Great work on that sign, Romeo! Sings are part of the process. Next, I think we should make Nate Echus our feature back and bench Jamaal Charles for the rest of the season. That will make Jamaal EARN it next season. Thoughts? Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Crennel Takes Down Sign, Puts Up Similar Sign

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel showed his decades of NFL experience has paid off today when he blew the minds of his players by taking down a locker room sign, only to replace it with another sign that basically said the exact same thing as the first sign, but in a different way.



Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

There is good news coming out of Kansas City today for Chiefs fans.

Romeo Crennel has finally figured out how to fix his football team.

He took down a sign in the locker room that said:

Eliminate Bad Football

Then, he REPLACED it with another sign that says:

Play Good Football

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.


So simple and yet, so brilliant. I’m guessing Crennel snuck in and did it in the dead of night. That way, the players wouldn’t even see him taking down the sign. They’d just show up and ta-da! All of the sudden the sign that said to eliminate bad football said the complete OPPOSITE!

Or, well, I guess it kind of says the same thing.

But still.

This is going to make a difference! Changing those negative words like “eliminate” and “bad” to “play” and “good” will likely make such an impact on the subconscious of the players that they’ll hang 60 points on the Raiders this weekend on their way to winning ten straight games.


Romeo Crennel.

Scott Pioli.

These guys got it all figured out.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • CMatthews

    When using hypnosis or subliminal messages, they say to never use negative words, because the mind will focus on them. With a sign that reads “Eliminate Bad Football”, the mind focuses on “Bad”. So yes, I agree, CHAMPIONSHIP! ツ

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      good thesis

  • My Business Marketing

    Are you being sarcastic?

    • Patrick Allen

      No. I’m serious. These guys are geniuses.

      • Chief Hokie


    • Chief Hokie

      Are YOU being sarcastic?

      • Patrick Allen

        Are you sarcastically asking him if he was being sarcastic by asking me if I was being sarcastic?

        • Chief Hokie

          This is getting very philosophical

          • micah stephenson

            Yea its ova my head. Lol.

        • chiefridgy


        • micah stephenson

          LMAO! LOL. Ok yall lost me! And im not being sarcastic.

  • Chief Hokie

    That’s a brilliant motto for a sign who came up with that one, John Madden? 11-5 here we come.

    • Patrick Allen

      Next week he’ll throw up “The key to winning is to score more points than your opponent.”

      • Nicholas Abuhl

        hahah made my day Patrick.

  • Jacob Monteer

    I want to have his babies.

  • Priest4Prez

    My sign would read;” ABC: Always Be a Closer” Examples: Mark Sanchez, fumbles, not a closer. Peyton Manning: closer. Phillip Rivers: not a closer. Bills Defense: not closers. Bears Defense: Closers. Ya’ll catch my drift? We all know what we need in that locker room; winners!! Go Chiefs!!! Beat them Raiders!!

    • Chief Hokie

      My sign would read: “Don’t Suck.” Or maybe they could go more glass half-full: “Suck Less.”

  • tommyhawk

    My sign would say; “Common Sense ………. Get Some!!”

  • Justin R Groth

    It might be subtle but the difference could be the same as play to win vs play not to lose

  • Nick

    This is kind of like an analogy for the chiefs this year. They fired their head coach and the new one is just as bad, and they benched cassell for the sub-par Brady Quinn. The chiefs have been taking stuff down and putting up something similar in more areas than motivational signs

  • Lyle Graversen

    Okay, I’m laughing hard about this, but only so I don’t cry. I don’t know how anyone could listen to him talk about the signs in that press conference and think he’s compotent to coach this team. I really thought he was the right choice, but I’m starting to think that Romeo is just as big of a problem as the QB situation.

    • KCMikeG

      You would be hard pressed to find anyone who was against RAC as HC after the Packer win and his defense rising to the top of the league. That’s why I object to Pioli getting the blame for RAC as HC. It sure looked like the right thing then. But he appears to be an even bigger problem than the QB. Unless of course the sign works then we are on our way! Hell Haley not shaving, bathing, combing his hair and wearing his sweat stained hat got us to 10-6, the AFCW Crown and the playoffs RIGHT?
      RAC is scaring me to death. “I don’t know what’s wrong” – repeatedly – out loud – in front of others….If you don’t have a clue announcing it doesn’t help. As bad as the sign change sounds it was his admission that we really don’t have a leader in the locker room that worries me. How the hell could that be when we drafted like 7-8 team captains in 2010?

      • Chief Hokie

        Do you think when RAC holds the private team meetings, he tells the players:

        “I…uh…I don’t really know what’s wrong guys. Any suggestions? (long pause) Nobody has anything to say?…..Ok….Well……..we suck ……………..In fact, we’re like the worst in the league actually……I’m just gonna throw that out there fellas……….Hmm, solutions, solutions, solutions…Hmmmmm……..Maybe I should grow a beard? And I’ll let it grow out until we actually win a game….Ah, on second thought, I’m not so sure my wife would approve of me having a 4-foot beard.”

        • KCMikeG

          Lord I hope not! RAC needs a press secretary. For crying out loud with the talented PR group we have couldn’t someone write up some presser outlines for him? Just some talking points so his comments would appear to have some thought to them.

