The Matt Cassel Era Is Over: Crennel Names Brady Quinn Starter

The Matt Cassel era in Kansas City is officially over.

The Brady Quinn era has begun.

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel announced today that Brady Quinn will permanently take over the starting QB role in KC. The coach added that he did not want Quinn looking over his shoulder, promising that there would be no quick move back to Cassel.

Crennel told reporters today that he needed to get the team’s attention and change the dynamic. Making Quinn the starter will certainly do that. Whether or not there will be a difference in the win/loss column remains to be seen.

This move is a clear indication that the Chiefs are finally admitting that the Matt Cassel experiment failed. Whether or not Quinn will lead the team to more victories remains to be seen but it sends a message to fans that the organization won’t just keep sending the same product out on the field every week, even when that product is failing to produce.

The really good news for Chiefs fans is that, unless Quinn starts playing out of his mind, the Kansas City Chiefs will now be in the market for a QB in this year’s Draft.

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  • ArrowFan

    I think Bowe and Baldwin should switch positions as well.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Freakishly talented but inconsistent slow WR that runs sloppy routes and can’t get separation should switch places with freakishly talented but inconsistent slow WRthat runs sloppy routes and can’t get separation?

    • redchiefs

      I agree, Quinn worked with Baldwin the whole training camp so their chemistry is far better. Bowe is still a very very good WR, he and Quinn will get their sync going. Daboll needs to use them more right out the gate after the bye.

    • ArrowFan

      I say this for prep of the lose of Bowe. We could find out if Baldwin is a Freakishly what ever something at same time Bowe can remaine Bowe. Baldwin gets to play the stop he was good at during camp.

  • ArrowFan

    Romeo is betting his job on this, what job he still likely had at the end of the season.

    • Patrick Allen

      I mean, it is a hail mary. He wasn’t going to get anywhere with Cassel so why not go all in…even if all in is Brady Quinn.

      • ArrowFan

        After hearing Romeo’s preser today I get the feeling that he knows his job is on the line.

  • Chief Hokie

    About damn time.

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah. Had to happen.

      • TAZMOSIS

        Thing of it is, that this team has receivers. Good ones. They just have not had a QB that can play. What we don’t have is someone that can coach. I am not likin’ or hatin’ on Bowe, but how good could this guy be with an elite QB. At the beginning of the season we were all jacked up about the four or five guys that can play the position, and play it well. Now, maybe Quinn can just go out there and wing it. Still, bad as I hate to say it, but if we end up with 5 or 6 wins, we are right back where we were last year. Picking out of the top tier for a new QB.

        • redchiefs

          Quinn can have a big big impact on the team simply by good decisions and good ball placement. He definately has more arm strength, seems his passes have fare more heat on them. This receiver corps should have a huge impact on the play calling too. Before the start of the season I really thought this team would pass to open up the run. Imagine Jamaal Charles and Shaun Draughn’s running game if the defense was on it’s heals because of their respecting the deep throw. Baldwin was really showing up in the pre season, start calling his number more often too. Frankly, Baldwin, Bowe, McCluster, and Moeaki should garner alot of respect from our opponents. They already fear our running game, Time to throw it more.
          I realise this means the receiver have to actually hold onto the ball, and the QB has to hit the receivres in stride, and make good decisions who to throw it to.

  • RichardComstock

    hey he cant be worst then captain check down. I was really hoping Haley was the problem, Its obvisouly our lack of a good QB. Who knows maybe Quinn can find his groove and we can have our own Brady :). Or we can get Barkley or Geno Smith, sounds like a win win…

    REMEMBER EVERYONE…we are only two games out of first place and that’s without having a lead in any games at all!!! We can still win the division, there’s no reason to think other wise. GO CHIEFS we shall laugh smile and cry together!

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah I figure this either sparks the team or sends the season the rest of the way down the toilet. Either way we should benefit by either storming back to take the division at 8-8 (no way in hell) or by draft pick comp

      • tm1946

        Could go 6-9, lose out on draft position, keep Pioli and crew, another year of “we don’t need to draft no stinkin’ QB” and we get told – But look, Quinn won 5 games, how great would the Chiefs have been if he started the season?

