Save Our Chiefs

Nice to see you again, Addicts. It’s been far too long. Seems fitting that another terrible effort by the men upstairs is what’s brought me back. They haven’t exactly been killing it this last decade, have they?

I tried to walk away and become a casual fan. Couldn’t do it. Not through another year of this nonsense. You see what you’ve done, Pioli? Nobody wanted this.

As you can probably guess, I got a massive kick out of the banner that flew above Arrowhead a few Sundays ago. I’ll be buying those responsible a round of libations if ever our paths should cross. In my book, the Book of Big Matt — or BoBM, if you will — the Save Our Chiefs movement is deserving of vast praise. As are the men and women donating to the cause, including my boy Whitlock.

What I didn’t see coming, but perhaps should have, was the explosion of self-righteous anger directed at those who have dared take action to show their frustration.

This is, by far, my least favorite part about being a Chiefs fan. It’s worse than the losses; infinitely worse. No matter how bad this team gets, no matter how often we’re lied to, no matter how much of our coin Lil’ Clarkie stuffs into his pockets, we’re supposed to smile and thank them for it. Do anything else and your fanhood, and in many cases your character, will be called into question. This will be done by fans looking to use you to illustrate how correct their behavior is. The implication being that if you were more like them, you would not only be a better fan, but a better human being as well.

I’m going to cite a very specific example here: how many of you have read comments saying the money collected for the infamous banner, and future such efforts, should instead be given to charity? If you’re like me, you’ve seen that comment roughly 200 times in the last three weeks. I recently read someone on the AA Facebook page saying the fans responsible should “donate the money to the charity of Matt Cassel’s choice, sign up for anger management classes and and maybe read ‘how to stop being a raging a-hole.’” Take THAT, people attempting to facilitate positive change through legal means! This comment got 18 likes. 18 likes for the suggestion that these fans are “raging assholes” who should take anger management classes.

What those 18 people, and others like them, were saying is that you don’t have a right to spend your money how you please if it conflicts with their belief system. You want to fly a legal, profanity-free banner saying things I disagree with? How DARE you?! What a terrible person you must be!

The banner used no wording that was anywhere close to offensive. It called for the firing of a GM with a .400 winning percentage and the benching of a QB who led the league in turnovers. The @saveourchiefs twitter feed is PG-rated. What, exactly, is so inflammatory about any of this? Why are these people being criticized?

Unless you’re willing to criticize everyone for all recreational spending, you should probably shut up about the banner, future banners, and the character of those involved with the Save Our Chiefs movement. People work hard for their money, and have as much right to spend it on this as you have to spend it on nice meals, air conditioning, wireless internet, alcohol, movies, your computer, your clothes, your car, your phone, your TV, your bed, decorations for your house, or any of the other luxuries we all work to provide ourselves.

Seriously, where is the line here? If you’re telling people money spent on the banner should’ve been given to charity, can I follow you around and point out the extra money you spend on things every day?

“Did you have desert with that meal? You know you could’ve given that money to charity, right?”

“Did you donate to a politician you believe in? Why did you do that, when you could’ve given that money to charity? What, were you trying to exercise your rights and give yourself a voice? Not cool, bro.”

“What did you say your rent was, $800/month? You could’ve gotten a $500/month place and donated the savings to charity. I find your desire to improve your living conditions repugnant.”

“You know you can make your own detergent, right? That would save you about $10/month. I’m just sayin’, that money could be going to charity.”

“Whoa, man, you bought season tickets to the Chiefs this year? Haven’t you ever heard of charity?”

Allow me to burn this straw man before any of you can attack it: I am in favor of charitable donations.`I’m sure most of the people who contributed to the banner are as well. People can donate to charity, and spend money on luxuries of their choosing. This is how normal humans operate.

How about we all just react to this latest train-wreck in our own way, and let others do the same. Is that so hard? If you’re happy with this product, how this team represents us, the money we pay them and where it ends up, that’s fine. I might not understand you, but I’m not going to tell you your reaction isn’t valid. You’re obviously in this for different reasons than me, and that’s fine too. Some people fish to eat, some fish for fun. I eat at Long John Silver’s. We’re all fishermen.

Everyone roots for this team in their own way. When the team performs poorly, some of us get angry at those responsible. If you don’t, cool, but don’t tell us we can’t. If this were the American Revolution, you would most definitely be the Tories. And as we all know, nobody liked the Tories. They went extinct, if I’m not mistaken.

Final point: I’d like to declare a moratorium on use of the term “real fan.” A fan is something anyone can choose to be, and they don’t need anyone else’s permission or approval to make that choice. Anyone who wants to call himself a Chiefs fan is one. We shouldn’t be turning anyone away at this point.

Cassel in ’13!

