Matt Cassel Benched: Brady Quinn Approval Poll

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel shook up Chiefs Nation today when he announced QB Brady Quinn would be the starting QB for the rest of the season.

Matt Cassel is now the backup.

The move comes a fairly turbulent Bye Week for the Chiefs that saw GM Scott Pioli go on a media blitz following the team’s dismal 1-5 start.

Earlier this month, a group of fans paid to have a banner flown around Arrowhead Stadium calling for Cassel’s benching and Pioli’s head.

It looks like those fans are getting at least half of their wish.

Cassel was suffered a head injury and missed the team’s last game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Quinn did not perform well in relief of Cassel. He went 24 of 40 for 212 yards and two interceptions vs. the Bucs. His passes were often off the mark and the Chiefs lost the game 38-10.

Still, Quinn hadn’t started an NFL game since 2009, his final season in Cleveland.

Crennel cited changing the dynamic of the Chiefs as part of his reasoning for benching Cassel.

Now, it is time to let Chiefs Nation weigh in.

Do you agree with Romeo Crennel's decision to bench Matt Cassel in favor of Brady Quinn?

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  • Rachel Dawn Tripp

    It honestly does not matter if Quinn starts. He is just as bad as Cassell. I say fire Pioli so that players and coaches will feel comfortable working for the Chiefs organization. Fire Pioli, put Romeo back at coaching defense, get a new head coach, lose the rest of the games and pick up a first round QB.

    • dongtogolo

      Chicks and football. Jeezus.

      • Patrick Allen

        Better or worse than sexism on message boards?

  • ArrowFan

    At the least we will find out what Quinn is capable of so we can determine if he would be a better back up than MC. Or even a spot starter while our new draft pick warms up to the NFL.

    • Doc

      I agree with you. We need to see what Quinn has left as to whether we keep him around next year as a #2, or as an interim starter.

  • Doc

    C’mon Patrick, don’t judge Quinn on one game. I saw some positives come out of that game (balanced play calling, going through progressions, trying to cheer his team mates on the sideline). I don’t think he is the answer but we still need to evaluate Quinn as to whether we keep him around next year as a #2, while (hopefully) the new QB gest his reps in and feet wet to the NFL. Quinn will need at least four games (three remaining) to takes reps with the first team to develop the chenmistry and timing. Much like the O-line is needing time to develop timing (Albert and Bailey, Asomoaha and Winston). Receivers need to adjust to Quinn throwing while they are in stride and not having to stop and play jump ball for the catch. Who knows, Bowe may just start getting free so he can get his catches. I still think Daboll will keep Bowe as the #1 target, but Quinn will spread it around if Bowe is not open. The bottom line is this is a change. Quinn can’t be any worse than Palko. He could be a diamond in the rough. If Quinn works out, then RAC looks like a genius and we are all eating crow. If Quinn falls flat on his face, RAC goes back to Cassel and says he had to see what Quinn had left and we all feel good because we can sday, “Told you so.” The end result may be the same thing no matter who is in at QB – chalking up another “L”, but there is a chance that the change could start racking up “W’s”. A small chance, but a chance none the less.

    • Jim Harper

      Most of the time I think your posts are off base, but not this time. I too, disagree with Paddy’s assessment that Brady had a bad game. Yes, two interceptions, but one was a freakish batted ball. I thought most of his balls were on target and had some heat on them. The pass to Bowe for a TD was a bullet in stride. Too bad it got called back for a penalty. Quinn has been subjected to rush to judgements his entire career. At least Romeo is giving him a REAL chance without having to worry about a quick hook. Let’s give this kid who was a legit 1st rounder a chance to succeed!

    • Patrick Allen

      I am not just judging Quinn on one game. I am judging him on his time in Cleveland and his preseason work with the Chiefs as well.

      He had a terrible, terrible game against the Bucs. The Chiefs scored 3 points and he didn’t throw any touchdowns. He averaged fewer than 5 yards per pass. That is awful.

      I am not saying he won’t improve with more practice. But I don’t think he’ll surpass Cassel on a production/talent level. Push at best.

      • IronHead71

        And how does Quinn’s first game compare to Cassel’s first two games of this season and last for that matter? Cassel also had most of the reps with the first team during each of those camps.
        We know what we have had in the last 4 years….aren’t you at least a little excited about rolling the dice….maybe that first rounder has matured….maybe he will live up to his expected potential….maybe he will suck worse than Cassel.
        All I know is we should all be tired of the proverbial “beating our heads on the wall” and expecting a different outcome.

  • RichardComstock

    Our QB situation is kind of like the 2012 presidential election. with Cassel being Obama and Romney being Quinn.. We don’t know if Quinn is any better but we do know we need a change for sure!!

    • Chief Hokie

      To me its more like deciding between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

    • PunjabiPete

      So we go with a fucking moron who will say anything to anyone because he has absolutely no morals? I don’t get the connection… lay off the politics, it shows your low breeding and lack of critical thinking skills.

      • RichardComstock

        you sir just showed you’re true colors. I won’t get into the politics like you did. I simply stated we need change, not that I like or dislike Romney. The said,the truth is cassel and Obama have similar track records. Go back to being over protective of Obama if u like. Good day sir

      • IronHead71

        @PunjabiPete I agree whole heartedly with your fucking moron comment….with that being said let’s not even start talking about Romney!!!

  • Altarium

    I say yes, not because I think Quinn will help us win games, but because we needed SOME sort of change.

  • chiefridgy

    And away we go!

  • big chief

    Oh good, we go from a Pinto to a Pacer. Excuse me while I get excited.

  • VA Chiefs Fan

    Brady Quinn is NOT the lesser of 2 evils. He sucks, by starting him we are saying goodbye to any chance we have at winning anything. Cassel is certainly not the solution especially long term. He is however the best QB on the active roster by a long shot.

    • IronHead71

      Do we really know that for sure?
      I mean Quinn never had a “real” team or chance before. Cassel has had a little over 4 years as a starter…and in Quinn’s first start (in forever) he was ABOUT equal to cassel’s play (definitely had less turnovers). Cassel is what he is and it seems like he has reached his ceiling.
      I guess what I am saying is….if we give Quinn 4 years (and I hope we don’t unless he turns into Brees) would they still be equal? I just don’t believe that with the same amount of playing time that he will still be as bad as or equal to Cassel.

    • Larry Devore

      Cassel is way better than quinn, all you have to do is see how Cassel has played so far this season,

  • PunjabiPete

    Yes, though it won’t change a fucking thing. The issue wasn’t (all) Matt Cassel. The issue was the passes that were dead on or completely catchable that wideouts would bat into the air or just let bounce harmlessly off of their jerseys. What we need to do is put Breaston in so Quinn has a target who will actually catch the ball, and then we can gain yardage while Bowe and Baldwin work on making the most atheletic looking catches they can for ESPN Top Ten

  • chiefgenz

    at this point, lets give quinn a chance to prove he can do it. the bottom line is that that the whole team, including coaches need to turn it up 2 or 3 notches