        • Brody Hall

          No way… KC has no choice but to draft qb first. Yes I want hemp but ill be more then happy with barkley, wilson or kline ;)

  • Jim Harper

    I for one am extremely happy with this development.Quinn may or may not be the answer and I am sure that most think this is going nowhere. However, it is a very positive note that it is permanant so Quinn does not have to look over his shoulder. He does have all the tools to be successful and I certainly wish him the best. At least Cassel is out. He had lost the fan base and much of the lockerroom as well. Quinn can just let it all hang out. He has nothing to lose. Go Brady/Go Chiefs

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    i like quinn’s chances at home vs the raiders defense. we need to sign a free agent wr to help him out cuz both picks vs the bucs were not his fault our recieving core has good ones in bowe, baldwin, and breaston but we never use them

  • knockafella

    Alright! I wish Quinn the best of luck. if he doesn’t succeed, we can see what we have in Stanzi.

    • Danny W

      Stanzi got a good look in preseason and he looked woefully over matched. It appears the game is too big for him at this point.

  • tm1946

    This move reminds me of the famous Lady Godiva ride. One side of the street looked and said what is the big deal, same dead horse being ridden by some broad and the other side of the street yelled “hurrah for our side”.
    If Quinn save the season, we get stuck with Pioli, Crennel, and a DL with the first round pick. If he loses the Chiefs lose games.

    • Danny W

      I highly doubt Quinn turns into Tom Brady, but it thats the case then Pioli should still be fired for not allowing Quinn to play in the first place.

  • Chiefswatch

    FINALLY!!!! BEEN WANTING THIS FOR YEARS AND FINALLY IT IS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!! To everyone that ever stated that Cassel can be the QB and has given me shit for hating on him for so long all I can say is: HAHAHAHAHA. Quinn is not the answer. In fact Quinn may very well just lead us to the number one pick. I could care less if he does. He is nothing more than a symbol. Living proof that Matt Cassel is and was shit that we as fans were forced to watch for years. He is proof that Pioli is a stubborn moron. So Great

    • Danny W

      I can tell your mad at the Chiefs brass, head coaches, and most of all the quarterback. You have every right to be too. We’ve been blown out of five games this year and thats not counting the preseason. We are talking by 18 points blown out. If it were college ball we would be like Missouri State playing Mizzou or Alabama. The sad thing is all of our skill players are just as good as any out there and we have been hamstrung by a quarterback who can’t play ball. I know you want the Chiefs to be winners man and I think you realize we can’t with the leaders we have in place is that right?

      • Chiefswatch

        Perfectly correct man. Having Cassel for all these years has set the entire offense behind. Our Oline has been forced to block for a moron and has taken too much criticism for the sacks (Did you notice that Quinn took Zero sacks?) . Our receivers have had to continually forgo their own health to try and catch erratically thrown weak armed passes. Our running game has been the focus of every team because they knew Cassel could not do shit. Our defense has had to stay on the field way too long because Cassel could not move the ball down the field. I am not surprised when balls bounce off a receivers hand because Quinn has muscle on his arm and they are not used to catching NFL quality throws. The receiving corps as a whole has suffered because of Cassel. Do we doubt the talent of Bowe, Baldwin, Moeki and Breaston? They all had prolific careers ( be it college or former teams) before coming to KC and having to endure a QB that could not even warrant starting on a college squad. And Yes I HATE the leadership of this team though I kind of give leniency to RAC (he is over his head and really trying to do all he can). Pioli has been proven to be a complete fraud and his first coach Haley has had me pissed forever. Remember when he made Charles inactive in favor of who was it..Jackie Battle? I of course want the team to win. I just know that it cannot happen with Pioli making the decisions. He failed with Haley, he failed with Cassel and never gave us insurance, he is failing with RAC and largely his drafts have been nothing spectacular. When Pioli is fired I will consider this year a complete success…..I hate to say it but do you know what would have happened if we won ten games (which wasn’t possible really. this is not the cushy schedule we rode in 2010) ? Cassel and Pioli in 2013, that’s what.