      • tm1946

        Mike if we go back in time, we were all pretty happy when Clark hired Pioli, many were happy when Pioli traded a 2nd for Cassel and Vrabel. But sometimes when you make a mistake you shrug and move on, cutting ties to the mistakes. Clark seems to not have learn that yet, toss in Pioli never having made a mistake in his entire lifetime and you get the 2012 Chiefs

        • KCMikeG

          I get what you’re saying about moving on after a mistake but you also make the point that – at the time – Pioli’s decisions were reasonable and rational and generally supported. So why can so many crucify him now then? Because hindsight is 20/20? Because he didn’t admit his mistake in Cassel after 1st year? When big money is spent teams HAVE to try to get some bang for their buck$. Just like LJ. We see it all the time in the NFL – not just in KC. Bottom line both decisions were made to move on in spite of the money.

          Then Cassel’s 2010 year is 10-6, playoffs and Pro Bowl. Wouldn’t that make a guy hopeful that he had time to get some other gapping holes filled if he could get another year or two out of his $63M investment like 2010 or 2008 for that matter? Yes it was clear that Cassel had issues on top of the pathetic receiving corp with the leading “star” being #4 in drops over three years. Which is why Weiss and Zorn were brought in. I didn’t hear any complaints on any of those decisions. Haley’s big draw was the aggressive passing attack getting big time production out of a star and a couple of young but promising WR’s – just like our situation. Who knew, at the time, that they would all end up hating each other?
          Even with all of the injuries and lack of depth we were just a single play from winning the AFCW again. Part of that was due to Pioli bringing in RAC and the defense responded becoming a top 10 or better prospect so making him HC was a popular decision too. Again at the time reasonable decisions.

          This year many – even the national talking heads – were saying we got the best RT and had one of the best FA pick ups. Some even projected us as a Super Bowl prospect (oops! just threw up a little in my mouth). There is no denying that we are better on paper than we have been in years and that is Pioli’s doing. It is not happening on the field at that is the players and the coaches. Leading the NFL in turnovers – especially in the red zone – is 90% of our problem.

          I’m not blind to Pioli’s mistakes either. Believe me I know it would have been great to get an elite QB by now and I hang that on Pioli’s plan. I don’t like some of his draft picks – hell I’ll admit it – I was one of most every fan at the draft party that booed the Poe pick. Ruined the whole party! Although time may prove me the fool on that one yet.

          Clark may well let him go next year and I would move on without much sorrow to our next attempt. While not much sorrow I would have much wonder of what could have been. We are better than we were in 2007 & 2008 and have weathered some serious chaos. But riddle me this. If he does bring in our franchise QB next year and it works even though it NEVER has before in the history of the Chiefs – would that be enough for the fans??

          • tm1946

            We agree again, Imagine that!

            I would say, Clark’s speech – I am not as patient as my dad. and I want to pattern the team after Pitt. with a long winning history. Then Pioli and all his awards…..what did anyone expect from the fans? Who knew one was full of it and the other was not very good at their job?

            So when you ride high, the fall is fast, hard, and deep. That is where we stand today. Had Pioli been more fan friendly or open to the media, we might have been willing to give him more time, this I do not believe. Look at ATL and then at Pioli and he should have been out the door with Haley. And how about Clark, must have the worst PR advisors in the history of pro sports. If all they can come up with was one meeting with an upset fans with a creative letter, they just are not very bright.

            No, to me what you see is what could be expected from this organization with these managers, I would also suggest if they were in NYC, Chi. or LA, the heat would have been a least a year earlier and more dramatic. They are getting off light because the KC fan is just to nice (look at the Royal fans also).

  • Justin Jones

    im going to die laughing if by some miracle we hang 60 points on the raiders this weekend. i mean fall off my chair laughing!!!! lol

    • ArrowFan

      Then after laughing I will then hang a few signs on my bathroom mirror.

  • Matt Dickson

    I don’t know why anyone should be surprised by this. Look at what he came up with for the team motto this year.

    • KCMikeG

      Agreed. I was not excited either. I still like CHIEFS WILL. Plus it never really said when so there’s still the potential that they still WILL – Right?

  • Jim Harper

    Losing is a disease that is so painful that it can only be kept under control with a strong dose of Hydrocodone and dilaudid. After which we at least won’t give a shit if we win or lose. Just as long as we can find a nice place to nap! I love naps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Danny W

      I’ve been finding it so hard not to nap during a Chiefs game these days.

      • micah stephenson

        For the 1st time in yrs and yrs and yrs I fell asleep after the 1st QT if the Chiefs bucs game. Glad I missed it!!!

  • Danny W

    You know when they fired me I tried to tell them, shoot I even put a sign up of my entire strategy and they still didn’t get it. Play good football. I don’t know why they lost I told them to play good football.

    • Chief Hokie

      Yea I mean it’s not like you told them to play bad football.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    my sign would be- GET TURNED ON BABY!!! lol im starting to miss todd haley

  • PunjabiPete

    Not sure why but just this story on it I completed work that had been languishing on my desk for weeks. Thanks Fansided!

    • KCMikeG

      Way to go! I still believe!

  • Aiken_Drum

    What really makes no sense is the fact that he thinks the team is under performing because of a sign. If he really believes in the sign, then he screwed up in reverse. The team was doing the exact opposite of the sign, right? So why put up a sign that says play good football if the team is doing the opposite? The sign should have said play bad football. What a solution.

    Then again, maybe Romeo should just put his foot in somebodies kiester. That might make a better impression than a sign.

    • KCMikeG

      That’s kind of what I was thinking. Or at least pull a Haley and bench somebody!

  • ArrowFan

    I think the guys should stop wearing the pink stuff as well.

    • KCMikeG

      Second the motion and request that no more dressing up KC Wolf like a girl!

  • ArrowFan


  • Randy5k

    I am sick of this losing crap. I will never be sick of the Kansas City Chiefs

    • KCMikeG

      Amen brother!