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  • Kale Mosley

    Well said, and welcome back, big chief. We’ve missed you around here.

    • Patrick Allen


      • Matt Finucane

        Thanks fellas. But I’ve actually been lurking and spying on everyone for the past month.

  • Jacob Monteer

    SHHH!!!!! Winston might hear you!

  • Patrick Allen

    Glad to see they finally let you out of prison, Big Matt.

  • tm1946

    Nice read but “Cassel in ’13!” may have been a bit over the top, although a distinct possibility.

    • Matt Finucane

      I think 2015 is the year we’ll finally know what we have in Cassel

      • DoubleD

        What all the fake fans seem incapable of recognizing is that Matt Cassel’s intangibles are off the charts. Even more encouraging is the fact that he recently hired Mike Vrabel and Thomas Jones as personal consultants. It’s a process.

  • chiefridgy

    You could have spent the time writing this on helping charity and the same could be said for the time I spent reading it……we are horrible people aren’t we!

  • ArrowFan

    Missed you, but you still need to drop the redskins head dress:)

  • natasha2marie

    How charitable of you to grace this humble blog with your presence once more. Practicing what you preach! But truly, how amusing would it be to have Big Matt following you around for the day?

    • DoubleD

      Some might say amusing, others perhaps more at darkly Scorsese-esque.


    Welcome back Big Matt! HUGE FAN!! That being said you are the biggest piece of crap ever. Every day you haven’t posted on this site has been wonderful. I seriously hoped that while walking your dogs you stepped out in front of a bus. In fact I cheered your replacement. Now that you are back I hope you are out blogged by every other blogger so we can have first pick in the blogger draft next April. You’re a terrible person and a complete idiot. Big fan though. Go Big Matt

    • Matt Finucane

      Whoa, epic comment! You’ve been actively wishing for my death, apparently. I am oddly flattered by that.
      Food for thought: you hadn’t commented in 3 months and as soon as I drop a post, here you are. And actually the last time you did comment, it was also to mention me by name. Maybe you’re not so much a Chiefs fan as a Big Matt fan?


        not your death, simply a concussion that would knock you out of the blogging game.. lets not jump to conclusions. I am a huge fan of your’s BM.. I even stated that twice in my post. You too seem to be a fan of mine as well as you seem to notice my absence and track my comments (blushing).
        In my opinion people have as much right to call themselves fans as others have the right to say that rooting for your team to lose or a player’s demise isn’t being a fan.
        I was at the Raven’s game. I was completely embarrassed and turned off by the “fans” at that game. In my eyes the people that cheered Cassel getting hurt are the assholes. Those same “fans” are cheering for the Chief’s to lose the rest of their games to get the #1 pick. In my opinion that is not being a fan plain and simple.

        • Matt Finucane

          You’re certainly entitled to your opinion. As are the folks hoping for the #1 pick. Two different types of fans, yet fans both.

          re: your commenting history
          clicked on your user name, dawg.

      • DoubleD

        For several months now, TID has been secretly living in the basement of your apartment building. Watching. Waiting.

    • Chiefswatch

      Denver is lucky to have you!


    I was going to take my girlfriend out to see a crappy movie, and then to a crappy dinner and watered down drinks. Instead, I will wait ’till it gets to the dollar theater and eat at Micky D’s. Then I will send the money I saved to………Nah. I’m stayin’ home and catch something on Netflix.

  • Nick

    Oh my god yes. You were my favorite writer on this site, this better not just be a one-time thing

  • Danny W

    Tories aren’t extinct big Matt, I eat those for breakfast and their a great snack or treat on most any given time of the day. A REAL fan would know something like that!
    Also another point I wanted to make is we know the real reason that you were gone was because you were recovering from the Clap in which you contracted via Transvestite, down in Mexico dude. Not because you were trying to be some casual fan, do think us Addicts stupid Sir? We’re glad your better man, but you need to start making better decisions.

  • Lyle Graversen

    I think you’ll find that in the time you’ve been gone most people (myself included) have come around to your side. I bet if you put a poll up about if people supported the SaveOurChiefs movement, probably 90% would be in favor of what they are doing.

    We’ve missed you around here BM, I hope you’ll post more. I’d love to do some moe point/counterpoint posts but I can’t think of any Chiefs related topics where I could argue a positive side of things. Dark times……

  • Chiefswatch

    Ahh, I feel like a writer on here finally has my back. Nice to read a post that is not bashing the way I practice my fandom, or lecturing me for calling Cassel a turd Quarterback.

  • Jim Harper

    I have asked about you to Paddy several times, but he was apparently sworn to secrecy. Anyway glad to see you back. It has always been my feeling that if players don’t like being booed and blamed for poor play then they should just play better. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? And if Pioli would put a winning product on the field then I can be certain that people will stop demanding he be fired!