        • Danny W

          The Panthers fired their GM already and I’m hoping we do the same with ours midseason. I just can’t get behind a team that Pioli is running. I think he runs this organization through intimidation, and fear. I am pretty positive he’s handcuffed his coaches to Matt Cassel until recently in a last ditch effort to try and save his job. I wouldn’t doubt that Clark Hunt had to tell him to leave Quinn in. I’m already so apathetic when it comes to watching the Chiefs that I wouldn’t have watched if Cassel was in the game. I will now that Quinn is running the show just because if nothing else it’s something different. I’m already willing to sacrifice whats left of this season to see Pioli, and Cassel out of there.

  • DoubleD

    Wow, I’m stunned that Pioli signed off on this move – just kidding, sort of.

    • bud

      lol good one

  • Lyle Graversen

    Sad that it’s come to the point that we’re excited about this. At least it’s a sign of change to come.

  • metalchief

    WOW! didn’t see that coming i was expecting cassel to come back….but mark my words if quinn can turn our season around and atleast get us to an 8-8 record, you can forget about a franchise qb coming to kc in 2013….THE GOOD NEWS IS THE CASSEL NIGHTMARE IN KANSAS CITY IS FINALLY OVER!!! AND WHO KNOWS MAYBE QUINN IS THE REAL DEAL.

    • Danny W

      I hope Quinn is the real deal but I am thinking he isn’t. I don’t think we win a bunch of games because I don’t think the coaching is there. This team isn’t inspired, their undisciplined via penalties, turnovers, dropped or batted passes, and are out of position on defense. I’d say we will have a top five draft spot.

  • AKChieffan

    Pioli and Crennel are scrambling to save their jobs. I would hate to rely on the QB’s the Chiefs have on their roaster to save my job. I do think Quinn is an upgrade from Cassel, but not by much. The new conversation has to be the draft or up coming free agents. I see that everyone is having the draft converstion. Question: who is going to mentor a young QB? Do you want any of the current QBs on the roster to mentor them? I personally think that would be a disaster. If Pioli and Crennel hold their jobs I see that happening. Arrrrrggggg! Clarke has a huge mess that isn’t going to be solved for the next 2 years. So, draft smart, and get a veteran that has 2 years left on his arm and isn’t worn out retred.

    • Danny W

      I think Matt Hasselback is doing a good job out in Ten. I would like to see us pick him up to mentor a rookie qb. David Garrard is a consummate pro and I think he’s on the down side of his career and he could do a good job as well.

      • AKChieffan

        I can see the possibility in that. Hasselback could be a mentor, and could be a good choice, since he won’t be around next year for Tenn. I feel we’re going through what Maimi went through of getting these QBs from other teams, how did they solve their problem, drafted a QB. I don’t know is at the end of their contract or possible free agents.

  • Taylor78

    If anyone thinks this didn’t come straight from the apologetic mouth of Pioli they are crazy! Two seasons in the tank ove Scottys ego problems.

    • AKChieffan

      I agree the issue with the organization is the ego. He can’t admit to 60% of the blame. It is his players, coaches, contracts and philosophy. As I said coaches win games. He was brought here thinking it was the cheapest way of getting the New England winning ways, but Clarke forgot its the coaches philosophy that win games. When your ego interfers with the decision of the coaches and players by over rides their decisions, then your the coach. Might as give the water boy an clip board if your going to their job.

  • Jake Kern

    Although i’m happy that Quinn is callin plays now, i’m also worried if yeah he does good and we end up winning 6-7 games, that Crennel and the Chiefs won’t draft Barkley or any first round QB. We need to Start fresh and build a franchise quarterback. That’s our missing piece of the puzzle, an above average quarterback.

  • Chiefsbroski

    Brady Quinn is terrible… Watching him live at the Tampa Bay game, he looked skirmish in the pocket, and never completed a throw more than 10 yards… and people are calling Matt Cassel “Captain Checkdown!” But this is good! We will now officially go 2-14 and secure the #1 draft pick!