouts who both have potential to be world beaters, we have a second round slot receiver/gadget guy in McCluster, and Steve Breaston has had a thousand yard year. We have first and second rounders all over our offensive line, with Peyton Hillis and Jammal Charles toting the rock for us. Our defensive line has first rounders across the board, and All Pro Linebackers in Derrick Johnson and Tambi Hali. Justin Houston is emerging as an all pro. Eric Berry has made the pro bowl and Brandon Flowers probably should have several times. Thats why the media said we have upper level talent on this team. The problem is the coach isn’t fostering the talent, or motivating the talent. Do you read or listen to his pressers? This guy is doesn’t have a clue.

      • Kansas_City

        There were guys here who last year were bragging about how Hayley was “coaching up” players. That is not really what a head coach does.
        Your enthusiam about the players is that of a good loyal delusional fan. You think a strength of the Chiefs is “our defensive line has first rounders across the board?” And that we have FOUR good receivers who are a strenth of the team? Maybe one, if his head is on straight. And have you noticed who is throwing them the rock, when he eludes whoever most recently has blown past Winstrom? Every team has some good players. The Chiefs do as well. But not that many.
        Look, in the NFL, as Parcells said, you are what your record says you are. Therefore, Romeo is a good guy and a bad head coach. And the talent on the team is bad. With this team, a top flight coach might get it to 8 wins.
        I have a friend who is a very knowledgable inside football guy. He told me in the Spring that the Chiefs were dreaming with their claim of superior talent and the media was being fooled. Guess who was right?

        • Danny W

          Okay so a coach’s job isn’t to coach up players? Come on man you were trolling huh? Listen Oracle, I don’t want to get into a heated verbal debate with someone over something everyone else disagrees with you on. I qualified every one of my statements to your claim we didn’t have talent with factual rebuttals, and you tried to say I thought our defensive line is a strength when if you will read it again I just stated they were all first rounders.
          Clearly you have a point that our team’s talent was a bit overrated I will give you some on that, but I will also admit I don’t like Pioli but was pretty pleased when we got Boss, Hillis, Winston, and Routt. Those are some players who have shown talent in the past and that is trying at least. The quarterback never has been addressed and we are woefully lacking talent in that department, but that doesn’t answer for the defense. It doesn’t answer for the way Crennel can’t find the answers for whats going on. It doesn’t answer for how unprepared we are. Were getting blown out and we have more talent than Carolina who at least competes.

  • Kansas_City

    The answer to the Charles question was not good. But Romeo has the instinctive desire to answer questions honestly, and he did not know.
    By the way, I think the answer on the third QB is that maybe Romeo did not really have a contingency plan. He would just put in whoever runs whatever they call the wildcat and he did not want to admit he had no plan (conflicts with my honesty assessment, I know). I saw Breaston being interviewed (he was identified as an potential emergency QB guy), and it obviously that if he was supposed to be the guy, nobody had told him.

  • Chiefswatch

    Patrick your recent dabbles into Sarcasm have been a welcome addition to the writing here on arrowhead addict. I truly appreciate the form of humor that helps me laugh about the shit that would normally just piss me off. It attests the the fact that most of what we are witness to is a complete joke. I laughed for five minutes when I heard Crennel say that about JC’s five Carries. I often wonder how these people get jobs. He is partly responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and with that in mind how could he make it past an interview? What could he have said to make someone to believe his IQ is greater than 75, because these press conferences sure are not providing any proof.

    • Danny W

      I agree, I’m beginning to think Crennel maybe border line mentally handicapped. His IQ is too low is why he can’t get fired, because it would be discrimination. I like were your going with this.

      • Kansas_City

        Romeo is not dumb. You can tell by listening to him that he is at least average intelligence, plenty high for a football coach. And he would not have gotten to where he is if he was dumb.

        • Derek Jamison

          He’s gotten to wear he’s at by the ineptitude of others and a cheap ass organization. To say he’s earned his right to be a head coach is laughable.

        • Danny W

          I know he’s not dumb Oracle. I was making a joke to try and salvage some joy out of this season.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Someone PLEASE explain this to me because I haven’t seen anyone mention this:

    If I am remembering correct, the NFL passed a rule that the 3rd QB can be dressed and not count against the 53 man roster. If in an emergency he needs to come in and play, he can, but then the other two QBs can’t come back into the game. I could be wrong on that, but I think that’s correct.

    So why in the wide, wide world of sports didn’t they dress Ricky Stanzi? You gain NOTHING by not dressing him! They basically said we feel better about Javier Arenas or whatever bozo was their “top secret emergency QB” would be a better option than letting Stanzi go out there! I’m not saying that I think Stanzi is good, but what if Cassel hadn’t got up after that Seymore hit? You’re telling me you would rather run the wildcat for the rest of the game than let Stanzi throw a pass?

    It makes NO SENSE!!!!!

    Does Romeo even know about this rule?!?!?!?

    If Stanzi is THAT bad then WHY IS HE ON THE ROSTER?!?!?!

    Go sign Seneca Wallace or Brian Hoyer or ANYONE that you might think could possibly throw the ball better than say Steve Breaston or Terrance Copper!

    You don’t want to tell us your emergency QB because it puts us at a disadvantage?!?!?

    You know what puts us at a disadvantage? Having such horrible QBs that the third string QB is actually a worse option than the emergency QB. Maybe if you fixed that situation we wouldn’t have to be scared of someone finding out who the emergency guy is.


    pass the tylenol

    • Lyle Graversen

      Correction, the 3rd emergency QB doesn’t count against the 45 man game day roster, he is part of the 53. Doesn’t change my point.

      • Kansas_City

        They changed the rule a few years ago. No more emergency QB who does not count against the 45. Don’t know why. It seemed like a logical rule. But now, if you want a potential third QB, he counts against the 45. Like I said, I don’t think the Chiefs actually had a contingency plan for a 3rd QB. That is why they did not answer the question.

        • Lyle Graversen

          Yeah, weird that they took it out, but at least I’m relieved that KC isn’t THAT low on Stanzi as to not dress him when it wouldn’t cost them anything.

  • Big Jim

    I have agree that Crennel’s press conference was among the worst in history with the possible exception of Denny Green’s “they are who we thought they are”. I would even give Herm’s “hello” you play to win the game tirade”! One thing I am sure of is Pioli, Romeo both have to go, and probably Daboll too. The sooner the better, because until Clark grows some balls and does that they have lost me. The only way they can get me back is with the top QB in the 2013 draft. I’ve been supportive for over 50 years but enough is enough.

  • Kansas_City

    Okay, Romeo is not a top tier head coach. But you still have to like him. Yesterday: “I thought during the bye week I did something radically different and tried to impact the team, and that change got hit in the head.” [reference to Quinn, who actually looked pretty bad before he went out]
    Ken Harlan [who is a very good interview on 810 during the week] said this morning that a real good coach makes a difference – San Francisco and Manning almost went there except the coach was perhaps too strong. He also did say the Chiefs had some talent, but he said all teams have talent.

  • Jarrod Field

    I wasn’t even upset with us losing to the Raiders Sunday…because I expected it. That’s really, really sad. Most talented pathetic group I’ve ever seen.

  • Kansas_City

    Even if Romeo does not the “the slightest idea of what’s going on,” he still has something none of us (I assume) have – a three year contract worth a couple million dollars. That can’t reflect very well on Pioli.